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Grand Blanc, MI
My neighbor showed me an article in Michigan Capitol Confidential and I realized that I must get a subscription and stay informed!! Thank you for all of your hard work. I even made a donation online! Thank you!

Chassel, MI
I talked to my representative about one of your articles concerning a commission being formed to establish a wage rate for nurses, plumbers, etc... that he voted for as my representative. He was totally in the dark about the bill. When everybody votes straight party line and they don't even know what they voted for, we need to vote them out and get somebody that cares about the state and not the party. The Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty at the state and national level.

Term limits......two terms and out.

Armada, MI
This is a newspaper that every Michigan politician hates because it tells the truth and reports how the politicians vote, NOT what they say.

Alpena, MI
I have received my first issue of Capitol Confidential (August 2008) and enjoyed the information. It assisted me in knowing when to contact my representatives to provide my viewpoints. Please continue to send your paper to me.

Ann Arbor, MI
Thank you for sending us the latest complimentary copy of the Michigan Capitol Confidential — it was VERY informative and eye-opening.

Please add us and the following family and friends to your subscription list. Sorry we can't send you any money right now (the State and Federal governments has almost bled us dry through high taxes and energy costs) — but we hope to be able to do so in the future.

Thanks again — keep up the good work.



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Why we give Party Affiliations:
The Legislature is managed as a partisan institution. Lawmakers segregate themselves by party in matters from daily meetings to seating. They have separate and taxpayer-financed policy staffs to provide them with research and advice from differing perspectives. As such, gaining a full understanding of the vote of an individual lawmaker requires knowing his or her partisan affiliation.

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