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Dear Michigan Capitol Confidential

North Muskegon, MI

If our local newspaper would publish this type of information it would not be going out of business. People need this Lansing capitol reporting in their faces all the time.

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Grand Ledge, MI

I think this is the greatest freebee I ever received in the mail.

Ortonvile, MI

I especially like seeing how some hypocrites call themselves Republicans yet consistently vote with the Democrats. And there's no excuse for the 'did not vote' crowd, who want a paycheck but don't show up at work.

Plymouth, MI

Just received my first issue (Nov/Dec) and what catches my eye [is] Random Acts. (See "Novelty Lighters, Annie Oakley and other Random Acts of Legislating," November/ December 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential.) If this is what Lansing is turning out then the voters of this state should be ashamed of themselves. If anything they should create a bill that protects us from them.

Valdez , AK

Yes! I do want to keep receiving your great newspaper. You guys are a great source of information to this former Michigander with numerous family ties to your great state.

Mt. Clemens , MI

I just received your November/December issue. It was my first one. Being informed through the local papers is one thing. Being informed from a perspective that fills in the blanks is even more useful.

Kalamazoo, MI

I just picked up my first copy (July/August) and how refreshing! Just once I would like to hear of a legislator who believed that "Money is NOT the solution to money problems. A change of life style is."


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Why we give Party Affiliations:
The Legislature is managed as a partisan institution. Lawmakers segregate themselves by party in matters from daily meetings to seating. They have separate and taxpayer-financed policy staffs to provide them with research and advice from differing perspectives. As such, gaining a full understanding of the vote of an individual lawmaker requires knowing his or her partisan affiliation.

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