Reitz Quoted on Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

Addressing overcriminalization and civil asset forfeiture

In an article published August 20, Bridge Magazine discussed recent collaborative efforts toward criminal justice reform in Michigan.

The Mackinac Center has been at the head of this movement, joined by such organizations as the ACLU of Michigan and Fix Forfeiture, advocating for civil asset forfeiture reform.

In May, Gov. Rick Snyder announced support for a number of reforms that would improve Michigan's overcriminalization problem, many of which came from a Mackinac Center study.

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Reforms will save taxpayers money, improve judicial outcomes, and protect Michiganders' property rights. Michael Reitz was quoted for the article in Bridge:

Michael Reitz, executive vice president of the Mackinac Center, also called for “getting rid of unnecessary or duplicative criminal laws” as a start to criminal justice reform.

“This is the right time to be having this conversation,” Reitz said.

The full article is available at Bridge Magazine's website.

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