The Center for Education Reform (CER) released its 2015 Parent Power Index and the state of Michigan remained ranked at 13th in the country. Michigan was No. 13 last year and No. 11 in 2013. Indiana was the top-ranked state while Montana was deemed the worst in 2015.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization ranks states on a 1-100 percentile based on a state’s record on charter schools, school choice, online learning, teacher quality and transparency.

ForTheRecord says: Michigan is hurt in the rankings due to a state constitutional amendment that prohibits the use of public money for private schools. CER gave Michigan a 0-percent for school choice largely due to offering no public funding for children who wish to learn at private schools. But Michigan received a 95-percent for charter schools, a 72-percent for online learning, an 82-percent for teacher quality and a 100 percent for transparency.

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