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A sampling of proposed new state laws, as described on MichiganVotes.org

Senate Bill 879
(Establish in law official state “Children’s Day”)
Introduced by state Sen. Valde Garcia, R – Howell

Establishes in law that henceforth the third Sunday in September shall be designated as the official State of Michigan “Children’s Day.”


House Bill 5661
(Extend biodiesel and ethanol tax subsidies)
Introduced by state Rep. Jeff Mayes, D – Bay City

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Extends a lapsed tax-break subsidy on the sale of biodiesel and E-85 ethanol fuels. Under current law, the motor fuel tax on these fuels is 3-cents lower than other fuels as long as the legislature reimburses the forgone transportation budget money from the state general fund. The legislature did not do that in 2007, so the tax break ended on Jan. 1, 2008. This bill would reinstate it, and also increase from $2.5 million to $6 million the cap on the amount of foregone motor fuel tax revenue allowed by the 2006 law that authorized the tax subsidy. When that cap is reached the tax break would end.


Senate Bill 1036
(Ban hand-held cell phone while driving)
Introduced by state Sen. Ray Basham, D – Taylor

Bans the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving. The bill would not ban the use of a hands-free cell phone while driving.


House Bill 5370
(Authorize Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs specialty plate)
Introduced by state Fran Amos, R – Waterford

Authorizes a specialty license plate recognizing the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and give the net revenue generated from sale of the plates to that entity.


Senate Bill 640
(Authorize “In God We Trust” specialty plate)
Introduced by state Sen. Cameron Brown, R – Fawn River Township

Authorizes a specialty license plate with the motto, “In God We Trust,” and the extra money charged for it going into the state general fund.


House Bill 5210
(Require insurance discount to adequate drivers)
Introduced by state Rep. Coleman Young, D – Detroit

Require auto insurers to give a 10 percent discount to individuals who have had not more than four tickets or at-fault accidents in the past four years.


House Bill 5683
(Mandate Secretary of State branch office in certain communities)
Introduced by state Rep. Andy Coulouris, D – Saginaw

Requires the Secretary of State to maintain a branch office in any city with a population greater than 60,000. If the city is contiguous with community that is covered by federal Voting Rights Act oversight provisions, the branch office could be in either community. The bill was introduced following a controversy regarding the Secretary of State’s decision to close a Branch in Buena Vista township in Saginaw County (which is subject to those Voting Rights Act oversight provisions).


House Bill 5637
(Ban Wal-Mart bank)
Introduced by state Rep. Richard Ball, R – Bennington Township

Revises the status of certain Utah banks in Michigan statute (specifically, “Industrial Loan Companies” or ILCs) in a way that would prohibit Wal-Mart from using its own Utah bank (ILC) to process credit card transactions at its Michigan stores.

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