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Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation

“Law and sausage,” German aristocrat Otto von Bismarck was reputed to say, “are two things you do not want to see being made.” Today’s sausage making in Washington, D.C., involves the final release of tax reform specifics that — if adopted — will mark the most comprehensive federal tax reform legislation since 1986. … more

Unions That Say Prevailing Wage Law Protects Retirees Mismanage Worker Pensions

According to Michigan Prevails, a union-supported advocacy website, a state law called the prevailing wage “strongly supports the construction industry by providing sound pension programs.” … more

Half Of Able-Bodied Michigan Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Don’t Work

A new report says that in Michigan, half the people in the able-bodied Medicaid expansion population do not work at all. … more

Why We Might Not Want to Require Rescue

A new bill under consideration in the Michigan Legislature would require people to help rescue others who are in danger. But it is unlikely to have a positive effect and may even do more harm than good. … more

When Firefighters Aren’t Allowed to Fight Fires

The state of Michigan doesn’t license firefighters (nor should it), but, similar to California, it does train prisoners for all sorts of jobs they cannot legally perform upon their release.  … more

Iron Mountain Schools Draws Flak for Novel Homeschool Co-op

A school district near the Michigan-Wisconsin border in the Upper Peninsula is getting pushback over the structure and funding of a co-op it runs with some homeschool families in the area. … more

Teachers Union Head Gets Annual $92,000 Pension Bonus, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Steve Cook started out as a para-professional teacher's aide and turned that into a $103,227 annual pension due to a sweetheart deal his union worked out with his former school district. … more

Local Governments Are Not in Debt Because of Less Revenue Sharing

The largest problem facing local governments is the amount of debt they have for workers in retirement. The debt comes in two forms: pension liabilities and government-funded medical insurance.  … more

New Analysis: Auto Insurance Costs Out of Control

The average cost of treating an auto accident injury in Michigan tripled over the last decade and is now more than five times the cost in the next most-expensive state.  … more

With Income Tax Rejected By Voters, East Lansing Looks at Spending Cuts

The city of East Lansing will likely have to cut spending after voters said “no” this week to a ballot proposal that would have imposed a 1 percent income tax on residents and a 0.5 percent tax on nonresidents who work in the city. … more