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Non-Profit Helps Ex-Prisoners Stay Clean

An organization that sells vegetables to upscale restaurants around Metro Detroit within 24 hours of their being picked is one example of the many groups in Michigan that help reintegrate individuals into society after they leave prison. … more

Of Michigan’s 100 Best Public Elementary And Middle Schools, 30 Are Charters

Some of the top-ranked public schools in the state would be shut down if one of the candidates running to be Michigan’s next governor gets his way. … more

Education Budget Should Back Parents' Priorities

Last year Gov. Rick Snyder failed in his attempt to reduce funding for full-time online students. Rather than seek an equitable solution, the governor is now using his final budget proposal to double down on the attack and penalize certain parental choices. … more

Teacher Pay Data Part of Public Discussion Or School Finance

For the last four years, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has submitted an open records request to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services for the salaries of public school teachers, principals and administrators. … more

Michigan Is Not a Windy State

Michigan is not a windy state, but you wouldn’t know it from the actions of state regulators.  … more

Michigan’s Long 'Bad Driver Tax' Nightmare Will Finally End

In 2003, as Michigan was accelerating into what would later be dubbed an economic “lost decade” and tax collections were in decline, legislators were desperate to avoid hard decisions on necessary spending cuts.  … more

MSU Spending Big For Post-Nassar PR

Michigan State University pays its top media spokesman $195,765 a year. Now in "crisis mode," MSU has hired another media relations expert at $325 an hour. … more

Meet Some Law Enforcement Officers Who Support Forfeiture Reform

While many interest groups representing law enforcement employees oppose reforming civil asset forfeiture to require a criminal conviction before the state can take ownership of a person’s property, some law enforcement officers support the changes. … more

A Swimming Pool’s Worth of Parking Lot Runoff Not ‘Vital’ To Great Lakes

While the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative does pay for some programs that protect the lakes, it also gives millions of dollars every year for things that have very little impact on them. … more

Michigan May Surpass 2000 Employment Levels Soon

Job growth in the economic recovery following the Great Recession has been fairly steady. If the trend continues — and there’s no way of determining if it will or won’t — Michigan will surpass its 2000 job level peaks in 2020.  … more