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Michigan Economy Rebounds, But Medicaid Enrollment Soars

The total number of Michigan residents receiving either food stamps or Medicaid assistance increased by over a half-million people between February 2009 and February 2018.  … more

Pfizer Profits $21.5 Billion In 2017, Gets $32 Million Tax Break From Small Michigan City

In 2017 Pfizer earned $21.5 billion in profits. In April, the global biopharmaceutical company was granted a property tax break by the city of Portage worth $32.1 million over 15 years.  … more

More Competition Among Liquor Stores on the Way – For Now

It’s competition that makes products better and less expensive, creating value in the meantime. And a recent judicial ruling has held that Michigan liquor stores aren’t exempt from it. … more

Arbitrary Michigan Licensing Laws: Auto Mechanic vs. Makeup Artist

Occupational licenses are pitched as a necessity to protect the health and safety of citizens. But they rarely perform their function, and the state has no requirement that policymakers evaluate new and existing licenses.  … more

Recent Corruption Scandals Involving Some of Michigan’s Largest Unions

Several of the major unions have had corruption scandals in the past two years, further restricting their growth and power going forward. … more

New Law Removes Obstacles to Classroom

School districts and unions have complained vigorously in recent years of a “teacher shortage.” The claim is overblown, but it still makes sense for the state to remove needless restrictions on talented people who want to teach in public schools. … more

A Look at Unions in Michigan, Five Years After Right-to-Work

Five years after Michigan – the historic bastion of union power – became a right-to-work state, most of its largest unions have seen a significant decline in membership and political spending. … more

Rural School Makes Fast Rise

In 2014 the Michigan Department of Education identified rural Akron-Fairgrove Elementary in the state's Thumb region as a struggling "Focus School." With outside help and community support, the school quickly turned around. … more

In Michigan, Rich are Getting Richer – So Are the Poor

The number of Michigan households earning at least $100,000 annually increased 45 percent between 2005 and 2016, going from 591,446 to 857,648. … more

Grand Valley State’s New Intersectionality And Systemic Racism Radio Reporter

At a time when the news industry is shedding jobs, the Grand Valley State University public radio station is creating a position it calls “an inclusion reporter.” … more