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Detroit School District Still Needs Teachers

Detroit’s public school district reports that it has 171 vacant teaching positions. … more

Productive Skills, Not College Degrees, Key to Economic Prosperity

From the 16th to the 18th century, the dominant economic theory in Western Europe was mercantilism. Its basic idea was that worldwide wealth was static and for a country to grow rich, it needed to control as much of this wealth as possible. … more

Unions Complicit in Retirement Benefit Crisis

Public sector union members protested at the state capitol this week because lawmakers are considering reforms to post-employment health insurance benefits promised by local governments to their employees. Union officials loudly proclaim that these benefits should not be cut, and it’s not clear that the recently introduced package would cut them. … more

Charters Schools ‘Segregated’? Children Only Attend If Their Parents Choose

For years, the most common criticism of America’s public charter schools was that they cherry-picked the best students from conventional public schools, which opponents said accounted for charter’s superior academic performance. … more

Raise For Detroit School Union Official Exceeds Salary Of Many Teachers

The highest paid employee for the AFT-Michigan union is no longer its president. It’s Jon Curtiss, who is now collecting a salary of $191,395 after getting a $65,188 raise in 2017. … more

Grosse Pointe Restricts Nonresident Students, Board Member Joins ‘Charter School Segregation’ Chorus

Grosse Pointe has some of the most restrictive policies in the state regarding who is allowed to attend their schools.  … more

Ex-Con Working as Nurse Gets Denied License When Moving to Michigan

Michigan's restrictive licensing denies people opportunities. … more

Assessing Michigan’s Alleged Teacher Shortage

It’s a common refrain recently that Michigan is facing a teacher shortage. But is that really true? … more

Detroit Schools’ Annual Budget Balanced With Emergency Bailout Money

For years, Detroit's public school district overspent and sat in debt. However, Detroit’s reconstituted public school district is projected to have a small surplus in fiscal year 2018. … more

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Subsidize High Income Housing

Michigan has a number of programs that try to make housing affordable to people that don’t have a lot of income. But stranger, Michigan has a program that subsidizes high-income housing, as well. … more