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What Michigan Government Lacks in Transparency 

It is a travesty that state officials refuse to disclose to Michigan residents which companies are collecting how much of literally billions of state tax dollars in business subsidy payments.  … more

Big Decline In Number Of People On Food Stamps In Michigan

The state of Michigan will save the federal government a projected $415 million this year due to a decline in food stamp eligibility, a cost reduction that is likely a product of faster economic growth in the state. … more

Want Money For Roads? Take It from This Failing Program

Michigan lawmakers are in the midst of putting together the state’s budget for the next fiscal year. There is a push to put more money into roads and infrastructure. But one easy place to cut and shift the funding is the Michigan Business Development Program. … more

Number of State Employees Down, Amount of State Payroll Up

While the number of full-time employees working for the state of Michigan increased slightly in 2017, the rise was a blip on a long-term trend of fewer people working directly for the state.  … more

State of Michigan Spins, Puffs Economic Contribution Of Agriculture To Economy

The state’s department of agriculture recently tweeted a claim that may have greatly exaggerated the true impact of agriculture on the state’s economy. … more

Salt Bill Would Raises Prices On All To Benefit One Company

The Michigan Senate came together on a bill that raises costs for all citizens to benefit one select company. … more

Most Michigan Schools Surveyed Still Buying Union’s Costlier Health Insurance

Health insurance costs for public school employees have increased for the past two years, after a five-year period when they were kept in check. … more

Foreign Trade More Important To Michigan Than Any Other State

Two University of Michigan economics professors independently reported that foreign trade plays a larger role in Michigan’s economy than in any other state in the nation. … more

Put ISD Funding on Education Budget Table

Gov. Rick Snyder has pitted a generous increase in overall student funding against cuts to certain kinds of educational services some families prefer. But it doesn't have to be an either-or proposition; there are other options that could be put on the table. … more

Sponsor Of Medicaid Work Requirements: They’re The ‘Right Thing To Do’

Republicans in the Michigan House and Senate have introduced bills requiring state health and welfare officials to ask permission from the federal government to impose certain training or work requirements as a condition of getting Medicaid health benefits. … more