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The Republican Party fully controls most states and at the national level has captured the House, Senate and presidency. By many measures, the party has more power than it has had in many decades. But will that control last? And, more importantly, what policy priorities are coming about from these political victories?

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Of Michigan’s 100 Best Public Elementary And Middle Schools, 30 Are Charters

Some of the top-ranked public schools in the state would be shut down if one of the candidates running to be Michigan’s next governor gets his way. … more

Education Budget Should Back Parents' Priorities

Last year Gov. Rick Snyder failed in his attempt to reduce funding for full-time online students. Rather than seek an equitable solution, the governor is now using his final budget proposal to double down on the attack and penalize certain parental choices. … more

Teacher Pay Data Part of Public Discussion Or School Finance

For the last four years, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has submitted an open records request to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services for the salaries of public school teachers, principals and administrators. … more

Michigan Is Not a Windy State

Michigan is not a windy state, but you wouldn’t know it from the actions of state regulators.  … more

Michigan’s Long 'Bad Driver Tax' Nightmare Will Finally End

In 2003, as Michigan was accelerating into what would later be dubbed an economic “lost decade” and tax collections were in decline, legislators were desperate to avoid hard decisions on necessary spending cuts.  … more

MSU Spending Big For Post-Nassar PR

Michigan State University pays its top media spokesman $195,765 a year. Now in "crisis mode," MSU has hired another media relations expert at $325 an hour. … more

Meet Some Law Enforcement Officers Who Support Forfeiture Reform

While many interest groups representing law enforcement employees oppose reforming civil asset forfeiture to require a criminal conviction before the state can take ownership of a person’s property, some law enforcement officers support the changes. … more

A Swimming Pool’s Worth of Parking Lot Runoff Not ‘Vital’ To Great Lakes

While the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative does pay for some programs that protect the lakes, it also gives millions of dollars every year for things that have very little impact on them. … more

Michigan May Surpass 2000 Employment Levels Soon

Job growth in the economic recovery following the Great Recession has been fairly steady. If the trend continues — and there’s no way of determining if it will or won’t — Michigan will surpass its 2000 job level peaks in 2020.  … more

Industrial Wind Farms Bring Political Conflict, Recalls and Lawsuits to Township

A legal battle over a proposed wind farm of 63 turbines is brewing in a small community in the Thumb area of Michigan. … more

The city of Detroit issued 194 orders to shut down medical marijuana and marijuana-related facilities during the two year-period stretching from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 1, 2018, city data show. Detroit’s Deputy Press Secretary Tiffany Crawford said that some locations that received shutdown orders closed voluntarily, while others “required assistance by the Detroit Police Department for closing.”

… more

For the Record

The United Automobile Workers union, or UAW, appears to be gaining new members by organizing graduate research students at colleges. … more
Across the state of Michigan, 61,000 people say they commute to work using public transit services; 96,000 people walk and 4 million people drive. … more
Gov. Rick Snyder presented his annual state budget recommendations to the Legislature on Feb. 7. They include a proposal to increase public school spending by $312 million, or as much as $240 per pupil. Reaction from school officials was mixed. … more
When the police have a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed they are permitted to seize a person’s property as evidence, or as part of an investigation. … more
Michigan House Minority Leader Sam Singh, D-East Lansing, recently touted a new report on school finance that claims Michigan’s public schools are underfunded. … more
If taxpayers are concerned about the condition of Michigan’s roads, they should know that it’s not their fault. The state agency in charge of road repairs has more money coming in now than in any other year, with one unusual exception. … more
Having fewer students in Michigan doesn't mean there's less money being generated for public schools. In fact, despite a drop in enrollment, Michigan's K-12 public schools are getting more money than ever. … more
A city commission member for the city of Traverse City says they don't have the money to repair the streets. The city's revenues tell a different story. … more
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm chided the state of California and praised Michigan as the place to live in 2003. Then, less than a month out of office, she bolted to live in the Golden State. … more
The average teacher salary fell to $61,875 in 2015-16, the fifth consecutive year it declined. But the vast majority of public school teachers aren't taking pay cuts. … more