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Most Michigan Parents Satisfied with School Choice

The Michigan Department of Education’s chief quickly backtracked from an unsupportable misstatement about school choice, a misstatement that neglected the popularity of choice among families who use it. … more

Former Congressman Dave Camp on Where Tax Reform is Heading in D.C.

Dave Camp is a retired congressman from Midland, Michigan, and the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  … more

One In Four Michigan School District Teachers Chronically Absent

A new report released by the Thomas Fordham Institute found that school teachers in Michigan’s conventional school districts are almost twice as likely to miss 11 or more days of school than teachers in public charter schools. … more

Two Standards Of Justice For Sexual Assault Claims

The guidelines from the Obama Education Department on how to investigate sexual abuse claims let a university deny accused individuals access to a lawyer during its investigation. … more

Flatten the Tax Code

In 2014, Michigan Congressman Dave Camp rolled out a major tax reform proposal. And it died. … more

State Increases Fee For Public Data From $96 to $3,800

The state agency that tracks the salaries of school and state employees wants $3,800 before it will deliver those records, which were sought under the open records law.  … more

MLive Erroneously Reports New Flint Police Officers Get Just $11.25/Hour

A report by the MLive news site stated that the city of Flint pays new police officers just $11.25 an hour, which is less what than janitors, manicurists and bellhops earn. This is misleading because it’s the amount paid to prospective officers who are still going through the police academy.  … more

Meet The New Teachers Union Myths, Same As The Old Ones

The Michigan Education Association's "listening tour" has dubious claims. … more

Giving More Taxpayer Dollars to Universities Won’t Make Michigan More Educated

In The Detroit News, Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz argues for more taxpayer spending on state universities. Students that get degrees, he explains, earn more than those without them. But he never says that giving state universities more taxpayers dollars will result in more students earning degrees. It won’t. … more

Detroit Charter Schools Outperform District School Peers On State Tests

Charter school students in Detroit outperformed their peers in the city’s conventional school district in 15 of the 18 subjects on state tests given to all Michigan public school students last spring. … more