Winter 2011-12 Edition

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In this issue:

  • Parents Forced to Pay Union Dues, Lawmaker Rakes In Health Care Money
  • Victims of Smoking Ban Cut Off Politicians
  • Ann Arbor Cuts Cops With $1.5 Million Surplus Sitting in Arts Budget
  • ad liberties: Government as Santa
  • Health Care Workers Vote to Bolt from 'Corrupt' SEIU
  • Subsidized Green Energy Company Struggles, Lays Off Workers — Rewards Top Executives
  • Former MEA Local Prez: Union May Lose 40% of Members – Including Him – if Teacher Right to Work Passes
  • Teacher Right-to-Work Looking Like a Done Deal
  • GOP Senator Tries to Save SEIU Healthcare ‘Employer’
  • Despite Deficit, Some Dearborn Top Officials Got Boosts in Pay
  • Average Lansing Teacher Missed 3.5 Weeks of School Last Year
  • Michigan Democrat: Teacher Union Leaders Are 'Disconnected'
  • Cop Union Boss Boasts of Beating Lawmakers With Flashlights
  • Less Than 0.001 Percent of Tenured Teachers Fired Over Past Five Years
  • Grosse Pointe State Rep: Public Schools Must Control 'Who Is Allowed to Attend'
  • House Votes to Ban Automatic Dues Deductions For School Unions
  • Defined-Contribution Retirement Reform Introduced in Michigan
  • Sierra Club’s War on Coal Blamed for 53k Lost Jobs in Michigan
  • Train Station with 78 Daily Riders Gets $1 Million in Stimulus Renovations
  • Inaccurate Claims Buoy Attacks On Charter Public Schools
  • Bureaucrats vs. Parents — Who Should Choose Where Children Are Educated?
  • How Corporate Welfare Hurts People
  • Pipeline Protest Belies National Security 'Concerns'
  • 'Forced Unionization' Brings In $28 Million For SEIU ... And Climbing
  • I'm Just a Bill


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