Fall 2012 Edition

In this issue:

  • Proposal 2 Would Cost Taxpayers $1.6 Billion Per Year, New Analysis Says
  • Study: Proposal 3 Would Result in Lost Jobs, Higher Costs
  • 'It's hard to believe the union could get away with something like this'
  • ad liberties: ‘Collective Bargaining’ Proposal Would Protect the 3 Percent at the Expense of the 97 Percent

Proposal 1: A Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law

  • Emergency Managers Are Bad, Bankruptcy Far Worse
  • What the Emergency Manager Referendum Is About
  • Before Emergency Manager, Pontiac Had 87 Different Health Plans
  • Emergency Managers: A Distasteful Necessity
  • Michigan Ballot Proposals Quick-view Guide

Proposal 2: The ‘Collective Bargaining’ Amendment

  • Proposal 2 Would Make Union Bosses the Most Powerful People in Michigan
  • What Would 'Collective Bargaining' Actually Do?
  • Proposal 2 Supporters Change Name
  • 'Collective Bargaining' Amendment Would End Binding Arbitration
  • The 'Collective Bargaining' Amendment Could Increase Gov't Secrecy
  • Commentary: Labor Bosses' Vision of Collective Bargaining Hurts Workers, Society
  • Unions Ducking the Truth With Proposal 2 Ad

Proposal 3: The ‘25x25’ Renewable Energy Mandate

  • Most of Michigan is 'Poor' or 'Marginal' For Wind Energy
  • Media Promotes Massively Inflated 'Green Jobs' Number Put Out by Ballot Proposal Supporters
  • Former Governor Predicted 17,000 Jobs From 'Green Energy' Mandate, Number of Jobs Has Actually Dropped

Proposal 4: The Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers

  • Proposal 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist
  • Health Care Unionization Campaign Changes Its Story — Again
  • Legal Foundation Seeks End to Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers
  • SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics

Proposal 5: The 2/3 Tax Limitation

  • Tax Limitation Amendment Will Greet Voters in November

In the News

  • Obama-Promoted Battery Plant Moves to 'Rolling Furloughs' As Company Pulls Back on Jobs Projections
  • 'They Are A Bureaucratic Machine That Got Out of Control'
  • I'm Just a Bill


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