School Official Apologizes For Calling State Reps 'Moron' And 'Mental Midget'

One day after CapCon story ran, Godfrey-Lee Superintendent posted apology on district website

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A West Michigan school district superintendent apologized on his blog on the school district’s website for calling two GOP politicians a "mental midget" and a "moron."

As first reported by Michigan Capitol Confidential last week, Godfrey-Lee School District Superintendent David Britten used his personal Twitter account to call Reps. Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto, and Dave Agema, R-Grandville, names because he disagreed with their views.

One day after that story ran, he said on the district's website that he let his emotions about the political environment in Lansing cloud his personal judgment.

"As a result, I made statements on my personal Twitter account about two of our elected representatives — Rep. Lisa Lyons and Rep. Dave Agema — that I sincerely regret and I apologize to both as well as the entire Godfrey-Lee community," Britten wrote.

After he was contacted by Michigan Capitol Confidential last week, Britten appeared to have removed the Tweet in which he called Rep. Lyons a "mental midget." He didn't respond to a request last week seeking comment.

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"It's understandable that a passionate debate on an issue can sometimes affect a person's good judgment," said Ari Adler, spokesman for the House Republicans. "It is encouraging that the superintendent is apologizing and hopefully the teachers in that district can use this as a teachable moment."


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