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Schools and Locals Electioneer for Tax Hikes, State Nods

Current state law doesn't require tax-funded information be 'accurate' or 'complete'

… of a local tax hike election, and urging Gov. Rick … government engages in “express advocacy,” which means … contains many unrelated election-law provisions). For … not contain words of express advocacy.” Local … more

Use Taxpayer Money to Call for Higher Taxes? Not Within Two Months of the Vote

New law: Schools, cities, can't call for tax hikes 60 days before an election

… taxpayer-funded, almost- electioneering newsletters, bulletins, … school districts from expressly advocating a “yes” … within 60 days of an election would earn a fine of … crossing the forbidden “express advocacy” line. So based … more

School Claims Its Tax Hike Emails Don't Invade Privacy - but Opponent's Would

No one gets to ask, ‘Why is the district NOT in need of tax hike?’

… email addresses to electioneer on behalf of its … narrowly, saying that only “express advocacy” is prohibited. … to take sides in an election. That’s because the … Secretary of State’s elections bureau has defined … more

Another Local Politician Violates Election Law, Sanctions Again Unlikely

‘Elected officials ... violate the law far too often,’ says critic of taxpayer-funded tax-hike electioneering

… have violated state election law by allowing a city … disseminate an opinion with express advocacy that would … influencing the outcome of an election.” The state has … links to web sites that expressly support of or oppose … more

State: 'Secure Our Future' NOT Code for 'Vote Yes on Tax Hike' (wink, wink)

… not violate the one election law provision then in … restrict tax-funded electioneering, which was a ban on “express advocacy.” Its response … part: “In other words, the express advocacy test excludes … more

You Can't Do That: Township's Taxpayer-Funded Tax Hike Electioneering

Expert says the law means what it says on this one

… remain neutral during elections. But the flier, sent … finance law, said the expressed advocacy of the flier … within 60 days of an election. Days later, a judge … under state law. “Express advocacy (vote yes) … more

School District Used Second-Graders to Urge Tax Vote

West Bloomfield district employee feeds lines to children

… would use in a pre-election mailing. According … would be considered “express advocacy,” which at … on taxpayer-funded electioneering by public schools … point about avoiding express advocacy in their texts. … more

Myth-Busting the Michigan 'Gag Order' Law

What Senate Bill 571 actually does

… proposals 60 days before an election. In the past, these … ‘functional equivalent’ of expressed advocacy, which currently … bill: Except for an election official in the performance … under the Michigan election law … a public body, … more

Debate Rages Over How Often Government Pushes For A 'Yes' Vote on Tax Hikes

… 60 days before the election. (A sample: “The … example of government electioneering into express advocacy under the Michigan … functional equivalent of express advocacy. Examples … more

Taxpayer Funded Electioneering in Full Swing Before May 2 Tax Votes

Officials claim messages ‘presenting factual information’ (wink, wink)

… renewal.” The state elections bureau investigated … bring a district into “express advocacy,” which is … political campaign. The elections bureau closed the case … is defined – only “express advocacy” is absolutely … more

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