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Conventional and charter high schools, by quartile

Measuring the Value of Charter Schools

… Bridge Magazine that charter public schools are twice … of conventional and charter public schools. The … is, he's comparing charter public schools to … will appear mediocre. Charter public schools, without … more

Deficit-Ridden District Almost Demolishes Building Rather Than Take $3.5 Million From Charter

Saginaw school board eventually approves sale of vacant building to charter school

… interested party a charter school the Saginaw … the offer from the charter school. Francis … not the first time a charter school in Michigan has … that ban sales to a charter. Although conventional … more

National Study: Detroit Charters Should Serve as a Model for Other Communities

CREDO analysis says Detroit charter students have up to 'several months' learning advantage over traditional peers

Detroit schoolchildren in charter schools are getting … independent analyst of charter school effectiveness. … suggest that Detroit charter schools should serve … students in Detroit charter schools receive the … more

Charter School Growth in Michigan is Not the 'Wild, Wild West'

There are 48 more charter schools since cap was lifted in 2011

… repeal a cap on charter public schools, Democrats … number of for-profit charter schools would put students … Alliance for Public Charter Schools finds that while … has the fifth most charter school students in the … more

The Difference With Charter Schools

In charter schools policy debates … distinction between charter public schools and district-run … Every child in every charter school is there only … number and type of charter schools. Such restrictions … more

Inaccurate Claims Buoy Attacks On Charter Public Schools

'There is no such thing as a "for-profit" charter school in Michigan'

… the district, opposed charter public schools in a … that criticized some charter schools as being for profit. Charter public schools in Michigan … services yet attack charter schools for doing the … more

Detroit Shows that Poverty is Not Stopping Parents from Opting for School Choice

More Detroit students in poverty attend charters than go to Detroit Public Schools

… from Detroit attending charter public schools, which … percent of Detroit charter school students are … Detroit children in charter schools than the conventional … average the Detroit charter students have higher … more

Huffington Post Gets Charter School Study Wrong

… article titled Charter School Growth in Michigan … study of Michigan s charter schools by Stanford … that 80 percent of charters perform below the 50th … explains, Michigan public charter schools educate more … more

Charters Increase Special-Ed Enrollment

… criticism lobbed against charter public schools is that … true that historically charters have had relatively … education enrollments in charters are up dramatically. According … whose parents chose charter schools had special … more
Cross your fingers

Charter School Demand Continues to Rise

… demanding more public charter schools according an … there aren't enough charters to meet demand, often … caps. For every public charter school in the country, … Michigan, two-thirds of charter schools have waiting … more

Free Press Misleads on Charter Schools

… caps on the number of charter public schools contains … dangerous. No charter public school has ever … children who attend charters are those whose parents … increase the number of charters that requires parents , … more

Charter Schools Average Smaller Class Sizes

Less top heavy than conventional schools, too

… expanding the number of charter public schools. That s … or eliminate their charter school competition. These anti-charter claims take various … common complaint of charter opponents, that charters … more

Charter School Group Warns State Superintendent

A decision to suspend charter authorizers not within the law

… the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers sent … authority to suspend charter public school authorizers … Procedures Act. Charter school advocates said … this week to suspend charter school authorizers … more

Michigan Charter Schools a Smashing Success

… Michigan s public charter schools, and the results … results for public charter schools and their students … study matched individual charter school students to students … conventional schools those charter school students would … more

Effort to Short Circuit School Choice Laid Out

Charter moratorium bills becoming a full legislative package

… that completes the charter public school policy … moratorium on new charter schools would be imposed … September, would put the charter school moratorium in … would provide the new charter school "transparency … more

How Not to Measure Charter School Quality

… too many failing [charter] school operators. A … Trust s analysis of charter public schools is short-sighted, … a cut score for charter school quality based … School Ranking . If a charter school performed better … more

School Reformers Have 'Significant Concerns' About State Superintendent Finalist

Superintendent: 'I am not opposed to charter schools ... they are now part of the fabric of Michigan Public Education'

… in 21 Claims About #CHARTER Schools." The post … that are hostile to charters, said Gary Naeyaert, … public criticism of charter schools takes on additional … education. I am not opposed to charter schools and understand … more

Charter Public Schools Give Detroit Schoolchildren Hope

Stanford University study finds charter pupils gain an extra three months of learning

… school a year when in charter public schools compared … Detroit area. Charter public schools in Detroit … previously didn't exist. Charter public schools in Detroit … the third highest charter enrollment in the … more

School District, Union Working Together To Try To Ban Charter Schools

Prohibitive language written into union contract that says union, district agree not to authorize or open a charter could violate state law

Charter public schools in Michigan … creating or authorizing charter schools within the district. … 2014, it states, No Charter Schools . The memo … and unions can't stop charter schools from opening … more

Politics Alive and Well in Public Schools

Brandon board won't sell vacant building to charter group

… opening a new public charter school there. The school … up going to this new charter school instead. Of … their children in the charter school over schools … says that the local charter school group is only … more

Two Charter Public Schools Being Closed

If only all schools faced the same accountability

… couple of Michigan charter public schools are facing … to Michigan's public charter schools. According … Academy of Flint s charter because the school has … their children, but charter public schools must … more

Superintendents Falsely Claim Charter Schools Shortchange Poor Children

State data shows charters serving higher percentage of low-income students than traditional public schools

… site that claimed that charter schools were serving … eligible students in charter schools than in conventional … public school districts. Charter schools had 69.8 percent … paint a picture of charter schools that is misleading," … more

School Choice Advocates Cheer Lift of Charter Public School Cap

Bill contains 'extra level of accountability' for school performance

… the number of public charter schools that can be chartered by public universities. … 22-16 margin. Charter school advocates claim … Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers. Seventy … more

What if this had Happened at a Charter School?

… alleged failings at some charter schools to call for … had originated in a charter school. more

State Superintendent Puts Failing Schools Ahead of Students' Choice

Superintendent Flanagan says no more charters until conventional schools 'stabilize' enrollment

… public schools and 15 charter schools. Of the 20 conventional … city s 15 public charter high schools received … on opening any more charter schools, so that conventional … to Flanagan, because charter schools are succeeding … more

Charter School Results Proving ACLU Lawsuit Wrong

Highland Park students improve math, reading scores after charter public school company took over

… School District , the charter school management company … more than just add the charter school company as a … performance, or is it about charter companies running failed … more

Democratic Lawmakers Target Charter Public Schools, School Choice

State Dems introduce twice as many laws to restrict charter schools than to fund roads

… an outright ban on charter public schools and the … entities that authorize ("charter") them. The bills are … when the number of charter schools in the state … by the most common chartering entity, state universities. … more

State Can’t Name Any School Closed for Poor Performance

But applies double-standard to charters

As charter public school authorizers … for poorly performing charter schools, choice advocates … threatened to suspend charter school authorizers … closed. In contrast, some charter school authorizers have … more

TTB a Poor Measure of Charter Performance

Free Press should use better metric

… repeatedly criticized charter public schools that … rankings as evidence of poor charter performance. In a Sunday … rankings as proof of a " charter school mess ." And … that Hope Academy, a charter public school, scored … more

Top 10 Charter High Schools

… list of the top 10 charter public high schools. To … more

Hypocritical Outrage Over Conventional Schools Closed Versus Charter Public Schools

Overspending sinks some public schools; 77 charter schools have been closed

… Walter French Academy charter school in Lansing closed … million more than the charter public school and was … didn't want any more charter public schools added … accountability" with charter schools when they were … more

Contrary to Report, Charter Schools Get Less Money Per Pupil Than Conventional Schools

Media runs with faulty claim that charter public schools at fault for conventional schools financial problems

Michigan charter public schools have … report . Yet, charter public schools receive … Moody's description that charter school funding is "generous," … revenue problem. Charter public schools face … more

Failing Charter Public Schools Are Shut Down; Conventional Public Schools Remain Open

'Charter schools have traditionally been the only public schools that have been held accountable for their performance'

… schools, four were charter public schools and three … remain open. "Charter schools have traditionally … for all schools charter or traditional." Twenty-nine of … recently been converted to charter public schools or are … more

Charter School Student Enjoying Success at Stanford

Had been accepted to several top universities

… shows that students in charter public schools in Michigan … Education Outcomes (CREDO), charter students in Detroit … more

Educrats Spin Conspiracy Theories

… cap on the number of charter public schools. The … increased competition from charters. The … child s education to a charter public school, thousands … tax dollar goes to a charter school unless parents … more

'Stranded Costs' Will Always Be Paid by Taxpayers

… to nerf public charter schools and school contractors. The unions would like charters and contractors to … regardless of whether charters or contractors are included. Both charters and school contractors … more

Politicians: Stop Blocking the Online Charter School Door!

Online charter schools are a promising … market demand: One online charter school is being forced … of a Michigan online charter school notes that he … taxpayer dollars, given that online charter schools generally cost … more

Variety Isn't Discrimination

Reuters reports that some charter public schools in Ohio, … investigation) an Illinois charter public school actually required … However, Michigan forbids charter public schools from … test scores. Michigan charter public schools can choose … more

State Board Prez Fights Parental Choice

A growing push back against charter schools

… about accountability of charter public schools. He said … decision makers that charter schools need more oversight. State … authority to suspend charter authorizers that don t … Press was critical of charter schools. Austin … more

Almost 220,000 Michigan Public School Students Rely On School Choice

Charter public schools blamed for problems with traditional public schools, but parents choose charters and other alternatives for their kids

… enrolled in either a charter school or a school … enrolled in public charter schools and 99,301 attended … point the finger at charter schools. Moody's … Oct. 15 titled, " Charter Schools Pose Growing … more

Detroit Success Story: Cesar Chavez Charter School

Cesar Chavez school, a charter school in Detroit, Mich., … more

Charter schools often shut down; other schools rarely are

… 90 poor performing charter schools. Michigan had … state law regarding charter schools. ForTheRecord … only being applied to charter schools and not conventional public schools. Charter public schools must … more

Promise of Profit Can Help Neediest Students

… Group, a for-profit charter management company, … another for-profit charter management company, … up a building for a charter public school that will open … school). Throughout Michigan, charter school companies are … more

Flanagan Goes too Far on Charter Schools

State TTB ranking a proxy for poverty

… conventional districts and charter public schools. And … is taking on public charter schools. MDE has just … threatening to stop 11 charter public school authorizers … University. The charter school authorizers Flanagan … more

Michigan Charter Schools Closing While Failing Conventional Schools Stay Open

Analyst: 'That is how charter schools are held accountable'

… Flint, Center Academy charter school and Northern … distinction between how charter schools authorizers handle … recently as saying charter school authorizers should … our bad schools, both charters and traditional schools?" … more

Charter Schools Serve More Low-Income Students Than Conventional Districts

Despite claims, wealthy families are not benefiting more than poor families because of school choice

… study on Michigan charter public schools done … University study found that charter public schools had significantly … that 70 percent of the charter students were economically … reading and math when in charter schools than their peers … more

As Conventional Public Schools Fail Transparency Law, Charters are Targeted

Pontiac Public Schools posts teachers' contract that expired in 2011

… Specifically, when charter schools are called out … press conference that charter schools were not following … potentially penalize charter schools, based on allegations … also: Democratic Lawmakers Target Charter Public Schools, School … more

Documentary: The Highland Park Transformation

Highland Park schools were failing, but a charter school company is turning things around

… eventual switch to a charter public school system. Today, … converted to a system of charter public schools in 2012. … option, Highland Park's charter conversion is one of … operations. During the first year of charter school operation, students … more

Charter School Superintendent Makes Over $339K A Year

Summit Academy director Alison Cancilliari oversees high school given 'F' on report card

… the state is from a charter public school whose … parents can leave a charter public school and have … CMU has authorized 59 charter public schools. Statewide, there are 280 charter public schools. Officials … more

New Study Shows Better Results For Public Charter School Students Compared To Students In Conventional Schools

Stanford University report took race, poverty level, English language learner and special education status into account

… in Michigan public charter schools do better academically … followed more than 85,000 charter school students in 273 … tests. Michigan public charter school students had … policies and practices for charter schools and their authorizers … more

Challenging the Rhetoric in the War on Charter Schools – Part II

Democratic Leader: '[School choice] is a choice in theory but it really doesn't exist'

… on opening any new charter public schools in Michigan. … a moratorium on new charters is seen by some as … of an overall war on charter public schools. This … Democratic caucus regarding charter schools. The introduction … more

Superintendent Uses School Email List For Politics

Head of Farmington Public Schools urges parents to oppose charter school bill

… the arbitrary cap on charter public schools. Experts … Claims Buoy Attacks On Charter Public Schools Profiting … Democrat Measure Targets Charter Public Schools Superintendents' Letter About Charter Schools 'Incredibly … more

War on Charters Tied To Politics and Union Money

… public education charter public schools. According to charter school supporters, these … The first Michigan charters were launched in 1994, … could be authorized ( chartered ) by a state university, … more

Attorney Questions School Superintendent on Charter School Action

… suspends the ability of charter public school authorizers … the state s law on charter schools. Richard … with his meeting with charter school Authorizers; … portfolio of public charter schools accountable. He … more

Conventional District Sidelines Successful Charter To Financially Benefit Itself

Video Report: Livonia Public Schools abruptly terminates Hinoki International School

… has been declining, a charter public school in its … business because the charter cannot find space on … boundaries. The charter could find a new authorizer, … year when its current charter expires. Why … more

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Sound Like 'Em

… officials may not embrace charter schools as competition … like the sound of charter schools, even if they … can t replicate the charter success . Here s … quiz: Pick out the lone charter high school among these … more

How to Make Michigan Schools More Expensive

Mark Schauer's education plan protects the status quo

… for requiring all charter schools to participate … simply seeks to burden charter schools with what some … expansion of poor quality charters and cyber-only schools … fact that attending a charter school requires parents … more

Local School District Escapes 'At Risk' List Despite Hostile Charter Takeover

Livonia Public Schools works to hide information; will gain hundreds of thousands of dollars

… compiling its list of charter authorizers that are … board when it gave the charter public school nearly … authorizer of future charter schools," Gillman writes. … Aug. 15 on at-risk charter authorizers. The list … more

MEA Ignores Socioeconomic Status In Claiming Public Charter School is 'Failing'

Cesar Chavez Academy is a highly-rated school based on comparable students

… Michigan rated the charter school as the 65 th best … school districts and charter public schools. It … consideration that charter campuses like Cesar … MEAP. Sixty percent of the charter schools' students are … more

It Shouldn’t Take a Hurricane to Revitalize Detroit Public Schools

… could be turned into charter public schools, a move … million by authorizing charter management companies … increasing the number of charter schools in a struggling … created dozens of new charter schools following Hurricane … more

Schauer Wants to Put Limits On Advertising Done By Charter Public Schools

But some traditional public schools spend thousands on advertising, too

… promises to limit how much charter public schools could … upset that a national charter management company spent … Shut Down Successful Charter Public Schools Defenders … more

Moratorium or Mortuary? School Choice Proponents Claim Bill Would Kill Charters

Bill sponsor disagrees

… moratorium on any new charter public schools opening … doom for all of the charter public schools in the … increasing the number of charter schools would, in reality, close every charter school in the state … more

State Education Department Gives a Pass To Failing Districts; Punishes Charters

Two high schools have been on the state's poor academics watch list for five consecutive years

… the accountability of charter public schools, some … Education Project, said no charter school could have stayed … while cracking down on charter schools. The … develop comprehensive charter school reform. State … more

State Board of Education Member Interjects Herself Into Negotiations Between Union, Charter School Operator

Michelle Fecteau is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers

… between a union and charter public school operator. Not … one of the largest charter public schools in the … Academy Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff are … Michigan Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (the … more

MEA's Hyperbole About Cyber Charter Schools

… that manage online charter public schools here … two current online charters now allowed shows the … million level, online charters would have to enroll … currently on online charter waiting lists, the schools … more

Democratic Strategist Calls Charter School Official 'The Human Herpes Virus'

… strategist called a charter school board president … more

Charter Schools Not At Fault For Conventional School Failures

Charter schools open because parents want choices

… district systems to charter schools. "Under … open more and more charters and cyber charters, we are dissipating … in terms of opening charter and cyber schools, she … more
Schools of Choice participation over time

More Michigan Students Opt for School Choice

… increasing. So has charter public school enrollment. During … are attending public charter schools this year. But … were there because the charter school they wanted to … two-thirds of public charter schools have wait lists . More … more

Schauer Education Plan Looks To Shut Down Successful Charter Public Schools

… Detroit students in charter public schools were … study a success for charter public schools, gubernatorial … governor to dismantling charter public schools in the … expansion of poor quality charters and cyber-only schools … more

Students Forced Out of Schools Because State Dismissed Charter Company Plans

Agreement would have allowed students in Buena Vista, Inkster to stay in their neighborhood schools

… an agreement with a charter school company that … the Leona Group, a charter school company that … and turn it into a charter, we would have hands … Vista voted to have the charter company represent it while … more

Conventional Schools in Anti-Charter Public School Legislator’s District Have Little to Brag About

When students’ backgrounds considered, local high schools score 'D's and an 'F'

… face of opposition to charter public school expansion in … a moratorium on new charter schools, based in part … better academically than charter schools. That key … Spalding said, adding that charter schools are just another … more

Charters Outperform Conventional Schools on Top-to-Bottom List When Student Socioeconomic Status Is Taken into Account

… it would find that charter public schools outperform … free lunch one a charter public school and the … public school the charter would, on average, be … a free lunch. Charter schools in Michigan … more
Schools of Choice Participation by District

School Choice Benefits Students

… Some students attend charter public schools or take … Michigan students attend a charter public school or a school … students attend public charter schools , or less than … students. Many of these charter schools are concentrated … more

Commentary: Charter Schools Face Discrimination in Michigan

Lawmakers should insist that charters can acquire school buildings

… on the number of charter public schools in Michigan. … maybe hundreds of new charters will help families … advantage of online charter schools. Currently, … concerns brick-and-mortar charter schools' ability to … more

Challenging the Rhetoric in the War on Charter Public Schools

Q A with the Democrats pursuing a moratorium on school choice

… opening any additional charter public schools in Michigan. … talk about for-profit charter companies, but conventional … why are you holding charters to a different standard? Rep. … Legislature to address charter schools, that s what … more

The 'Too Many School Districts' Myth

… used to criticize charter schools . Juxtaposing … (entirely driven by charter schools) is just a way … the fact that more charter schools are opening. Charter schools in Michigan … more

School District Revokes Authorization of Popular Charter

Hinoki International School shut down to financially benefit conventional district

… voted 6 to 1 to end the charter public school s authorization … to expire. Without a charter authorization, Hinoki … revoking Hinoki s charter. She said she received … in state and federal charter authorization grants. … more

The Highland Park Transformation


The Public School Pension Fund’s Problem Is Not Charter Schools

… recommending that public charter schools pay more. But … contributions from charter schools would have only … cost. Currently, charter schools pay according … however, because many charter school personnel, including … more

Parents Speak Out on Effort to Halt School Choice

Legislators pushing charter school moratorium ignore public 'Schools of Choice' in areas they represent

… a moratorium on new charter public schools, they … the opening of new charter public schools until … laws are in place on charter school governance, transparency … them have successful charter public schools in their … more

Democrats Call for Moratorium on New Charter Public Schools

Bill would cap school choice

… on opening any new charter public schools in Michigan. … creating a new cap on charter schools. Introduction … the creation of new charter public schools until … authorizing bodies, charter schools and educational … more

The Republicans Who Blocked Charter School Choice

Nearly a decade after Gov. Engler failed, Gov. Snyder has GOP smelling victory on charter school choice expansion

Before the creation of charter public schools in … today, a majority of charters have a wait list, … place their students in charter schools this year can … increase the number of charters allowed under law. … more

District Refuses to Sell Unused Building to Public Charter School — Despite Receiving $250K Asking Price

Battle Creek Public Schools pays tens of thousands of dollars per year to maintain empty school

… building that came from a charter public school. Ron … was looking to open a charter elementary school and … after receiving the charter school's bid. The … to the president for charter schools at Grand Valley … more

MichCapCon Flashback: The Republicans Who Blocked Charter School Choice

Nearly a decade after Gov. Engler failed, Gov. Snyder has GOP smelling victory on charter school choice expansion

… would remove a cap on charter public schools. The … original bill that allowed charter schools placed a cap … week? Before the creation of charter public schools in … today, a majority of charters have a wait list, and … more

A Closer Look At Teacher Salaries In Michigan

Teachers getting younger, more charter school educators help account for drop in average salary

… Statistics includes charter public school teachers … data also includes charter public school salaries, … average salary for a charter public school teacher … was $63,094 . Charter public school teachers … more

Internal Issues Put International Charter Public School At Risk

Livonia school district voting to approve its own Japanese school, which would uproot existing program

… leadership at a Japanese charter public school has turned … the board, revoke the charter or disapprove of their … president of the Hinoki charter school board, said in … effectively ending the charter school by not renewing … more

Results — Not Dollars Spent — Matter For Parents Choosing Schools For Their Students

Battle Creek newspaper blames charter public schools for failure of some traditional public schools

… Enquirer claimed that charter schools are destroying … democracy." "The people behind the charter school and privatization … 2012-13 not to charter public schools but … more

Parents Pin Hopes on Charter School Lottery

… Washtenaw County public charter school that has become … third among public charter schools on the latest … take place at public charter schools across Michigan … By law, any time a charter school has more applications … more

Choice For Me But Not For Thee?

School district supports 'schools of choice,' but opposes charters

… choice when it comes to charter and cyber schools in … appears to attack charter public schools, although … unlimited for-profit charters and cyber schools … wasn t about opposing charter schools. The … more

School Takeovers: Much Criticism, No Solutions

… voiced about plans to "charterize" the fiscally and … independently managed charter schools to provide education … basis will fund the charter schools, while local … uttered about for-profit charter school management companies … more
Vacant Classroom

Close Dysfunctional Schools

… district transition to a charter district. The district … stayed on when the charter management company took … conventional district to a charter district was worth it, … unabashed critics of the charter school model have … more

International Japanese School Gets a Second Chance

After being shut down in Livonia, it plans a move to Farmington Hills

… losing its lease and charter school authorization … enrollment, a public charter school in southeast … Previously operating under a charter and lease from the Livonia … Anne Hooghart, the charter school board's president, … more

96 Percent of Michigan Schools Getting Richer

… school districts and charter schools will lose money, … other districts and charter schools 96 percent … more

Oakland Schools and the Tri-County Alliance

Focused on more money, less parental choice

… past. Markavitch claimed that charter schools educate "less … student population, charter public schools educate far … claim while criticizing charter schools that largely … more

A Better Choice, Less Than a Mile Away

… High School, a public charter school that received … more

Lawsuit Against Highland Park Schools Misguided

… manager selected a charter school company, the … from other Leona public charter schools. Over the summer, … more

EAA Bill Has Problems

But Grand Rapids carve-out not one of them

… past decades. Though charter public schools face … more

New Elementary and Middle School Rankings Released

Socioeconomic information provides better ranking of state's schools

… list of the public and charter public schools in the … Dearborn district and of charter public school performance. ~~~~~ See … Results For Public Charter School Students Compared … Schools Top 10 Charter High Schools Top … more

Union Friendly GOP Legislator Spurned by Big Labor

Rep. Zorn target of union attacks after voting for more charter schools

… enrollment in cyber charter schools , it infuriated … vote against the cyber charter school bill. Brennan … more

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After months of pressure, the Saginaw Public Schools Board agreed to sell an unused building to a successful charter school in the city. The video shows the weeks of wrangling Francis Reh Academy endured.

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