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The Lawmakers that Voted for the Most Business Subsidies and the Least

$16 billion in corporate welfare approved since 2001

… came down on votes for corporate handouts that pit … authorized cash transfers to corporations, plus related … authorized were delivered to corporations and developers, … more

Tilt from Tax Cutting to Corporate Welfare Renews Failed Approach to Economic Growth

Lawmakers face a number of corporate welfare proposals

… 2000 and 2010: more corporate welfare. If there was … scaled back the pace of corporate giveaways, eventually … recession. But corporate welfare is always an attraction … more

Cut Corporate Welfare to Help Balance State Budget

Tenuous relationship between corporate welfare and economic health

… eliminate the state’s corporate welfare programs and supporting … Economic Development Corporation controls. Cutting … the state’s corporate-welfare bureaucracy. The … more

The Problem of Corporate Welfare

… Economic Development Corporation are defending … consider moving the corporate headquarters. The … more

Why did the Governor Flip Flop on Corporate Welfare?

Corporate handouts remain unfair and ineffective

… others ) and to large corporations has compelled … capitulation on corporate welfare. Why have Lansing politicians … program and lowering corporate taxes. These initial … multinational, Taiwan-based corporate titan Foxconn . … more

Return of the Mega Subsidy

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective

… Economic Growth Authority corporate handout program, … allows a lucky few corporations chosen by state … generated by the state’s corporate income tax payers. MEGA … reject this parade of corporatist philosophy and … more

Michigan Crushes Korea in Corporate Welfare Handouts

Nearly $9 billion in crony-capitalism subsidies

… billion in subsidies to corporate interests, including … one of scores of corporate welfare giveaways approved … billion in checks to corporations for “refundable” … more

Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

… Economic Development Corporation from a company … they amount to pure corporate welfare for the travel and … spending on a corporate welfare program that’s a major … more

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support


Proposed Corporate Giveaway Unlikely to Grow Economy

Lawmakers should consider the full costs of corporate welfare before they approve it

Lawmakers should consider the full costs of corporate welfare before they approve it more

Partisan Left’s Corporate Welfare Position Depends on Which Party Holds Office

Eclectablog changes its mind about select corporate favors

… liabilities racked up by past corporate welfare deals, most of which … form of tax breaks to corporations without causing … Party, called some corporate welfare handouts “investments,” … more

Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

… Economic Development Corporation with the goal of … otherwise known as corporate welfare — are ineffective at … dollars out of corporate welfare and into road repairs. … more

Potential Corporate Welfare Binge Risks Second Michigan ‘Lost Decade’

Gov. Rick Snyder scaled back the giveaways in 2011

… 2000 and 2010: more corporate welfare. If there was … scaled back the pace of corporate giveaways, eventually … recession. But corporate welfare is always an attraction … more

Michigan's Job Loss Apocalypse Averted!

No thanks to the 'Department of Corporate Welfare.'

… absurdity of state corporate welfare schemes granting tax … Economic Development Corporation granted special … few. Government corporate welfare schemes are not an … more

Michigan Adds, Loses Thousands of Jobs

More proof corporate welfare doesn't work

More proof corporate welfare doesn't work.


Michigan Treasury Erroneously Sent Out a $14.5 Million Check

Company's corporate subsidy check was doubled

… $672.8 million in secret corporate welfare checks the state expects … more

‘But For’ Can’t Be Proved: Corporate Welfare is a Waste

New MEGA not costless, despite assurances

… apologists for these corporate welfare programs can’t prove … more

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate Welfare's Got to Go

… given that many of the corporate recipients of this … opinion on bailouts and corporate welfare, some may wonder why … hand out corporate welfare loot (often in the … more

Ghosts Of Corporate Welfare Past To Suck $7.6 Billion From State Budget

Granholm administration economic development giveaways dumped multi-decade liability on taxpayers

… have been a binge of corporate welfare handouts. Some … financial impact of its corporate welfare deals will fall on … more

Déjà Vu All Over Again For Auditor General Report On Select Subsidy Programs

Despite failures, taxpayer funded corporate welfare continues

… Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On The … Projected Jobs Corporate Subsidy Program Lives … more

Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency

House Democrats call for scrutiny of corporate welfare programs; accountability for tax dollars

… programs, which are corporate welfare, have performed effectively," … Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)." During … Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On The … more

Department Reorganization is New Wine in Old Skin

Corporate welfare doesn’t work, reorganizing won't fix it

… either. The fact is, corporate welfare doesn’t work and no … within the state’s corporate welfare complex because so … more

State of Michigan Granted $3 Billion in Special Tax Credits to Big 3 Automakers

Analysis puts Michigan among the highest in corporate welfare

… state among the biggest corporate welfare providers in the country, … Habit Trim Corporate Welfare To $0 MEDC … more

Michigan Corporate Welfare’s Secret Giveaway: $1 Billion in 2016

State refuses to disclose how much each company gets

… collect this year in corporate income tax revenue. … more

MichiganVotes: Senate Bill Aims to Bolster Corporate Welfare

… particular developer, corporation or other special … unnecessary." Yet, such corporate welfare serves as the spark … side effects of such corporate handouts. Companies … Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On The … more

‘Trough Truce’ on Display in Latest Debate on Corporate Welfare

Latest business subsidy gets bipartisan support and some opposition

Latest business subsidy gets bipartisan support and some opposition more

Job Churn Shows Futility of Corporate Welfare

Cutting income taxes a better way to spur growth

Cutting income taxes a better way to spur growth.


Loans From Corporate Welfare Agency Are, Like Its Job Promises, 'Uncollectible'

… favored developers and corporations, the Michigan … Economic Development Corporation is the state agency … more

Media Loves Corporate Welfare Stories, But Silent When Jobs Go Bust

'Amelia Earhart economics – disappears with no evidence of what happened'

… economics” to refer to state corporate welfare deals whose job projections … called the Mascoma Corporation that was promised … the many corporate welfare projects whose original … more

State Loses 200,000 Jobs, MEDC Finds 2,185

Why tax cuts are better than corporate welfare

… meaningless this state's corporate welfare regime is for Michigan's … more

Bill Would Add Paid Members to State's Corporate Welfare Agency

Bill's sponsor says legislation likely to be changed

Michigan's corporate welfare infrastructure could … body of the state's corporate welfare arm, the Michigan Economic … more

Whitmer ‘Tired Of ... Corporate Tax Giveaways’ But Voted For Dozens

Don’t tell progressives, but Dem legislators are among corporate welfare's best friends in Lansing

… to her position on corporate welfare. The candidate … Gov. Rick Snyder’s “corporate tax giveaways.” “Because … Michigan’s corporate welfare programs. … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Takes Credit for Creating Jobs in Good Times ... and Bad

Michigan Economic Development Corporation oversaw the worst job losses in history

… director of the state’s corporate welfare arm made a prediction … Economic Development Corporation. "A year from … Michigan's corporate welfare programs, Gov. Jennifer … more

MEDC Programs Consistently Fall Short of Initial Claims

Michigan's 'corporate welfare' arm perpetually exaggerates its numbers

… Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On The … Projected Jobs Corporate Subsidy Program Lives … more

Corporate Welfare a Continual Failure

Time for government to focus on the basics

Time for government to focus on the basics.


Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… Economic Development Corporation? Wouldn’t it make … not.” As Michigan’s corporate welfare arm, the agency spends … shunning corporate welfare schemes, reversed course … more

Now is the Time to Demand Transparency from State's Corporate Welfare Agency

… Economic Development Corporation while Jennifer … the MEDC, Michigan’s corporate welfare arm, is now probably … more

'Blown Away' Program Prolonged

Corporate welfare program a continued failure

Corporate welfare program a continued failure.


Corporate Welfare to Increase $20M

Corporate welfare, business subsidies … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

MEDC treats transparency 'as an annoyance'

… Economic Development Corporation, which is the state’s corporate welfare arm. At … situation for corporate welfare supporters. “Now … more

Other States Divulge What Michigan's Corporate Welfare Arm Keeps Secret

… Economic Development Corporation — the state's corporate welfare arm — won’t … privacy — to not disclose corporate income tax credits, … more

Bill Grants Big Businesses Power to Raise Taxes in 'Business Improvement Zones'

State Rep: 'Corporate welfare is a bipartisan issue'

… surprise Rep. Irwin. "Corporate welfare is a bipartisan issue," … Bill Aims To Bolster Corporate Welfare Proposed: … more

Mark Schauer's Support for Corporate Welfare

He had lots of help from the GOP along the way

… his huge $1.8 billion corporate tax break." The media … created. This wasn't the only corporate welfare program supported by … voting on corporate welfare bills introduced … more

Corporate Welfare and the Michigan Business Tax

Some subsidies extend another 20 years

… replaced it with a simpler corporate income tax and a … for the open-ended corporate welfare that was the previous … open-ended corporate welfare programs. more

Corporate Welfare for Hockey Pucks or Burgers?

If the Red Wings get it, why not McDonald's?

… it's not. Ultimately, corporate welfare has no justification, … more

Corporate Welfare for Hollywood Comes First

Michigan's roads can wait

… a flashy brand of corporate welfare . Though dressed up … generous. They don’t mind welfare dollars being spent … more

Lawmakers Poised To Continue Corporate Welfare Fund

Program track record includes inaccurate job creation claims, little transparency

… Century Jobs Fund, a corporate welfare program created under … Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On Despite … more

MEDC Is a Moth to a Failure Flame

Suniva bankruptcy lights up program shortcomings

… case of an exercise in corporate welfare that failed; research … Economic Development Corporation and Michigan Strategic … money on corporate welfare deals under the MBDP. … more

Mystery Project Almost Got $5.5 Million From Taxpayers

Funding for P20 project tied up with money losing real estate offering, corporate welfare

… subsidies to particular corporations and developers. "Another … Corp., the state's corporate welfare arm. Beginning … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Has a History of Secrecy

… Economic Development Corporation has been a concern. … also: State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to … scaling back the state's corporate programs), recommended … Democrats State's Corporate Welfare Arm Says Ex-Attorney … more

Rep. Sam Singh Says He Opposes Corporate Giveaways; His Voting Record Says Otherwise

Out of dozens of votes, it’s hard to find the Democrat opposing favoritism for select companies

… Lansing is not a fan of corporate welfare. At least, that’s what … repealing some of the corporate tax breaks that the … the state’s corporate welfare flagship, the Michigan … more

Despite Lack Of Jobs and Repeated Broken Promises, Legislature Proposes Extension Of Corporate Welfare Program

21st Century Jobs Fund has past jobs and audit failures; Senate looks to continue

… results of various state corporate activities over the … Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On The … Projected Jobs Corporate Subsidy Program Lives … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

… program  and strip down some corporate welfare programs to devote … more

Cut Corporate Welfare Before Social Welfare to Fund Roads

Michigan debates spending MEDC or EITC money on transportation

… this state spends on corporate welfare programs administered … Income Tax Credit is a welfare-like program that transfers … Economic Development Corporation — and there are … more

Token Symbols of Growth Damage the State Economy

Select business interests have higher status with lawmakers than regular taxpayers

Select business interests have higher status with lawmakers than regular taxpayers more

From Here to Eternity?

Motion Picture Association of America letter wants permanent corporate welfare for movies

… companies demanding select corporate welfare from state taxpayers. As … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

… in a fight against corporations teaming up with … more

Job Announcements Don't Equal Job Creation

Too many candidates propping up corporate welfare

Too many candidates propping up corporate welfare.


MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers

… Peters to subsidize the corporate Paul only shifts … more

Michigan Loses 40K Grads; Corporate Welfare Program Paid $127K Each To Keep 125 of Them

Analyst: 'If the program was really about retaining college graduates or reversing the brain drain, it is clearly a failure'

… nearly 40,000. But the corporate welfare arm of Michigan government … Economic Development Corporation program is helping … of Jobs, Corporate Welfare Program Rolls On A … more

Speedway Assistance: Public Safety or Corporate Welfare?

Senate budget appropriates $800K for traffic control at Michigan International Speedway

… 2014 budget. "Corporate welfare comes in many flavors," … it takes, it's still corporate welfare." However, Roger … more

More Corporate Welfare for Detroit

New Red Wings arena should not be subsidized

New Red Wings arena won't save city.


Two Democrats Join Republicans at Top of Tea Party Scorecard

Ratings shows bipartisanship on issues like fee increases, corporate welfare

… issues and [select corporate subsidies]." The … focuses on areas like corporate welfare, education choice, … Hamman said. "Corporate welfare like the movie and … more

A Bipartisan Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On

State's attempts at economic development costs plenty, returns little

… Development Corp. is the corporate welfare arm of state government. The … subsidies to select corporations and developers … this state's corporate welfare record. Here’s a sampling … more

State Gave Biofuel Company Millions for Unbuilt Plant

Taxpayers absorb losses, Ivy League professors reap windfall

… Hampshire’s Mascoma Corporation was pegged by then-Gov. … companies. Mascoma Corporation raised $96 million … Dartmouth. Mascoma Corporation was founded in … Economic Development Corporation, said the $20 million … more

Michigan House Republicans Find $1 Billion More for Roads with No Big Tax Hike

Corporate welfare gets the ax while new revenue flows to transportation

… by spending less on corporate welfare. Republicans would … the state's various corporate subsidy programs … Economic Development Corporation as well. Since … more

A Look At The State Budget for Business Subsidies

Old ideas get new taxpayer cash

Old ideas get new taxpayer cash more

Details Behind Push For 'Mystery Project' Begin To Surface

Legislator says funding for unknown projects not unusual in Michigan

… which is the state's corporate welfare arm. Michael Shore, … development officials portray corporate welfare programs as somehow … more

Does ‘True Success’ for Michigan Business Mean Government Handouts?

Step 1: Sen. Debbie Stabenow introduces you to state corporate welfare agency

… Economic Development Corporation. The MEDC then … an entrepreneur to a corporate welfare agency. In the … more

More from Taxpayers, But State Corporate Welfare Taking More Too

Income tax collections outpacing most recent projections

… enduring the effects of corporate welfare deals cut during the … pay out $1 billion in corporate welfare in the form of Michigan … more

Do Millionaires Need More Subsidies?

In pursuing economic development, Michigan may repeat past errors

… multibillion dollar corporate welfare subsidy program known … allows well-connected corporations and others to … expensive corporate welfare programs. This program … more

Media Plays Catch Up to CapCon Again

Finally covering corporate welfare failure 15 months later

… that recipients of corporate welfare have come up short … more

State 'Super' Sizes Movie with Subsidy

Hollywood getting more corporate welfare from your pockets

… taxpayers to subsidize big corporations in the name of … along with all other corporate welfare money — improving … doling out the corporate welfare isn't free. That money, … more

One Sector Grew Last Decade: Corporate Welfare

Very few jobs to show for special favors, subsidies

… growth during the 2000s: corporate welfare, euphemistically called … pass. A number of other corporate and subsidy programs … that the corporate welfare expansion did anything … more

Michigan to Write $1 Billion in Secret Corporate Welfare Checks in 2016

Which firms get the money? Taxpayers kept in the dark

… then redistributes to corporate beneficiaries. The … Economic Development Corporation oversees the state’s corporate welfare programs, … more

Legislators Who Promote Transparency Should Start by Disclosing Corporate Welfare Deals

MEDC secrecy patronizes lawmakers and public

… Economic Development Corporation to more sunshine. The … state’s department of corporate welfare. It takes hundreds … the money the state’s Corporate Income Tax brought … more

Cutting Michigan's Income Tax Would Also Lessen Corporate Welfare Burden

An extra hidden dividend

… amount the state owes to corporations that are benefiting … liabilities for corporate welfare is clear, and based … liability to these corporations was revealed earlier … $9.38 billion corporate welfare liability. Rep. … more

Emails Show Shaky Grounds for Corporate Welfare Agency’s Transparency Shutdown

… Economic Development Corporation — the state's corporate welfare arm — is … Transparency State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Hasn't Faced Real Media Scrutiny

… Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which is the state’s corporate welfare agency. Gov. … the state’s corporate welfare agency. Gov. Rick … handouts to businesses and corporations is something else … more

MEDC Feeling the Heat for Corporate Welfare Deals Coming Home to Roost

$9 billion in special deals projected

Corporate welfare is causing major budgetary … Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) as incentives … that state corporate welfare programs exaggerated … more

Everyone Loves Tax Cuts

If liberals don't believe tax cuts create jobs, why do they support corporate welfare programs?

… while shifting larger corporations to a much less … approve of corporate welfare programs? A lot of … consistently cut taxes for big corporations and made middle … Michigan's corporate welfare arm also administers … more

State’s MBDP Job Creation Claims an Inconvenient Fiction

Just because government says its effective doesn’t mean it is

… revisit the state’s corporate welfare complex to search for … Economic Development Corporation) and the report … more

Jobs Department’s Fake News: $10 Tax return for Every $1 in Subsidies

Program lacks transparency, too

… Snyder championed a corporate handout initiative … more

State Corporate Welfare Winner Released from Prison

Convicted Embezzler Once Shared Stage with Gov. Granholm

… embarrassed state corporate welfare czars in 2010 — and … credits, or subsidies, to corporations. Short, … out of the corporate welfare game in the first place. The … more

Politicians Cannot Keep Up With Dynamic Economy

Subsidies for a handful, costs for everyone else

Subsidies for a handful, costs for everyone else more

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