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The Legislative Clock is Ticking

It’s time for free-market reformers to act

… banned the SEIU’s “dues skim” of day care providers. The … resources to collect union dues and, famously, enacting … more

The Legislative Clock is Ticking

It's time for free-market reformers to act

… banned the SEIU’s “ dues skim ” of day care providers. The … to collect union dues and, famously, enacting … more

How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable

Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017

… Nevertheless, unions skimmed tens of millions of dollars in dues from government subsidies … more

Union Behind Michigan ‘Dues Skim’ Facing More Corruption Allegations

SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a history of problems

… get [elected].” The “dues skim” took $34 million of … union responsible for skimming tens of millions … could collect their “dues.” In the process of … more

Time for Labor Unions to Collect their Own Dues

The on-going SEIU dues skim must end

… Price. “End the dues skim once and for all.” Harris, … should be done? The dues skim operates in government … the union directly skimmed a portion of the … more

Union Activists Protest Opposition to Coerced Union Dues

U.S. Supreme Court to consider case next week

… employees to pay union dues or fees as a condition … 2013, the SEIU had a dues skimming scheme by which … Center.” When the state stopped skimming money from home-based … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Has a History of Secrecy

… health care provider dues skim created later by Gov. … more

U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Case to Give 'Right-to-Work' to All Public Employees

Court could end compulsory union 'agency fee' payments for government workers

… right to not have union dues extracted, but agency … Fees Supreme Court Ends 'Dues Skim' Nationwide … percent of the full dues payments. Michigan's … without compulsory dues or fees, many workers … more

SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After 'Dues Skim' Ended

SEIU Healthcare Michigan dues collection went from $11.3 million to $5.4 million

… reported $5,398,383 in dues and fees in 2014. That's … during which the union's dues skim was in place. The … Standards. The roots of the dues skim reach back to the mid-2000s … more

Labor Union Caught in Dues Skim Fails to File Annual Report with Federal Government

SEIU Healthcare Michigan reported losing 80 percent of its members after dues skim ended

… Michigan’s health care “dues skim,” has failed to file … threshold. The dues skim was created in 2005 … more

Court of Claims Tosses MEA's Right-to-Work Lawsuit

State Capitol was closed when union protesters pushed past guards, impeded medical workers

… been closed for a time due to protesters. Judge … Protesters Have SEIU 'Dues Skim' Connections 'We'll … members' hard-earned dues money was a futile … more

CapCon Interview with Founding Editor Ken Braun and Mackinac Center President Joseph G. Lehman

On its fifth year anniversary, a history lesson

… SEIU’s unconscionable skimming of so-called dues dollars from Medicaid … pulled the plug on the skim. Our success laid the … which outlawed similar skims nationwide. You … more

Two Wins for Freedom from Union Coercion in 2014

The end of the dues skim and the busting of the 'August Window'

… forced to pay union dues. The ruling meant that … known as the SEIU dues skim . It was a scheme that … battle over the dues skim included legislative … more

What Should the Next Legislature Do?

… bans on unseemly union dues-skimming schemes, and of … more

Appointments: A Rarely Recognized Gubernatorial Power

Which can have major effects

… the SEIU healthcare dues skim. Governors also … became known as the dues skim. This year, MERC is … more


Summer 2014 Edition

… Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends Michigan Families … Who Stopped Paying Dues Right-to-Work … Thousands Not Paying Dues Or Fees Hypocrisy … more

Supreme Court Ends ‘Dues Skim’ Nationwide

… required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. How … but not before SEIU skimmed $34 million away … in the form of union dues, regardless of whether … required to pay union dues, even if they objected … more

Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door For Daycare Workers To Get Money Back

Unions took $4 million from Michigan daycare workers; class action lawsuit now possible

… care providers had dues and fees deducted from … back." Michigan's " daycare dues skim " lasted a shorter … on assistance. The dues and fees were then … caregivers. The daycare dues skim started in 2009 and … more

Michigan Families Set Stage For Helping End Forced Unionization Schemes

Supreme Court ruled daycare, home-based caregivers not public employees and can't be unionized

… take place. That's due primarily to resistance … known as the SEIU "dues skim" involved numerous … governor. The dues skim featured the forced … more

Audit Shows SEIU 'Dues Skim' Likely Bolstered By Extra $3.7 Million; Union-Run Registry Ineffective

… home health care " dues skim ." The audit also … official end of the "dues skim,” the SEIU would have … more

Unionization Ruling Before The Supreme Court Could Be 'Huge'

Political consultant: Ruling could 'dramatically undermine public sector unions'

… home health care "dues skim" that took place in … of the whole union dues thing. "Overall, … Confidential of the SEIU Dues Skim Legal Foundation … more

Unionization Case Before The Supreme Court Could Have Lasting National Impact

Harris v. Quinn could make all public employees eligible for right-to-work; case is flying under the radar

… choose whether to pay dues or fees to a union … equivalent of Michigan's dues skim, which resulted in the … Confidential covering the dues skim after it was in place, … more

SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends

Union loses $4.2 million in dues and fees

… were forced to pay dues or fees to the SEIU … across the state. The " dues skim " ended in 2013, but … affected by the dues skim. It also is more than … more

SEIU Fined Almost $200,000 Over Actions Tied To 2012 Ballot Proposal Campaign

Union suffers another loss related to dues skim, which took more than $34 million from home-based caregivers

… home health care dues skim , has been fined $199,000 for … 2006 and when the dues skim finally ended in early … more

Health Care Workers Having Trouble Finding Union That Plays Fair

Union member: 'Thank God that Michigan is now a right-to-work state'

… home health care dues skim , which orchestrated … currently paying union dues under these circumstances. … service to earn their dues they'll just use bait-and-switch … more

U.S. Supreme Court Discusses Right-to-Work For All Public Employees

Union 'dues skim' case could mean the end of forced unionization of home-based caregivers, others

… related to union " dues skim " issues happening … Michigan's home health care dues skim. In Michigan, Illinois, … more

2013 In Review: Worker Freedom, Medicaid Expansion Took Center Stage

… if they want to pay dues or fees to a union … MEA . The SEIU "Dues Skim" Finally Ends In … fired for not paying dues or fees. Union … longer was able to skim money from the checks … more


Fall 2013 Edition

… Investigation over Prop 4  ‘Dues Skim’ took $35 million from … more

Legal Foundation Defends Clients Caught in a Catch-22

… even a portion of the dues returned and the union … students . But the dues skim of home-based … that a portion of the dues siphoned away be returned. more

Courage, Conviction Help Take Down Forced Unionization Schemes

… least $300 a year in dues or fees, but they won't … purposely uses the term "skim" when she talks about … familiar? "The ' Skim Tracker " in Michigan … now hoping to get "skim trackers" scrolling … more

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Look At Forced Unionization

Illinois case could free home-based caregivers nationwide

… home-based caregiver "dues skim," which  transferred … importantly, increase dues collection. Cases sprung … Confidential of the SEIU Dues Skim Legal Foundation … more

Capitol Protesters Fined $500 Each For Trying To Storm Senate Chamber

Most of arrested right-to-work protesters had SEIU 'dues skim' connections

… home health care dues skim , each were fined $500 … whether they want to pay dues or fees to a union … "home health care dues skim," was on its last legs, … more

SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4

'Dues Skim' took $35 million from Medicaid recipients

… stories documenting the dues skim from the beginning, … state constitution the skimming of millions of dollars … effort to increase dues paying members, the … more


Summer 2013 Edition

… Resources to Withhold Union Dues Michigan Republicans … to Try and Continue ‘Dues Skim’ Oregon Study Suggests … more

Government Entities Stymie FOIA Requests To Hide Information

Michigan Legislators pushing for change

… stories. Exposing the SEIU “ dues skim ,” where the Service … more

Mystery Contribution Kept ‘Dues Skim’ Alive

Union gave dummy employee $12,000, but that money not specified on federal report

… SEIU in early 2012. Due to that payment, the … also: Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive Michigan … keep receiving the dues. By midsummer 2012 … Coverage of the SEIU Dues Skim more

SEIU Tries to Continue Dues Scheme

Leaked document maps out 'dues skim' plan

… hopes to continue its "dues skim" against home-based … maintains that the skim was illegal because … more

SEIU Lays Out Plan to Try and Continue 'Dues Skim'

Union blames 'right-wing forces' for end of scheme that locked 45K workers into the SEIU

… longer are forced to pay dues to instead voluntarily … special note of a "skim-o-meter" that keep track … only question is the dues structure." The … in reference to the "skim tracker" that was on … more


Spring 2013 Edition

… Pension: First Check Due Before Sentencing Government … Right-to-Work SEIU ‘Skim Tracker’ Stops Ticking House … more

Confirmed: The SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Ends

Home-based caregivers no longer losing money to union

… Michigan's home health care "dues skim" has ended. For … in turn, stopped the dues from being taken out … Michigan Capitol Confidential skim tracker , an online … more

SEIU Election Legitimacy Questioned by Some Union Members

Union president's decision to allow mail-in votes to outgoing home-based caregivers upset some members

… “ home health care dues skim ” that took more … recover $3 million in dues. That case is pending Zac … Coverage of the SEIU 'Dues Skim' SEIU Election … more

SEIU 'Skim Tracker' Stops Ticking

After seven years and more than $34 million taken from home-based caregivers, union contract officially ends

… ones from which union dues will be deducted. "It … The SEIU " skim tracker " has finally … until the end of the dues skim can be fully verified … own homes. The skim tracker won’t be removed … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2

Issues brought to the forefront by the Mackinac Center cited by UAW President as reasons for ballot proposal

… home health care dues skim , stopping the unionization … banning automatic dues deductions from teachers' … home health care dues skim. King’s remarks … more

UAW Prez: SEIU ‘Dues Skim’ More Important Than RTW

… spent  $9 million  on the skim, which has netted them … publicly protested the skim (see a Mackinac Center … Foundation  lawsuit  attempting to end the skimmore

SEIU Election Battle Hinges On Home-Based Caregivers

Union member: 'I was born in the Mideast ... I've never seen an election that was messed up like this'

… caregivers. But even as the SEIU "dues-skim" nears an end, a faction … Coverage of the SEIU 'Dues Skim' Voters … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Grinding To A Halt

… ones from which union dues will be deducted. Based … facilitate the dues skim. Gov. Rick Snyder last … imminent. In 2006, union dues started being taken … Coverage of the SEIU 'Dues Skim' Voters … more

Right-to-Work Law Means Less Money For Union Political Power Grabs

… was where membership dues often went. For example: In … Union and continued the skimming of tens of millions … to lower the cost of dues and spend less time … many of their forced dues payers felt about certain … more

The Public Employee Union Problem

… allowed to extract dues and fees from workers … to the SEIU. The " dues skim " lead to a legislative … third, union takes dues (read: taxpayer money) … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' Days Are Numbered

Work to get caregivers their money back continues

… upon which the SEIU " Dues Skim " is based will end … date upon which the dues payments will stop." In … 2013. "Finally, an end to the skim is in sight," said Patrick … more

The Human Side of Right-to-Work Legislation

These are real people who have been hurt by forced unionization

… to try and lock the dues skim into the state constitution: … force a worker to pay dues or agency fees as a … more

Connecticut Now Struggling With Caregiver Unionization Efforts

SEIU loss in Michigan not stopping the union

… home-based caregiver dues skim should be on its last … $33 million from dues taken out of Michigan … Coverage of the SEIU Dues Skim more

Voters Avert Disaster by Rejecting Proposal 2

… employees” in order to skim dues off their Medicaid … more

An End Finally in Sight for the SEIU Dues Skim

Voters overwhelmingly reject the forced unionization scheme

… have been seeing union dues taken from the checks … extension. In fact, the “dues skim” could actually … -  Anatomy of a Scam: Dues continue to flow more

All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated

Emergency manager law repealed

… union employees and a dues skim that has taken $32 … more

Voters Reject Special Interest Power Plays

Proposals 2-6 soundly defeated

… on workers and their dues," Terry Bowman, a UAW … Mackinac Center, said the skimming of union dues will end at the latest … officials have wasted our dues on a project doomed … more

The Price Tag on the Ballot Proposals

Constitutional changes would cost billions to Michigan taxpayers, citizens

… constitutionalize the SEIU dues skim , costing home-based … more


Fall 2012 Edition

… Caregivers SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics Proposal … more

Prop 4 Not About Home Care

… overridden and the dues skim locked into the state … the days of the SEIU skimming money from caregivers … more

Arc Michigan Exec's Name-Calling Goes Against Group's Own Pledge

Dohn Hoyle, who also is Prop 4 spokesman, called parent caregiver Robert Haynes 'an idiot'

… Michigan as "union dues." The union has taken … Confidential about the union skimming money from home … more

Hospital SEIU Members Say Home-Based Caregivers Get 'No Benefit' From Proposal 4

'They don’t receive sick time. They don’t get vacation time. They can’t file a grievance'

… 44,000) of those paying dues to the union are home-based … SEIU SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics … to try to keep the dues flowing by locking … more

Father Taking Care of His Disabled Adult Kids Called An 'Idiot' by Proposal 4 Spokesman

The Arc Michigan Executive Director Dohn Hoyle resorts to name-calling against Robert Haynes because Haynes doesn't support forced unionization scheme

… "unusual" and unprecedented dues skim work. On May 4, … workers. The group was skimming money from day care … We now pay monthly dues that is deducted from … more

Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

… union that extracted dues from every one of those … checks. This union duesskim-scam ” has funneled … this immoral financial skimming. The handwriting … more

'It's hard to believe the union could get away with something like this'

Ex-Teamster says it's 'thievery' that the SEIU is taking money he could use to take care of his mother

… six months' worth of dues, or about $3 million. In … Signs Bill Making 'Dues Skim' Illegal SEIU … check I noticed that dues had been taken out … Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' Money Flowing Attorney … more

Legal Foundation Seeks End to Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers

State agency asked to award $3 million back to workers that the SEIU took as dues

… six months' worth of dues, or about $3 million. The … known as the SEIU "dues skim" that began under … defeated on Nov. 6, the skimming of union dues could … more

Health Care Unionization Campaign Changes Its Story — Again

Ballot proposal avoids the one issue it is about: Money for the SEIU

… Cover Story For the 'Dues Skim' Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive Attorney … more

SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics

… can forcibly extract dues money from people who … would have ended its dues skim, Scott Kronland told … be denied use of the dues money in the upcoming … more

SEIU Ballot Language Disconnected From Reality

… care workers to  pay dues  to the SEIU, which … allow for the continued skimming of tens of millions … more

Union Money Behind Health Care Ballot Proposal Not Well Hidden

Use of a dummy corporation will keep official disclosure 'secret' until next year

… come from the union dues taken out of the Medicaid … Money 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal … -  Anatomy of a Scam: Dues continue to flow 'Forced … more

'Dues Skim' Proponents, State Department Struggle to Explain Health Care Scheme

Group would lock in millions for SEIU in forced unionization

… $6 million a year in dues from workers who have … Money 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents … checks, minus the union dues being taken by the … -  Anatomy of a Scam: Dues continue to flow 'Forced … more

GOP Fumbles: On Verge of Giving MEA Huge Pension Win

… end a notorious SEIU "dues skim" of home health care … more

Study Says Most Home Health Care Workers Taking Care of Family, Friends

SEIU has taken more than $31M from workers; union 'shellgame' hurts disabled

… Program as a potential dues-producing source . … Money 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents … ensnare into paying dues are just family members … to be forced to pay dues as if they were interested … more

Ballot Proposal Would Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients for Union’s Political Agenda

… these payments as “dues,” the SEIU quietly … “government employees” and by skimming off a portion of … in their home and is skimming off money intended … judge ruled that the skim could continue because … more

Home Health Care Ballot Initiative Would Usurp Power From the Governor

SEIU-backed proposal would lock union perks into the state constitution

… continue receiving dues money from the Medicaid … Money 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents … Help Program as a dues-producing source . … health care workers.” Dues started being deducted … more

Proposal To Keep Forced Unionization Intact – It’s All About The Money

… union's "home health care dues skim," which has netted more … all about — getting dues money from vulnerable … also: 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents … more

'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents Cloud Issue With Mistruths

Campaign repeatedly engages in falsehoods to lock in millions for the SEIU

… Program as a potential dues-producing source. Michigan's … “home health care dues skim." The SEIU has taken … participants into the union. Dues have been taken from … eventually end the “skim,” the SEIU is resorting … more

Union Omits $12K From Disclosure Form That Was Paid to Keep Health Care 'Dues Skim' Alive

If payment made in 2011 and not reported, it’s ‘very serious,’ labor expert says

… the "home health care dues skim," which has taken more … happening. As a result, dues from the taxpayer-provided … operating and to keep the "skim" from ending last year. "Not … more

Attorney General Appeals Ruling That Allows SEIU to Keep Taking Dues From Medicaid Checks

… Union's "Home Health Care Dues Skim.”  On June 20, … to keep withdrawing dues money from the Medicaid … “Home Healthcare Dues Skim.” The “skim” started … more

Ballot Proposal to Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients

… these payments as "dues," the SEIU has quietly … "government employees" and skimming off a portion of … judge ruled that the skim could continue because … more

‘Protect Our Jobs’ Would Protect the 3 Percent at the Expense of the 97 Percent

… and started taking dues from them. Some $4 … And the SEIU is still skimming $30 million and … more

Union Health Care Ballot Supporters Say They Have Enough Signatures for a Vote

Union claimed First Amendment rights in court; ballot promoters now claim it's to protect workers, patients

… the scheme to collect dues money from so-called … home health care "dues skim" into the state constitution. … November that could lock the dues scheme in the state … their union and keep skimming taxpayer dollars … more

Despite Law, SEIU Gets To Continue Taking Medicaid Check Money

Federal judge orders injunction against law; SEIU 'home health care dues skim' continues

… continue deducting dues from Medicaid checks … so-called "home health care dues skim" would go on through … legislation to end the "dues skim," moved the final contract … more


Spring 2012 Edition

… Never: An End To the 'Dues Skim' Cutting Librarians … Deducting Teacher Union Dues School Pension … more

SEIU Extends Home Health Care Contract On Day Governor Signs Bill Making 'Dues Skim' Illegal

Questions surround signing that extends contract through February 2013

… the "home health care dues skim" potentially in place through … than $30 million in dues and other fees deducted … ordered an end to the "skim" last month but the … more

SEIU Sues State, Governor to Keep Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' Money Flowing

… put disputed union dues of $500,000 — the amount … union wants to keep its skim running,” Wright said. … employee. The SEIU was taking dues under a complicated … To Stop SEIU 'Dues Skim' How the … more

Attorney General Orders State To Stop SEIU 'Dues Skim'

… withholding of SEIU dues from private individuals … than $30.3 million has been skimmed from home health … withholding of public union dues from private individuals … than $687,000 has been skimmed since Gov. Snyder … more

Attorney General Orders Home Health Dues Skim to End

Illegal scheme continued despite law explicitly stating providers are not government employees

… have so-called union dues skimmed from their subsidy … not have been paying dues in the first place.” The SEIU was able to skim the so-called “dues” … more

No Relief In Sight For Home Health Care Workers

Without action from governor's office, SEIU 'Dues Skim' likely to continue until at least fall

… “ home health care dues skim ” will continue at … continuing to take dues from the checks of … a question on the “skim” was forwarded to Capitol … more

Pennies on the Dollar

… to the SEIU as union dues, thus ending a union … 2006, the SEIU has skimmed more than $30 million … International Union gets its dues not from State of Michigan … more

Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive

Home health care workers still losing money to SEIU despite law to end the scam; dummy employer executive director working only 3 hours a month

… facilitating the union dues flow took up a good … designed to stop the “skim.” Unraveling the … date and managing the dues and bi-weekly provider … Unionization 'Dues Skim' Linked To West Coast … more

How CapCon Uses Transparency Laws to Hold Government Accountable

… more: The SEIU “ dues skim ,” which has taken more … more

'Skim Tracker' Hits $30 Million

… SEIU. As a result, dues from the taxpayer-provided … the “home healthcare dues skim” Last month, Gov. … legislation to stop the “skim.” It's believed administrative … more

Home Health Care Dues Still Being Skimmed

Could stop next month

… the "home health care dues skim," money is still being … horizon, it is hoped "dues skim” will officially be … more

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