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What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About

… a referendum on the emergency manager law, believe that … whether to support the emergency manager law or whether to … more

What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About

… referendum on the emergency manager law believe … support the current emergency manager law , or whether … more

DPS Emergency Manager Could Make Big Changes

Steps in the right direction are possible without changing laws

… change. With a state emergency manager already overseeing … educating students. Emergency managers of both the Highland … more

Ideas For Fixing the Financial Manager Law

… rejected the state's emergency manager law, Public Act 4 … reinstates the older emergency financial manager law, Public Act 72 … more

State Lawmakers Invite a Local Emergency Manager by Disregarding Michigan’s History

… city’s takeover by an emergency manager. Allen Park’s previous … more

Commentary: Detroit's Fiscal Emergency Cannot Wait; Manager Needs to Fix Administration

… tenure as Detroit s emergency financial manager, assigned to fix the … November. Unfortunately, strong emergency manager legislation … more

Tough Choices Ahead For Allen Park Emergency Manager

General fund to run out of cash in one month

ALLEN PARK As Emergency Manager Joyce Parker draws … in a review team for emergency management. After weeks of … more

After Emergency Manager, Ecorse On Track and In the Hands of Local Officials

Mayor says free spending 'a thing of the past'

… Wayne County city under emergency management in 2009. Joyce … longer is in a financial emergency. Former Gov. … outgoing emergency manager, told Gov. Snyder … more

Emergency Manager Law Makes Pontiac Reforms Possible

… gives local government emergency managers powers not found … under the previous emergency financial manager law, known as Public … more

Emergency Managers Are Bad, Bankruptcy Far Worse

Ballot proposal would end some cities' best option at fiscal survival

… recently beefed-up "emergency manager" law gives broad powers … law. Before an emergency manager is appointed, … more

Yes, The Legislature Changed Its Emergency Manager Policies to Reflect the Referendum

And the new law gives local governments more control

… voters by passing a new emergency manager law after voters rejected a previous emergency manager law. But … previous emergency manager law. But the new legislation … more

Benefit Costs Sunk Benton Harbor's Finances

… Joseph Harris as the emergency manager in April of 2010. Benton … also: Are Michigan's Emergency Financial Managers Overpaid? Local … more

Acts of God

Don't like the EFM law? There's an alternative: Rein in government employee unions

… Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb continue … from a strengthened emergency financial manager statute that among … more

Fiscal Problems Not Stopping Flint From Pursuing $2.4M Hydrogen Bus

City has 18 percent unemployment and an emergency manager

… bad it requires an emergency manager, the Flint Mass Transportation … Ed Benning, general manager of the Flint MTA said in … more

All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated

Emergency manager law repealed

… O'Neil, Media Relations Manager 989-631-0900 or 989-513-3970 MIDLAND … a referendum on the emergency manager law, also lost, meaning … of Proposal 1, the emergency financial manager … more

City Has Been Paying $10,000 A Month To Light Vacant Garage

Pontiac emergency manager wants Phoenix Center demolished

… member of Pontiac's emergency manager team. "Ten thousand … year. Pontiac Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel … more

Detroit: Possibility of Real Privatization, Savings

Emergency manager's plan filed in bankruptcy court

… makes it clear that Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is prepared … now. Additionally, the emergency manager's report … more

Contracting Helps Cash-Strapped City Add More Police Officers For Less Money — And Better Service

Emergency manager action 'best thing that has happened in the city of Pontiac in a long time'

… of the reason why an emergency financial manager was appointed in 2009. In August 2011, Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel … August 2011, Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel worked … more

Before Emergency Manager, Pontiac Had 87 Different Health Plans

One plan for all government unions will save taxpayers millions, eliminate bureaucratic mess

… faced when he became emergency manager for the city of Pontiac. … impossible without the state's emergency manager law. "Every union … more

Pontiac Turnaround Stories: City Vs. Schools

While the school district struggles, the city sees light at the end of the tunnel thanks to emergency manager reforms

… thanks to a strong emergency manager. In spite of … now being run by an emergency manager, and Benton Harbor. … more

Proposal 2 Would Declaw Emergency Managers in Proposal 1

… the powers given to emergency managers. Proposal 1, the emergency manager referendum, … more

City Spends $8 Million on Theater — Sells It Eight Years Later for $135,000

Despite expensive renovations, Pontiac emergency manager says, 'How the money was spent was hard to see'

… $135,000. Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel … appointed as the city's emergency financial manager in September 2011, … more

Detroit Bankruptcy: Why the Emergency Manager Powers Were Insufficient

… purpose of Michigan's emergency manager law is to enact structural … debt. In June, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr … more

Prop 1 Defeat a Loss for Struggling School Districts

Stronger Law Used to Help Clean Up DPS' Spending

… Michigan's stronger emergency manager law. It … Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts' resignation. Just … more

Union Contracts, Bad Investment Force State to Suggest Emergency Manager for Allen Park

… team to recommend an emergency manager for the city of Allen … whether to appoint an emergency manager, but he will be acting … more

Emergency Managers: A Distasteful Necessity

… Act known as the emergency manager s amendment. The … expanded the power of emergency managers to include the ability … more

Only Two Counties Voted for Proposal 2

Many voters in counties near cities or schools under emergency oversight supported Prop 1

… Michigan's stronger emergency manager law, was closer, support … school districts under emergency manager oversight. Only … more

Highland Park Reform May Have to Begin With Finances

… appointed Joyce Parker as emergency manager for the Highland Park … is that though the emergency manager has intervened on … more

Inkster Schools Wrongly Blames Previous Emergency Financial Manager for Its Deficit

District overspent every year without emergency oversight

Seven years after then-Emergency Financial Manager Howard Morris left … Inkster s response: Management by an emergency financial manager, … more

Ecorse: Regaining Control

Taxpayers benefit from emergency manager actions

… Parker as Ecorse's emergency manager. Parker helped privatize … worked in unelected city management roles in six cities … which redefined the emergency manager law and … more

Michigan Ballot Proposals

… Election Update! "Emergency Manager" law repealed Prop … more

Commentary: Contracts Show, Manager Law 'Chemo' for Cancerous Fiscal Abuse

… expanded powers to emergency managers appointed to heal effectively … chemotherapy the new emergency manager law applies … more

Commentary: Former State Treasurer Diverts Blame for Detroit's Problems

… implementing the state's emergency manager law. As such, Kleine … governing the emergency manager's powers have changed, … declared a financial emergency long before the … more

How to Save Cities Millions

Fiscal corner

… major parties seemingly manage to extract more of … Pontiac under the three emergency managers who operated the … areas: Water, wastewater management, busing, garbage … more

Helping Districts Deal With Deficits

Emergency manager law, health care contributions having an effect

… said the state's new emergency manager law could have been … there, you've got an emergency manager possibility for a … more

Teacher Layoffs Not Caused By Lack of Cash

Emergency managers working to eliminate long-running deficits, improve school districts

… because they are run by emergency managers. Muskegon Heights … concern. But without an emergency manager, Van Beek said, the … more

Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4

… reinstating the older emergency financial manager law. The wording … choices. Public Act 4 is the emergency manager law. It permits the … more

Cities Take Snow Emergencies To New Restrictive Level

Lansing residents told "non-essential" driving was banned during snowstorm

… government can reasonably manage its property for safety. … alerting her that a "snow emergency" had been declared … Bernero declared a snow emergency, which prohibited … declared a "red" travel emergency Jan. 5 that made … more

School Takeovers: Much Criticism, No Solutions

… authorize independently managed charter schools to … students as well. Emergency mangers appointed … for-profit charter school management companies too, … more

Flint Union Contracts A Major Reason For City's Financial Problems

City workers plummeted, expenditures skyrocketed

… Flint ended up with an emergency manager in 2011 reveals a … the city s current emergency manager. At a time when … more

Are Michigan's Emergency Financial Managers Overpaid?

EFMs paid far less than other municipal workers

… salaries of Michigan s emergency financial managers are being questioned … State-appointed emergency managers make six … more

Union President's Email Tells Members to Get 'Everyone We Know to Vote For Democrats'

Legal Analyst: Political partisanship 'crossed the line'

… to "Food Services Managers." The email could … Cook s comments on the emergency manager's plan to turn Muskegon … to the food services managers included an attachment … more

Do We Let Unions Bankrupt Governments?

What the fight over Public Act 4 is all about

… approach. Public Act 4 gave emergency financial managers the authority to … protests ring false. Emergency financial managers have existed , … more

A City At the End of Its Rope

Allen Park strikes out with subsidized film studio; can't get concessions from government unions and is forced to request an emergency manager

… publicly that it needs an emergency manager to be appointed under … bankruptcy. A state-appointed emergency manager would have the power … more

Emergency Managers Fill the Role of Modern-Day Cincinnatus

… Muskegon Heights. The emergency managers there Roy Roberts … district. The educational management company hired by … and autonomy these emergency managers are providing … more

December 14, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… Replace repealed "Emergency Manager" law: Passed 63 to … To replace the Emergency Manager law passed in 2011 … more

The Problem With Allen Park

City owes tens of millions from government planning attempts gone bad; requests an emergency manager

… governor appoint an emergency manager, an unelected official … the appointment of an emergency manager. He denied that is … more

Allen Park "Unity" Rally

… Allen Park is under emergency management for overspending. more

No School Funding System Adequate to Manage Large Student Declines

Benton Harbor student funding 27 percent above state average

… state for fiscal mismanagement and required to … state had given it two emergency loans of $2.0 million … more

Corruption, Mismanagement Closed Highland Park High; Not Insufficient 'Investment'

… state appointed an emergency manager to run the Highland … persistent fiscal mismanagement and corruption . … before a state-appointed emergency manager took over from … more

DIA Gins Up PR Battle Against Kevyn Orr

… story that Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr actually … the DIA continues its management laxity by declaring … more

Detroit's Emergency Manager Must Enforce Rules City Officials Ignored

… the appointment of an emergency financial manager for Detroit demonstrates … within their means. The emergency financial manager law is the final step … more

Blame Engler, Granholm and Snyder for Detroit Public Schools Financial Woes?

Don’t leave out parents choosing better, safer schools for their children

… experiencing its fourth Emergency Manager. Except, DPS … Granholm appointed an emergency manager to once again take … more

The Real Story About Highland Park Schools

Not easy to turn around long-lasting damage from mismanagement

… corruption and fiscal mismanagement by school officials … being taken over by an emergency manager and then the charter … in 2011-12, when the emergency manager was ordered … more

Emergency Manager Repeal Ballot Proposal Likely Headed to State Supreme Court

… say on the state s emergency manager law may end up before … would put repeal of the emergency manager act on the ballot … more

Teacher Union Prez: Stronger Emergency Financial Managers Will Be “Just Like Being in the Slave Days”

… powers to appointed emergency managers, the president of … seeking comment. Emergency managers are appointed by … more

Teacher Union Prez: Stronger Emergency Financial Managers Will Be "Just Like Being in the Slave Days"

… powers to appointed emergency managers , the president … seeking comment. Emergency managers are appointed by … more

The Highland Park Transformation

'ER Visits Won't Increase' Claim By Medicaid Expansion Advocates Remains Dubious

… statewide capitated managed care program in 1997 … incomes, are turning to emergency rooms for health … care gatekeeper who manages their care and reinforces … in more reliance on emergency care, which is one … more March 18 Weekly Roll Call Report

… of school and local emergency financial managers, passed 26 to 12 … enhance the powers of Emergency Financial Managers appointed to manage … more Feb. 25 Weekly Roll Call Report

… of school and local emergency financial managers, passed 62 to 47 … enhance the powers of Emergency Financial Managers appointed to manage … more

Pontiac School District’s Financial Crisis Due to Poor Management, not Lack of Money

… gross financial mismanagement by officials at … declared a financial emergency for the Pontiac … an issue of local mismanagement and bad union bargaining … union to try to avoid emergency fiscal management. … more Feb. 11 Weekly Roll Call Report

… of school and local emergency financial managers) Introduced … the appointment of an emergency financial manager (EFM) for a fiscally … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… Bill 953 , Authorize emergency manager for school district … authorize appointment of an emergency manager for a public school … more

No Easy Answers in Highland Park

Students continue to flee troubled district

… Leona Group, a charter management company. A year … district s woes that led to emergency management, Guyette s column … students. New management literally cleaned … more

I Don’t Have Answers to These Questions

There aren't always easy answers to policy questions

… under state-appointed emergency managers for some time now, … designed to fix mismanagement. After all, you … your employer is mismanaging millions. Why … more

Detroit Teachers Make More Than Twice Average Household

But still less than most Michigan teachers

… the salaries of the emergency manager and other top administrators for … more

Repeat After Us: Detroit Public Schools Is NOT Proof Michigan Needs a Better Funding Model

It is proof the state needs a new pension model

… over DPS as the first Emergency Financial Manager in 2009, the school … Detroit Public Schools emergency manager effective March 2, … more

MSU Scholar Ignores School Revenue Sources

Says revenue has been cut

… that have come under emergency financial management, like Muskegon … protection to stave off emergency financial measures. … year. These trends emerge even as Michigan s … more

Six Numbers Showing Detroit’s Pension Problems

Retiree costs are still crowding out services

… money. Flint has had an emergency manager put in place six times … more

Detroit Consent Agreement: Another Kick of the Can?

… rather than permit an emergency manager with stronger powers … successes achieved by emergency managers throughout Michigan … more

Detroit Bankruptcy: America’s Leading Indicator?

… Gov. Rick Snyder of an emergency manager. Naturally, the … choice but to appoint an emergency manager. The efficacy of this … more

Allen Park Churches, Unions Team Up To Promote Tax Increase

A video of the 'unity rally'

… being overseen by an emergency manager for overspending most … Ahead For Allen Park Emergency Manager Union … more

Grasping At Taxes to Pay for Pensions

Schools, municipalities get creative

… Park, currently in emergency management, passed a public … that the city is under emergency management in the first place. We … more

Agenda for Detroit: What Role Should State Play Post-Bankruptcy?

… help Detroit improve management. According to the … opened and successful emergence from bankruptcy … certifying a financial emergency, the city s managers were overspending … more

There Are Alternatives to PA4 ...

... But the unions will like them even less

… control . Of course, the emergency manager law has always had … the appointment of an emergency manager is a last resort, … more

Government Unions Protest to Bankrupt Local Governments

… declaring a fiscal emergency and give the state-appointed manager more ability to fix … fiscal crisis and an emergency financial manager needs to be placed. … more

Look at Municipal Finance Trends Before Pumping In More Money

… insolvency. They've managed this through such … governments have triggered emergency financial reviews, … programs, improving management, renegotiating … privatization. What's more, emergency managers across … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

… include: Emergency manager law . An emergency manager can request … more

Which Ballot Proposals Are 'Grassroots'?

… 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law … union opposition to emergency managers that are able to … more

Motor City Finance: Then and Now

… may involve the appointment of an emergency financial manager. Under current state … Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb. Consider, … more

Detroit 'Openly and Notoriously' Went Bankrupt

Its reward? Maybe a state bailout

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr … and notorious " mismanagement, spending and debt. … should have triggered an emergency financial review … more

July 13, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… Establish that emergency managers do not have eminent … negligence for suits against emergency room physicians … establish that emergency managers appointed by the … malpractice lawsuits against emergency room physicians … more

Detroit Should Look to Pontiac

… lines. Kevyn Orr, Detroit's emergency manager, has taken sound steps … through spending cuts, management fixes and asset … governors appointed three emergency managers for the … more


Fall 2012 Edition

… A Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law Emergency Managers Are Bad, Bankruptcy … more

How Much Has the Detroit Police Force Really Been Cut?

No one knows

… hiccup. The city's Emergency Manager Review Team … problem." The emergency manager's report … more

Grazed and Confused

Detroit's response to goats exposes bigger problem

… down. And while the emergency manager and bankruptcy process … more

Detroit Bankruptcy

It should never have come to pass

… fixing the city's mismanagement issues, city officials … consent agreement, an emergency manager and a bankruptcy filing … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

… Park , which now has an emergency manager, and the raid of … more

Voters Avert Disaster by Rejecting Proposal 2

… (e.g., charter schools, emergency financial managers, public pensions). Union … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

… these include: Emergency manager law . An emergency manager can request … more

Detroit Could Sell Off Assets to Avoid Insolvency

… the appointment of an emergency manager. Without a doubt, … more

Reasons to Celebrate in Michigan

… incentive was thwarted, emergency financial managers have more effective … more

July 22, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

… 331: Repeal expanded "emergency manager" powers Introduced … expanded the powers of emergency managers appointed by the … more

Lawsuit Against Highland Park Schools Misguided

… nine weeks after the management of Highland Park … Snyder appointed an emergency manager to oversee the school district. The emergency manager selected a charter … more

It Shouldn’t Take a Hurricane to Revitalize Detroit Public Schools

… authorizing charter management companies to run … between the DPS school board, Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb and the district s … Michigan concerning emergency financial managers … more

January 10, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

… a professional pest management company, and tenants … rescuing negligent emergency victim Introduced … providing rescue and emergency services during a state of emergency, if the rescue was … more Feb. 4 Weekly Roll Call Report

… restrictions to school emergency financial managers) Introduced … (D), to require the emergency financial managers appointed to failing … more

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