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Land Banks Buying Properties Private Buyers Would Want

Original land bank law aimed at 'undesirable' properties

Kent County's Land Bank has been acquiring … tax auctions. In Kent County, local governments … more

Court Rules in Favor of Land Bank

Some properties blocked from competitive tax auction will go to nonprofits

… estate agents suing the Kent County Land Bank for blocking tax … bank coordinated with Kent County government to … more

Kent County Land Bank Is Not a Good Deal For Citizens

Recent report from the land bank promoting generous return on investment missing key information

… recent report from the Kent County Land Bank claims the agency's … consider other costs to Kent County government and … more

New Challenge to Land Bank Purchasing Practice

Citizen joins effort to stop Kent County Land Bank from getting property before it goes to auction

… the legality of the Kent County Land Bank's purchasing practices … court. At issue, is the Kent County Land Bank's practice … more

MichiganVotes: Proposed Bill Would Provide Accountability For Land Banks

County land banks rife with problems

… materialized. The Kent County Land Bank has … The Wayne County Land Bank scooped up 240 … they tend to be run by counties and have had multiple … more

Indy Land Bank Officials Indicted

Michigan needs to review land bank operations

banks, such as the Kent County Land Bank and … of the Indianapolis Land Bank on May 28 after a months-long … law allows. The Kent County Land Bank created … more

Kent County Considers Land Bank Changes

A Kent County Board of Commissioners … recommending that the Kent County Land Bank  be prohibited  from … more

Kent County Taxpayers Question Land Bank

… upcoming tax auction Kent County acted directly … 40 properties  over to the Kent County Land Bank to prohibit private … individuals. On July 12, the Kent County Board of Commissioners … more

County Blocks Private Citizens From Purchasing Home; Buys The Property Itself

Sale proceeds could be used to fund Kent County Land Bank Authority's operations

The Kent County government blocked … in the property, the Kent County Land Bank Authority acquired it … more

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