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How State Licensing Rules Harmed Flood Recovery

… for repairs. State licensing laws exacerbated … workers — to jump through licensing hoops such as fulfilling … states that do not license these contractors, … noticeably worse off. Licensing laws have major costs. … more

Cleaning Hats in Detroit Still Requires a License

Obsolete rules mock the rule of law, warns expert

… that wash hats get a license. The ordinance was … the city’s Business License Division. Those businesses … repealing its occupational licensing requirements for … hasn’t enforced the licensing mandate in at least … more

Vet Saves Dog's Life, Family is Happy – State Sanctions Him

The problem with occupational licensing

… have lost his state license. Why? Because a state … Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, … same standard to all licensed professions? A building … are subject to state licensing. This means workers … more

State Licensure Mandate Ensnarls Another Hair Braider

Washing hair without a license could land Kalamazoo woman in jail for a year

… customer’s hair without a license. A state investigator discovered an unlicensed hair braider had rinsed … state-issued cosmetology license. To obtain a license, students must pay … more

Do You Feel Endangered When You Travel Out of State?

Licensing laws are arbitrary

… that many occupational licensing laws are unnecessary … workforces that are licensed. Michigan borders … of their population licensed. So the … Each state has fewer licensing requirements than … more

A Federal Bill to Loosen Licensing Requirements

And a step for Michigan to follow suit

… The “Alternatives to Licensing that Lowers Obstacles … their occupational license in any state or military … teacher, my sister is licensed in one state, but sometimes that license doesn’t transfer to … more

Michigan Requires More Than 200 Occupational Licenses

And the fee to be a plumber is twice as much as a doctor

… Michigan, you need to get a license — at least to work … the state of Michigan licenses. These licenses, which typically require … Michigan occupational licensing laws remain a much-overlooked … more

Michigan’s Regulatory Laws Lead to Fewer Jobs, More Crime

Licensing rules are a criminal justice issue

… withhold the occupational license required for a job. … comes to occupational licensing, the state is unjustly … Some States Reconsider Licenses ” — with a focus … included changes to licensing in a bill that would … more

An Opening for Michigan Licensing Reform

When the state asks for higher fees, repeal the mandates

… million in revenue for licenses and permits. But the … Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, … law requires to be licensed. In theory, the fees … departments. Last year, Michigan’s licensing apparatus collected … more

Why Does Michigan License Painters?

Few other states do

… needless government licensing requirements and … used to justify state licensing. According to the … only 10 states require licenses for painters . If unlicensed painters were a harm … more

Regulatory Reform: Make Michigan a Job and Income-Growth Leader

Reevaluate state occupational licenses

… analyzing occupational licenses in Michigan. What … the Great Lakes State licenses at least 160 occupations … while advocates of more licensing — typically the industries being licensed — claim this protects … more

Good With His Hands, But Sidelined By Massage License Requirement

Study: 'You need a license for that' mostly about keeping competition down, prices up

… and more for a state licensing application and mandatory … his massage therapy license. Michigan  requires … training to become a licensed massage therapist. … graduation." Michigan only began licensing massage therapists … more

Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform

Obama administration also wanted changes

… their occupational licensing rules to encourage … growth of occupational licensing is part of a nationwide … 20 jobs required a license. Today, more than 1 … 4 Americans need a license to legally perform … more

From Batting Nets to 'Hide Haulers,' Almost Everything Requires a License in Detroit

City regulations likely among the most stringent in the nation

… business in Detroit face licensing fees of up to $1,500 … If a business isn't licensed or is not licensed properly, it is subject … movers must pay a $178 licensing fee and $25 each … more

MichiganVotes: Legislation Would Eliminate Licensing Mandate on Dietitians, Nutritionists

State report: 'It does not appear that licensing dietitians and nutritionists is necessary to protect the public'

… required to have a license there, the state board … also requires strict licensing for those providing … care services unless licensed or otherwise authorized." … work supervised by a licensed professional and complete … more

Detroit Dishes Out Excessive Taxes, Fees To Business Owners

City licensing and inspection fees among the highest measured; $400 for an awning

… $1,800 for a valet license. And the city taxes … just keep taxing and licensing us to death to bring … would cost in terms of licensing and inspection fees … reviewing four common licensing fees. Detroit ($2,660) … more

Michigan Will Soon Restrict Real Estate Agents When Displaying Their Names

New state licensing rules called anti-competitive

… Legislature decided to revise licensing rules for real estate … well as the official licensing agency. But new mandates … through the state’s licensing process, or else … down branches in which licensed brokers are not regularly … more

State Licensing Laws Affecting Where People Choose to Live

Another reason to loosen labor regulations

… workers needed to be licensed to work legally. Today … strongly suggests that licensing is usually arbitrary … paper, “ Occupational Licensing and Interstate Migration ,” … suggests that strict licensing laws are specially … more

Need A License To Shampoo Hair For Pay? Michigan Says ‘Yes’

State-imposed hoops weaken competition, impose compliance costs

… owner didn’t have a license to shampoo hair. Michigan … state-issued cosmetology license, which takes 1,500 … dollars and an exam. Licenses for braiding hair … nationwide, said occupational licenses like the one required … more

Two Cheers for Legislators on Licensing

Good progress in 2013, more to be done

… issue is occupational licensing – state rules that … profession. Rolling back licensure mandates requires … It also tweaked some licensing requirements for … explored reforming licensure mandates on landscape … more

Occupational Licensing Costs Hurt Working Class Michiganders

… obtain an occupational license, required by the state … for Justice looked at licensing requirements. In … to obtain a barber’s license was the 9th-greatest … necessary for an EMT’s license but a barber's license … more

Licensing Lunacy

… Kentucky used occupational licensing laws to shut down … involves John Rosemond, a licensed family psychologist … of advice merits a license from Kentucky. The … with a host of other licensing mandates , Michigan … more

How Michigan Stands in the Way of Poor People Getting Medical Care

For Remote Area Medical, licensing laws are a challenge

… work without being licensed by the state. If RAM … it a felony for unlicensed practitioners to provide … even if a person is licensed somewhere else and … responsible for checking the licensing,” Eastman said. Tennessee, … more

Inconsistent Licensing Requirements

State needs fewer regulations, more jobs

… being based on safety, licensing requirements for … imposing occupational licensure without valid concerns … requirements. Michigan licenses painters , barbers , … examples where the state licenses some things, and not … more

Michigan House Passes Bills Rolling Back Arbitrary ‘Handyman’ Licensing

Projects costing less than $4,000 would face fewer restrictions

… an amateur pilot’s license, the Federal Aviation … instruction. The state of Michigan licenses nearly 200 occupations, … who is required to be licensed and who is able to … required to have a license — but if you build … more

Why Does the State License Barbers?

Licensing bill doesn't go far enough

… of instruction at a ‘licensed barber college’ that … (IJ), which monitors licensing in every state, Michigan’s … state of Alabama had no licensing requirement for barbers. … completely. Often, the purpose of licensure is to protect certain … more

Michigan Congressmen Introduce Bipartisan Licensing Bill

Sen. Peters, Rep. Walberg working together to remove needless barriers to employment

Occupational licensing laws are a growing … strongly suggests that licensing rules are largely … once an industry is licensed — everyone from painters … real estate agents is licensed these days — it becomes … more

Court Overrules Licensing Board, Exonerates Vet Who Saved Dog

Reality TV viewer complained after Dr. Pol helped Mr. Pigglesworth

… procedure, a state licensing subcommittee called … Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. After … Services, also part of the licensing department, issued … She also attended the licensing board’s disciplinary … more

The Harm of Occupational Licensing Laws

Michigan's 'guild-ridden labor market' hurts economy; does not protect consumer health and safety

… look into occupational licensing. “What had I … Case of Occupational Licensing .” Licensure is a mandate by the … way. Kleiner said the rise of licensing in recent decades … more

House Chips Away at Licensing Mandates

Senate continues to ignore reforms

… state has a lot of licensing mandates that drive … policy. So consider licensing. A House committee … that would eliminate license requirements for dietitians … nutritionists . The bill to license these workers was only … more

Jobs Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Licensing and regulation overkill hurts job market.

… craziness of current licensing laws across the nation. In … requires a cosmetology license — which would teach … Times: A cosmetology license required nearly two … and Nail Technology Licensing Board. The board, … more

Bills Targeting Dubious Licensing Laws Held Up In The Legislature

Interior designers, auctioneers, community planners all subject to regulations

Measures to eliminate licensing laws for occupations … elimination of occupational licensing are now in either … of 18 occupational licenses and nine licensure boards. Licensing … more

Licensing Lobbyists Say Rolling Back Interior Designer Rules Will Cost Lives

Florida fight shows how ridiculous many regulations are

… that require a state license to become an interior … that eliminating the license will lead to more fires … weapons," Terra Sherlock, a licensed interior designer … arguments against repealing licensing laws for occupations … more

Red Tape Keeps Flooded Midland Residents Up A Creek Without A Repairman

Homeowners pay price for government’s protectionist licensure schemes

… Michigan’s occupational licensing laws, experts say … expert on occupational licensure. Michigan requires … waterproofing workers) to be licensed. Electricians, who … roll back many state licenses, but it did not pass … more

Reform Occupational Licensing Laws to Prevent Crime

… Michigan’s occupational licensing laws. By raising … record from getting a license, these laws prevent … make matters worse, licensing laws often prevent … for themselves.  State licensing laws typically include … more

Detroit Window Washer Tax

… $72 each year for a license. The list of fees for licenses and permits the city … more

MichiganVotes: Proposed — Lie Detector Tester Licensure Repeal; New Licensing For Pharmacy Technicians

One bill would eliminate 1972 law; another would add new law to the books

… that would repeal the licensing of forensic polygraph … that would impose new licensing mandates on pharmacy … passed an exam, and paid licensing fees to the state. A … There are currently 117 licensees in the state and … more

Issues Ideas Forum Dec. 4 in Lansing

Our growing occupational licensing regime

… about occupational licensing. On this issue, Dr. … for why occupational licensing laws are harmful. Specifically, licensure laws raise costs, … below-average incomes, because licensing laws limit the opportunities … more

A Path to Real Regulatory Reform: Decrease Michigan’s Licensing Burden

… athletic trainer, a state license requires 1,460 days … most other states: We license too many occupations, … headlines. But occupational licensure — where the government … workers must first get a license to hold a job. In … more

Texas Looks to Decrease Occupational Licensing

Michigan should follow suit, remove more barriers to work

… number of occupational licensing rules. These standards … notes, “Regulation by licensure results in less competition, … indicate that such licensing reduces job growth … significantly reform licensing for interior designers, … more

City Looks to License Cats For Acting Like Cats

… to see residents get licenses for their cats. Ann … wants to impose more licensing and costs on residents … more

June 7, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

Votes on National Guard pensions, hunting licenses

… annual off road vehicle license tax from $16.25 to $26.25 for a license that does not authorize … hunting and fishing license fees: Passed 77 to … hunting and fishing license fees in a manner that … more

How to Ease the Coming Physician Shortage

Changing licensing restrictions and expanding services would help

… eligible for a state license to practice. This timespan … before they obtain a license. This process … supervision of an already-licensed physician. While more … more

Let Dentists Hire Licensed Dental Therapists

… there are two types of licensed dental care professionals … dentist. Like current licensed providers, dental … Minnesota, Maine and Vermont license dental therapists and … consider creating a license for dental therapists: … more

Michigan’s Licensing Laws Prevent Poor from Accessing Health Care

… like a no-brainer: If licensed medical professionals … even if a person is licensed by another state, … Motown — but Michigan’s licensing laws are strict and … and Tennessee, where licensing laws make it easier … more

Who Knew? Man Faces Criminal Charges For Snowmobiling While Driver's License Suspended

… does not require a license to operate a snowmobile … while his driver’s license was suspended. Under … class. I didn’t need a license at 12. I didn’t need … how the status of his license to drive a car would … more

Commentary: Laws Should Be Just, Benefit Consumers

Licensing standards need to be scaled back

… industry. Michigan’s licensed barber shop colleges … first obtains a state license that, among other things, … “course of study” at a licensed barber college. The … for Michigan’s five licensed barber colleges that … more

Regulatory Roadblocks Hurt the Poor

… thanks to Michigan’s licensing apparatus.  While … eliminated from the state licensing apparatus. Have … more

Practicing Capitalism Without a License?

… bill that would impose licensing mandates and fees … that applications for licenses or renewals come with … Michigan to impose licensure on everything from … moratorium on any new licensure mandates,” McHugh … more

Michigan’s Looming Dentist Shortage?

Mid-level providers could help fill the gaps

… were 240 new dental license applications filed … would create a new license for a midlevel provider … more

How ‘Good Character’ Provisions Create Bad Outcomes

Barriers to employment can prevent some prisoners from reintegrating successfully

… legally, typically through licensing requirements, tend … between occupational licensing and recidivism. They … states that require licenses for a greater number … impact of occupational licensing laws. The authors … more

1,200 Hours To Be a Lawyer, But 2,000 To Be a Barber

New bill would repeal haircut licensing standards

… example to highlight how licensing laws in the state … realize is it is the licensees who benefit from licensure,” McGrath said. “They … would repeal all license mandates on barber … more

Commentary: Michigan Licensing Laws Must Change

… of 18 occupational licenses and nine licensure boards. Licenses on the chopping block … come. An "occupational license" is essentially a government … more

Michigan Votes: Bill Would Lessen Mandates on Landscape Architects

Workers are forced to have seven years experience, take approved classes and provide references to the state

… three of which must be licensed architects themselves. These … which would repeal the licensing law. "We want … eliminate some of the licensing for the non life-threatening … said. These types of licensing requirements hurt … more

October 5, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… Michigan” theme on license plates: Passed 38 to … on standard design license plates.  Who … more

Supreme Court Justice Keynote Speaker on Milton Friedman Legacy Day

Justice Brian Zahra talks licensing reform

… the elimination of licensure for those who want … more

Three Unpaid Parking Tickets? No License!

… State deny a driver license renewal to any motorist … not issue a driver license renewal until the person … paid a $45 "driver license clearance fee." The … and thousands of unlicensed and uninsured drivers … more

Three Unpaid Parking Tickets? No License!

… State deny a driver license renewal to any motorist … not issue a driver license renewal until the person … paid a $45 "driver license clearance fee." The … and thousands of unlicensed and uninsured drivers … more

House Committee Sitting on Bill That Would Let Qualified Nurses Write Prescriptions

Proposed law would help deal with potential shortages

… following: Prescribe APRN license fees, and a method … he or she had been licensed or certified for less … Nursing to require a licensee under Part 172 (nursing) … competency courses, for license renewal. The … more

The Dangers of Painting — State Law Requires Training, Exam, Fees For the Right to Earn a Living

'Irrational' licensing requirements force painters, floor sanders, glaziers to give time and money

… Thanks to Michigan’s licensing apparatus, it’ll … of state-approved prelicensure education, pass two … only 10 states that licenses painters — and only five … firm’s recent report on licensing in all 50 states. … more

Putting Up Gutters and Putting Down Tile Will Cost You in Michigan

State licensing laws on minor alterations among the most burdensome in the nation

… thanks to Michigan’s licensing laws. Without … illegal. Michigan's licensing apparatus requires … states that requires a license for this type of work … the fourth highest licensing burden in the country, … more

Helping the Little Guy: Relieve Occupational Licensing Requirements and Fees

… comes to occupational licensing, both sides consistently … requirements.  Licensing is a process by which … rules and regulations. Licensure is often applied … of Michigan requires licensing for hundreds of occupations, … more

Gov. Snyder’s Much-Needed Move on Licensing

… problems of occupational licensure. This is a much-needed … onerous. Occupational licensure laws require people … will be abated through licensure. The practice … distinguishable from other licensed, certified, and registered … more

Economic Protectionism and Consumer Safety

Examining legal challenges to occupational licensure

… protectionist occupational licensing schemes. Occupational licensing is often used as … constitutionality of licensing laws in court. The … specifically with occupational licensing was decided at a … more

Is a “Sin Tax” A Good Reason to Revoke Driver Licenses?

… deny motorists their license if they have three … tickets necessary to have your license renewal denied by the … without a driver’s license and break a more serious … Parking Tickets? No License! Pols Admit … more

Hooray for Gov. Snyder on Occupational Licensure

… problems of occupational licensure. The governor … will be abated through licensure. The practice … distinguishable from other licensed, certified, and registered … listing (as opposed to licensure) does little to protect … more

Ex-Offenders Are Closing the Gap

… arbitrary occupational licensing laws. The state requires people to get a license to work in more than … dollars in fees, many licenses contain good character … from obtaining the license.  Occupational … more

New Bill Aimed at Easing Fees, Regulations and Licensing Imposed on Businesses

… community. Tattoo parlors had their licensing fee increased from … fee and $150 a year licensing fee. Fee increases … business that must get these licenses and pay the fee hikes, … professions that require licensing. McHugh is … more

July 18, 2014, Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

Key votes from 2013-14

… hunting and fishing license fees: Passed 77 to … hunting and fishing license fees, and revise the … the minimum fishing license cost would increase … hunting and fishing license fees: Passed 24 to … more

It's Time for Scope of Practice Reform

Current laws increase health care costs and limit access

… medical professional is licensed to perform. They also … require costly annual license fees. A growing body … more

Brewers Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Nonsensical rules hurt everyone, not just Budweiser.


June 13, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Education, e-cigarettes and guns

… vehicle registration (license plate) tax rates for … increase the drivers license renewal fee from $18 … Revise concealed pistol license procedures: Passed … county concealed weapon licensing boards, and transfer … more

Senate GOP Says Three Unpaid Parking Tickets is Valid Reason to Hold Up Driver License Renewal

… a hold on driver’s license renewals if the motorist … to have an operator license put on hold. It costs … Representatives. Driver’s licenses are renewed every … holds put on driver licenses from March 2009 to … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… some 4 a.m. liquor licenses: Passed 22 to 14 in … more

You're Paying $1.29 Billion More For This

… annual cost for most new license plate tabs in Michigan … more Feb. 11 Weekly Roll Call Report

… 130 (Ban drivers license renewal if three unpaid … will not renew a driver license. Referred to committee, … more

Pols Admit Bad Votes on Bad Driver Fees

… produce proof of a license or insurance when asked … without proof of a driver license. The bill would also … points on their driver license in a two-year period … those driving without licenses would be more likely … more

Legislators Shouldn’t Let a Political Celebrity Keep Them From Their Unfinished Business

… people to obtain a license in order to work in … chosen work. While some licenses contribute directly … abandoning unnecessary licensing requirements and … more

Hand Wringing Over Liquor Reforms

… have plenty of liquor licenses and plenty of beverages … Michigan has enough licenses to sell alcohol and … to be told no liquor license was available to them … the owner's 18-month licensing odyssey grinds forward.)  Second, … more

An Impromptu Fishing Trip Isn't 'Pure Michigan'

… state, he buys a $150 license for his boat and that … boat, meaning only one license is required. According … required to have a fishing license. Individuals fishing … charter boat don't need a license. The process isn't … more

City Shuts Down Teen's Hot Dog Vendor Cart

… Today, Gone Tomorrow -  Licensing and regulation overkill … Living -  'Irrational' licensing requirements force … would repeal haircut licensing standards Commentary: … Benefit Consumers -  Licensing standards need to … more

The Rise and Regulation of Craft Beer

Comparing Michigan to competitors in the microbrewing game

… Michigan charges high licensing fees compounded … the two, with high licensing costs and lower taxes, … third highest potential licensing fees of the top ten. A … $1,000 for his annual license. He must also pay $6.30 … more

Everyone Should Have an Opportunity to Prosper

Regulations often hinder people from work

… mandates for occupational licensing stuck out: Mr. … obtaining occupational licenses,' he says. Aspiring … can face burdensome licensing requirements. Proponents … the reality is that licensure requirements exist … more

The Dog Census

… see if they have unlicensed dogs. “If he … homeowners to produce licenses for their dogs. The … ticketed if the dog is not licensed, which can be nullified if a license is purchased within … more

Ann Arbor Crackdown Illustrates Need for Statewide Ridesharing Framework

Eliminate gray areas surrounding Lyft and Uber

… fines. The chauffeur’s license is much cheaper than a taxi license and “[shows] any police … into the chauffeur’s license, but ultimately decided … basically the same license I have already — what, … more

I'm Just a Bill

… authorize a specialty license plate honoring the … authorize a specialty license plate with the motto, … authorize a specialty license plate honoring the … heritage" specialty license plate, with the premium … more

Free the Food

Cottage food industry regulations need revamp

… regulations, rules and licensing requirements the … course, you'll need a license .) According … the regulations and licensing mandates required … reassess the threat that unlicensed dog biscuits might … more

Cash-Hungry State Turns to Tattoo Parlor Fees for More Money

… needs to renew the license for each of his three … all of his business licenses would jump from $900 … initial three-year license from the state costs … costs $300 to renew the license for three years thereafter. … more

Statewide Ridesharing Regulations

A simple solution to the Uber lawsuit

… recently had its operating license revoked by the state … companies to acquire a license and register with the … more

January 31, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

… Bill 273:   Impose licensure on "psychological … Senate To impose licensure and regulation on … "psychological associates," with license fees, continuing education … being eligible for a license, and other requirements … more

January 10, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

… Revise carrier pigeon licensure mandate Introduced … state-mandated carrier pigeon license if his or her facilities … period, driving without a license and failing to produce … Mandate front and rear license plates Introduced … more

Jan. 13, 2012 Weekly Roll Call

… barber pole display by unlicensed hair cutters Introduced … or she gets a state license, so that it would prohibit … who does not have the license from displaying a barber … is illegal without a license, and a new barber can’t … more

State and Federal Regulations Burying Businesses

Michigan trying to cut back on some red tape

… 21 st most burdensome licensing laws in the U.S, … also: Legislation Would Eliminate Licensing Mandate on Dietitians, … Living -  'Irrational' licensing requirements force … would repeal haircut licensing standards Commentary: … more

Liquor Panel Formalized

… Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs … grant some 27 different licenses to regulate alcohol … array of different licenses. Do we really need … more

Law Would Make Bringing Large Amount of Alcohol into Michigan a Felony

Bills pushed by wholesalers to ‘keep a higher profit for themselves’

… liquor distributor’s license. Michigan is one … which a liquor control license is required without … first obtaining that license. The new bills … them to pay a state-licensed distributor to transport … more

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