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It’s Time To Review and Repeal Occupational Licensing Laws

… worker. Occupational licensing, on the other hand, … broadly. Occupational licensing refers to the government … obtain a permit, or license, before they can legally … but in some states, licenses are also required … more

State Law May Drive Job-Seeking Michigan Woman To Move Elsewhere

Lacking cosmetology license, she looks west for opportunity

… Las Vegas because the licensing laws in her home … doesn’t have the proper licenses the state requires. … cosmetology or esthetician license when all she wants … have the occupational licenses required by the state. “I’ve … more

Michigan Considers Allowing Ex-Offenders to Work as Health Professionals

A step in the right direction on licensing

… record from working in licensed professions. The evidence … more

Vet Saves Dog's Life, Family is Happy – State Sanctions Him

The problem with occupational licensing

… have lost his state license. Why? Because a state … Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, … same standard to all licensed professions? A building … are subject to state licensing. This means workers … more

Do You Feel Endangered When You Travel Out of State?

Licensing laws are arbitrary

… that many occupational licensing laws are unnecessary … workforces that are licensed. Michigan borders … of their population licensed. So the … Each state has fewer licensing requirements than … more

City Denies Alcohol License to Restaurant it Doesn’t Like

Royal Oak officials discriminate against fast food restaurant

… denying an alcohol license to a restaurant, apparently … to deny an alcohol license to a Taco Bell Cantina … for the bistro-style licenses. "I would … 20 employees. If the license had been approved, … more

Michigan Requires More Than 200 Occupational Licenses

And the fee to be a plumber is twice as much as a doctor

… Michigan, you need to get a license — at least to work … the state of Michigan licenses. These licenses, which typically require … Michigan occupational licensing laws remain a much-overlooked … more

A Federal Bill to Loosen Licensing Requirements

And a step for Michigan to follow suit

… The “Alternatives to Licensing that Lowers Obstacles … their occupational license in any state or military … teacher, my sister is licensed in one state, but sometimes that license doesn’t transfer to … more

Arbitrary Michigan Licensing Laws: Auto Mechanic vs. Makeup Artist

Esthetician requires far more mandatory hours and much higher fees

Occupational licenses are pitched as a necessity … evaluate new and existing licenses. That’s why education, … needs an esthetician license . To get legal permission … overbearing occupational licensing laws results in more … more

Michigan’s Regulatory Laws Lead to Fewer Jobs, More Crime

Licensing rules are a criminal justice issue

… withhold the occupational license required for a job. … comes to occupational licensing, the state is unjustly … Some States Reconsider Licenses ” — with a focus … included changes to licensing in a bill that would … more

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