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How State Licensing Rules Harmed Flood Recovery

… for repairs. State licensing laws exacerbated … workers — to jump through licensing hoops such as fulfilling … states that do not license these contractors, … noticeably worse off. Licensing laws have major costs. … more

State Licensure Mandate Ensnarls Another Hair Braider

Washing hair without a license could land Kalamazoo woman in jail for a year

… customer’s hair without a license. A state investigator discovered an unlicensed hair braider had rinsed … state-issued cosmetology license. To obtain a license, students must pay … more

Why Does Michigan License Painters?

Few other states do

… needless government licensing requirements and … used to justify state licensing. According to the … only 10 states require licenses for painters . If unlicensed painters were a harm … more

Vet Saves Dog's Life, Family is Happy – State Sanctions Him

The problem with occupational licensing

… have lost his state license. Why? Because a state … Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, … same standard to all licensed professions? A building … are subject to state licensing. This means workers … more

Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform

Obama administration also wanted changes

… their occupational licensing rules to encourage … growth of occupational licensing is part of a nationwide … 20 jobs required a license. Today, more than 1 … 4 Americans need a license to legally perform … more

Do You Feel Endangered When You Travel Out of State?

Licensing laws are arbitrary

… that many occupational licensing laws are unnecessary … workforces that are licensed. Michigan borders … of their population licensed. So the … Each state has fewer licensing requirements than … more

Need A License To Shampoo Hair For Pay? Michigan Says ‘Yes’

State-imposed hoops weaken competition, impose compliance costs

… owner didn’t have a license to shampoo hair. Michigan … state-issued cosmetology license, which takes 1,500 … dollars and an exam. Licenses for braiding hair … nationwide, said occupational licenses like the one required … more

A Federal Bill to Loosen Licensing Requirements

And a step for Michigan to follow suit

… The “Alternatives to Licensing that Lowers Obstacles … their occupational license in any state or military … teacher, my sister is licensed in one state, but sometimes that license doesn’t transfer to … more

Michigan Requires More Than 200 Occupational Licenses

And the fee to be a plumber is twice as much as a doctor

… Michigan, you need to get a license — at least to work … the state of Michigan licenses. These licenses, which typically require … Michigan occupational licensing laws remain a much-overlooked … more

Michigan’s Regulatory Laws Lead to Fewer Jobs, More Crime

Licensing rules are a criminal justice issue

… withhold the occupational license required for a job. … comes to occupational licensing, the state is unjustly … Some States Reconsider Licenses ” — with a focus … included changes to licensing in a bill that would … more

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