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Absent MEA Action, State Could Step In

MEA ducks question about having state inform members about right-to-work law

… inform union members, an MEA spokesman started to … allegations that the MEA is not fully complying … getting out of the MEA has proven to be a tricky … state. According to the MEA, its members can only … more

MEA Still Chasing Thousands Not Paying Dues Or Fees

Union says 7,000 not paying; MEA members can leave the union only during month of August

… despite promises by the MEA that it will send debt … thinks   the MEA could lose as many as … week, Doug Pratt, the MEA's director of member … three months after MEA Executive Director Gretchen … more

MEA Upset at Having to Follow State Law

… choose. But the MEA is also upset at the … performance. Who, exactly, are MEA officials representing … backgrounds. Who, exactly, are MEA officials representing … of their rights, the MEA wrote: If [the … more

MEA Prez and VP should talk

… that for you . If the MEA is staying away from … its former members, MEA President Steve Cook … release posted on the MEA’s own website. Cook … more

MEA-Endorsed Candidate: Education Spending Is Up

… only way they (the MEA) can say that it is … agree with what the MEA is saying about spending.” In … Snyder took office, the MEA, which is the state’s … I don’t agree with MEA on a lot of things,” … more

MEA Concedes Large Percentage of ‘Conservative’ Teachers, Endorses 97% Democrats

… as conservative. The MEA represents more than 157,000 teachers, … same magazine, the MEA released its recommendations … partisan issue.” MEA President Iris Salters … R-Rochester Hills, who the MEA has not endorsed, said … more

New ‘Labor Voices’ Column, Same Old Teachers Union Disinformation

The new MEA president spreads the same inaccuracies as the old MEA president

… Herbart: The MEA wrote : “In Utica, … not $7,845. The MEA wrote : “Grand Rapids … growth.” The MEA wrote : “It [charter … more

Independent Union Shows Unions Can Prosper Under Right-To-Work

Roscommon Teachers Association left the MEA and doesn't have to bully members to keep them

… amount charged by the MEA, the state's largest … payments. The MEA continues to impose … 2014 ruling that the MEA is breaking the law … August. The MEA lost an estimated 5,000 … more

MEA: Too Many People Making $ Off Public Schools

MEA president made $212,848 last year

… as president of the MEA, a private organization … more

Teachers Union Said They Were Done Losing Members (They’ve Lost 17K Since)

MEA membership is down to 90,000 from 117,000 before right-to-work

… Education Association (MEA) had spent those two … government, and the MEA’s most recent one was … two years since the MEA said it expected no … more

MEA Lawsuit May Be Against Policy That They Already Endorsed

… months ago.  The MEA supported the pension … 1227. On April 23, the MEA released a statement … percent contribution, the MEA wrote: "The bill would … under attack." However, five MEA members objected to … more

Commentary: MEA Shock! Mackinac Center and FDR Agree — Ban Government Collective Bargaining

… employee union, the MEA teachers union, is expressing … in practical terms means no more MEA.” It’s a good thing … collective bargaining ban “means no more MEA” was incomplete. … more

Another Way to Deal With Illegal Strikes

Abuse the privilege, lose the privilege

… response to reports that MEA is preparing to wage … sound stiff, but for MEA, with its $130 million … definitely smart, the MEA’s power base — it’s … more

MEA Embraces More Outsourcing

But still protests when schools do it

… video  that features MEA employees attesting to … services was. In it, MEA representatives admit … collection services, the MEA makes a strong case … membership organization, the MEA's main purpose should … more

MEA Charging Members Extra To Cover Retirement Liabilities For Union's Employees

While MEA fights changing state pension system, union has trouble with its own underfunding

… the fees. The MEA is in the red for $159.3 … employees. The MEA didn't immediately respond … for comment. The MEA has 117,000 active members … $17.5 million. The MEA's retirement liabilities … more

State’s Largest Teachers Union Offloads Some Pension Obligations Onto Taxpayers

MEA’s own unfunded pension liabilities now stand at $130.3 million

… probably be more if the MEA had not worked out a … retirement system, meaning they get larger … they retire. The MEA reimburses the school … the state system has meant that the school districts’ … more

Lawsuit Filed Against MEA Over Dues Policies, 'Fair Representation'

Novi teacher joins others from across the state suing the MEA to try to get out of the union

… behalf. Bank is suing the MEA because the union has … annual dues to the MEA, Wright said. "The … teachers suing the MEA, the union presented … which outlines how the MEA will use a collection … more

Who’s the Freeloader? MEA Spends More On Benefits Than Bargaining

Union member: 'I hope the MEA wants to win back the loyalty of its former members'

… right-to-work law to leave the MEA. Now Fairfield … a group of teachers MEA President Steve Cook … "freeloaders." Although he left the MEA, Fairfield said he gave … he invested heavily in the MEA, but felt the union … more

University Employees Break From MEA For Better Service At Lower Cost

Local Union Prez: 'We have fewer members exercising RTW than we had fee payers with the MEA'

… fee payers with the MEA," she said. Bedford … more members under the MEA would have opted out. She … over the years the MEA failed to represent … at least one other MEA group in higher education … more

MEA Committee Urges Dems To Vote In GOP Primary

… labeled: "IMPORTANT!," the MEA/Livingston County PAC … bold print: " To: All MEA members residing in … ballot happens to be meaningless in this primary, … he had received the MEA endorsement. "I … more

MEA Says Union Members Should Have Known About Limited Window to Leave

Union officials complain about members who opt out, but still want to represent them; 'sanctity of contracts' claim questioned during Senate testimony

… leave the union, an MEA official said during … information on the MEA's website, said Doug … a spokesman for the MEA. Pratt, who … secret." Pratt said MEA members who specifically … more

MEA Economist Ignores Billions In Education Spending

'The Truth About Funding' video repeats union's inaccurate claims

… Truth About Funding ," MEA labor economist Ruth … Jennifer Granholm. Meanwhile, the district … three years. "The MEA is well known for only … per-pupil funding is a poor measure of success for kids … more

MEA Skips Testifying on Bill Ending Its Pension Spiking Arrangements

Past MEA presidents spiked their public pensions using six-figure union salaries

… spiking of the type MEA President Steve Cook … Cook use his $201,613 MEA salary as the basis … teacher unions, such as MEA and the AFT, would. Nonetheless, the MEA declined to testify … more

10 Stories Showing Why Mandatory Government Collective Bargaining Is Counterproductive

… in practical terms means no more MEA.” Despite wariness … union leader George Meany, the statement kicked … job. In Troy, this means that seven gym teachers … more

$23K School Employee Upset that MEA President’s Pension Spiked by $200K Union Salary

MEA president Steve Cook is considered a 'school employee' for Lansing Schools – where he doesn't work

… stunned to learn that MEA President Steve Cook, … ended, I called the MEA office in tears, asking … said. Allen said the MEA promised her it would … Allen informed the MEA in January 2014 that … more

Former MEA Local Prez: Union May Lose 40% of Members – Including Him – if Teacher Right to Work Passes

… would bolt from the MEA. The reason? He … noted news reports of MEA officials getting hefty … money to East Lansing (MEA headquarters) and not … union would replace the MEA, which he said was “a … more

RTW 'Freeloader' Claim Still a Farce

MEA is the one freeloading off of teachers

… them. But a look at the MEA’s just-released financial … more

Mackinac Center on Sean Hannity Show

Attorney, teacher discuss MEA bullying

… rights. The MEA's insistence that its … more

Union Touts Liability Insurance As Perk; Costs $4.35 A Year Per Member

Teachers don't have to rely on MEA for coverage

… they pay in dues. MEA members pay about $635 … members. The MEA recently highlighted … that benefit.  The MEA  revealed the cost … been promoted on the MEA's website and further … more

Teachers Union Head Gets Annual $92,000 Pension Bonus, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Scheme let top union officials get school pensions based on six-figure union salaries

If former MEA President Steve Cook … use his six-figure MEA salary in the public … pension calculations. The MEA reimbursed the school … Retirement Services. The MEA also operates a pension … more

Teachers Union Membership Down 20 Percent, But Executive's Pay up $61,000

Union officer's pay hikes also part of school pension-spiking scheme

… work full time for the MEA. The school district … implemented by other MEA officials, but the Republican-controlled … bill died. The MEA did not respond to questions … went into effect, the MEA’s membership was 113,147. … more

Sweet Deal: Another Teachers Union President's Pension On Taxpayers' Dime

Fraser Schools agrees to pension spiking arrangement with union official

… substitute his six-figure MEA salary for the much … currently collects from the MEA. Her pension payouts … here:  The MEA didn’t respond to an … more

MEA President Inflating Public Pension with $200K Salary While Working for Private Union

Lansing School District keeps Steve Cook in public employee pension system

… based on his $201,613 MEA salary , setting Cook … Cook works for the MEA and has no job responsibilities … substitute his $201,613 MEA salary for pension calculations … on Cook's six-figure MEA salary has been in place … more

House GOP on Verge of Surrendering to MEA

… Engler signed a similar measure for state workers … back in 1996. That measure has helped taxpayers … “transition costs,” which means accounting rules that … more now would also means paying less later.) A … more

MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits Than Member Representation

Union deficit, spending issues hit as Michigan becomes right-to-work state

… could come into play as MEA members soon will have … union. The reports the  MEA filed with the IRS … percent decline. The MEA's costs for its own … question, 'Does the MEA exist to benefit its … more

Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Has Lost 25 Percent of Its Members

MEA’s decline much greater than its ‘worst fears’ after right-to-work allowed teachers to leave

… fear.” Right-to-work means employers cannot require … law in Michigan, the MEA has lost 27,609 dues-paying … this week. The MEA has experienced steep … right-to-work became law. MEA Spokesman Doug Pratt … more

Does the MEA Believe in 'Sanctity of Contracts?'

Not when it comes to illegal teacher strikes

… investigating the claims. The MEA has repeatedly claimed … utmost importance to the MEA and that to be 'fair' … Detroit News: "The MEA, at our core, believes … public schools, the MEA has done the same when … more

Union Time on the Taxpayer Dime in Michigan

… union officials. That means each year taxpayers … districts, this may mean a person who is hired … compensation. Chippewa Valley, meanwhile, shells out $140,000 … arrangements. Release time means taxpayers are paying … more

Teachers Sue MEA To Escape Union

Union demanded bank account information and threatened teacher's credit

… local unions and the MEA, challenging the one-month … to opting out of the MEA until this past spring … separate letter to the MEA. Chanski said she was … period we presume you meant to stay with us and … more

Teachers Union Spends Little of Its Funds on Bargaining

MEA spends only 10 percent of funds on 'representational activities'

… years, the most the MEA has spent on negotiating … One of the ways the MEA has responded to the … effect in 2013, the MEA and some school districts … organization. MEA officials didn’t respond … more

Illegal Teacher Strike Rumored After Union’s ‘Job Action’ Letter

… members to give the MEA the authority to initiate … that on March 11, the MEA board of directors voted … several actions the MEA would be taking to “ratchet … clear on what this vote means. It authorizes MEA … more

'Worst Fears' of MEA Realized as Teachers Leave

Union president's greatest fear was losing 'thousands' of members — another 5K left in August

… but added that the MEA’s claims of losing only … forward a year. The MEA’s August-only opt out … do so in August. The MEA revealed that while … right-to-work law was over, the MEA realized its “biggest … more

Union Threatens School District for Removing Illegal Language From Contracts

MEA sent 'cease and desist' letter to superintendent

… effect. Mary McGee-Cullen, a MEA Uniserv Director, sent … agreements. In the meantime, cease and desist … to me as I am their MEA representative.” The … representatives that the MEA would allow the contract … more

MEA Misleads on Oklahoma Right-to-Work Numbers

In the past decade, Oklahoma jobs are up 3.8 percent while Michigan is down 13.8 percent

… given the choice. This means that our state’s largest … challenged. On its website, the MEA has a page titled “ How … Statistics. The MEA hasn't responded to … more

'Got Your Back' or Stab It: Union Sics Bill Collectors on Right-to-Work Exercisers

MEA spends $152K going after members trying to leave

… will use any legal means at our disposal to … government show how the MEA is now doubling down … ratings. In 2014, the MEA reported paying bill … $152,554. The MEA didn’t respond to an … more

Average Teacher Salary in Michigan Rises Again

According to new data just released by the Michigan Department of Education for the 2009-2010 school year, the average teacher salary in Michigan has risen for the 13th consecutive year. This most recent data puts the figure at $63,024.


MEA 'fights for you' while spending very little on actual representation

… a recent video , MEA Secretary-Treasurer … federal government, the MEA collected $133.4 million … more

Union Tries to Shame Ex-Members

MEA affiliate lists the names of school employees who chose to leave the union

… question whether the MEA is trying to create … environment. The MEA 17-B/C union newsletter … decertify from the MEA last year, said this … teachers, Day said. MEA President Steve Cook … more

School District Denies Teacher's Claim of Bias in Evaluations

MEA member says district using evaluations for 'punitive' reasons

… criticized in an MEA article  how teachers … law." Neither Murray nor MEA Spokesman Doug Pratt … more

Teachers Victorious In Their Quest To Get Out Of The MEA

Union drops its fight against Miriam Chanski and Ray Arthur, but others still locked in

… the union. The MEA is no longer contesting … Commission, and the MEA recently gave up its … November, Doug Pratt, the MEA's spokesman at the time, … the MERC hearing, the MEA presented a dues collection … more

MEA Attack on Online Charters Misses Mark

Policy based on bad data, double standards would hurt families

… of the picture. The MEA president’s strident … down cyberschools, the MEA president singles out … state rankings, the MEA has had a different … more

Union Will Use 'Any Legal Means' to Combat Members Who Want to Leave

Two former MEA local presidents question August-only resignation window

… will use “any legal means at our disposal” to … letter he sent to MEA local presidents, board … members and staff. MEA Spokesman Doug Pratt … for comment. The MEA said if members want … more

Why the MEA Attacks the Center — and FDR

… Significantly, however, the MEA is mounting the attack at … people, who speak by means of laws enacted by … Teacher Pay Freeze Really Means” : “But salary … credits. Essentially, this means that teachers would … more

Union Opposes Privatization For Others, Outsources For Itself

MEA spent $155K outsourcing non-union janitorial services

… money. Yet, the MEA contracts out work with … of Labor. The MEA paid a total of $155,623 … the records show. The MEA paid the companies between … unionized. The MEA did not respond to a … more

GOP Fumbles: On Verge of Giving MEA Huge Pension Win

… with the much more meaningful reform. The vote … that, OK?" By "that" he meant a Senate vote to adopt … Not surprisingly, the MEA circled the wagons and … legislators feared the MEA's political power. Nevertheless, … more

Union Graphic Leaves Out Billions of Public Dollars To Claim Education 'Cuts'

MEA's Facebook page has multiple inaccuracies

… image nearby), the MEA cited an open letter … past several months, MEA President Steve Cook … in 2011. The MEA is citing data lifted … inflation. The MEA’s chart also cites an … more

MEA Should Support Teacher Evaluations

… effectiveness and tenure means schools have to try to measure educators' performance … more

MEA Drops Attempt to Stop Vote on Decertification

Grand Rapids Community College workers move forward with re-evaluating the union

… requesting it. The MEA filed its complaint … to determine if the MEA is still a good fit … complained that under the MEA they were paying more … speaking on behalf of the MEA says the union dropped … more

State's Largest Teachers Union Fails to Disclose 30 Percent of Its Income

MEA leaves $38.3M of income to speculation

… disclosure form, the MEA reported over $38 million … that the $38 million MEA listed under ‘All Other … quitting the union,  MEA Executive Director Gretchen … the $33 million that MEA reported on its 2013 … more

Public-Sector Unions Fight to Keep Bloated Benefits

… private sector. The MEA’s argument is that, … in public schools means that teachers employed … compensation. Simply put, the MEA and its cohorts are … past decade; that means Michigan taxpayers … more

MEA’s August Window Declared Illegal

Judge finds union guilty of unfair labor practices

… state statute. The MEA, unfortunately, chose … an internal rule the MEA would not accept a member’s … employees charged the MEA with unfair labor practices. … that Respondent [the MEA] violated Section 10 … more

Teachers To Lawmakers: 'MEA Wouldn't Tell Us How To Leave Union'

Educators testified about not being allowed out of the union

… allegations that the MEA is not fully complying … "August window." The MEA insists that its members … window were valid, some MEA officials failed to … teachers about it.  MEA officials have said the … more

Teacher Claims Union Ruined Her Credit, Humiliated Her Over Trying to Leave

Harper Creek educator files lawsuit against the MEA

… September 2012 when the MEA was implementing its … the only month the MEA allows its members to … Public Policy, said the MEA has a legal duty to … information isn't in the MEA's financial interest,” … more

Spiking Pensions: Another MEA Executive Involved in Special Deals

Scheme takes funds from real school employees

… Trainor’s salary at the MEA is $151,675, according … is reimbursed by the MEA. MEA President Steve Cook, … Strachan and previous MEA presidents Iris Salters … more

Hypocrisy Over Private Organizations 'Profiteering' Off Education System

MEA says profits bad for some, good for education establishment

… as president of the MEA, a private organization … $133 million . The MEA, which is the state's … IRS. Neither Cook, nor an MEA spokeswoman responded … for comment. But the MEA is not the only organization … more

MEA President Goes After Local Teachers' Union President

'I'm angry that he has painted me inaccurately. I'm more angry that he continues to deceive good teachers who deserve good leadership'

… email recently to MEA members that said Perialas … step increases. That meant some teachers took … were members of the MEA, the union seldom provided … assistance from the MEA would just send generic … more

MEA's Insults to Educators Pile Up as More and More Bolt

… the response from the MEA and its local affiliates … is to insult and demean school employees who … don't want to pay. The MEA has lost 18 percent … Gov. Rick Snyder. Meanwhile, in Roscommon, … more

Law Judge To Hear Unfair Labor Practice Complaints Against MEA

Union limits information and dates available to teachers who want to leave

… teachers challenged the MEA's policies and filed … Julia C. Stern the MEA is expected to defend … right-to-work law. MEA officials have insisted … ask about it. MEA Executive Director Gretchen … more

MEA Testimony: Lower K-12 Spending State Does Better Than Michigan

Comparison contradicts union’s talking points

… area. Year after year, the MEA lobbies for more money … complaint list and the MEA says that is a problem … elementary teacher and MEA member, contradicted … day in support of the MEA. In her testimony, Matafferi … more

MEA Agency Fees Far Exceed Cost of Contract Negotiations

Union spokesman: 'Everything is about money'

… "freeloaders." But has the MEA been the freeloader … 2012, members of the MEA who opted out had only … contract." The MEA calculates the cost … and information from MEA documents, the union's … more

Michigan's Two Teachers Unions Down Tens of Thousands of Members

MEA and AFT have lost almost 28,000 members in the past three years

… core mission. That means fewer unionized government … workplaces. AFT-Michigan and the MEA didn’t respond to emails … more

MEA Says 1 Percent of Teachers Have Left Union, But Claim is Questionable

Union's estimate is missing some important context

… about 30 percent of the MEA members wouldn't have … the only month the MEA allows its members to … local unions and the MEA challenging the August … and a member of the MEA who is not involved … more

Detroit Teachers Union Gives Members Freedom MEA Doesn’t

DFT allows union employees to resign whenever they want

… the year. The MEA, by contrast, restricts … counterparts in the MEA. "They (the … similar to what the MEA does when the DFT contract … insurance. Seven MEA teachers from around … more

MEA Demands Immediate Health Insurance Payment From School District In Serious Debt

Judge ruled Pontiac School District has 10 years to pay off $7.8 million

… an affiliate of the MEA, is demanding full payment … was created by the MEA and serves numerous … information on the MEA's website. On June 25, the MEA  posted an article … more

Like A Broken Record, MEA Complains About 'Insufficient Funds'

Since 1990s, education spending has been a priority; has increased under Gov. Snyder

… records show that the MEA and allied groups have … Bureau. Nonetheless, the MEA and its allies maintain … funding. "The MEA has been pushing the … refreshing to see the MEA put forward an innovative … more

Breaking Away from the MEA

… Breaking away from the MEA took time and effort. … action: Be prepared : The MEA does not go away easily. … resources similar to the MEA?" Approach younger … realities. Wait until staunch MEA teachers retire : … more

Bipartisan Senate Panel To Investigate Possible MEA Right-to-Work Violations

Teacher: '[Since dropping union] I have been subjected to intimidation, bullying and even threats to ruin my credit rating'

… right-to-work law. Allegations against the MEA, Michigan’s largest … allegations against the MEA. Sen. Meekhof will chair … initial hearing on the MEA's actions is scheduled … local unions and the MEA. Before the passage … more

Who Watches the Union’s Fake News Watchers?

'Where is the evidence?' A very good question for teachers union

… evidence?” For example, the MEA has long claimed that … That data shows the MEA claims to be “blatantly … information.” Other false MEA assertions would take … examining specific MEA claims. The process … more

Private Contractors Pilloried at School Union Rally

… Board Member: " MEA Will Eat Their Young" Michigan … Liability to Satisfy MEA School … more

Teacher Speaks Out on Union Bullying

MEA will go after 8,000 teachers not paying dues

… very thankful that the MEA has finally recognized … now free from the MEA, told The Press. "This … practice complaints against the MEA on behalf of Chanski, … another teacher, the MEA admitted that about … more

More Teachers Than Ever Now Know Opt-Out Rights

Courageous teachers stood up to MEA bullying

… president of the MEA, but they stood firm … two teachers , the MEA finally recognized their … heard of before. An MEA official testified under … to learn about the MEA’s formerly non-publicized … more

District Disputes MEA President's Claim About School Funding Cuts

Steve Cook said Wayne-Westland lost $40 million under Gov. Snyder; administration official says district received more revenue

… for The Detroit News, MEA President Steve Cook … the past. The MEA didn't respond to requests … Pontiac MEA President Repeats 'Disingenuous' … more

'Simon Says': Teacher Union Toys with Members Wanting Out, Demands Requests Go to 'Stealth' P.O. Box

Judge has already ruled the one-month window MEA allows for resignations to be illegal

… just one page of MEA's main website, and … the address of the MEA's headquarters in East … seeking comment. The MEA only allows school employees … the obstacles, the MEA lost over 5,000 members … more

MEA Ignores Socioeconomic Status In Claiming Public Charter School is 'Failing'

Cesar Chavez Academy is a highly-rated school based on comparable students

… discrepancy? The study the MEA trumpets was done by … Assessment Program (MEAP) scores as the reason … reading on the 2012 MEAP. Chavez students, 92% … ranking system that measure a school's test … more

MEA Aggressive With Dues Collection Information; Silent On How To Opt Out

Union executive questioned at MERC hearing about unfair labor practice complaints

… union. According to MEA officials, its members … August.  "Does MEA have the capacity of … Donahue, representing the MEA and the Saginaw Education … she said. The MEA's August window for … more

MEA Rhetoric Aimed At Misdirecting Teachers From Focusing On August Opt Out

Union bashes Mackinac Center and oil companies; teacher pension funds bolstered by Exxon, Chevron

… status quo in education mean that unions lose their … little accountability. The MEA does not like that the … Teachers who belong to the MEA but do not want to support … profiles some of the MEA members who are fed … more

'Steve Cook' Bill Would Prevent Private Union Employees from Spiking State Pension

MEA president is basing public pension on $200K union salary

… then reimbursed by the MEA. The deal will let Cook … for lobbyists.” MEA spokesperson Nancy Knight … comment. ~~~~~ See also: MEA President Inflating … Union MEA Union President In Line … more

Commentary: Leaving Michigan Education Association To Form Local Union A Good Choice

Roscommon teachers leave MEA, saves tens of thousands of dollars, cuts dues in half and starts scholarship fund

… decertify from the MEA and recertify as a local … union, away from the MEA/NEA, allowed Roscommon … advice) functions of the MEA. Our union negotiates … do this? Because the MEA is a bureaucratic behemoth … more

Community College Secretaries Secede From the State's Largest Teachers Union

Grand Rapids CC workers bolt from MEA

… voted to stay with the MEA and 3 chose no union. “We … broken ranks with the MEA. The first defection … to decertify the MEA and form their own arbitration … three-year deal with the MEA if a decertification … more

MEA Sends Credit Agency After Teacher Who Stopped Paying Dues

Kindergarten teacher became eligible for right-to-work, but union says she can only get out in August

… 2013. However, the MEA only allows its members … law. According to the MEA, there are still … from everyone, the MEA created a policy … nonpayment.  The MEA's legal counsel, Art … more

Teachers Union Rails at For-Profit Charters While its Leaders Spike Own School Pensions

Past three MEA presidents are set to receive pensions larger than their school salaries

… number of dues-paying MEA members. In this case … profits.” The MEA has consistently criticized … pensions. Former MEA President Luigi Battaglieri … 18 years to join the MEA. On the way out he swung … more

Senate Leader Supports Right to Work For Teachers

… about taking on the MEA. “I don’t think … Johnson said. MEA spokesman Doug Pratt … more

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