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Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

… literature on the subject of MEDC-type programs. The authors … department like the MEDC encourages corporate … more

Would Ford Leave Michigan if Not for a Handout from the State?

… agreement in 2010, the MEDC reported that Ford had … currently. That means the MEDC is taking credit for … seem likely, did the MEDC really "retain" every … more

The Problem of Corporate Welfare

… changed . It s true that the MEDC is better than in years … more

House Road Plan Leaves Plenty of Money for Pure Michigan Campaign

Threats that plan to fix roads jeopardizes state's tourism campaign is a red herring

… is overseen by the MEDC. That claim is unwarranted. The MEDC budget is $400 million … funding would be if the MEDC itself - which has … possibly most popular MEDC program. The fact that … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Takes Credit for Creating Jobs in Good Times ... and Bad

Michigan Economic Development Corporation oversaw the worst job losses in history

… state budget," the MEDC s James C. Epolito … administrative figures, from MEDC CEO Steve Arwood to … working. The MEDC was created in April … first 17 months of the MEDC s existence. In the … more

State Tourism Spending Ineffective

… resources. The MEDC is trying to halt a … is possible that the MEDC may find a way to shift … more

How Michigan Can Pay for its Roads Without a Tax Increase

Over $1.5 billion in savings

… Development Corporation (MEDC) : $230 million The … future. Just cutting the MEDC s current operating … the most ineffective MEDC programs. The $50 million … currently supports the MEDC. It should be redirected … more

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As cash-strapped government looks to cigarettes for tax revenue, the public responds by more illegally transporting smokes across state borders. Smugglers and thieves target stores and businesses and the benefits to state coiffures and public health are questionable.

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