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Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… to just dumping the MEDC altogether? Given the … independent studies, the MEDC's success rate for creating … transparency as practiced by MEDC largely means little … cooperation to dismantle the MEDC, and even after reining … more

Skip Industry Breaks, Lower All Taxes

… described by (then) MEDC CEO Doug Rothwell as … more

The MEDC’s Pure Michigan Puffery: Part II

Reforms could make agency more credible

… one year. If the MEDC (and Travel Michigan) … work of a reshaped MEDC look like? First, … general not the MEDC itself should be … studies. Officials at the MEDC currently have too much … more

MEDC’s Pure Michigan Puffery: Part I

Agency claims about success deserve more scrutiny

… vice president of the MEDC arm in charge of the … Pure Michigan, the MEDC is seeking to justify … latest product from the MEDC s vendor, Longwoods … are then used by the MEDC as evidence of its program s … more

Other States Divulge What Michigan's Corporate Welfare Arm Keeps Secret

… special treatment, the MEDC stopped doing so. Six … liabilities from deals the MEDC had made with companies … more

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support


MEDC's Magic Act: Make Taxpayer Money Disappear With Little Return

… debate over whether MEDC should be eliminated. … recognition of what MEDC actually is. As … corporate welfare arm, MEDC is supposedly tasked … economy. In reality, MEDC is an advertising and … more

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