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Bonfire of the Bureaucratic Vanities

MEDC should publicize its failures, too

… to our state,” then-MEDC president Michael Finney … recommending this loan, the MEDC also supported, in the … that didn’t stop the MEDC from recommending in … perform as expected, the MEDC should issue a press … more

MEDC Is a Moth to a Failure Flame

Suniva bankruptcy lights up program shortcomings

… recommendation of the MEDC, a “photovoltaic credit” … more

State Corporate Welfare Agency Picks Winners That Turn Out To Be Losers

Program officials subsidize Cherry Growers, Inc., company goes bankrupt

… City. In 2012, the MEDC recommended that Cherry … "profit-participation." The MEDC projected at the time … president and CEO of the MEDC, used a press release … “winner” picked by the MEDC has since closed and … more

State’s MBDP Job Creation Claims an Inconvenient Fiction

Just because government says its effective doesn’t mean it is

… spokesperson for the MEDC said that at least eight … amended. In the MSF-MEDC fiscal 2016 report to … more

Bills Would Ban Keeping Taxpayer Handouts To Corporations Secret

A handful of companies are getting billions, but citizens are forbidden to know who or how much

… 15-year existence, the MEDC did disclose which companies … February 2015, the MEDC valued General Motor’s … more

MEDC Downplayed Pure Michigan Return On Investment Claims? Oh Really

Secretive numbers used in claims have headlined many tales told to reporters and lawmakers

… a comment from the MEDC. David Lorenz is … used wisely. The MEDC recently ended its relationship … 2010, Longwoods and the MEDC were claiming just … The company and the MEDC refuse to divulge the … more

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As part of our efforts on government transparency, we obtained data on the compensation of most public employees in the state. This information has been used to fact check claims about salaries, verify data from other open records requests, and hold government spending accountable.

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