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The 'M' in MEDC Should No Longer Stand For 'Mystery'

… disclose. The MEDC hands out millions of … relevant factors, the MEDC should explain them. … or early 2009, the MEDC did at least disclose … that point on, the MEDC has only disclosed how … more

The GOP Politicians Who Voted Against Ending Film Subsidies

Those voting for more tax credits explain why

… hearing in February, the MEDC testified that taxpayers … more
Pension reform graphic

What the New Legislature Should Stand For — And What It Should Not

… little transparency, the MEDC granted long-term deals … more

Now is the Time to Demand Transparency from State's Corporate Welfare Agency

… surprising that the MEDC, Michigan s corporate … rest regarding the MEDC. Although the concept … requirements for the MEDC should be more stringent, … been the case; the MEDC has long been one of … more

Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible

… situation with the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

MEDC treats transparency 'as an annoyance'

… transparency at the MEDC, companies accepting … of the hearing, the MEDC's chief executive, Steve … longstanding belief that MEDC presumes the public … interests. The MEDC should have insisted … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Hasn't Faced Real Media Scrutiny

… Development Corporation (MEDC), which is the state s … responsibility to demand that MEDC provide basic transparency. … idea behind all of MEDC s various programs … taxpayers. Audits of MEDC programs, performed … more

The Real Problem With ‘Economic Development’ Programs

Michigan should end the MEDC

… the state sacked the MEDC. The reality is that … in the piece, [The MEDC s] overall impact on … mission. While the MEDC and MEGA started as … good. It s good that MEDC has shrunk but that … more

MEDC Feeling the Heat for Corporate Welfare Deals Coming Home to Roost

$9 billion in special deals projected

… Development Corporation (MEDC) as incentives for businesses … credits. The MEDC made an interpretation … has been a critic of MEDC programs, and the MEGA … results. ~~~~~ See also: MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; … more

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