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Other States Divulge What Michigan's Corporate Welfare Arm Keeps Secret

… special treatment, the MEDC stopped doing so. Six … liabilities from deals the MEDC had made with companies … more

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support


MEDC's Magic Act: Make Taxpayer Money Disappear With Little Return

… debate over whether MEDC should be eliminated. … recognition of what MEDC actually is. As … corporate welfare arm, MEDC is supposedly tasked … economy. In reality, MEDC is an advertising and … more

Emails Show Shaky Grounds for Corporate Welfare Agency’s Transparency Shutdown

… an exchange between MEDC officials are dated … purpose of increasing MEDC transparency. What follows … three emails among MEDC officials, with the … legislative affairs for the MEDC. He is now the manager … more

Tax Cuts on Sale: Save Up to 10 Percent on Income Tax Rate Cuts

… residents. ~~~~~ See also: MEDC Feeling the Heat for … more

How to Improve Economic Development Transparency

State considers changes to economic development disclosure

State considers changes to economic development disclosure


This Newspaper's Headline Says It All

… employees" ForTheRecord says: If the MEDC were an actual employee, … General looked at two MEDC job creation programs … one company that the MEDC projected would create … more

State Gives Billions in Dollars to Corporations – But Keeps Secret How Much They Get

Nothing prohibits Legislature from opening the books

… decade after that, the MEDC kept filing the annual … communications director of the MEDC told Michigan Capitol … which required the MEDC to disclose information, … assess the value of MEDC projects. We can t … more

So Long Film Subsidies

Other 'economic development' programs should be next

Other economic development programs should be next


Cut Corporate Welfare Before Social Welfare to Fund Roads

Michigan debates spending MEDC or EITC money on transportation

… $187 million from the MEDC's corporate welfare … however, does not touch MEDC funding. Leaders … would be to embrace the MEDC cuts of the House plan. Michigan … Public Policy. The MEDC consumes hundreds of … more

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Ted Nelson is a retired Michigan State Police officer who trained police departments throughout the state on civil asset forfeiture. He believes the practice has been misused and needs to change.

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