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Environmental Group Praises Michigan For Press Releases About 'Green Jobs'

Past job claims rarely came to fruition

… News broke down the MEDC's job claims in press … Granholm's tenure. The MEDC claimed credit for 1.4 … MIRS found that the MEDC had claimed credit for … of the new jobs the MEDC projected actually materialized. People … more

A Uniquely Overqualified Candidate

LaFaive's satirical cover letter for MEDC job

… which was run by the MEDC. We found that for every … declared winners by MEDC jobs wizards, only one … broader analysis of the MEDC itself, found an empirical … programs run by the MEDC for the purpose of creating … more

MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers.


No Shortage of Issues To Attack On In Michigan's 15th District Senate Primary

Sen. Mike Kowall, Matt Maddock and Ron Molnar

… Development Corporation (MEDC) the state s corporate … the money spent on MEDC as part of the road … money that goes to MEDC for roads, but in my … mistake. We have changed MEDC from the way it was … more

Michigan Loses 40K Grads; Corporate Welfare Program Paid $127K Each To Keep 125 of Them

Analyst: 'If the program was really about retaining college graduates or reversing the brain drain, it is clearly a failure'

… Venture Capital for the MEDC, made her pitch for … capital funds." The MEDC has a 21st Century Jobs … Confidential Coverage of the MEDC Despite … more

Incumbent’s Record Targeted and Defended in Michigan's 46th

Rep. Bradford Jacobsen and John Reilly discuss their differences on energy mandates, select subsidies

… performance audit of the MEDC, found that only 19 … result, it shows that it (MEDC) is a joke. Fixing the … would be by taking the MEDC money out of the budget. Rep. … Jacobsen: [The] MEDC has been under scrutiny … more

Defining The Primary In Michigan's 89th: Two Candidates, Two Views

Rep. Amanda Price vs. Matthew Wiedenhoeft

… percent of the jobs that MEDC originally projected … actually materialized. MEDC supporters argue that … past performance of MEDC and now under Gov. Snyder, … continuing to fund MEDC 25 percent of originally-projected … more

Here's Where the Candidates Stand In Michigan's 42nd House Race

Nick Fiani, Rich Perlberg, Dale Rogers and Lana Theis sound off

… Development Corp. (MEDC), the film subsidy program, … Development Corporation (MEDC) is known as the state s … companies? Perlberg : The MEDC improved slightly under … YES! YES! YES! to MEDC transparency reforms … more

GOP Candidates For Michigan's 80th House District Tackle the Issues

Cindy Gamrat vs. Steve Schulz

… Development Corp. (MEDC) and the state film … jobs. I believe the MEDC, particularly under … demands that [the] MEDC be completely transparent … is to eliminate the MEDC, she said. Years … more

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