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Some Budget Ideas for 2017

… ultimately accrues to the MEDC’s benefit. Short … of eliminating the MEDC, its budget could certainly … more

Be Wise in Deciding How to Spend Taxpayer Funds on Infrastructure

… Pure Michigan ads or MEDC business subsidies will … more

Tourism Promotion Study Criticism Absurd, Ironic

… public policy decisions, MEDC officials keep this … “check the work” of the MEDC’s consultants because … contracts from the MEDC, and whose current chair is a former MEDC official. When challenged … more

State 'Pure Michigan' Agency Refuses to Debate Ad Program's Cost Effectiveness

Think tank's independent research suggests taxpayers get back $2 for every $100 Pure Michigan spends

… discussions between MEDC officials and agency … unfavorable to the MEDC and state government … has also accused the MEDC and its paid consultants … their challenge to MEDC officials to debate … more

Infrastructure Funding Principles

Eight things the governor’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission should remember

… Pure Michigan ads or MEDC business subsidies will … more

State Not Transparent with Effectiveness of Multi-Million-Dollar Program

New Pure Michigan study questions advertising expenditure

… runs the campaign. The MEDC has never released the … Michigan until the MEDC can prove it is worth … more

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Jim Riley got his own fiscal house in order so he could retire. Now he wonders why his city government can’t do the same for their employees, and taxpayers who could end with huge bills from the unfunded retirement liabilities.

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