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Bills Would Ban Keeping Taxpayer Handouts To Corporations Secret

A handful of companies are getting billions, but citizens are forbidden to know who or how much

… 15-year existence, the MEDC did disclose which companies … February 2015, the MEDC valued General Motor’s … more

MEDC Downplayed Pure Michigan Return On Investment Claims? Oh Really

Secretive numbers used in claims have headlined many tales told to reporters and lawmakers

… a comment from the MEDC. David Lorenz is … used wisely. The MEDC recently ended its relationship … 2010, Longwoods and the MEDC were claiming just … The company and the MEDC refuse to divulge the … more

Post Labor Day Weekend Good Time for Tourism Talk

Lots to discuss with unofficial end of summer season

… wrote an email to the MEDC about a Mackinac Center … brief and from the MEDC’s secretive consultant. … derived. He and the MEDC are basically saying, … indicated that the MEDC was going to seek competitive … more

Return of the Mega Subsidy

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective more

State Tourism Subsidies Unnecessary, Ineffective and Unfair

… should embarrass the MEDC, the state’s jobs department. … by Longwoods and the MEDC. In April, Reps. … more

Evidence? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence, Imply Tourism Officials

Tourism officials make claims they can’t support

… promotion. The MEDC has repeatedly hired … those claims . The MEDC, meanwhile, is perfectly … secretiveness. In other words, the MEDC and its contractors … effectiveness. Contrast the Longwoods and MEDC secretiveness with the … more

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