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Incumbent’s Voting Record, Philosophy Challenged In Michigan's 107th

Rep. Frank Foster vs. Lee Chatfield

… Development Corp. (MEDC) to fund subsidy projects, … 2013 Q. Regarding MEDC transparency, which … this package holds the MEDC to a greater account … performance audit of the MEDC found that only 19 percent … more

Educators Facing Off In Michigan's 59th House District

Superintendent Roger Rathburn vs. teacher Aaron Miller in the Republican primary

… and subsidies. The MEDC and related programs … transparency reforms to the MEDC and would vote to eliminate … elimination of the MEDC funds. The problem … more

Stances on Corporate Welfare a Difference In Michigan's 39th House Race

Rep. Klint Kesto vs. Deb O'Hagan

… Development Corp. (MEDC), the film subsidy program, … in Michigan via the MEDC, which spends about … more

Incumbent’s Voting Record Targeted In Michigan's 86th District House Primary Race

Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons vs. Angela Rigas

… Development Corp. (MEDC), which is known as … percent of the jobs that MEDC originally projected … actually materialized. MEDC supporters argue that … past performance of MEDC and now under Gov. Snyder, … more

Contrast Over Right-to-Work, Film Subsidies, Detroit Bailout In 31st District Senate Race

State Sen. Mike Green vs. State Rep. Kevin Daley

… requested from the MEDC. As a lawmaker … information from the MEDC to test its transparency? … than going to (the) MEDC. Sen. Green: On … and information from MEDC officials on a number … more

Select Business Subsidies, Endorsements Are Differences In 37th District Senate GOP Primary

State Representatives Wayne Schmidt and Greg MacMaster face off

… Development Corp. (MEDC), which is known as … requested from the MEDC. As a lawmaker … information from the MEDC to test its transparency? … of transparency at MEDC. In fact, I was quoted … more

MEGA Credited-Companies Created Only 18.9 Percent Of Projected Jobs Since 1995

… Development Corp. (MEDC). Of the 186,923 … reported back to the MEDC as being created, according to the latest MEDC reports. Just 3.9 percent … them, according to the MEDC. In 2013, $275 million … more

The 89,000 Clean Energy Jobs Myth

Former Gov. Granholm, others keep repeating the false statistic

… that prohibits the MEDC from providing any information, … Michael Shore of the MEDC responded after deadline. … more

Meet James Hohman, Assistant Director of Fiscal Policy at the Mackinac Center. James discusses his latest project, an analysis of Proposal 1, the proposal on personal property tax reform that will appear on the August 5th ballot. Read more about Proposal 1 here: http://www.mackinac.org/20246

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