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Legislators Who Promote Transparency Should Start by Disclosing Corporate Welfare Deals

MEDC secrecy patronizes lawmakers and public

… more sunshine. The MEDC is the state’s department … bureaucracy. The failure of MEDC programs to create … its records secret. MEDC officials routinely … recommended before, the MEDC should be shut down … more

Real Economy Creates 81 Jobs For Every 1 Promised by Business Subsidy Program

And don't look too hard at the record of those promises

Broad improvements to the business climate help more than special subsidies more

What Happens When the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Ends?

State could save millions by stopping ineffective subsidies

… development policies. The MEDC is an “interlocal agency,” … development programs, the MEDC ought to go away. There … agency do it. The MEDC is not a third party … agreement with the MEDC to delineate each party’s … more

Some Budget Ideas for 2017

… ultimately accrues to the MEDC’s benefit. Short … of eliminating the MEDC, its budget could certainly … more

Be Wise in Deciding How to Spend Taxpayer Funds on Infrastructure

… Pure Michigan ads or MEDC business subsidies will … more

Tourism Promotion Study Criticism Absurd, Ironic

… public policy decisions, MEDC officials keep this … “check the work” of the MEDC’s consultants because … contracts from the MEDC, and whose current chair is a former MEDC official. When challenged … more

State 'Pure Michigan' Agency Refuses to Debate Ad Program's Cost Effectiveness

Think tank's independent research suggests taxpayers get back $2 for every $100 Pure Michigan spends

… discussions between MEDC officials and agency … unfavorable to the MEDC and state government … has also accused the MEDC and its paid consultants … their challenge to MEDC officials to debate … more

Infrastructure Funding Principles

Eight things the governor’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission should remember

… Pure Michigan ads or MEDC business subsidies will … more

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It took more than a year but the City of Detroit now allows pedal pubs to live up to their name. Customers are now allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while peddling these unusual pub platforms.

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