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Post Labor Day Weekend Good Time for Tourism Talk

Lots to discuss with unofficial end of summer season

… wrote an email to the MEDC about a Mackinac Center … brief and from the MEDC’s secretive consultant. … derived. He and the MEDC are basically saying, … indicated that the MEDC was going to seek competitive … more

Return of the Mega Subsidy

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective more

State Tourism Subsidies Unnecessary, Ineffective and Unfair

… should embarrass the MEDC, the state’s jobs department. … by Longwoods and the MEDC. In April, Reps. … more

Evidence? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence, Imply Tourism Officials

Tourism officials make claims they can’t support

… promotion. The MEDC has repeatedly hired … those claims . The MEDC, meanwhile, is perfectly … secretiveness. In other words, the MEDC and its contractors … effectiveness. Contrast the Longwoods and MEDC secretiveness with the … more

Dear House Tax Committee: Pure Michigan Return on Investment Not Validated

State Rep. Jim Tedder asks the right question

… top official at the MEDC can’t provide an answer … calculated, which the MEDC knows and seems perfectly … comfortable with (or, if MEDC officials do know, they … study ” for which the MEDC paid a different contractor … more

What’s Old is New Again: Another Subsidy Program Being Considered by Legislature

Good for politicians and well-connected businesses, bad for Michigan

… benefits.” Similarly, the MEDC also pays a consultant … reports. Nevertheless, MEDC bureaucrats implicitly … salaries involved, the MEDC also uses sophisticated … produced by and for the MEDC are basically empty … more

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There aren’t many policies that get near unanimous support from economists, but free trade is one of them. Despite this, a central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign, heard from both political parties, was that free trade was somehow harmful to the United States and corrective action was needed. Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case for why President Trump’s assessment of free trade is misguided.

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