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Economic Interference Week

Economic Development Week is no cause for celebration

… the largest of the MEDC s programmatic failures, … benefits. The MEDC s Pure Michigan … helping the economy. The MEDC claims huge returns … taxpayer dollars. The MEDC bureaucrats who run … more

Job Churn Shows Why Targeted Tax Favors Do Not Work

There is constant job loss and creation in the state economy

There is constant job loss and creation in the state economy


MEDC's Priority: Defend Its Budget

When faced with criticism, it's discredit first, read the critique second

… industry. The MEDC's response has been … in this series, the MEDC has granted several … provide evidence that the MEDC s programs are not … contradicted claims by the MEDC and Longwoods that the … more

Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

… tourism ads. The MEDC is this state s agency … report it did for the MEDC purports to show a $6.87 … the claim. The MEDC paid almost $150,000 … To the contrary, the MEDC has offered a dubious … more

Puffery or Proof? The Business of Tourism Subsidy 'Budget Justification'

State agency pays for self-serving spin

… represent. The MEDC is the agency in charge … chairman is the former MEDC official in charge … Moreover, Longwoods MEDC business is the result … exceptions. Since the MEDC did not seek multiple … more

Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Boosting Economic Growth

… shedding jobs. While the MEDC was announcing 4,420 … more

In 20 Years, Only Two Corporate Welfare Recipients Created 1,000+ Jobs

MEDC projections rarely come true

… recently, had the governor, MEDC, local agencies, etc., … created in 1995 , the MEDC has approved benefits … projects came under the MEDC s former flagship program, … seven. Many of the MEDC's announcements were … more

Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Economic Growth

Only broad changes will improve the state's economy

… shedding jobs. While the MEDC was announcing 4,420 … more

Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… to just dumping the MEDC altogether? Given the … independent studies, the MEDC's success rate for creating … transparency as practiced by MEDC largely means little … cooperation to dismantle the MEDC, and even after reining … more

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The State of Michigan claims the tens of millions of dollars it spends each year advertising the tourism industry brings in needed tax dollars, but the industry fails to show the data. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy devised a study and found that for every dollar spent, only two cents comes back to the state, and only to a select segment of the tourism industry.

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