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MEDC's Priority: Defend Its Budget

When faced with criticism, it's discredit first, read the critique second

… industry. The MEDC's response has been … in this series, the MEDC has granted several … provide evidence that the MEDC s programs are not … contradicted claims by the MEDC and Longwoods that the … more

Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

… tourism ads. The MEDC is this state s agency … report it did for the MEDC purports to show a $6.87 … the claim. The MEDC paid almost $150,000 … To the contrary, the MEDC has offered a dubious … more

Puffery or Proof? The Business of Tourism Subsidy 'Budget Justification'

State agency pays for self-serving spin

… represent. The MEDC is the agency in charge … chairman is the former MEDC official in charge … Moreover, Longwoods MEDC business is the result … exceptions. Since the MEDC did not seek multiple … more

Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Boosting Economic Growth

… shedding jobs. While the MEDC was announcing 4,420 … more

In 20 Years, Only Two Corporate Welfare Recipients Created 1,000+ Jobs

MEDC projections rarely come true

… recently, had the governor, MEDC, local agencies, etc., … created in 1995 , the MEDC has approved benefits … projects came under the MEDC s former flagship program, … seven. Many of the MEDC's announcements were … more

Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Economic Growth

Only broad changes will improve the state's economy

… shedding jobs. While the MEDC was announcing 4,420 … more

Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… to just dumping the MEDC altogether? Given the … independent studies, the MEDC's success rate for creating … transparency as practiced by MEDC largely means little … cooperation to dismantle the MEDC, and even after reining … more

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City government charged Nancy Wilson with a crime for not getting her historic home painted fast enough. "Their methodology is to beat you into submission and it's not right."

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