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State Gives Billions in Dollars to Corporations – But Keeps Secret How Much They Get

Nothing prohibits Legislature from opening the books

… decade after that, the MEDC kept filing the annual … communications director of the MEDC told Michigan Capitol … which required the MEDC to disclose information, … assess the value of MEDC projects. We can t … more

So Long Film Subsidies

Other 'economic development' programs should be next

Other economic development programs should be next


Cut Corporate Welfare Before Social Welfare to Fund Roads

Michigan debates spending MEDC or EITC money on transportation

… $187 million from the MEDC's corporate welfare … however, does not touch MEDC funding. Leaders … would be to embrace the MEDC cuts of the House plan. Michigan … Public Policy. The MEDC consumes hundreds of … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Has a History of Secrecy

… Engler created the MEDC. Engler created … way they were putting MEDC together, said Rivet, … agreements to create [the MEDC] allowed them to bring … constitution prohibited the MEDC from using state dollars, … more

Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

… literature on the subject of MEDC-type programs. The authors … department like the MEDC encourages corporate … more

Would Ford Leave Michigan if Not for a Handout from the State?

… agreement in 2010, the MEDC reported that Ford had … currently. That means the MEDC is taking credit for … seem likely, did the MEDC really "retain" every … more

The Problem of Corporate Welfare

… changed . It s true that the MEDC is better than in years … more

House Road Plan Leaves Plenty of Money for Pure Michigan Campaign

Threats that plan to fix roads jeopardizes state's tourism campaign is a red herring

… is overseen by the MEDC. That claim is unwarranted. The MEDC budget is $400 million … funding would be if the MEDC itself - which has … possibly most popular MEDC program. The fact that … more

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