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Infrastructure Funding Principles

Eight things the governor’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission should remember

… Pure Michigan ads or MEDC business subsidies will … more

State Not Transparent with Effectiveness of Multi-Million-Dollar Program

New Pure Michigan study questions advertising expenditure

… runs the campaign. The MEDC has never released the … Michigan until the MEDC can prove it is worth … more

Pure Michigan’s ‘Budget Justification’

Why an independent review is necessary

… Center s study and the MEDC s dissembling spin … government budgets. The MEDC claims the Pure Michigan … very opposite. The MEDC s claim is based on … contracts with the MEDC, both the company and … more

Pure Michigan Spent $295 Million and Even Hotels Only Got Scraps Back

Researchers find taxpayers pay big to ring resort cash registers just a little

… benefitted by the spending, MEDC has claimed that Pure … and Hicks dispute the MEDC s methods for determining … contracts from the MEDC. Yet the firm refuses … more

Back to the Future for Taxpayer Stadium Funding in Detroit

Legislators should stand firm against special deals

Legislators should stand firm against special deals 


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