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Lawmaker Says 'Willful Neglect' Is the Rule at Embattled State Agency

… oversights. "MEDC has implemented enhanced … records, such as W-2s," MEDC spokeswoman Bridget … skeptical. "The MEDC is failing in administrating … Hohman said the MEDC failed to verify the … more

MEDC's New Program: Government Funding Government

City of Ypsilanti will benefit from MEDC's $50,000

… any of the $50,000 MEDC is kicking in to a crowdfunding … response to questions MEDC Spokesman Mike Shore … Ypsilanti. ~~~~~ See also: MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; … No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist Beer … more

Pure Michigan Scare Tactics

MEDC deploys 'Washington Monument syndrome'

… infrastructure. The MEDC is the state s corporate … and maintenance. The MEDC does not want its funding … Development Corporation (MEDC), said the plan "severely … press release from the MEDC, the media reports soon … more

MEDC's Priority: Defend Its Budget

When faced with criticism, it's discredit first, read the critique second

… industry. The MEDC's response has been … in this series, the MEDC has granted several … provide evidence that the MEDC s programs are not … contradicted claims by the MEDC and Longwoods that the … more

MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; Has Long History of Backing Bad Companies

A look back at five MEDC-backed failures

… projected by the MEDC came to fruition. Finney … Jobs Fund, which the MEDC oversees, was created … possible." "The MEDC of today is a very different … release . The MEDC has a long history of … more

The Real Problem With ‘Economic Development’ Programs

Michigan should end the MEDC

… the state sacked the MEDC. The reality is that … in the piece, [The MEDC s] overall impact on … mission. While the MEDC and MEGA started as … good. It s good that MEDC has shrunk but that … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

MEDC treats transparency 'as an annoyance'

… transparency at the MEDC, companies accepting … of the hearing, the MEDC's chief executive, Steve … longstanding belief that MEDC presumes the public … interests. The MEDC should have insisted … more

Three Cheers for Michigan House Democrats

Questioning MEDC transparency is the right thing to do

… latest salvo against the MEDC was inspired, at least … information from the MEDC. I don t think the … actually argued the MEDC should lose its funding … hold these guys at the MEDC accountable to taxpayers, … more

Thirty-One MEDC Salaries Top $100K

… Information Act request, the MEDC has 31 employees making … $100,000 or more. The MEDC has 351 positions. Greg … president and CEO of the MEDC, had the top salary, … $150,000. The MEDC was structured to incorporate … more

MEDC Consultant Busted for ‘Recycling’ Reports

… for more investment in MEDC programs. Specifically, … Kentucky involving the MEDC s winning bidder, a … in response to an MEDC request for proposal … recycled version of the MEDC s own deeply flawed … more

There Is No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist

… (and current Chair of MEDC Executive Committee) … exists (none from the MEDC) offers little evidence … through this lens, MEDC operations make far … taste: In this clip, MEDC Executive Committee … more

The MEDC’s Pure Michigan Puffery: Part II

Reforms could make agency more credible

… one year. If the MEDC (and Travel Michigan) … work of a reshaped MEDC look like? First, … general not the MEDC itself should be … studies. Officials at the MEDC currently have too much … more

State Loses 200,000 Jobs, MEDC Finds 2,185

Why tax cuts are better than corporate welfare

… magnitude of those MEDC job promises also is … jobs promised by the MEDC. If this is the best … more

Beer Website Provides More Information About Taxpayer Investment Than The State

Deals that never materialize are not reported by the MEDC

… "American Badass" beer. The MEDC doesn't mention anything … transparency of the MEDC is a concern, said James … Policy. The MEDC only tracks deals when … reported on by the MEDC. For example, in … more

Senator Says MEDC Should Stop Believing Its Own Press Releases

… hearing, Cassis told MEDC CEO Greg Main, "The press … reality." Michael Shore, spokesman for the MEDC, didn't respond to an … comment. Cassis said the MEDC didn't seem too concerned … would require the MEDC to state in its news … more

A Uniquely Overqualified Candidate

LaFaive's satirical cover letter for MEDC job

… which was run by the MEDC. We found that for every … declared winners by MEDC jobs wizards, only one … broader analysis of the MEDC itself, found an empirical … programs run by the MEDC for the purpose of creating … more

Lawmakers Looking At MEDC Transparency

… amount of funds the MEDC spends annually has … taxpayer dollars. The MEDC has a history of investing … Development Corporation (MEDC)." "Economic development … entities, like the MEDC, that are involved with … more

MEDC’s Pure Michigan Puffery: Part I

Agency claims about success deserve more scrutiny

… vice president of the MEDC arm in charge of the … Pure Michigan, the MEDC is seeking to justify … latest product from the MEDC s vendor, Longwoods … are then used by the MEDC as evidence of its program s … more

Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency

House Democrats call for scrutiny of corporate welfare programs; accountability for tax dollars

… Democrats. The MEDC is a government authority … Michigan. For years, the MEDC has been criticized … find out whether the MEDC is spending tax dollars … supposed to make the MEDC more transparent. In … more

In 20 Years, Only Two Corporate Welfare Recipients Created 1,000+ Jobs

MEDC projections rarely come true

… recently, had the governor, MEDC, local agencies, etc., … created in 1995 , the MEDC has approved benefits … projects came under the MEDC s former flagship program, … seven. Many of the MEDC's announcements were … more

According to Beneficiaries, All Government Spending Is Worth the Investment

… third-world countries. The MEDC s analysis showed that … more

MEDC Questioned About Its Transparency

Questions about how tax dollars spent could warrant new legislation

… budget. On June 13, 2011, MEDC sent him a document … supplies." The MEDC describes itself as … most recognized of the MEDC's responsibilities is … Michigan. The MEDC website also has a section … more

State's Corporate Welfare Arm Says Ex-Attorney General Approved Being Less Transparent

MEDC: AG gave 'informal verbal advice' about not disclosing tax information

… office. In 2009, the MEDC stopped disclosing the … questions posed to MEDC Vice President of Communications … determination? 2 Did MEDC ask for the ruling? 3 … the question, Did MEDC ask for the ruling?, … more

Economic Interference Week

Economic Development Week is no cause for celebration

… the largest of the MEDC s programmatic failures, … benefits. The MEDC s Pure Michigan … helping the economy. The MEDC claims huge returns … taxpayer dollars. The MEDC bureaucrats who run … more

MEDC Removes Video of Obama, Top Dems Praising Failed Battery Company

YouTube promotion showed Obama, Granholm, Levin and Stabenow promising thousands of jobs

… few weeks ago, the MEDC made all of its promotional … been raised about the MEDC s lack of transparency . The … Michigan Advantage, the MEDC s (now defunct) YouTube … their operations. The MEDC previously promoted … more

State Agency Has 52 Employees Who Earn More Than $100K

State Rep.: 'The MEDC's track record in picking winners is poor'

… increase over the 31 MEDC employees that topped … newsletter, reported the new MEDC salary numbers, which … it obtained from the MEDC. In its article, MIRS … between the 12 "public" MEDC employees who made $100,000 … more

MEDC: The Same Old Run Around On Jobs Numbers

… was in office, the MEDC dodged questions about … even lawmakers, the MEDC typically responded … seeking answers from the MEDC were, in essence, being … some changes to the MEDC, which is a quasi-governmental … more

Democrat Contradictions: Corporate Tax Breaks Bad, But Incentives for Hollywood Good

Dems criticize MEDC, but want to give more money to millionaire movie moguls

… giveaways. "The MEDC is a slush fund the … empty promises. The MEDC for far too long has … office is part of the MEDC. "Politicians of … more

The 'M' in MEDC Should No Longer Stand For 'Mystery'

… disclose. The MEDC hands out millions of … relevant factors, the MEDC should explain them. … or early 2009, the MEDC did at least disclose … that point on, the MEDC has only disclosed how … more

Job Churn Shows Why Targeted Tax Favors Do Not Work

There is constant job loss and creation in the state economy

There is constant job loss and creation in the state economy


Don't Extend Granholm's 'Blown Away' Program

Demand accountability instead

… After six years, the MEDC still does not report … what is it worth? The MEDC has not reported on … appointees who run the MEDC's parent agency, the … more

Politicians Want to Review State Agency that has 1 in 5 Jobs Track Record

… was asked about the MEDC and said, I think … general issued a report on the MEDC s 21st Century Jobs … more

Q A With the MEDC: Verifying Jobs Resulting From Special Government Favors

State Reps call for greater transparency or elimination of program

… in April 2013, the MEDC reported to the state … total. When the MEDC responded in July to … that found that the MEDC had not been reporting … submitted four questions to MEDC, three of which were … more

Cut Corporate Welfare Before Social Welfare to Fund Roads

Michigan debates spending MEDC or EITC money on transportation

… $187 million from the MEDC's corporate welfare … however, does not touch MEDC funding. Leaders … would be to embrace the MEDC cuts of the House plan. Michigan … Public Policy. The MEDC consumes hundreds of … more

Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Economic Growth

Only broad changes will improve the state's economy

… shedding jobs. While the MEDC was announcing 4,420 … more

MEDC Feeling the Heat for Corporate Welfare Deals Coming Home to Roost

$9 billion in special deals projected

… Development Corporation (MEDC) as incentives for businesses … credits. The MEDC made an interpretation … has been a critic of MEDC programs, and the MEGA … results. ~~~~~ See also: MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; … more

Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

… literature on the subject of MEDC-type programs. The authors … department like the MEDC encourages corporate … more

MEDC Still Using Questionable Benchmarks

'What they are about is trying to find press release opportunities for politicians'

… were reported by the MEDC were actually created. … reality. Despite that, the MEDC is using "jobs committed" on its 2012 MEDC MIScorecard Performance … is unclear why the MEDC would continue to use … more

Interlocal Agreements – Good Intent, Bad Practice

… governments, the MEDC is a liaison with … state. But the MEDC does not provide public … government like the MEDC . ILA s have … more

MEDC Programs Consistently Fall Short of Initial Claims

Michigan's 'corporate welfare' arm perpetually exaggerates its numbers

… exists instead. The MEDC oversees the 21st Century … programs overseen by the MEDC have not lived up to … more

MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers.


Spotty Track Record Doesn't Stop State Agency From Doling Out Deals

General Motors has 'created' fewer jobs than promised on 5 of the last 6 MEDC-partnered projects

… the state. The MEDC's most recent beneficiary … Warren Tech Center. The MEDC is planning to amend … projections involving the MEDC has not been good. In … a tax deal with the MEDC in May 1999 for retaining … more

Thirty-One MEDC Salaries Top $100K

… Information Act request, the MEDC has 31 employees making … $100,000 or more. The MEDC has 351 positions. Greg … president and CEO of the MEDC, had the top salary, … $150,000. "The MEDC was structured to incorporate … more

MEDC Response

… jobs. Michael Shore, MEDC spokesman, provided … more

Projections vs. Reality

Corporate Welfare to Increase $20M

Governor's 2013 proposed budget released Thursday. more

MEDC's Magic Act: Make Taxpayer Money Disappear With Little Return

… debate over whether MEDC should be eliminated. … recognition of what MEDC actually is. As … corporate welfare arm, MEDC is supposedly tasked … economy. In reality, MEDC is an advertising and … more

MEDC vs. Kentucky

Michigan offers tax incentives worth five times the competition's

… Saginaw. At the time, the MEDC stated that GlobalWatt … the table before the MEDC offered its incentives. My … administration and the MEDC is desperate for any good … LaFaive said. The MEDC knows their press releases … more

Déjà Vu All Over Again For Auditor General Report On Select Subsidy Programs

Despite failures, taxpayer funded corporate welfare continues

… audit found that the MEDC doesn't follow-up on … concluded that the MEDC's efforts to evaluate … effectiveness." The MEDC noted that it was the … report found that the MEDC did not follow up on … more

Little Disclosure on Business Subsidies

Deals could eat up half of budget surplus

… are receiving. The MEDC makes an announcement … jobs announced by the MEDC ever materialize. There … available.) The MEDC is much better about … more

Emails Show Shaky Grounds for Corporate Welfare Agency’s Transparency Shutdown

… an exchange between MEDC officials are dated … purpose of increasing MEDC transparency. What follows … three emails among MEDC officials, with the … legislative affairs for the MEDC. He is now the manager … more

The 'Pro Big Business' Myth Put to Rest

… Group found that three MEDC programs cost the … more

Michigan's Job Loss Apocalypse Averted!

No thanks to the 'Department of Corporate Welfare.'

No thanks to the "Department of Corporate Welfare." more

Commentary: Meet the New MEDC, Same as the Old MEDC

… scoop: In September, the MEDC issued a request for … government (and/or MEDC) should spend to be … of course, is to use MEDC s preferred tools of … and/or validate the MEDC s method of defining … more

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support


How to Improve Economic Development Transparency

State considers changes to economic development disclosure

State considers changes to economic development disclosure


Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

… tourism ads. The MEDC is this state s agency … report it did for the MEDC purports to show a $6.87 … the claim. The MEDC paid almost $150,000 … To the contrary, the MEDC has offered a dubious … more

So Long Film Subsidies

Other 'economic development' programs should be next

Other economic development programs should be next


The Problem of Corporate Welfare

… changed . It s true that the MEDC is better than in years … more

State Tourism Spending Ineffective

… resources. The MEDC is trying to halt a … is possible that the MEDC may find a way to shift … more

Commentary: 'Corporate Welfare' Hype Yields Few Economic Results

The companies promoted by the MEDC on Youtube are in financial trouble

… failures. The MEDC video on car battery … Vieau, praising the MEDC and former Gov. Jennifer … government loan. The MEDC video on a film studio … million . An MEDC video on converting … more

Michigan Adds, Loses Thousands of Jobs

More proof corporate welfare doesn't work

More proof corporate welfare doesn't work.


Analysis: MEDC Letter an Admission of Failure

… specifically references the MEDC's Michigan Economic … average. If this is the MEDC's idea of success, we … failure. In March, the MEDC offered a refundable … a credit card, the MEDC placed him on stage … more

This Newspaper's Headline Says It All

… employees" ForTheRecord says: If the MEDC were an actual employee, … General looked at two MEDC job creation programs … one company that the MEDC projected would create … more

State Economic Development Group Has Little To Do With Job Success

Analyst: 'Right-to-work’s success will be determined by Michigan’s overall economic performance'

… been ringing at the MEDC since we passed that … Hohman warned that the MEDC has little say in how … the activities of the MEDC." Companies opening … By comparison, the MEDC announced in March 2013 … more

State Agency Approves Subsidy Deals Despite Repeated Shortcomings

… (which is part of the MEDC), with the state supporting … projections. "The MEDC should know these things … spokeswoman for the MEDC, didn't respond to a … also: CapCon Coverage of the MEDC Rosy Solar … more

Would Ford Leave Michigan if Not for a Handout from the State?

… agreement in 2010, the MEDC reported that Ford had … currently. That means the MEDC is taking credit for … seem likely, did the MEDC really "retain" every … more

Bad Week for Michigan Corporate Welfare Machine

… creative sectors." MEDC Head Greg Main chimed … e-mails written by MEDC staffers were revealed … after receiving its own MEDC special treatment promises … ~~~~~~~ Another MEDC official, Michael Shore, … more

Puffery or Proof? The Business of Tourism Subsidy 'Budget Justification'

State agency pays for self-serving spin

… represent. The MEDC is the agency in charge … chairman is the former MEDC official in charge … Moreover, Longwoods MEDC business is the result … exceptions. Since the MEDC did not seek multiple … more

Point One Finger, Three are Pointing Back at You

… Republicans for billions the MEDC has awarded Michigan s … 1995. ForTheRecord says: The MEDC s "flagship" Michigan … more

Michigan Gives Unfair Tax Handouts To Try and Counter 'Right to Work' States

Democratic Rep. ignores millions in special deals for company picking Michigan over Tennessee

… Michigan without the MEDC tax handouts. That video … private on a MEDC website. In a column … deal." "Without the MEDC, this facility wouldn't … Gitter said. An MEDC memo said Ralco … more

Gas Tax and Fee Discussion Worth Having

… investment, something the MEDC probably hasn t … more

A Bipartisan Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On

State's attempts at economic development costs plenty, returns little

… bureaucrats. The MEDC s website contains … promises panned out. The MEDC doesn't issue press … millions of dollars in MEDC handouts and lost tax … channel created by the MEDC itself, containing interviews … more

State Government Playing Favorites With Food Providers

Marquette co-op receives hundreds of thousands from state taxpayers

… investment." The MEDC stated it projects the … jobs predicted by the MEDC and what have actually … No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist A … Program Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency more

Michigan Paying $860 Million In Select Tax Incentives, Subsidies

Favored businesses get preferences

… No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist A … Program Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency more

LG Chem: A Look Back At the Failed Predictions

Company generated more press releases than batteries

… jobs. In a statement, the MEDC said the state hasn t … battery project. To date, MEDC has not issued any credit … Mackinac Center, said the MEDC that oversees the state … most recent report the MEDC gave on LG Chem was … more

State Government Has Poor Record Predicting Jobs

… administration reported that the MEDC claimed to have created … more

Economic Development a Campaign Tool

… up to the hype. The MEDC s own YouTube channel , … more

What Economic Development Transparency Should Look Like

… another story. The MEDC has been good at announcing … information is vital because MEDC projects have so rarely … more

Corporate Welfare a Continual Failure

Time for government to focus on the basics

… film subsidies , MEDC select business deals … legislator to say that the MEDC should stop believing … more

The Perils of Politicians' Promises

… 2010 and, citing the MEDC itself through September … claims posted by the MEDC amounted to one-third … listed below. MEDC Programs Consistently … note: A call to the MEDC seeking comment was … more

One Sector Grew Last Decade: Corporate Welfare

Very few jobs to show for special favors, subsidies

Very few jobs to show for special favors, subsidies.


MEDC-Endorsed Bet on Horse Track Now Under Investigation by Wayne Co.

… employees. However, an MEDC memo dated Sept. 23, … independent contractors." The MEDC memo states the course … racecourse. The MEDC estimated that the project … in tax credits. MEDC spokesman Michael Shore … more

MEGA Failure: Job Projections From Michigan Tax Credit Program Rarely Came True

Only 2.3 percent of projects met projections

… Releases Gov. Granholm and the MEDC were particularly adept … incorrect. Officials from the MEDC did not respond to a … To $0 MEDC Programs Consistently … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Hasn't Faced Real Media Scrutiny

… Development Corporation (MEDC), which is the state s … responsibility to demand that MEDC provide basic transparency. … idea behind all of MEDC s various programs … taxpayers. Audits of MEDC programs, performed … more

Department Reorganization is New Wine in Old Skin

Corporate welfare doesn’t work, reorganizing won't fix it

… Service report the new MEDC President and CEO, Doug … more

GlobalWatt Claims on Applications for MEGA Deals Disputed, Raise Questions About MEDC Scrutiny

State Should Investigate GlobalWatt’s Claims, Says Center Analyst

… investigations by both the MEDC and the Attorney General's … Senator Says MEDC Should Stop Believing … more

Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… to just dumping the MEDC altogether? Given the … independent studies, the MEDC's success rate for creating … transparency as practiced by MEDC largely means little … cooperation to dismantle the MEDC, and even after reining … more

Now is the Time to Demand Transparency from State's Corporate Welfare Agency

… surprising that the MEDC, Michigan s corporate … rest regarding the MEDC. Although the concept … requirements for the MEDC should be more stringent, … been the case; the MEDC has long been one of … more

Trim Corporate Welfare to $0

… and large cut. The MEDC's basic function is … will kill. The MEDC s many failures … out on parole. The MEDC and its many "jobs" … elsewhere. State revenues for the MEDC actually are appropriated … more

How Michigan Blew a Hole in its Budget

Handing out taxpayer dollars to large corporations was a bipartisan effort

… dangerous. "Republicans have allowed the MEDC to become a runaway … economy based on the MEDC s corporate giveaways. Giving … No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist A … Program Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency There … more

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The State of Michigan claims the tens of millions of dollars it spends each year advertising the tourism industry brings in needed tax dollars, but the industry fails to show the data. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy devised a study and found that for every dollar spent, only two cents comes back to the state, and only to a select segment of the tourism industry.

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