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District Dumps Union Insurance, Saves $450K and Pays 100% of Health Care

Dansville switches from MESSA

… Services Association (MESSA), which is an affiliate … 2012-13. A spokesman for MESSA said he thinks the district … government relations for MESSA. "This district has … they will be back with MESSA soon." However, … more

Dropping Union Health Insurance Saves District $737K

MESSA revenue drops $190 million

… superintendent. MESSA is a third-party administrator … have paid had it kept MESSA. She said the employees … visits. Dansville dropped MESSA in 2011-12. Because … could spend on it, MESSA has seen its program … more

In Pontiac, MEA Local Raises $12K For School Supplies While Union Health Insurance Arm Sues District for $7.8 Million

Union affiliated MESSA got $7.8M judgment against Pontiac School District

… Services Association (MESSA) is a third-party administrator … the Oakland Press . MESSA's trustees all have … insurance bill and MESSA has to sue them to get … rid of the top-tier MESSA insurance and finding … more

Teachers Choose Union Health Plan, Now Pay Up To 37.5 Percent Of Premiums

Dearborn Heights teachers choose MESSA

… the more expensive MESSA health care plan. Bartold … health care costs. MESSA is a third-party administrator … teachers wanted to keep MESSA and pay the higher contribution … the more expensive MESSA plan and pay between … more

High Costs Force School District to Drop Union-Connected Health Plan

Ravenna union prez: '[MESSA] had no competition before ... now they are forced to compete and it is good'

… union voted to drop MESSA for a less expensive insurance plan. MESSA, for the first time, … reportedly abandoned MESSA, which is affiliated … the districts have MESSA, a third-party administrator … more

School District Saves By Dumping Expensive Union Insurance Plan

Dansville district saved $250,000 after getting rid of MEA-affiliated MESSA plan

… switched from the top-tier MESSA insurance plan to a … ditching the high-priced MESSA plan that as many as … carried at one time. MESSA is a third-party administrator … since it switched from MESSA to a cheaper plan. Alternatively, … more

Teachers Union Health Insurer Paying Big Raises

… past few years. MESSA is a not-for-profit … Cynthia Williams, MESSA’s executive director, … information was taken from MESSA’s filings with the Internal … available. Richard Ringstrom, MESSA’s marketing and product … more

Outgoing Leader Was Disastrous for Teachers Union

MEA lost tens of thousands of members and power under president Steve Cook

… Services Association (MESSA), an MEA subsidiary … have kept their costly MESSA coverage even with the … Schools stayed with MESSA. In 2016-17 the school … saved money by dropping MESSA in favor of less expensive … more

MEA Demands Immediate Health Insurance Payment From School District In Serious Debt

Judge ruled Pontiac School District has 10 years to pay off $7.8 million

… is demanding full payment to MESSA. MESSA is a third-party administrator … in the state.  MESSA has said it will end … Township. But continuing with MESSA, which is considered … more

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