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State of Michigan To Restrict Union ‘Ghost Workers’

Currently, 20 state employees do only union work on state time; still others do it part-time

… comment. About 70 Michigan school districts also employ … state will no longer spend over $1 million each … state employees to spend some or all of their … of $76,608 a year to spend 100 percent of their … more

Don’t Push the School Funding Panic Button

Districts can adapt to federal enrollment projections

… in Michigan’s public schools has been shrinking. … two-thirds of Michigan K-12 spending is not fixed. And … enrolled in public preschool through 12th grade last … their transportation spending by 11 percent per … more

Why Pension Reform Is Hard for Politicians

No consequences to kicking the can down the road

… large, state-mandated school system are offered benefits … fund. But the temptation to spend money elsewhere is too … control. For those school employees that opt for … more

Charter Schools Face Funding, Facility Inequities

Legislation, possible legal showdown could help shrink gap

As Michigan charter schools seek to serve more … as district public schools. Yet charters on average aren’t able to spend as much for each student … field for all public schools, charters included. Michigan … more

Taxpayers Deserve to Know Details of Business Subsidy Deals

State officials are hiding what should be public information

… find out how much your school district spends on paper clips. All … your government is spending your money. The state … detailed records of spending by governments, even … more

New ‘Labor Voices’ Column, Same Old Teachers Union Disinformation

The new MEA president spreads the same inaccuracies as the old MEA president

… inaccuracies about public school employment. And … Michigan’s per-pupil spending, compared with neighboring … story : Utica Community Schools is getting $24.1 million more in state school aid in 2017-18 than … more

New York Times Article, Critical of Charter Schools, Misses Key Point on School Funding

Despite media claims, districts in poor communities get more funding, not less

… critical of charter schools and mischaracterized school finances in Michigan. … benefit, but per-pupil spending increases, bound … completely grasp how complex school funding is in Michigan. For … more

Cutting Federal Great Lakes Funding Would Not Be an Environmental and Economic Crisis

… given to Kent County schools to develop a “school-wide meaningful watershed … effort to reduce federal spending on programs better … federal environmental spending. With the GLRI … more

Spending Up $1.8 Billion But Publication Claims Michigan ‘Disinvests’ In Schools

… disinvesting in its public school system. Carole Valade, … Agency report on K-12 spending, meanwhile, shows … support going to public schools. Lawmakers increased … through the federal stimulus spending approved in President … more

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There aren’t many policies that get near unanimous support from economists, but free trade is one of them. Despite this, a central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign, heard from both political parties, was that free trade was somehow harmful to the United States and corrective action was needed. Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case for why President Trump’s assessment of free trade is misguided.

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