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Pricey GOP Primary Race For Michigan’s 4th Congressional District

State Sen. John Moolenaar and retired businessman Paul Mitchell discuss Export-Import Bank, energy and health policy

… Chemical and as a charter school administrator. The 4th … micromanaging of how states spend health care dollars … more freedom in how to spend health care money for … real-world jobs or a big spending career politician … more

State Budget Has Increased Almost $5 Billion the Past Three Years

… for road repairs and school superintendents who … fact, the state will spend about $4.7 billion more … more

Educators Facing Off In Michigan's 59th House District

Superintendent Roger Rathburn vs. teacher Aaron Miller in the Republican primary

… District, recently retired school superintendent Roger … whether and how much to spend on that program. In … representatives were asked if new school employees should be … No, I do not support spending $50 million per year … more

Stances on Corporate Welfare a Difference In Michigan's 39th House Race

Rep. Klint Kesto vs. Deb O'Hagan

… a bill shifting new school employees to a defined-contribution … via the MEDC, which spends about $300 million, … for both the public schools and the employees. … incentive program, which spends $50 million. Rep. … more

Pension Malpractice and Fund Raids

Everyone's doing it!

… budget with reduced school pension fund contribution Public … taxes or cutting other spending, which was passed … formula used by the school employee pension fund … for the additional spending with a combination … more

State Board Prez Fights Parental Choice

A growing push back against charter schools

… with an "unregulated" school marketplace where parents … his authority to suspend charter authorizers … accountability of charter public schools. He said parents don t … Deficits Increased School Spending Funding Did Not Slow … more

Political Experience Separates Candidates In 98th District House GOP Primary

Gary Glenn vs. Karl Ieuter

… campaign committee called, School Choice YES!, and was … the state agency that spends about $300 million … ballot initiatives for school choice and traditional … improvements, the state is spending $50 million per … more

Incumbent’s Voting Record Targeted In Michigan's 86th District House Primary Race

Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons vs. Angela Rigas

… (which are used by schools for employment decisions) … thinking in terms of spending less, they just keep … percent growth for the school year that just ended … more

Michigan Teacher Pension Costs Increase To Nearly $1 Billion Per Year

… in 2012 for public school employee pension and … state is projecting to spend on retirement contributions for K-12 … the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement … increasing is that school districts didn't meet … more

Failing Charter Public Schools Are Shut Down; Conventional Public Schools Remain Open

'Charter schools have traditionally been the only public schools that have been held accountable for their performance'

There are 51 schools that have been in the … Deficits Increased School Spending Funding Did Not Slow … a row. Of those 51 schools, four were charter public schools and three of those … more

Meet James Hohman, Assistant Director of Fiscal Policy at the Mackinac Center. James discusses his latest project, an analysis of Proposal 1, the proposal on personal property tax reform that will appear on the August 5th ballot. Read more about Proposal 1 here: http://www.mackinac.org/20246

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