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Study: They Spend Millions, but Minimal Transparency Required for Government Union Finances

… from government and school employees, but if members … just three aggregated spending figures. Unlike … Michigan's other large school employee union, the … expenses. None of the union spending lumped together in … more

Public Sector Unions Vague About How They Spend Dues Money

Many members have trouble finding out financial details

… means government and school unions are allowed to … public sector unions spend dues money, details … Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, has exercised her … unions' local branches spend money even very large … more

The Real-World Costs of Union Release Time

Proposed law would require public workers to work for the public

… by teachers or other school district employees to … allows union stewards to spend time working for a private … president in Livonia Public Schools earns a full salary … allowing employees to spend time working on union … more

School District's 'Comparatively Low' Administrative Costs Not Really That Low

… Warren Consolidated Schools, testified in a legislative … employees for time they spend on the job conducting … bill would prohibit government and school employee union contracts … take that money and spend it on hiring more staff, … more

Incomplete Analysis of Pension Scheme Bill Paints False Picture

Fiscal Agency ignores benefit spiking costs, underfunding risks

… would prevent former school employees like Michigan … benefits in Michigan s school employee pension system. … case of Michigan s school pension system this … modest pay of a public school parapro. That is true … more

Requiring Unions to Pay for Their Own Employees Saves Taxpayer Money

Senate Bill 280 takes union leaders off the public payroll

… employers, many public school districts give local … officials for time they spend on the job conducting … not working in the schools. This cost a very minimum … costs. Taxpayers expect school funding to go to education. … more

Schools Receiving More and More Money, But it Goes to Pensions

State Representative votes against K-12 budget over district's 'serious' financial situation

… Plymouth-Canton Community Schools' serious financial … $7.7 million more to spend with 1,481 fewer students … 2010, Plymouth-Canton schools had 18,989 students … short of the district's spending over a two-year period, … more

The Real Story About Highland Park Schools

Not easy to turn around long-lasting damage from mismanagement

… is closing its high school and held informational … President Says Top Spending Highland Park District … where the 160 high school students will go. But … fiscal mismanagement by school officials that led to … more

MEA Skips Testifying on Bill Ending Its Pension Spiking Arrangements

Past MEA presidents spiked their public pensions using six-figure union salaries

… prohibiting public school pension spiking scheme … employees for time they spend on the job conducting … practice of paying school and government employees … take that money and spend it on hiring more staff, … more

House Road Plan Secures Road Funding

Road funding does not rely on an increasing budget

… allocation for the School Aid Fund. Some … available for other spending and probably more, … more

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