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Had Hillary Won, Granholm And Not DeVos Would Be Prepping for Confirmation

Report suggests former Michigan governor topped Clinton's Education Secretary short-list

… Michigan law required school districts to give merit … government’s stimulus spending. After leaving … reduced  state funding for schools , but federal funding … been challenged by school choice opponents in … more

Where the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Goes

A bigger budget means more money for programs beyond road repair

… appears to be higher spending on schools and Medicaid, not road … Medicaid and public schools. Specifically, … short term, was to spend more on schools and … more

Truth Optional When Teachers Union Defends Its Turf

Union goes to lengths to protect its piece of public education pie

… about Michigan’s public school system. Michigan … Instead, K-12 education spending has increased every … cut $1 billion from school budgets. In a 2013 Facebook … cut to either K-12 school or higher education … more

Bullying Failed, So Teachers Union May Try Honey To Attract Dues Payments

Bill collectors out, membership engagement director in

… response to the fact that school employees no longer … back the amount it spends on collection agencies sent after school employees who didn’t … 2013-14. It increased that spending to $152,554 in 2014-15 … more

Why Are Michigan House Republicans Continuing These Union Scams?

New Legislature should take up pension spiking, release time in 2017

… union teamed up with school districts to pretend … allow unions to misspend tax dollars for the … are still working for schools when they really are … Michigan districts spend at least $3 million … more

Detroit’s Anti-Charter Interests Are the Real Big Political Spenders

School choice 'David' took on establishment 'Goliath'

… campaign to ration charter schools in Detroit failed due … children.” Skillman does spend a lot on philanthropic … reorganization of the Detroit school district. It would have … and where new public schools would be allowed in … more

Dearborn School Superintendents And Budget Tales

… posted on the Dearborn school district’s website, … districts, all with higher spending and higher local … Maleyko discussed the school budget — and the conversation … complications involved in school funding as well as the … more

Soaring Pension Costs Breaking School Budgets, Crimping Teacher Pay

Underfunded state retirement system helping to drive this district into deficit too

… who suggested that school pension reform is a … $8.1 million less to spend on operations than just … story about how local school finances are so precarious … challenge facing public school districts across this … more

Even With $500 Million Borrow-and-Spend, Detroit Schools Violates Building Codes

Without accountability, even half a billion doesn't go far

… dozen Detroit public schools have been cited for … improve Detroit Public Schools buildings. In response … confirmed that at least 14 schools violated property … structures. In August, school officials confirmed … more

Un-Making a Murderer

Preventing crimes provides huge cost savings

… get a job and finish school, helping her into a … reduce our current spending on criminal justice … also helped us avoid spending roughly $35,000 … the community did not spend any money to provide … more

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Jim Riley got his own fiscal house in order so he could retire. Now he wonders why his city government can’t do the same for their employees, and taxpayers who could end with huge bills from the unfunded retirement liabilities.

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