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$10,000 Plus More a Year, But Take Home Pay is the Same?

The Port Huron Area School District is in negotiations … Holland Woods Middle School teacher David Dazer … more

Fixing Michigan's Budget-Killing School Employees' Pension Up in the Air

MPSERS reform may be murky

… the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement … piggy-bank for government spending. It s not … shape that 30 percent of school payroll costs go to … Taxpayers Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions … more

State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million

Michigan's projected deficit is because of overspending

… budget s General Fund and School Aid Fund will increase … Department. State spending in those two funds … costs of paying for school employees pensions … said the state has a spending problem. But … more

Union Tries to Block Election that Would Decertify it

MEA files unfair labor practice to derail decertification vote at Grand Rapids Community College

… also: Union Threatens School District for Removing … college felt the union spends most of its time, effort … the Freeloader? MEA Spends More on Benefits than … more

If Sales Tax is Passed, Michigan Would Have the Second Highest in the U.S.

… increase will go to the School Aid Fund, which pays … key is to prioritize spending. ~~~~~ See also: School Budgets Safe Under 'No … Solid Projections Show Schools Get Even More With … more

2013-2014 Legislature Last Day Roll Call Report

Road funding/tax hike deal

… 423 , Require public school spending adequacy study: … and the rest to other spending. The next several … needed for a public school to educate students … more

December 17, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Obamacare “navigators,” unionized college athletes and more

… roads, $300 million for schools, $130 million for municipal … to other government spending by a 2004 fund … automatically earmarked to schools and local government … the law that mandates schools and local governments … more

Taxpayer Cost for Road Fix 'Compromise' Went from $0 to $1.9 Billion

Deal includes sales tax increase, $700 million more for non-road spending

… increase will go to public schools, $95 million to local … Increase state taxes and spending by $1.9 billion, … revenue streams to schools and local governments … other state taxes or spending. Three weeks … more

No 'Replacement Revenue' for Taxpayers on Roads

New plan would give Michigan 2nd highest sales tax

… the roads instead of schools, local governments, … taxpayers than for spending interests. The … otherwise be spent on schools and local governments … anguish from state spending interests, who claimed … more

Corporate Welfare for Hollywood Comes First

Michigan's roads can wait

… spent for things like schools, law enforcement or … bundled up appropriations spending bill. Those are the … more

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