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How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable

Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017

… requests to all 540 school districts turned up the dozens of school districts that redirect … year, taxpayers are spending millions of dollars … pretend to work for school districts while actually … more

Michigan Medicaid Patient Can't Find Care, So She Pays For Innovative Alternative

Direct Primary Care: 'You pay a flat fee ... and it's amazing'

… don’t go to medical school so they can fill out … because he no longer spends time and money processing … claims, Savage can spend more time with his patients. Patients … Michigan’s private sector spends over $35 million a … more

Affluent School Districts Benefit From Expanded State 'At Risk' Spending

Flint still gets more overall, but its increase smaller than Bloomfield Hills and Grosse Pointe

… students to affluent school districts like Bloomfield … pool. In the current school year, Flint schools received $3.3 million … poorer communities' school districts get more money … more

Schools' Double Whammy: Declining Enrollment, Soaring Pension Expense

Decades of state pension underfunding may have cost each Holly teacher $8,450 last year

… focused on Holly Area Schools teacher Andrea Catalina. … additional $7.7 million to spend on annual operations … disclose her actual school salary. To fill … Barack Obama’s stimulus spending program funneled … more

Most of These Republicans Ran On Low Taxes; But All Voted to Keep Them High

For some, campaign trail rhetoric doesn’t match the voting record

… budget threatens local schools, fire services, police … is time to rein in spending instead of taxing … believed that we can spend a little less than we … had earned dollars to spend on their priorities, … more

Michigan Can Afford a Tax Cut

State revenue has grown for years

… the Detroit Public Schools. They found the money … year alone proposes spending $777.5 million … revenue. One method is to spend taxpayer dollars in … state considers this spending as something that … more

Use Extra Community College Money to Lower the Income Tax

Taxpayer spending is up even as student numbers drop

… mismanagement. State funding of school districts — which participate … the amount of state spending from state-levied … tax-cut plan — if state spending simply kept steady. … re-examining the additional spending on community colleges . … more

Testimony: When Will Michigan Families Get Some Tax Relief Too?

Spending interests get theirs, corporate welfare recipients rolling in taxpayer dollars

… projected general fund and school aid fund revenue of … been on a rigorous spending “diet.” Annual appropriations … $5.8 billion more to spend each year, and growing … such as government spending, business cycle conditions, … more

Where did the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Go?

A bigger budget means more money for programs beyond road repair

… appears to be higher spending on schools and Medicaid, not road … Medicaid and public schools. Specifically, … Lansing’s response was to spend more on schools and … more

Delayed Payment On Granholm Early Pension Gambit Raises Costs To Taxpayers

Michigan pension office helped pass costs to future taxpayers

… reduce overall public school expenses, Michigan Gov. … lawmakers eager to avoid spending cuts elsewhere in … it would also reduce school payroll costs. Specifically, … Services, which manages the school pension system, waited … more

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It took more than a year but the City of Detroit now allows pedal pubs to live up to their name. Customers are now allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while peddling these unusual pub platforms.

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