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Magazine’s Description Of Michigan School Funding 24 Years Out Of Date

Wealth of community not the biggest factor in how much schools get

… private versus public schools used examples from … which created large spending disparities between … Michigan’s Bloomfield Hills school district. In one section … the kind of public-school districts elsewhere … more

Public Schools’ Advocate Reports Added Spending Didn’t Help, Considers More

… the state’s public schools have performed on standardized … problem. ForTheRecord says : If spending $80 million didn’t … more

Put ISD Funding on Education Budget Table

While agency spending grows, Guv seeks student-based cuts

… conversation: intermediate school districts . These 56 … reduction in overall ISD spending would get nearly … the state's public school students, most of whom … agencies back to 2014 spending levels. As a whole, … more

The Flexible State Budget

… portions of the tax to the School Aid Fund — which can go to K-12 schools, community colleges … government. Similar calls to spend more don’t get this … even more freedom to spend more in one area without … more

Getting Harder For Union To Spread Teacher Pay Disinformation

'Taxpayers have a right to know where government funds are going and to whom'

… requests asking numerous school districts for actual … post all disclosed spending at every level of … a common topic when school funding is discussed … of a typical public school’s operating expenses. And … more

Detroit Schools Will Sell to a Prison, But Not a Charter School

Moves criticized by parents and community members

… building to a charter school, Detroit’s superintendent … After spending months fighting to … vacant Detroit Public Schools Community District … However, Detroit's school board narrowly rejected … more

Some Teachers In This District In Line For 17 Percent Pay Hikes

But superintendent says his schools are underfunded

… to increase public school spending by $312 million, … pupil. Reaction from school officials was mixed. For … Fowlerville Community Schools Superintendent Wayne … more

Airbnb Ban the Latest in Detroit’s Short-sighted Thinking

City council makes it harder to earn a living and visit a city desperate for population growth

… or send your kids to school in the city, your endeavor … million — and no doubt spending millions more at … traditional public schools in Michigan’s largest … country . Still, the city school district fights to limit … more

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