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Film Incentive Supporters Ignore the Facts

No evidence that Michigan's program is worth the cost

… public assets such as schools, state parks, and transportation … money, the bulk of the spending from the program … more

'Steve Cook' Bill Would Prevent Private Union Employees from Spiking State Pension

MEA president is basing public pension on $200K union salary

… story that the Lansing School District had allowed … these school districts spend on union lobbyists is … Association, the Lansing School District contributed … annually to the state-run school pension system on behalf … more

Michigan Supreme Court: Pension Reforms were Constitutional

Teacher unions fail challenge to 2012 law

… Michigan s retired public school employees. Although … crowding out other state spending and teetering on … required all current school employees to pay 3 percent … not require public school employees to contribute, … more

School District Has to Spend $1 Million to Improve 'Failing' Academic Performance

But adjusting for the poverty level of its students, Godfrey-Lee gets an 'A'

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools had to divert about … the district's high school. Superintendent … increased. Yet, the high school in the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools received an A grade … more

State's Cost of Teacher Pension System Quintuples

General fund contributes more and more to retiree costs

… cover the costs of its school employee retirement … Taxpayers Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions … amount that individual school districts must pay to … the Michigan Public Schools Employees Retirement … more

Amendment’s Effects on Higher Ed are Uncertain

Proposal 1 may offer more leeway in funding universities than intended

… earmark more money to the School Aid Fund and exempt … The state has been spending $200 million in school … established a state school aid fund which shall … exclusively for aid to school districts, higher … more

Law that Made School Employees Pay More for Health Insurance Saved $1.3 Billion

Savings came over a three-year period

… saved Michigan public school districts a total of … much schools could spend on health insurance, … billion since the 2010-11 school year, according to an … years at a university spending $100,000 to enter … more

There Was Never a $470 Per Pupil Education Funding Cut in Michigan

Around 20 percent of school funding often ignored in debate on education finances

… year, the Huron Valley School district in Oakland … advocate for higher spending rarely include the … into Michigan public schools each year, but by no … additional education spending in Michigan, said … more

Detroit Charter School Students Gaining Months of Extra Education Per Year

But coalition is critical of charters

… 20 conventional high schools in Detroit, 18 are … After years of overspending, Detroit schools … F grade on the school performance ratings … schoolchildren who spend a year in a charter … more

Here are the Highest Paying School Districts in Michigan

Getting accurate data is not easy

… from Redford Union Schools in Wayne County. They … in an annual school spending report called MDE … teachers in Detroit public schools whose management had … office (EAA) a school district comprised … more

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