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Media Promotes False Narrative that Schools Will Lose Money on Roads Package

Schools projected to gain billions

… assertion that public schools will lose money if … earmarked to school spending if fuel sales are … per year for each school district under the House … increase annual school spending, which recent legislatures … more

School Budgets Safe Under ‘No New Taxes’ House Road Funding Package

Critics ignore key provisions in bills

… appropriations for schools and local government … or eliminating other spending to shore up school … plan would not cause school and local government … on which this state spends its annual $30 billion … more

MEA Gives False Explanation to Members About Why Executive Salaries Rose

… Take Cuts School Union Asks For Members … Grow MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits … more

State School Board President Cites Funding 'Facts' That Ignore Billions in Spending

John Austin says board will rely on other information if disputed study is not 'most accurate'

… claim that Michigan schools are receiving less … dollars Michigan is spending 9% less in state … dollars that Michigan schools receive. The analysis … for Michigan school spending information because … more

The 12 Fiscal Policy Days of Christmas

… them. Mandate that all public school employees join state … altogether. Cut state spending by at least $1.1 … current Michigan Public School Employees Retirement … in state government spending to changes in inflation … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… Establish new local and school budget process requirements: … revenue and actual spending (a deficit), or is … monitoring for a public school district that experiences … from current state spending to roads each year … more

Union President Concedes Right-to-Work Lawsuit; Strikes Back Against Workers Who Left

… IN buttons in the school mail boxes of employees … priorities when it comes to spending dues money, I guess. Gary … union officials who are school employees to get paid by the school for conducting union … more

House Road Plan Is Solid

A way to fix roads without raising gas taxes

… the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement … eliminate non-essential spending to facilitate greater … million a year just for schools (more could be saved … road taxes to road spending is sound policy. … more

RTW 'Freeloader' Claim Still a Farce

MEA is the one freeloading off of teachers

… vast majority of what school employees in the state … 11 percent of total spending goes toward representational … activities. The majority of spending is for the salaries … whether they want to keep spending their money that … more

MEA Executives Take Big Pay Raises While Liabilities Continue to Grow

Pay hikes up to 44 percent come while union reports assets of negative $135 million

… membership, an increase in school employee union dues … comment. ~~~~~ MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits … costs of the state-run school employee retirement … Take Cuts School Union Asks For Members … more

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