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How Saginaw Prep Turned Around Academically

Charter school shedding 'priority' label

… mid-Michigan charter school striving not to be defined … kindergarten through 5th grade spend 100 minutes every morning … low-achievement Priority school, more of its students … provided to keep the school within reach of kids, … more

Michigan Spends Hundreds of Millions Supporting Private Schools

But liberal commentator believes small amount added this year is 'clearly unconstitutional'

… directed to private schools is clearly unconstitutional. Lessenberry … prohibition against spending public dollars to … transportation to or from any school. ForTheRecord … students in private schools. For example, … more

Tuition Up 3.9 Percent, But U-M Finds $85 Million More For 'Diversity'

'A poor choice of stewardship'

… last week that the school will spend an additional $85 million … university currently spends $40 million each … million of the new spending will be paid from … more

Voters Support School Choice

The idea of school choice has taken some … funds that they can spend on certain state-approved … governed public charter schools. And this past year … restrict public charter schools in Detroit. Though … more

State Policies Created School Pension Pain

The only real solution is to close public pensions to new employees

… choices on Michigan s school districts. Their problems … every $11 the state spends on K-12 education. If … state. In Michigan, school districts have little … upon to keep their spending promises. It is difficult … more

Michigan District Bans Homeschooled Girl From Homecoming Dance

Because she doesn't go to an 'accredited' school

Wayne-Westland Community Schools has a policy that states that homeschooled students who want … of accreditation to spend an evening with a friend, … accredited homeschool. That would effectively … more

Progress Michigan Hits Road With False School 'Cuts' Claims

Respect for the facts still matters

… legislatures have cut spending on public schools. Progress Michigan … first-hand the state of schools know that the GOP education … Michigan s public schools are getting fewer state … more

What You Owe for Pensions

Michigan governments hold $3,800 per person in pension debt

… retirees. Michigan s public school employee system has … since they d rather spend the money now. It s … more

New Study Calls for More Spending to Provide Nothing

Higher education costs are increasing, but why?

… tuition, though, until the schools stop their spending spree. For universities, … that Michigan should spend more taxpayer dollars … state would need to spend another $1.5 billion, … more

Study 'Segregates' School District Borders By Ignoring Key Data

Where's the other 27 percent of the Detroit schools' budget?

… bring common sense to school funding discussions … increase funding for lower-spending districts. The measure … Detroit and Grosse Pointe schools the most segregating school district border in the … more

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Jim Riley got his own fiscal house in order so he could retire. Now he wonders why his city government can’t do the same for their employees, and taxpayers who could end with huge bills from the unfunded retirement liabilities.

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