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Another Michigan School District, Another False Union ‘Teacher Pay Cuts’ Story

This time it’s Macomb County’s Clintondale district

Clintondale Community Schools is in contract negotiations … 2015-16. Clintondale’s spending outpaced revenue … concession since the 12/13 School Year.” ForTheRecord … pension system for public school employees. The increases … more

While Schools Try Fiscal Responsibility, Union Sets Up Protests

Clintondale and Richmond are trying to stay out of financial trouble, but it may not last

Two school districts with a history … district to ratchet up the spending again. The district … perks. Clintondale Community Schools, a district in Clinton … president, who can spend half his time every … more

Interest on School Pension Underfunding Could Pay Entire Prison System Cost

Michigan’s school pension funding hole … billion the state will spend on its prison system … current and future school retirees. The $29.1 … more

Detroit School Enrollment Reaches Historic Low

Which means starting next year in a budget hole already

… reconstituted Detroit public school district shows that … district will have to spend, falling short on enrollment … planning for the next school year already in a fiscal … hole. Detroit public schools gets $7,522 per student … more

School Claims Its Tax Hike Emails Don't Invade Privacy - but Opponent's Would

No one gets to ask, ‘Why is the district NOT in need of tax hike?’

… Hartland Consolidated Schools promoting a half-mill, … finance ‘loophole’ to spend public tax dollars to … list of the emails the school district used so he … Confidential asking if the school district had itself … more

Governor’s Cyber School Cuts Don’t Add Up

Online charters already perform OK for much less money

… certain types of public schools: cyber schools, which are charter … estimated cyber school spending reduction of $16 … The state’s per pupil spending averaged $12,243 last year. Critics … more

Tax Feeders Declare a Truce at the Trough

… we don’t see that. School superintendents don’t … areas of government spending. That’s because … criticize when other spending interests receive … thought that transit spending was the best way … more

A Case for Popular ISD Board Elections

Agencies spending more of state’s K-12 tax dollars

… Michigan’s intermediate school districts. The increasing … ISD boards have been spending a greater share of … would have given local school districts greater … later, their share of spending reached 9.5 percent. … more

Wellspring Prep Growing Strong

Diverse Grand Rapids charter readies kids for college

… Wellspring Preparatory High School is tucked just off the … to think about, and spend time on, someone else,” … northeast side. The school opened in fall 2010 … Academies K-8 charter schools. Just over half are … more

How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable

Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017

… requests to all 540 school districts turned up the dozens of school districts that redirect … year, taxpayers are spending millions of dollars … pretend to work for school districts while actually … more

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