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District’s Teachers Work 50+ Days Fewer Than Private Sector, Union Prez Gripes

Says just one day off from Labor Day to Thanksgiving shows that teachers not appreciated

… of Lake Shore Public Schools. But the contract her … teacher’s pay while spending half her workdays … a Lake Shore Public Schools teacher. Also, the … teachers in public school districts missed 11 … more

Detroit Charters Send More Graduates to College Than Peers Do

Longer-term outcomes back up test-score advantages for charter schools

Detroit charter schools rightly merit attention … typically take in and spend about $5,000 less per … attends a charter high school is more likely to pursue … Association of Public School Acade­mies, which represents … more

Detroit Teachers: Never Mind The $617 Million, What Have You Given Us Lately?

State taxpayers delivered a big bailout in 2016, now union demands more

… 2016, Detroit Public Schools received a $617 million … years of the district spending more than it took … the Detroit Public Schools Community District, … that the state isn’t spending enough money on public … more

Teachers Union Math Lesson: $8,326 Per Kid > $7,462 Per Kid

State school spending up $1 billion since 2010, but you won’t hear it from union or local news

… protesting alleged cuts in school funding took place May … after inflation, state spending on schools has increased … union assertions that school funding has been cut … funding for Burger’s school district (not including … more

What I Would Like To See From Campaigns This Year

… put more dollars into schools than ever before. Lawmakers … claims that education spending was down. But the … could have decided to spend even more on education, … more

Teachers Union Here Eager To Align With Strikes; Higher Funding Makes It Tough

Watch for advocates cherry-picking benchmarks to paint misleading funding picture

… outside before the school day begins and entering school buildings together in … higher public education spending often use 2009 — a year that saw spending spike due to a one-time … more

No More Additional Favors for Solar

Property taxes should tax the value of property, including solar panels

… local governments, schools and other taxing authorities. … ecological footprint spend their own money to install … more

99 Teachers In This District Do Union Work on Taxpayers’ Dime — 1 of every 15

Statewide, 177 school employees paid by their districts to do union work at taxpayer expense

As a Utica Community Schools employee, Eliza Parkinson … students but in reality spends the work day on union … Utica teachers this school year who are being paid … these school districts spend on union lobbyists is … more

A Look at Unions in Michigan, Five Years After Right-to-Work

Most of state’s largest unions have seen a collapse in members and political spending

… Association (public school and college employees); … membership and political spending. In 2013, Michigan … members and cut political spending. As a result, Michigan … decline in political spending of $26 million – … more

State Law May Drive Job-Seeking Michigan Woman To Move Elsewhere

Lacking cosmetology license, she looks west for opportunity

… licensed cosmetology school, or serve as an apprentice … says it isn’t worth spending the time and money … more

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