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The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan's Next House Speaker

Three representatives face off for the top spot

… sent Detroit Public Schools more than $600 million … incurred by past overspending. While arguably the … close down charter schools. Ultimately, the … the State Board to spend money to implement the … more

Lessons from Muskegon Heights School Overhaul

Detroit can benefit from similar reforms

… July 1, a new Detroit school district was created … successfully reduced its spending and stayed on stable … Muskegon Heights Public Schools used a similar method … The old district was spending over $15,000 per … more

State Board of Education Not Immune To School Funding Myths

Schools in poor communities actually get more, not less

… persistent myth about public school funding in Michigan … Benton Harbor gets and spends almost $4,000 more … communities have low-revenue school districts. According … Straus was quoted in the school funding story as saying, … more

Snyder Orders a State Economic 20 Year Plan

'Whereas, government can help ...'

… their children go to school, reduce taxes, and reduce … in 2015. After state spending of nearly half a … more

Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education

New study provides few clear-cut answers

… different states school finance systems concluded … with the same call: Spend more money. Yet … tag. For advocates of spending more on schools, reading the report … more

Up and Down: The Story of Teacher Salaries in Detroit

'There are a lot of moving parts'

… is a Detroit Public School teacher who became the … nine-year spiral of spending more than its income, … of the beaten down school system this year when … 16-year career in Detroit schools and also interviewed … more

Ten Facts About Government Pensions In Michigan

With all the charts you need to explain the problems

1. Michigan s school retirement system has … billion.) Increased spending on pensions crowds out other state spending and pressures lawmakers … current and future school retirees, there needs … more

Honest Education Discussion Requires Counting All the Dollars

Michigan should spend smarter before spending more

… conversation about school funding was echoed a … evidence for Michigan spending its way to educational … more than $1.6 billion school districts collect in … successful districts spend on average 10 percent … more

Six Numbers Showing Detroit’s Pension Problems

Retiree costs are still crowding out services

… level, and in the public schools, pension costs are … with the money it will spend on its pension bankruptcy … more

No Easy Answers in Highland Park

Students continue to flee troubled district

… after the distressed school district was taken over … today receives and spends less than $11,000 … district s only high school, the newly named Highland Park Public School Academy System struggles … more

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To grow a soccer team in the city, the Detroit City FC turned to private supporters rather than the government. The city's popular semi-pro soccer team used the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, or MILE Act, after it found a bigger stadium that needed serious repair.

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