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Teacher Gets $80k Salary, Spends Half His Time on Union Work

Ann Arbor teachers union agitating for more

… teachers who are paid by school districts throughout … to do union work on school time; Klein’s arrangement lets him spend half his time on union … clock. At least 70 public school districts had so-called … more

Detroit Schools Would Already Be in Deficit if Not for Teacher Vacancies, Extra State Money

Officials looking to fill vacancies that could push them into debt

… reconstituted Detroit public school district would already … would once again be spending more than its current … the still-shrinking school district under the direction … asset sales, and underspending in personnel-related … more

How to Get a Property Tax Hike: Spend Big on Democratic Political Consultant

West Michigan taxpayer dollars were hard at work this spring — promoting higher taxes

Kent Intermediate School District paid a Democratic … matter the cause — to spend so much money creating … resource advantages public schools and municipalities … distributed to regular school districts, which cover … more

Top Legislative Leaders Make School Pension Reform Their Top Budget Issue

‘Underfunding has made benefits expensive, costing 37 percent of each school district’s payroll’

… the state-run public school pension system to employees … $1,600 per pupil less to spend each year. Also, he … unfunded liability the school pension system has accumulated. … to statewide school spending in the first year … more

School Funding in Michigan Reaches All-Time High

Record revenues for schools likely will continue

… proclaiming that Michigan schools received insufficient … little idea how much schools already are spending. When looking at … definitively saying schools need additional funds … more

If School Pensions are ‘Vital,’ They Should Have Been Properly Funded

School employees are the state’s largest creditors

… system, the one for school employees, is a slow-motion … than what the state spends annually on prisons. In … unfunded liability makes school employees and retirees … creditors. This is not fair. School employees never consented … more

Parents Blast District For Using Emergency Contact Info To Push Tax Vote

Bait and switch? District makes robocalls on election day

… the Chippewa Valley Schools district are upset … school district, yet CVS spends more on classroom instruction … rejected Chippewa Valley Schools’ $89.9 million bond … contact information for school and emergency use only.” “Their … more

Election Today! And Plenty of Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering, Too

Schools and local governments drive trucks through election-law loophole

… placed on the ballot by school districts that have … finance loophole to spend public tax dollars to … proposals for public school districts. A typical … by Kent Intermediate School District, which is asking … more

Another Michigan School District, Another False Union ‘Teacher Pay Cuts’ Story

This time it’s Macomb County’s Clintondale district

Clintondale Community Schools is in contract negotiations … 2015-16. Clintondale’s spending outpaced revenue … concession since the 12/13 School Year.” ForTheRecord … pension system for public school employees. The increases … more

While Schools Try Fiscal Responsibility, Union Sets Up Protests

Clintondale and Richmond are trying to stay out of financial trouble, but it may not last

Two school districts with a history … district to ratchet up the spending again. The district … perks. Clintondale Community Schools, a district in Clinton … president, who can spend half his time every … more

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