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Proposal 1 Will Cost Average Michigan Household Up to $525 a Year in Extra Taxes

May 5 proposal will hike taxes by $2 billion

… would go to public schools and $100 million would … is only one of the spending priorities in the … more

Poor Cities' School Districts Receive the Most Funding

In Michigan, poverty at home doesn't translate to a poorly funded classroom

… And Flint Community Schools has been running a … also: Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions … into poorly funded school districts. Flint schools … Failures School District Spends $16,400 Per Student; … more

Budget Cut to the Bone? It's Increased by $5 Billion the Last Three Years

… departments, public schools and local governments, … trajectory of state spending tells a different … more

Oklahoma Shows Pension Reform Can Boost a State's Credit Rating

… the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement … Taxpayers Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions … billion in the state's school pension system. This … benefits earned by all school employees and also gradually … more

State on Required Payments for School Employees' Pension: 'The Check is in the Mail'

Michigan underfunding pension fund by $2.2 billion over past 10 years

… past few years, public school administrators, officials … complained of alleged school budget cuts. Although spending has actually gone … Taxpayers Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions … more
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What the New Legislature Should Stand For — And What It Should Not

… tenure laws and expanded school choice, cut business … mostly held the line on spending, eliminated project … is being ignored by school districts and unions … drain. Overall, state spending increased by $2.7 … more

'If It's Not Illegal, It Should Be'

Reaction to MEA president’s ‘sweetheart deal’ with Lansing schools goes from shock to outrage

… between the Lansing School District and the president … Grow MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits … to be considered a school employee. This lets … member of the public school pension system, despite … more

MEA President Inflating Public Pension with $200K Salary While Working for Private Union

Lansing School District keeps Steve Cook in public employee pension system

… employee of the Lansing School District. His annual … Grow MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits … between the Lansing School District and the Michigan … pension system for school employees while working … more

MEDC Feeling the Heat for Corporate Welfare Deals Coming Home to Roost

$9 billion in special deals projected

… of a surplus in the School Aid Fund to the General … roughly $106 million in spending cuts to the current-year … more

Media Muddles Magnitude of May Tax Hike Vote

It's $2 billion

… additional funding to our schools and local governments. Stamas … increase in transportation spending, leaving it to readers … Proposal Projections Show Schools Get More Even With … also increases state spending by $260 million on … more

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