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Pension System Costs the Monster That Ate School Funding Increases

Retirement costs have almost doubled in recent years

… 2007, payments for school employee retirement … 13 percent of state spending on public schools. By 2014, the last … low point for state spending on schools. In that … more

Number of Michigan Schools Privatizing Services Grows to 70 Percent

New total up from 66 percent in 2014

… more Michigan public schools contracting out food, … school officials to spend more of their resources … Center s latest survey of school districts. This year, 70.8 percent of school districts use private-sector … more

Pension Costs Eating Up Extra School Money

… the Dexter Community Schools have moved in line with many public school districts throughout … experiencing any real spending increase. Timmis … ago. However, Dexter Community Schools Superintendent Chris … more

Michigan Grapples With Fewest Number of Students In Decades

Enrollment at lowest point since state kept track back to 1977

If Detroit's public school district had maintained … context, persistent overspending has caused the school … years ago, the city's schools would have collected … Flint s cumulative overspending has racked up $17.6 … more

Michigan Schools Receive Over $12,500 Per Student

The history of education spending

Though "schools are underfunded" is … could lead to even more school spending. The declared purpose … much taxpayers must spend for public schools to … more

Public School Accounting: $100M Cut From Budget In 10 Years = Spending Increase

… Grand Rapids Public Schools website Superintendent … 2003-04. Ten year later, spending had barely budged, … says: The Grand Rapids school district's total expenses … to 16,945, per-pupil spending actually rose a good … more

State's Largest Teachers Union Fails to Disclose 30 Percent of Its Income

MEA leaves $38.3M of income to speculation

… activism. MESSA administers school employee health insurance … Freeloader? MEA Spends More On Benefits than … Negotiations MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits … more

No Accountability? 30 Percent of Detroit's Charter Schools Have Closed

22 charters have shuttered since 1994

… introduced public charter schools to the state of Michigan. … each year students spend in Detroit charter schools, … the taxpayer-funded schools otherwise known as "public school academies" have been … more

'Learning In Progress' on Legislative Roads Proposals

How to make Senate’s tax cut trigger the real deal

… away from the GF (to school funding, for example). … dodge the tax (and spending) cuts the Senate s … more

Mia's Story Shows Private Schools Can Help When Other Schools Have Failed

… to Utica Community Schools, became so frustrated. … requests, Liz says Utica schools failed to give Mia … years in elementary school, school officials made Mia feel … more

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