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Don't Blame Lack of Money for Deplorable Conditions in Detroit Schools

DPS is a top-spending district for operations and infrastructure

… conditions in the schools. The strikes have closed schools and caused tens of … The magnitude of this spending is revealed by the … of poorly maintained schools have triggered media … more
State University Revenue

Michigan Universities Doing Just Fine

And without more taxpayer money

… means to attend the school. The universities … and local governments spend more on higher education … education institutions are spending more on instruction … And universities are spending more on financial … more

The Numbers Behind Upcoming Adequacy Study

Michigan students slow to improve, despite increased funding

… into the state s K-12 school system. They expect … however. While final spending amounts haven t … Michigan Association of School Administrators Executive … 2012-13. Michigan s K-12 spending outpaced inflation … more

Michigan’s Next Criminal Intent Challenge

Many local ordinances would benefit from reform

… prospect, a graduate school admission or a loan … Littering defendants can spend several thousand dollars … more

Union Activists Protest Opposition to Coerced Union Dues

U.S. Supreme Court to consider case next week

… pits California public schoolteacher Rebecca Friedrichs … Billionaires are spending unlimited money on … for the Saginaw City School District, in the press … more

New Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering Restrictions Anger Local Government Tax Hikers

But 1st Amendment gives rights to people, not governments

… the Lansing public school district really doesn t … who oppose them must spend their own money or seek … that prohibits public schools and municipalities … State Journal , the school official said the law … more
Students from Star International Academy in Detroit

Use a Charter School Board to Reorganize Detroit Public Schools

… the future of Detroit schools. The governor and the … The Detroit News, DPS spends nearly $2,000 per student … the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren have introduced … what DPS currently spends on administration. That … more
Indoor pool

Schools Seek New Property Tax Powers

… overhauled Michigan s school funding system. Among … step toward equalizing spending per student across … other things, this made school funding much more stable … higher school taxes and spending, reports that spending … more

There They Go Again: Liberals Claim Bogus Education Funding Cuts

Michigan group, drawing on national report, 'ignores billions of dollars at school districts’ disposal'

… Most States Have Cut School Funding, and Some Continue … Columbia) for per pupil spending is 23rd. There are 28 states that spend less per pupil than … billions of dollars at school districts disposal, … more

GOP Helping Big Spending Public School Lobby

Bills give schools new ways to tax and spend

Michigan s public school establishment is nothing … accommodate public school spending interests. This one … in this area are school sinking fund taxes … authority taxes for school amenities. Both have … more

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