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Jarrett Skorup

Digital Engagement Manager

Jarrett Skorup is Digital Engagement Manager and a policy analyst at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He is also the content manager for Michigan Capitol Confidential. Prior to … more

Dane Skorup

Dane Skorup was a 2014 research intern with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. more

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College Spending Results Questioned

More money doesn't yield better results

… that do not invest in higher education will not win in … that spend more on higher education do not have … more

As ‘Higher Education Bubble’ Accelerates, Alternatives Emerge

… are predicting a " higher education bubble " and many … deal with the cost of higher education. In the past … more

Five Reasons The Government Shouldn’t Subsidize Higher Education

… is with spending on higher education. As the Michigan Legislature … further. Requests for more higher education funding is … more

More College Subsidies a Poor Investment

Higher spending doesn't mean a better economy

… going toward funding higher education. This increase … Shouldn t Subsidize Higher Education " among many … more

Commentary: Higher Ed Spending Myths

Higher spending does not equal more college graduates and more graduates does not equal a better economy

… more state funding for higher education is a must. But … actually spend on higher education per capita yields … be: That higher spending leads to a … more

Expert: Higher Education Bubble Is Coming and States Better Prepare

Richard Vedder: 'The big losers in this are poor people'

… universities, said an expert on higher education. American higher education is in a bubble, … more

MichiganVotes: Legislation Grants More Money, Taxpayer Debt For University Construction

Some experts see 'higher education bubble'

… some experts see a "higher education bubble" on the … of whether a college education is worth its price … doesn t need to subsidize higher education (and I m … more

Study: Prevailing Wage Costs Taxpayers, Schools $224 Million Per Year

Confirmation: Mandating higher costs on construction projects makes them cost more

… including for the Michigan Education Association. Other … obvious that mandating higher costs on construction … construction projects, reducing money for other vital … local governments and educational units would be … more

Commentary: Focus on Post-Secondary Education Shifting

It doesn't always have to mean college

… schooling means a greater education and always pushing … professional life in higher education, I saw firsthand … that post-secondary education is essential for … words, the current higher education system is … more

Michigan's 'Pay It Forward' College Tuition Plan Will Equal Higher Costs

… can manipulate with deductions and loopholes … policy and Jarrett Skorup is a research associate … theoretically relies on higher earning graduates to … cost of his or her education. Such … more

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