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Memo to Reporters: Follow the Money!

On Hollywood subsidies

… Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad … Idea Super Subsidies Housing … Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz' Cost … more

Senate Votes to Continue Film Subsidies

Will House put Michigan residents above Hollywood actors?

… program, meaning the subsidies are set to continue … more

Corporate Welfare and the Michigan Business Tax

Some subsidies extend another 20 years

… that approved huge subsidies or tax breaks for … comes from selective subsidies and tax breaks granted … more

Senator Called Film Subsidies 'a Waste,' Now Votes to Continue Them

… could receive from the subsidies. The bill is being … Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad … Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz' Cost … more

Michigan Has Fewer Film Jobs Than it Did Prior to Incentive Program

$500 million later, 100 fewer jobs

… $50 million per year subsidizing film productions. … Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad … Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz' Cost … more

October 24, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report

Extend film subsidies, and more key votes from 2014

… Extend film producer subsidies: Passed 32 to 4 in … law authorizing state subsidies for film productions, … limitations on giving larger subsidies based on very high … more

'Batman vs. Superman' Swings Super Subsidy Deals from Multiple States

A challenge to boosters' claim that incentives can plant a sustainable industry

… infatuation with the state-subsidized Batman vs. Superman: … production may be collecting subsidies not just from Michigan … eligible for its own film subsidies. In addition … Superman may also get subsidies from Illinois and … more

State Budget Follies

Senior Olympics subsidies getting old

… appropriation was slipped in to subsidize an athletic competition … of their years? Subsidizing the Michigan Senior … whose hobbies are not subsidized, it financially supports … otherwise that are not subsidized by government. Yet … more

Michigan Senate Votes to Remove Sunset Provision Ending Hollywood Subsidies

Bill also removes cap on high-paid actors; now moves to the House

… money used for the film subsidies could better be spent … Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad … Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz' Cost … more

One Sector Grew Last Decade: Corporate Welfare

Very few jobs to show for special favors, subsidies

… allocating state research subsidies to the state actually … nature of these film subsidies was ended, replaced … been spent on these subsidies, with little to show … more

Two women have hit the trail trying to get term limits passed in the city of Grand Rapids. Their efforts could be a barometer of public sentiment as some Lansing politicians discuss the merits of eliminating term limits for state lawmakers.

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