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Electric Vehicle Battery Subsidy Failures Evident Early On

Former Gov. Granholm defends her policies in Detroit Free Press article

… credits and direct subsidies to four companies … also voted for the subsidies. "This is why … more

Select Few Benefit from Film Subsidies

While crumbling roads affect everyone

… idea that the film subsidies are a great deal. … $450 million on film subsidies so far with no real … forced to chip in to subsidize metro Detroiters? Estimates … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

… clear conclusion: Film subsidies have to go. Researchers … purest form of direct subsidies for the rich … taxpayers. Film subsidies were approved by a … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

… Michigan. The film subsidies are an inefficient … low-hanging fruit like film subsidies, select subsidy programs … more

Commentary: Tourism Study Flawed

State needs to abandon subsidy favors

State needs to abandon subsidy favors.


From Here to Eternity?

Motion Picture Association of America letter wants permanent corporate welfare for movies

… happen because of rich subsidies; significant film … legislature to up the subsidies. This is a strong case against film subsidies. Michigan has been … is built here, the subsidies can be phased down. But … more

GOP Budget Spends More on Film Subsidies

Picking Hollywood over taxpayers

… seeking $10 million in subsidies the bogus deal … more

Riches-to-Rags Story Developing For Movie Operations in Michigan

House budget proposes eliminating state's $50M film subsidy program

… vote that gave huge subsidies to the movie industry, Republican … these Hollywood film subsidies mainly send our Michigan … out of the state to subsidize the salaries of millionaire … Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad … more

More College Subsidies a Poor Investment

Higher spending doesn't mean a better economy

… the State Shouldn t Subsidize Higher Education " … want. But government subsidies distort this process, … more

Meet James Hohman, Assistant Director of Fiscal Policy at the Mackinac Center. James discusses his latest project, an analysis of Proposal 1, the proposal on personal property tax reform that will appear on the August 5th ballot. Read more about Proposal 1 here: http://www.mackinac.org/20246

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