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Democratic Party Political Director Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party

A tea party organizer says … the controversial "Tea Party" that is running … nine of the mysterious Tea Party Political candidates' … notary signatures on the Tea Party political party … more

Tea Party Groups Predicting a Romney Victory

Most disregard polls and say Romney will win in a 'landslide'

… thousand people at a tea party rally in Battle … songs until the tardy Tea Party Express arrived. Today, … same things that many tea party activists say … neighborhoods. Tea party members from around … more

Tea Party Day 2010

… among nearly 1,000 Tea Party protesters on April … commentator was chastising Tea Partiers for not wanting any … on." Thousands of Tea Party activists came … more

The Life of the Party

What’s next for the TEA Party activists?

… instigator of the Boston Tea Party, once said that … their smile. The Tea Parties were a reaction against … government. 1. Tea Party activists aren't … labels. Political parties are extensions of … more
Clinton Township Tea Party

A GOP Congress? Not in Every Tea Party Dream

… woman's sign for Sunday's Tea Party rally was a play … success would mean Tea Parties around the … thousands, many Tea Partiers discussed what they … more

Tea Party Uses MichiganVotes to Rank Legislators

… reports that a local Tea Party group has used … their votes on core Tea Party issues. The … feature, the Independent Tea Party Patriots of Clarkston … percent correct on Tea Party issues down to … more

Why We Should Be Cat People

Puppy train your elected officials, but don't act like a dog

… Hoekstra to a tax day tea party on April … and stay loyal to a particular politician or party, … essay , "Use political parties (and politicians) … more

Michigan Tea Party Group Says It Is A Victim of IRS Discrimination

The IRS has been unfairly targeting groups that promote limited government

… small government and tea party groups. In … delaying approval for tea parties is really a … contacted by the national Tea Party Patriots and a … more

Two Democrats Join Republicans at Top of Tea Party Scorecard

Ratings shows bipartisanship on issues like fee increases, corporate welfare

The tea party movement is largely … major reason that tea parties were started, and … scorecard, a Michigan tea party group rates two … the best example of bipartisanship both parties … more

What the Tea Party Is, Is Not , and its 'Core Competence'

What the Tea Party Is The Tea Party is a social movement … liberty. A majority of Tea Partiers — but not all … are unhappy with particular roll call votes … more
'Listen to the People' sign

State Politicos Skip TEA Party

… outside, and not even any tea, but some hot chocolate, … well-dressed political partiers eating prime rib … were there for the TEA Party-inspired "State … climate, politics, TEA Parties and more is known … more

Tea Party Saboteurs

Michigan's Tea Party organizers say … pose as obnoxious Tea Partiers has drawn national … site, www.crashthetteaparty.org , is advertising … megaphone at the Tea Partiers. "You have to … more

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate Welfare's Got to Go

… refund checks), and instead write the checks in … up to $10 million to particular companies they … election season swore to tea partiers on stacks of Constitutions … more

Tea Party Groups Engaged In Battle For Right-To-Work

… Colbeck said. "The tea parties have demonstrated … more

Citizen Journalists Should Not Be Shut Out By Government

Stories exposing drunk teacher union contract provisions, fake tea party came from alternative news sources

… media. The Bay City teachers' union contract that allows teachers to show up drunk … report on the fake tea party in Oakland County … more

Numbers Game

Media inflates number of protesters at rally against worker freedom

… and shows the largest tea party demonstration … 12,500 union members participated in the rally … the Capitol. In the tea party photo, those areas … the street there instead of concentrated right … more

Tea Party Day 2010

… among nearly 1,000 Tea Party protesters Thursday … commentator was chastising Tea Partiers for not wanting any … on." Thousands of Tea Party activists came … more

Governments Already Impose Hunger Games

… business owners and Tea Party members, for example … more

Tea Party Info Tech

… activism referred to the Tea Party movement as "tea bag" in a headline, … technology party, the Tea Party movement is now … Tina Dupont of the Tea Party of West Michigan. … more

Why Are Some Tea Party Supporters Fighting Proposal 1 In Michigan?

… are, ironically, from Tea Party members. This … opposition seems to be some Tea Party supporters. Proposal … this opposition are Tea Party supporters. Here … more

Stupak Targeted by Tea Party Express

… gone nationwide as the Tea Party Express has launched … Menominee. The national Tea Party tour has raised … campaign, according to Tea Party Express Spokesman … defeat Stupak, the Tea Party tour announced. The … more

How Will Tea Party Success in the Primaries Play out in November?

The Tea Party movement had another … country. In Nevada, a Tea Party candidate knocked … what it means to the Tea Party movement. Jason Gillman, Tea Party organizer of 9/12 … more
Tea Part Counter Protest

Tea Partiers Counter-Protest Government Union 'Lobby Day'

… AFL-CIO, the Detroit Federation of Teachers and other unions, … associated with different Tea Party groups stood in … Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots, referring … much. Lansing Tea Party organizer Joan … more

Fake Tea Brewing

… third party called "Tea Party" that doesn't … the support of the tea party movement will … third party called the "Tea Party." The petition drive has upset tea party officials who … more

Tea Party Quotables...

… told a crowd that instead of introducing the … Gandhi quote becomes a Tea Party slogan As … Foundation, was telling the Tea Party movement of their … the media ignored the Tea Party meetings, then … more

Advocacy Alleged In School District Bond Promotion

Traverse City school district officials say they did not tell people how to vote

A Traverse City tea party activist said … said Traverse City tea party activist Jason … more

Political Predictions for 2014

Political strategists talk minimum wage, big government and Obamacare

… ultimately come down to partisan turnout. I … more

Analysis: What's Next for Michigan Tea Parties?

Tax Day Tea Party rallies were held … roll call tallies on particular votes, and gives … campaign. Evidence that the Tea Party is something the … they feel about these particular votes. Although … more

Reactions to Forced Unionization

Tea Party groups call practice 'immoral'

… the Saginaw County Tea Party said that when … another Saginaw County Tea Party member, says that … and an independent tea party member, suggested … thing going. It's stealing from those who have … more

Politician Puppy Training

What the tea parties can learn from the dogs

… the neighbors). Instead, an external system of … lesson in this for tea party groups who seek … chamber either. A tea party group trying to … beforehand. Trying to teach these at the last … more

Politician Puppy Training

What the tea parties can learn from the dogs

… lesson in this for tea party groups who seek … chamber either. A tea party group trying to … beforehand. Trying to teach these at the last minute … puppy training, means you teach the big idea well … more

Associated Press: Tea Parties are "A Lot of Noise" and "No Muscle"

The Tea Party movement won't … Monday. But many Michigan Tea Party activists discounted … the wind out of the tea party movement," said … the Oakland County Tea Party. Clark, … more
Sen. Jason Allen

Northern Michigan Tea Party 'Doing Its Homework' on GOP Pols

… In Luce County, Tea Party organizer John … Michigan audience? Tea Party members that now … informed" The Tea Party movement may affiliate … the poster child of Tea Party wrath with his … more

Tea Partiers Take Credit for Stupak's Retirement

… the day the national Tea Party Express set up … Williams said. "The Tea Parties had everything to … retirement. The Tea Party Express, which … America. That's what Tea Parties are about. ... He … more

'The Tea Party' Barred From November Ballot

… for the grassroots tea party movement. Its arch-nemesis The Tea Party would not be allowed … part of the "real" tea party. The Michigan … 5-2 not to hear The Tea Party's appeal of a … more

Are Tea Parties "A Lot of Noise" and "No Muscle"?

The tea party movement won't … Monday. But many Michigan tea party activists discounted … the wind out of the tea party movement," said … the Oakland County Tea Party. Clark, … more

Will the Tea Party Fade if Republicans Win It All?

… succeed in enlisting the Tea Party movement in confrontations … against the generic, bipartisan political class, … could administer a huge Tea Party booster shot. Gridlock … beef is with the bipartisan political careerist … more

Is Congressman Ron Paul Supporting Select Energy Subsidies?

Presidential candidate splits with Club For Growth, Tea Party supporters

It s the bill that has Tea Party favorites Ron … people in support of a particular social agenda. If … more

Tea Party Express Stops at Capitol

… became the face of tea party wrath over the … people. The tea partiers waited 70 minutes … bill, the national Tea Party Express rolled … 31 Associated Press: Tea Parties are "A Lot of Noise" … more

Tea Party Express Bus Tour

The Tea Party Express features … anti-tax, conservative, tea party movement along … and for all of the Tea Party Express locations … more

Michigan Tea Party Convention Proposed

… Acton of the Jackson Tea Party sent an email … later. Tina Dupont of the Tea Party of West Michigan said the tea party groups are planning … together. Dupont said the Michigan Tea Party Alliance has reserved … more

Holt Activist To Ride With TEA Party Express

… been selected by the Tea Party Express to speak … events," Fabiano said. "Particularly in Michigan where … she will be on the Tea Party Express bus doing … the past stop by the Tea Party Express, Fabiano … more

Analysis: Michigan Primaries a Tea Party Failure?

… as evidence that the Tea Party movement is ineffective … the major political parties as currently constituted. In … worldview. This misses the Tea Party’s rejection of … itself in terms of particular politicians (or … more

Tea Parties Search for U.S. Senate Candidate

Many of Michigan's tea party leaders want to … something like the tea parties did in Indiana, … Lugar . The Indiana tea parties got together and found … more

Survey Says Tea Party and GOP Bonds Are Weakening

… its foothold in the tea party movement, according … Alliance. "Being a tea partier doesn't mean you are … percent of the early tea party members identified … said the Michigan tea partiers want to change the … more

Coldwater Clarifies Tea Party Sign Ban

… lawsuit filed by a tea party group that had … would work with the tea party group s attorney … who represents the tea party group, said the … also: Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public … more

MIRS: Where's Tea Party On K-12?

… which the conservative Tea Party movement played … last year. Instead, lawmakers are getting … superintendents, school officials, teachers and parents, which has … Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots. "We've … more

Tea Party Events Across Michigan

Tomorrow, Tea Party groups are holding … of the Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots. We … drinks. A variety of Tea Party and smaller-government … more

Survey Says Tea Party and GOP Bonds are Weakening

… its foothold in the tea party movement, according … Alliance. "Being a tea partier doesn't mean you are … percent of the early tea party members identified … said the Michigan tea partiers want to change the … more

State Politicos Skip Tea Party

… outside, and not even any tea, but some hot chocolate, … well-dressed political partiers eating prime rib … attendees were there for the Tea Party-inspired "State … tax climate, politics, TEA Parties and more is known … more

State 'TEA' Groups Report Rapid Growth

… 1,000th member for the TEA Party of West Michigan, … health care bill. TEA Party groups from around … Southwest Michigan Tea Patriots. His group … move their April 15th TEA Party rally to a bigger … more

A Lawyer Offering Few Details is Face of Mysterious ‘The Tea Party’

… the mysterious 'The Tea Party' political party … man who formed The Tea Party and was described … dozens of grassroots tea party activists did … failed to approve The Tea Party political party … more

Fake Tea Party Scam Ends In Fraud Convictions

… involvement with a 2010 fake Tea Party scheme. Bauer … story of the fake Tea Party in July of 2010 … Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party . The Tea Party fraud was initially … more

Newsmaker Friday: Day on the Tea Party Movement

… top forces behind the Tea Party movement in Michigan … from the political parties, which she says look … last year of the Tea Party rallies, Ms. Day … said. "Within the parties themselves there's … more

Jackson Activist Asks Third-Party Tea Party ‘Interloper’ to ‘Cease and Desist’

… the newly formed Tea Party , reached out … compete with established parties. He doesn't buy … Jackson grassroots Tea Party organization. In … Davis asked a Jackson Tea Party official: Any … more

Memo to Media: Tea Party's Bite is as Big as its Bark

AP, New York Times and Washington Post critics assert doubts about electoral success of activists

… Press analysis of the tea party movement concluded … stated that the tea partiers' litmus test would … significance of the tea party's ability to draw … approved. "I think they (tea partiers) laid the foundation … more

Tea Party Candidate Identity Statements Could Be Invalid

The mysterious Tea Party candidates could … July 24 date of the Tea Party Convention … its inspection of the Tea Party petition signatures. Earlier this week , a tea party activist discovered … more

Mysterious ‘The Tea Party,’ Under Investigation and Going to Court

… controversial "The Tea Party" political group makes … have "The" before "Tea Party" on it, which … vote to approve The Tea Party petition failed … attorney representing The Tea Party, said he expected … more

Conyers Hits Obama Administration, Tea Party at Socialist Event

… Obama as well as the tea party. The 23-term … "Rational Abilities" of Tea Partiers are "Compromised" … 14th district said the tea party is "small and … has gone after the tea party movement, which … more

Tea Party Groups Set To Pick U.S. Senate Candidate

A collection of tea party groups from across … candidate the selected tea parties will support … the race. Tea partiers recognize that the … more

Town Rescinds 'Unconstitutional' Tea Party Sign Ban

… unconstitutional to stop a tea party group from displaying … of $8,347.50 for the tea party Common Sense Patriots … Branch County. The tea party group agreed … also: Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public … more

Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park

Lawsuit filed against Coldwater for resolution banning signs deemed 'too controversial'

… claims a Branch County tea party group was denied … also: Tea Partiers Counter-Protest Government … banners and signs at a tea party rally at a public park … too broad. Instead of using a scalpel, … more

Tea Party Group Moving from Protests to Election Action

… what is being called a tea party "strike force" … candidates. Fabiano, the Holt tea party activist who founded … educate and mobilize tea party voters. "It … time to put down the tea party signs and pick … more

Obamacare Decision Likely to 'Rekindle' the Tea Party Movement

For some Michigan tea party members, the only … of the Independent Tea Party Patriots in Clarkston. … ever." Ed Tomaszewski, a tea party activist from … rekindle the fire in the tea party without a doubt." Legally, … more

Tea Party Reaction to Gov. Snyder's First State of State

Tea party reaction to Gov. … said Ben DiPonio, a tea party member from Milford with the Tea Party Patriots of West … Clarkston s Independent Tea Party Patriots agreed. … more

Activist Notebook: 'TEA Party Express' Touring Michigan

The Tea Party Express national … homepage, or visit www.TeaPartyExpress.org more

Tea Party Could Cut Up the Federal Credit Card

… a new front in the tea party battle against … main principle driving the tea party movement is … called for a Chicago Tea Party to protest … fit for the work of tea party sympathizers. Ratification … more

Tea Party Could Cut Up the Federal Credit Card

… a new front in the tea party battle against … principle driving the tea party movement is … for a Chicago Tea Party to protest … fit for the work of tea party sympathizers. Ratification … more

'MEA Republicans' Grind Down Tea Party Reformers

… endorsed by the MEA teachers union blocking … movement called the "Tea Party," and the extent … Confidential (see " Teacher Union Doubles Republican … last November, some Tea Party leaders warned … more

Tea Party Taking on Prez Primary: How Much Will it Matter and How Much Will it Cost?

Tea party activists have … arguably given the tea parties a great deal of influence … turnout. The tea party activists are … independents, however, have participated heavily in … more

BREAKING NEWS: Oakland County Clerk claims forged candidate filing from “fake” Tea Party

… candidate statements for the "Tea Party" political party. … election." Bauer's participation was discovered … notarized paperwork for eight Tea Party candidates running … of the mysterious 'Tea Party' was uncovered … more

Fake Political Party Runs Mystery Candidates

… Michigan grassroots tea party groups is not the official Tea Party candidate vying … candidates the newly formed Tea Party political group … released Tuesday. The Tea Party is suspected of … more

Conyers: “Rational Abilities” of Tea Partiers are “Compromised”

… repeatedly referred to tea party activists as "tea baggers" and said that … conversation towards the tea parties and the recent health … frustration of the tea baggers and the people … more

Teacher and Spouse Make $140K Per Year, 'Adamant' That Their Children Will 'Never' Be Educators

Rockford Public School teacher says he, other teachers are the 'scorn of the Republican Party'

As teachers in the same school … Schools. According to the teachers union contract, … $57,422. Craig is a high school teacher with 23 years of … an elementary school teacher, according to what … more

Michigan's Newest Accidental Activists

Most Tea Party activists didn't … he sat out the Tea Parties of 2009. "Big decisions … attended his first Tea Party at the state capitol … while joining his local Tea Party seemed the logical … more

Some Tea Partiers Gunning For Republican Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Richardville out of sync on 'right-to-work' and 'forced unionization'?

… associated with the Tea Party movement have … limited government Tea Party groups: While … raised Republican and Tea Party eyebrows by receiving … Education Association teachers union. On … more

Prop 1: Making the Confusing More Clear

… from the Brighton Area Tea Party. They had requested … about it, including the tea party group in Brighton. … more

Would Tea Partiers Favor Wealth Redistribution Without the Bureaucracy?

… welfare programs, but instead would merely augment … Americans including Tea Partiers really object … this, members of the Tea Party movement are sometimes … When the Tea Partiers (and millions of … more

Analysis: Phony 'Sandbox Party' Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Lobby for More Goverment Spending

(Genuine) Tea Party supporters are … November? Are Tea Parties "A Lot of Noise" and … trick of a (fake) "The Tea Party" political party … child care worker "stealth unionization" lawsuit, … more

False Pretenses Should be Put to Rest

GOP candidates scrutinized

… serious challenge from Tea Party activists. Early … conservative. The issue in this particular case is not whether … an assertion. Tea Party activist candidate … and whether it is a particularly good year for … more

Does Michigan Need a New Constitution?

Standing before a crowd of TEA party activists last … should understand the partisan gridlock that is … constitution establishes. Instead, they arise from the combination of … employee unions in particular, and also by politically … more
Troy Rally

Troy Rally to 'Win Back Our Government'

… Project group. Some tea partiers held signs that urged … motorists to honk, and a steady stream of cars did … it!" one female tea partier yelled. "You … more

Challenger Takes on Sander Levin

… 1982. "It's all the Tea Party folks who are … care coming from both parties. Levin was his congressman. "They … Harrigan said. "That tears down the idea that … more

Rep. Ray Franz: Hero of Home Repair Tradesmen

… free-market defenders and Tea Party types. In one … no more giveaways Tea Party message, and shared … more

Washtenaw GOP Delegate Dispute About Ruth Johnson, Not Ron Weiser

… the leaders of the tea party takeover of the Washtenaw … was on getting tea partiers elected to delegate … chairman of Willow Run Tea Party Caucus, put out … not the focus of the tea party voting at the … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

… already under-funded teacher retirement system … unite small-government tea party types with good-government … against corporations teaming up with government … more
Stephen Dresch

Analysis 'Up North' Grass Roots v. MI GOP Establishment: Echoes of 1992 in Stupak Seat Race

… identifying with the Tea Party movement were … Representatives. The bipartisan Lansing political … more-or-less establishment "Tea Party Express" scheduled … more

Feb. 17, 2012 MichiganVotes.org Weekly Roll Call

… Bill 752 , Ban stealth conventions by minor political parties: Passed 38 to 0 in … schemes like the stealth convention and … require minor political parties to notify the Secretary … more

The Public Purpose of Our 'Professors' Email' FOIA Request

… displays hyperlinks to tea party groups and taxpayer … and whether anyone particularly union members … specific focus on helping tea party and taxpayer groups … might be hidden in a particular public document, … more

Tax Preparation

… residents. Instead of collecting receipts, … anticipation of their April 15 tea party rally in Grand … Rapids. About eight tea party activists from TEA Party of West Michigan … more

Celebrating the Past, Looking Forward

… To my friends in the tea party movement, I'd … term, not political parties or personalities or … movement isn't the tea party, then it's something … asked you to imagine a tear in her eye as she told … more

Shoulders of Giants

Letter from the executive vice president

… career and to focus instead on ideas. Society s … Great Britain has a Tea Party movement, the … more

Republicans Backsliding After Solid Reforms

… increase but is instead tax fairness. What … property owners in a particular area. This … reverting to their pre-Tea Party behavior. The … increases on unwilling participants. No vote of the … more

A 'Business as Usual' Comeback?

… for streetlights instead of police; raise city … bureaucrats and the teachers union appear to … were making claims to tea party members and sympathizers … more

Obamacare: GOP 'Hostage Taker'

… senator try to convince a Tea Party audience that … still can t make this particular pig any prettier, … more
Michigan's Minimum Wage - Mackinac Center Issues & Ideas

The Machinations Behind Michigan’s Minimum Wage Hike

… Democrats proved that the team that plays offense … harmful wage mandate. Tea Partiers are no doubt … the minimum wage. Instead they implemented a … more

And the Academy Award Goes To ...

… moviegoers who like a little tea with their Oscar party … large, and Hollywood in particular, has been and is … more
Wayne State University Labor Studies Center screenshot

Wayne State Removes Questionable Website After Mackinac Center FOIA Requests

… where the professors teach medicine but also … and taxpayer money to organize Tea Party rallies and help … more

Your Favorites: 2010

… Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party " Detroit: … 'Rational Abilities' of Tea Partiers are 'Compromised' " " The … Michigan Public School Teacher " " $300k … more

Weekly Roundup - September 11

Detroit News - "The Tea Party" political party … Schools is short on teachers. Michigan View … and whether the fake tea party will affect the … hands, we'll keep stealing." New York Times … more

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