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Cheers for Detroit Schools Transparency

District has come a long way

… to name someone as a transparency officer. I’m happy … more

State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

MEDC treats transparency 'as an annoyance'

Making transparency a condition for … provide much-needed transparency at the MEDC, companies … rights to provide public transparency concerning the agreement?” “I … state government to be transparent in its dealings with … more

What Michigan Government Lacks in Transparency

Billions in business subsidies still can’t be disclosed

… comes to providing transparency on this “economic … more

HONEST Act – EPA Science and Transparency

This should be ‘science 101’

… credible, reproducible, and transparent science to support … Congress to impose transparency on the EPA. The … critics who say it is not transparent and uses questionable … lawsuits, to force transparency on the agency. The … more

Jobs Department’s Fake News: $10 Tax return for Every $1 in Subsidies

Program lacks transparency, too

… economy. The MBDP also lacks transparency. In its fiscal … claims. People deserve transparency, not unjustified … more

Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Need Reform

Transparency, rule of law should be the focus

… would provide more transparency for the assets seized … more

Three Cheers for Michigan House Democrats

Questioning MEDC transparency is the right thing to do

… Development Corp. to be more transparent and accountable in … complained about the lack of transparency at Michigan’s department … the MEDC's lack of transparency and accountability. … the MEDC's lack of transparency. In a November … more

Secretive Bidder Wins Pure Michigan Contract Over Transparent One

Auditor General, not MEDC, should hire reviews of corporate welfare programs

… made “ 100 percent transparency ” a centerpiece … addition to the promised transparency of survey design … briefings to improve transparency and public understanding … mandating 100 percent transparency and that all costs … more

Government Transparency Bill Stalled in Senate

Michigan House passed bill six months ago

… promotes government transparency and accountability … withhold records. Transparency shouldn’t be viewed … more

How CapCon Uses Transparency Laws to Hold Government Accountable

… website that rates the transparency of state and local … scrutiny. Government transparency laws are an important … that favors greater transparency in government. We … Attacked Government Transparency Groups Gets 'Bitten … more

Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive

'Transparency' sidesteps real issue (but still worth pursuing)

… bother trying to inject transparency into the operations … guessing game, because “transparency” as practiced by … calls for meaningful transparency, which may seem … tree. Establishing real transparency standards could … more

How to Improve Economic Development Transparency

State considers changes to economic development disclosure

… looking to improve its transparency and is targeting … these programs more transparent. Under current policies, … programs are the least transparent. Michigan is not … effectiveness, but the lack of transparency about them is outrageous. … more

Idaho Lawmakers Embrace Open Meetings, Michigan Still Waiting for Transparency

New law may be "the best in the nation"

… a bill to increase transparency in collective bargaining. … it comes to Michigan transparency on unions and collective … Bringing Financial Transparency to Michigan's Public … provide the same detailed transparency for finances as … more

It's Time to Expand Public Records Transparency

Reitz discusses Flint water crisis on Michigan Radio

… discuss the need for more transparency in government in … this public records transparency law. Reitz explained … more

MEDC Questioned About Its Transparency

Questions about how tax dollars spent could warrant new legislation

… has a section on transparency , but Rep. Genetski … its apparent lack of transparency. "It seems … Gov. John Engler and transparency questions existed … Granholm, questions of transparency at MEDC reached … more

State Checkbook Still Missing From Internet (revised version)

State rejects transparency despite minimal cost

… Information Age places such transparency within our grasp, … Michigan the Money" transparency project ( .) … to keep this whole transparency project running.  These … "gold standard" of transparency set by Missouri … more

Multiple School Districts Breaking the Law On Transparency

Schools are required to post contracts, compensation information online

… Wayne County had no transparency icon on its website … Capitol Confidential Transparency Coverage How CapCon Uses Transparency Laws To Hold Government … more

A Look At The State Budget for Business Subsidies

Old ideas get new taxpayer cash

… that’s a good thing for transparency’s sake. But lawmakers … programs that are more transparent than the older ones. … an improvement, but transparent programs can still … still fail to meet transparency requirements of … more

'Secretive Obama Administration' Official to Kick Off Event on Transparency

Legal scholar says Attorney General Holder's participation in Wayne State event is 'the height of hypocrisy'

… demanding "a full, transparent account" of the Justice … the discussion on the transparency of a presidential … administration was not very transparent. "The Obama … things in terms of transparency, but some of the … more

Why Mackinac Published Names and Wages of Government Workers in a Searchable Database

The information belongs to the people

… In other words, more transparency is coming whether … fight for an open, transparent government. more

A Transparency Fight in the Village of Armada

… safeguard open and transparent government. But one … make the village more transparent ever since he took … greater government transparency died on the spot. But … every effort to be transparent in our financial … more

Film Transparency – Just say No?

… which call for more transparency in the state’s film … the state’s lack of transparency in the film industry … million dollars. Greater transparency of Michigan’s film … Tackle Film Credit Transparency Michael … more

The MEDC’s Pure Michigan Puffery: Part II

Reforms could make agency more credible

… criticism for its lack of transparency, which most recently … one of authentic transparency and intellectual … such study must be transparent and fully disclose … more

Transparency Not Rapid for Kent Co. Transit Agency

… model of government transparency, while the local … the organization’s transparency project says that it … to make itself more transparent to the taxpayers … “The Rapid is a highly transparent public enterprise, accountable … more

University Budget Transparency vs. Secret 'Appropriations Mud Pit'

Increasing term limits won't help government transparency.


After Veto, Gov. Snyder's Commitment To Transparency Questioned

Governor vetoed bill passed unanimously by the Legislature

… state government more transparent and accountable to … national leader in transparency and ethics." Considering … Snyder's commitment to transparency, his veto of House … Republicans believe in transparency," Rep. LeBlanc said. … more

State's Corporate Welfare Arm Says Ex-Attorney General Approved Being Less Transparent

MEDC: AG gave 'informal verbal advice' about not disclosing tax information

… MEDC step away from transparency. The policy change … its implications for transparency has been the subject … Deaf to Requests for Transparency There … more

As Conventional Public Schools Fail Transparency Law, Charters are Targeted

Pontiac Public Schools posts teachers' contract that expired in 2011

… isn’t alone in this transparency failure. Yet in … called out for supposed transparency shortfalls that … following the state law’s transparency requirements. Roberts … schools had followed transparency requirements. “Pontiac … more

Keeping Government Entities on Track

A Case Study

A Case Study


QA With the MEDC: Verifying Jobs Resulting From Special Government Favors

State Reps call for greater transparency or elimination of program

… a greater degree of transparency at the MEDC. "Clearly, … significant lack of transparency at MEDC," Rep. Switalski … show that there was no transparency and no accountability, … $100K Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency A … more

Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency

House Democrats call for scrutiny of corporate welfare programs; accountability for tax dollars

Those who want to bring transparency to the Michigan … criticized for a lack of transparency.  House Democrats … make the MEDC more transparent. In fact, House … Democrats want more than transparency; they want provisions … more

Lawmakers Looking At MEDC Transparency

… attempt to bring more transparency to the Michigan … for being less than transparent .  According … concerns over its anti-transparency image. One … The key word here is transparency, and I'm proud to … more
Exhibit A: MFO 2009 Annual Report

Analysis: Lawmakers Fail to Answer Questions About Film Subsidy Transparency

… agree that the more transparency in government spending … been written about transparency, the word "scrutinized" … state House to pass new transparency laws . In … address additional transparency concerns. ..." Instead, … more

Oh, The Things You Will Learn

An intern's brush with bureaucracy

… increasingly many promise transparency. But a look at how … more

Traverse City Schools Set Transparency Precedent

… district is raising transparency to a new level … bargaining process transparent, as TCAPS superintendent … more

Lawmakers Poised To Continue Corporate Welfare Fund

Program track record includes inaccurate job creation claims, little transparency

… provide additional transparency. We will continue … going but with greater transparency. That part of the … to provide greater transparency, although in its … would provide greater transparency. In the fall … more

Taxpayers Deserve to Know Details of Business Subsidy Deals

State officials are hiding what should be public information

… of basic government transparency. As a citizen, … more

Dear House Tax Committee: Pure Michigan Return on Investment Not Validated

State Rep. Jim Tedder asks the right question

… extensively about a lack of transparency in the Pure Michigan … had a “lack of total transparency,” and acknowledged … Longwood’s lack of transparency, this second outfit … more

Prop 2 May Put FOIA on Ice for Media, Others

… greater government transparency — recently vetoed … more

House Panel Likely to Approve FOIA Reforms

Legislation designed to rein in unjustified fees, increase government transparency

… standardization and transparency," said Rep. Mike … also: How CapCon Uses Transparency Laws To Hold Government … more

U-M Refuses to Disclose Its President's Politicking

… Sunshine Week, when transparency in government is … more

School District Saves $60K by Being More Transparent

… dedicated to government transparency was all it took … has shown, government transparency has positive ‘real world’ … more

Lawmakers Tackle Film Credit Transparency

… make the process more transparent by changing the tax … by the Senate. Transparency has become an issue … more

Benefits of Switch Data Center Likely to be Exaggerated, Unverified

Transparency would end speculation on effects of tax exemption deal — and the deal itself

… to meaningful public transparency, there might be … to meaningful public transparency, it’s likely the … failure to provide transparency regarding special … to provide adequate transparency, there is no reason … more

Legislature Considering More Transparency For Asset Forfeiture

Some police agencies oppose the bills, which would require more accountability when property is taken

… would provide more transparency in asset forfeiture … incentives. "It's just good transparency legislation," Rep. … generally supporting more transparency, she said it would … more

What Economic Development Transparency Should Look Like

… provide much greater transparency. Taxpayers … insist on some basic transparency principles. That's … more

School District Thwarts Transparency With Unnecessary Costs

… often claim to support transparency, their actions frequently … more

How a Government Transparency Request Can Take Months

… government requires transparency, especially during … more

State Not Transparent with Effectiveness of Multi-Million-Dollar Program

New Pure Michigan study questions advertising expenditure

New Pure Michigan study questions advertising expenditure


How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable

Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017

… making governments more transparent. In response, politicians … week and government transparency laws, here are some … electronically. Without government transparency laws, it would be … more

Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act

True freedom, information, and action?

… standardization and transparency.” – State Sen. Mike … Information Act to ensure transparency within the government … more

New Bill Would Shed Light On Asset Forfeiture In Michigan

Bipartisan House bill would bring transparency to law enforcement seizing property without criminal charges

… would greatly enhance transparency.  Cara Sullivan, … increase government transparency and accountability." The … more

Modernizing the Open Meetings Act

Michigan Law Revision Commission takes step forward

… their commitment to transparency.) Post other … more

$72 Million in Film Credits Not Reported by Film Office

… was comprehensive, transparent and met all the statutory … Chief Film Transparency – Just say No? State Subsidies … more

New Film Office Report Misleads and Shows Undercounting

… getting better with transparency. The original report … Chief Film Transparency – Just say No? State Subsidies … more

Sun May Finally Shine on State Pols' Staff Salary Secrets

All five GOP gov candidates support bill to remove special FOIA exemption for Legislature and governor's office

… Michigan the Money transparency project asked the … spending of government as transparent as possible. The … more

Thirty-One MEDC Salaries Top $100K

… needs accountability, transparency - Livingston Daily … more

Government Official Denigrates Citizen for Seeking Public Information

FOIA is a legitimate accountability tool

FOIA is a legitimate accountability tool


Pew’s Non-Neutrality

Red Dawn Reality Check

Although the state of Michigan may offer tax rebates to Hollywood production companies that film in this state, the U.S. military isn't as generous, according to a Department of Defense spokesman.


State Websites Give History a Rewrite

Readers of the state of Michigan's various Web sites would be hard pressed to find evidence of one of the more embarrassing incidents to have happened this year to the Granholm administration.

On March 16, Gov. Jennifer Granholm announced in a press-release a series of state tax credits awarded to businesses, including one to a now-infamous company named RASCO. The press release stated the "the new-to-Michigan leader in renewable energy, water and telecommunications sectors" was approved for a $9.1 million tax credit and would create 1,813 new jobs.

The state nixed the deal when it found that RASCO CEO Richard A. Short was a convicted embezzler. The Flint Journal reported that at the same time he was working on the state tax deal, authorities said he was scamming an 86-year-old neighbor with dementia out of thousands of dollars.

The MEDC's official press release has now been revised and has no mention of RASCO.


Legislators Who Promote Transparency Should Start by Disclosing Corporate Welfare Deals

MEDC secrecy patronizes lawmakers and public

… That could mean more transparency for taxpayers and … which is 100 percent transparent — showed this spending … accountability and transparency and lawmakers should … to consent to basic transparency. The House has … more

Now is the Time to Demand Transparency from State's Corporate Welfare Agency

… – that the issue of transparency should be addressed. In … private businesses, transparency requirements for … been one of the least transparent entities in state … conception of how nontransparent the agency is, they … more

Emails Show Shaky Grounds for Corporate Welfare Agency’s Transparency Shutdown

… agency’s leap away from transparency. The emails … grounds for shutting down transparency were based on speculation. … of increasing MEDC transparency. What follows are … Economic Development Transparency State's … more

Study: They Spend Millions, but Minimal Transparency Required for Government Union Finances

… “ Bringing Financial Transparency to Michigan’s Public … helped draft a reform of transparency requirements at … of union financial transparency, starting in 1959. … more

A Little School — A Big Idea

Chassell Township Schools’ transparent spending

… Michigan the Money " transparency project. A similar … Peyton Walcott, a Texas transparency advocate. The … extreme example of why a transparent checkbook is a benefit; … Michigan the Money' transparency project for the … more

Holding Legislators Accountable

… democracy rests are transparency and accountability; … accountable. HB 4326 enhances transparency and accountability … more

Bills Would Repeal Legislators', Governor's Open Records Law Exemptions

Flint water crisis turns up the heat

… low grades for its transparency,” he continued. … want to improve our transparency but we need to make … more

Onsted Community Schools Shows Taxpayers the Money

… accountable is to make it transparent, so that the American … no reason to not be transparent about everything, … more

Comparing Apples to Lemons in Pension Reform

Legislature needs to be transparent about costs.


Traverse City Schools' Post Union Negotiation Details Online

… towards achieving real transparency and fiscal accountability." The … fine with the increased transparency. “The Traverse … more

How $10 Million Spending Increases Become K-12 Budget Cuts

… Teachers? Transparency Not Rapid  For Kent … more

Michigan Department of Education Miscalculates Average Teacher Salary

Department corrects its error; revised figures available

The Michigan Department of Education improperly calculated the average public school teacher salary in the state for the last six years, reporting figures significantly lower than what is correct. Corrected figures for the past two years were recently released.


State Taxpayers Eat $350K Loan for East Lansing Property Purchase

The way Phil Bellfy sees it, it may not be illegal, but that doesn't make it right.

Bellfy is a Michigan State University professor and vocal critic of an East Lansing Downtown Development Authority deal he says doesn't smell right.


Senator Says House Is Stalling Reform of Special Tax Perks for Filmmakers

… Senate that would bring transparency to the Michigan … film tax credits more transparent. Senate Bill … Tackle Film Credit Transparency Michael … more

Predictions of Success Are Public - Failures Are Secret?

Michigan Economic Development Corp. very open with predictions of success, growing more secretive with news of failure

… a pattern of less transparency regarding actual … claim they are more transparent than ever and yet … needs accountability, transparency - Livingston Daily … more

Bills Would Demand More Info From Filmmakers Getting Special Tax Breaks

… legislation to bring more transparency in the state agency … Tackle Film Credit Transparency Michael … more

House of Reps Adopts ‘Open Kimono’ Policy for Salaries and Other Financial Info

… districts to be more transparent with the voters," … taking the lead on transparency,” said Lund. “Soon … Secrets State rejects transparency despite minimal … more

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