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Unions are the Freeloaders

Forced dues spent on politics, benefits for union staff

… who want out of the union is wrong. The side … financially support a union to keep their jobs has … freeloaders — receiving union benefits while not wanting … The MEA, like many unions, spends very little … more

99 Teachers In This District Do Union Work on Taxpayers’ Dime — 1 of every 15

Statewide, 177 school employees paid by their districts to do union work at taxpayer expense

… spends the work day on union business. Of her salary, … behalf of the teachers union, for which Parkinson … district for performing union-related activities at … for some amount of union work. The union also … more

A Look at Unions in Michigan, Five Years After Right-to-Work

Most of state’s largest unions have seen a collapse in members and political spending

… historic bastion of union power – became a right-to-work … most of its largest unions have seen a significant … members and pay dues to unions. Since then, nine of the 11 unions that must file reports … more

Weak Membership Growth Shows Need for New Union

… Feb. 3, 2015.) Unions continue their struggle … membership. Why have unions been in decline and … 21st-century economy, unions must adopt a new consumer-oriented … the 1930s that give unions a monopoly on representation … more


Prop 2 Would Protect Union Bosses at the Expense of Qualified Teachers

… fact, nearly all teacher union contracts require that … several districts appear to value union bosses the most. The … good example. Its union contract specifies that the local union president "shall have … more

Union Rally Fizzles

Union organizer: 'All these organizations are the same'

… other things, about 40 union workers and community … said was comprised of unions and faith-based organizations, … more

Unions, Left-Leaning Groups Dominate List of Largest Political Donors

Twelve of the top 20 spenders are unions

… business. Turns out, unions are the top spenders … 1989 to 2014 have been unions, which overwhelmingly … Employees was No. 2. The union, which represents Detroit … GOP. The parent union for the Michigan Education … more

Union President Tells Women to Join Union to Get Equal Pay

But national data says union men make more than union women

… Tuesday that belonging to unions is the way women could … Working Women? Join A Union!” Except, that’s … Swift is correct and unionized women really do make as much as unionized men, other things … more

Union Bosses Outsource Hostility, Hiring Beneficiaries of Entrepreneur’s Charity to Protest Him

… MRCC members, and the union does not claim to represent … standard wages.” The union does not provide any … construction workers are non-union, making it unlikely … ever been made to unionize its workforce. He … more

Union Falsely Tells Teachers They Lose Sick Leave Benefits if They Opt Out

Union and non-union employees contribute to sick bank

… of a local teachers union incorrectly told his … to if they left the union. Todd Mignerey, … Education Association union president, sent the … document entitled, “ Union Membership Has Benefits, … more

Requiring Unions to Pay for Their Own Employees Saves Taxpayer Money

Senate Bill 280 takes union leaders off the public payroll

… be forced to pay for union leaders working on union business? Or should … government employee union contracts that pay employees who are union officials for time they … more

MEA’s August Window Declared Illegal

Judge finds union guilty of unfair labor practices

… employees can resign from a union at any time of the year. On … state’s largest teacher union, the Michigan Education … resignation from the union unless it is submitted … right to resign their union memberships at will, … more

Hospital Union Resorts to Intimidation Tactics Against Workers Who Opt Out

AFSCME local joins other unions bullying members who exercise their rights

… advantage to joining the union. In response, the … Employees Local 1603 union posted his name on a … and opted out of the union. VanDenHeuvel and … pay dues or fees to a union as a condition of employment. "I … more

Union Rates Not Dropping Faster In RTW States

… observation : “The fact is union membership has typically … laws.” The fact that unionization is down is true. … impact the rates of unionization. Unionization across the country … more

Union Files Federal Complaint Against Company For Giving Its Members Raises

Michigan auto supplier didn't get permission from the union first

… Michigan county, a union filed a federal complaint … United Auto Workers union when it offered the … bonuses without the union’s agreement. According … two officials of the union local, including its … more

Worker Bullied as UAW Publicizes His Opt-out

Employee worries his union has made him a target

Another Michigan union has used its newsletter … financially support a union as a condition of employment. Workers say the union is bullying them and … paying dues to the union. Bob Brezovsky, … more

Teachers Contract Contains Questionable Forced Unionization Clause

Plymouth-Canton union wants teachers fired if they don't join union, which is illegal under state's RTW law

… language in its teachers union contract that says teachers have … they don't join the union. Michigan's right-to-work … fees or belong to a union as a condition of employment.  The … Plymouth-Canton union contract was "sealed" Sept. … more

Charter Schools Cost Unions Millions in Dues

Every charter teacher costs unions about $1,000 a year

… Abed amendment ). Union efforts to maintain … motive. For teacher unions and those politically … negative impact on union coffers. Less recognized … also deplete potential union membership, in numbers … more

Michigan’s Union Members Deserve Democracy

… Constitution. Yet since 1965, most union members in the public … opportunity to vote on which union represents them in the … because many government unions were voted in half … opportunity to vote for the union that represents them; … more

Rule Request Would Require Public Sector Unions To Notify Members Of When They Are Eligible To Resign

Union members often unaware of limited windows when they can opt out under state's right-to-work law

… the right to leave a union doesn't mean much if union members don’t know how … establish a new rule that unions that represent public … rule, Wright said. Union members have limited … more

Teachers To Lawmakers: 'MEA Wouldn't Tell Us How To Leave Union'

Educators testified about not being allowed out of the union

LANSING — Union officials purposely … they could leave the union, they are now forced … only opt out of the union during the month of … must continue paying union dues. Miriam … more

Teachers Sue MEA To Escape Union

Union demanded bank account information and threatened teacher's credit

… wants to leave her union, the Coopersville Education … right-to-work law, but the union will not let her leave, … against their local unions and the MEA, challenging … August window  the union says is the only time … more

Connecticut Now Struggling With Caregiver Unionization Efforts

SEIU loss in Michigan not stopping the union

… but a similar forced unionization plan exists in … Employees International Union when Jennifer Granholm … election to forcibly unionize Michigan home-based … caregivers in Connecticut to unionize, but there are serious … more

Teachers Find Union Alternatives

Liability insurance, legal protection, professional resources all available at a fraction of the union cost

… decide to flee the unions in favor of professional … join or leave a labor union,” nationally, 83 percent … protection. And unlike the union coverage, explains Freeze, … chain of command at the union when making a claim. Additionally, … more

Lawmakers Walk Out on Legislatures, But No One Walks Out on a Union

… show up and vote on union-related legislation … right to walk away from union bargaining tables. Refusing … in good faith with a union subjects offenders to … one walks out on a union. Lawmakers … more

Union Bullies Workers Exercising Their Rights

List with names of people who opted out of the union distributed to try to intimidate ex-members

Another union is trying to intimidate some … rights and left the union.  The International Union of Operating Engineers … who opted out of the union after the state's right-to-work … more

Michigan Lost 42,000 Union Members Last Year

BLS report says state faced ninth largest drop in the country

… Michigan lost 42,000 union members from 2011 to … with a loss of 75,000 union members. Overall, the union membership rate in … data is available — union membership in the country … more

Teachers Union Math Lesson: $8,326 Per Kid > $7,462 Per Kid

State school spending up $1 billion since 2010, but you won’t hear it from union or local news

… by Michigan teachers unions protesting alleged … Carman-Ainsworth teachers union president Frank Burger … media rarely challenge union assertions that school … more

Michigan Families Set Stage For Helping End Forced Unionization Schemes

Supreme Court ruled daycare, home-based caregivers not public employees and can't be unionized

… financially support unions simply because they … brought the first forced unionization of workers to … from being sent to union slush funds has been … fought the forced unionization of daycare … more

The Union ‘Free-Rider Problem’ Myth in Right-to-Work Debate

The union is the one truly taking advantage of the collective bargaining arrangement

… for refusing to pay union dues or agency fees, … still be covered by the union contract. They … is forced to join a union," said House Democratic … up repeatedly  by unions and their supporters. When … more

I Pledge Allegiance to the Union ...

Dearborn school employees asked to pledge to remain members of the union

The teachers union at the Dearborn public … they will keep paying union dues rather than exercise … employees must pay union dues until their current union contract expires in … more

Wayne State President's Union Contract Defense Falls Flat

If eight years is good, why not a 20-year union contract?

… Gilmour says it’s the union’s way or it’s the highway. When … unprecedented eight-year union contract that was written … not agree with the union’s policies or its politics … Because neither the union, nor the administration … more

Legislature To Prohibit Courses That Teach Unionization Techniques

Bill would force MSU to change course that teaches union workers how to meddle in business affairs

… not be sites where union officials plan efforts … various techniques for unionizing employees . The … groups of companies for unionization or decertification of a union.” Senate Bill 768 … more

Detroit Teachers Union Gives Members Freedom MEA Doesn’t

DFT allows union employees to resign whenever they want

… Teachers cannot totally leave the union because their contract … sending a letter to the union at any time during the … payers or leaving the union as part of the state's … paying money to their unions when their current … more

Union Opposes Privatization For Others, Outsources For Itself

MEA spent $155K outsourcing non-union janitorial services

… contracts out work with non-union companies for its own … state's largest teachers union had contracts with six … the companies are not unionized. The MEA did … this old industrial union of janitors, bus drivers, … more

Union In Potential Landmark Case Gave To Sharpton, Progressives, Dem Party

Supreme Court ruling expected on state worker’s claim that government unions inherently political

While a union might be thought of … political activities of one union may lead to a significant … nationwide. In it, a union official questioned … brought suit against the union at his workplace. “What … more

Union President Receives 'Outstanding Organizing' Award For Shutting Down School To Protest Right-to-Work Law

Taylor School District local union staged 'sick-out' forcing 7,500 students to miss school

… gave Taylor teachers' union president Linda Moore … boasted that so many union members took Dec. 11 … they belong. For the union to heap praise on these … the Taylor teachers' union has shown a pattern … more

A Little Graft Can Do A Lot of Damage

The real price tag of Carpenters union corruption

… a big price tag for unionized Michigan carpenters. The … the goings-on between union boss, “investment consultants,” … illustrates how damaging union corruption can actually … return, the Carpenters union invested $77 million … more

The Real-World Costs of Union Release Time

Proposed law would require public workers to work for the public

… prevent taxpayer-funded union “release time” in most … practice, which allows union stewards to spend time … employees to conduct union business. While still … spend time working on union negotiations, this would … more

Some School Districts and Unions Embrace Right-to-Work

Pewamo-Westphalia and Hamilton put worker freedom into union contracts

… a choice to join a union as a condition of their … approved new teachers’ union contracts before the … to opt out of their union. Hamilton Community … Allegan County. "My union didn’t dig their heels … more

Unionization Ruling Before The Supreme Court Could Be 'Huge'

Political consultant: Ruling could 'dramatically undermine public sector unions'

… the way government unions are organized. Harris … contested a forced unionization they were subjected … in Michigan. In both unionization schemes, workers … were forced into a union. In Michigan, an affiliate … more

Fact-Checking Teacher Union Math on Detroit Schools

Follow the union dues

… chimed in with the union’s views on what to do … represented by a different union, but the MEA is still … influential teachers union. Some of Cook’s … state’s largest teachers union wants to give a city … more

Court Rules School Districts Cannot Use Public Resources to Withhold Union Dues

School unions now responsible for collecting dues from their own members

… automatically withdraw union dues from paychecks … Association, said a union president whose teachers … MEA to start a local union. "They will have … last year. "Most union members don't think … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Good For Government Union Workers

...or taxpayers, as Illinois shows what can happen when unions get nearly everything they want

… government employee unions. But members of those unions who think this is in … government employee unions. That worked for the unions in the short term, … more

Union Time on Your Dime

… spent by taxpayers for union employees to do union work on government time … million hours working for unions while receiving federally … spent by taxpayers on union stewards is up by nearly … more

SEIU Election Legitimacy Questioned by Some Union Members

Union president's decision to allow mail-in votes to outgoing home-based caregivers upset some members

… Employees International Union election, the same group … Faville keeps her post as union president. However, … Jolliffi, who is the union's secretary-treasurer,  are … of them leaving the union. Tens of thousands of … more

Michigan Taxpayers Pay Union Officials Millions to Do Union Work

At least $3 million spent annually to carry union officials on school payrolls

… the money to pay four union stewards to do union work on the taxpayer’s … given up so that the union can enjoy this privilege. The … arrangement allows union officials, typically … more

Health Care Workers Having Trouble Finding Union That Plays Fair

Union member: 'Thank God that Michigan is now a right-to-work state'

… Employees International Union . Employees said union officials had been unresponsive … Michigan, the same union that was behind the … orchestrated the forced unionization of home-based … more

Teachers' Union Wants Lawsuit Moved Out of Court

Lawyer for Taylor union and district administration want state agency to decide contract extension legitimacy issue

… strategy behind the union's legal defense of the … district and its teachers' union (the Taylor Federation … school district and union negotiated two separate … a separate 10-year union security agreement. … more

‘Guerilla Journalism’ Outfit Stings Michigan Teachers Unions A Second Time

Union official to faux-teacher’s shoving incident disclosure: ‘I don’t want you to get investigated’

… a Michigan teachers union official making embarrassing statements about union discussions and practices. This … posed as a teacher and union member who pushed a … of Teachers-Michigan union fighting the dismissal … more

Right-to-Work States Gain Union Members While Other States Lose Hundreds of Thousands

RTW states added 39,000 members while forced unionism states lost 390,000 members

… increase in the number of union members from 2011 to … increase of 39,000 union members while non-right-to-work … right-to-work states, overall union membership increased … 2,852,000. Michigan saw its union membership drop from … more

Recent Corruption Scandals Involving Some of Michigan’s Largest Unions

Embezzlement, financial malpractice plague unions

… most of its largest unions have seen a significant … Workers, a national union that has rebounded strongly … industry, the 10 largest unions in Michigan that file … only problem for many unions, however. Several of … more

In Pontiac, MEA Local Raises $12K For School Supplies While Union Health Insurance Arm Sues District for $7.8 Million

Union affiliated MESSA got $7.8M judgment against Pontiac School District

… state's largest teachers' union has secured a legal … $16,400 Per Student; Union Blames Lack Of Funding … Areas Michigan Democrat: Teacher Union Leaders Are 'Disconnected' Coverage … more

Schools Put Unions Ahead of Teachers on Right-to-Work

'Labor accord' more important than employee freedom

… financially support unions. But that’s the exactly … interest of teachers unions ahead of teachers … employees. In a forced unionization state like Michigan, nearly all unionized school employees … more

It’s Labor Day, But Union Officials May Not Be Celebrating

The percentage of workers who are union members is down almost 50 percent since 1983

… dangerous and unfair. Unions were often bitterly … would dispute that unions had a valid purpose … when standing with a union required courage. But … workers feel a need for a union to represent them. In … more

University Union Wants Contract Through 2023 To Avoid Right-to-Work Law

Western Michigan University's professors' union trying for 9-year extension

… University's professors' union is trying to get a 9-year … deadline that would give union members the right to … represented by that union into paying dues or … which was verified by union members. It was drafted … more

Non-Christians Given 'Special Consideration' In Union Teacher Contract

Ferndale Public Schools provision could violate state and federal laws

The teachers union contract in Ferndale … American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, said she … from the district EA (union) representative, this … percent of public school union contracts in Michigan … more

Taxpayers Pay Twice for Union 'Release Time'

Senate GOP waters down bill, favors select unions

… is extracted to pay union bosses not for their … but for time spent on union business. That’s because … councils have signed union labor contracts that … taxpayers to compensate union stewards to do union … more

Students Shut Out of School After District, Union Agree to Unrealistic Contract

Despite deficits, Buena Vista union contract included fully paid health care, pay raises

… agreed to a three-year union contract deal that continued … mismanagement — the teachers' union contract plays a large … lucrative teacher's union contract its board had … with the teachers' union to establish dates for … more

Hazards of Long-Term Union Security Agreements

Unions push for 'insecurity clauses'

… take effect in March, unions — primarily representing … will join with the unions and endorse this ploy. The unions are drafting decade-long “union security agreements” … more

Union Electrician and Wife: 'The SEIU Never Did Anything For Us'

Milliron family says they don't think the SEIU should be able to lock its forced unionization into the state constitution

… Employees International Union. She's spent her … Ronnie, and knew that the union could provide nothing … when she noticed that union dues were being deducted … been forced into the unionization scheme orchestrated … more

College Admits Cooperating With Unions To Sidestep Right-to-Work Law

Macomb Community College locks workers into unions; re-opens contract that was approved just four months ago

… clearly spells out that unions suggested having their … cooperate with the unions in that effort. This … Jacobs wrote: "Many unions are asking that public … approached by all our unions, acting through the … more

Teachers Union Promotes Website Telling Dissident Member 'Go to Hell'

MEAMatters posts personal attacks on teacher who wants to leave union

… state’s largest teachers union. Lansing School … they want to quit the union it would only allow … has invited union members to respond online. … co-director and proud union member.” Walled Lake … more

MEA Says Union Members Should Have Known About Limited Window to Leave

Union officials complain about members who opt out, but still want to represent them; 'sanctity of contracts' claim questioned during Senate testimony

… they can leave the union, an MEA official said … committee Wednesday. However, union members who want to … also serves as the union's director of member … repeatedly referenced the union's website as a comprehensive … more

Despite Right-To-Work Laws, Unions Find Ways Make Workers Keep Paying

Michigan courts shut down one such tactic, but unions try others

… state’s largest teachers union has used to prevent … to opt out of paying union dues or fees during … compelled to pay a union as a condition of holding … But from the start, unions have tried a number … more

Collective Bargaining Initiative Is About Power, Not Rights

… ability to elect a union in any private or public … who do not want the union and do not like the … employee to support the union financially.  Yet … federal courts justify a union bargaining monopoly … more

No Teacher Evaluations On Halloween ... And Other Odd Union Contract Provisions

Lie detector tests and classroom temperature also among the specific details protected in government union contracts

… according to the teachers' union contract, with one exception … County, the teachers' union contract states that … Schools, the teachers' union contract states that … coach. The teachers' union contract states that … more

Rumors of Unions' Post-Right-to-Work Death Exaggerated

'Unions have seen very little decline in membership'

… right-to-work law had on unions in the state of Michigan. In … Won’t Doom Michigan’s Unions — It Might Even Save … battered industrial unions learn to convince skeptical … sentiment of the pro-union lobby, which argues … more

2014 Election Aftermath

Unions' bark worse than their bite

… fear the wrath of the union political juggernaut. These … with the 5th highest union membership rate in the … deemed a ‘must win’ by unions to repeal labor reforms … dared to take on forced unionism. The “survival” … more

Right-to-Work Gives Teachers a Choice

Unions aren't the only option if employees want protection

… financially support a union as a condition of employment. Probably … teachers about their union is the amount of money … the largest teachers union in the country, took … Democrats while the union pushes all sorts of … more

MEA Opposes Privatization In Schools But Practices It

Apparently it’s OK for taxpayers to pay more for noncore services but not the union

… state’s largest teachers union even has an anti-privatization … when it comes to the union’s own operations, including … to do the work. The union’s message to school … federal government, the union spent $167,204 on janitorial … more

Detroit Teachers: Never Mind The $617 Million, What Have You Given Us Lately?

State taxpayers delivered a big bailout in 2016, now union demands more

… Federation Teachers union member held up a sign … would be the Redford Union School District, where the local union belongs to the Michigan … Association. The AFT-Michigan union member holding up a … more

School District's Costly Decisions Protect Union Interests

Fruitport school union, board of education, cut deal that pushes more than $240K back on taxpayers

… decisions involving union contracts that cost … approved a teacher union contract that called … 2012-13. If government union school employees paid … critics of government union collective bargaining … more

State Agency Rules That Graduate Student Research Assistants Not Eligible For Unionization

Ruling supports state law signed in 2012 that said GSRAs not public employees

… whether college students can be unionized, the Michigan Employment … Students Against GSRA Unionization. "I'm in this … public employees with union representation would … the group trying to unionize graduate students, … more

Union Tries to Shame Ex-Members

MEA affiliate lists the names of school employees who chose to leave the union

… Education Association union in the Upper Peninsula … employees who left the union as part of the state's … environment. The MEA 17-B/C union newsletter listed the … dues or fees to the union and it also listed the … more

Right-to-Work Law Would Help Ensure Government Unions Could Not Elect Their Own Bosses

Public employee unions, politicians, bureaucrats and local officials all fight for the status quo

… financially support unions as a condition of employment. The … issue with government unions is that they can use … prudent board member, the union can use teacher dues … campaign of a more union-friendly candidate. And … more

Unions Rig Proposal 2 Business 'Support' List

Workers trained to coerce, intimidate business owners for their support; ignored some requests

The unions bankrolling and supporting … despite telling the unions "no" and other business … businesses owned by retired union members. If there was no union connection, recruiters … more

Breaking Away from the MEA

… their own independent union.  According to … president of the new union, Jim Perialas , teachers … easily. Expect top union officials to lobby teachers … cognizant that big unions cannot defy economic … more

Union and School Illegally Take Dues from Teachers' Paychecks

Attorney: 'If they’re taking out dues, it’s contrary to state law'

… Area Schools teachers union contract allows for automatic union dues deductions, which … how teachers can pay union dues. “The Service … school board and the union agreed to a 10-year … more

Michigan Union Invokes Slavery in Argument Against Right-to-Work Law

Teamsters make claim in court filing

A Michigan union invoked the provision … because members of the union had to work against … will on behalf of non-union members. The union then referred to Article … more

Where Michigan’s Public Sector Union Laws Rank

Recent reforms earn a 'B' on national report card

… bargaining; so-called union release time policies; … negotiation transparency; union certification by current … ability to opt-out our union membership; and so-called … Michigan, public employee unions have the privilege … more

'Steve Cook' Bill Would Prevent Private Union Employees from Spiking State Pension

MEA president is basing public pension on $200K union salary

… state's largest teachers union to remain on its payroll … system on behalf of union president Steve Cook, … would also ban school union contracts that pay employees who are union stewards to do union … more

MEA Agency Fees Far Exceed Cost of Contract Negotiations

Union spokesman: 'Everything is about money'

… Steve Cook has insulted union members who exercise … by opting out of the union by calling them "freeloaders." But … could resign from the union but they still were … represented by the union in contract negotiations … more

MEA Testimony: Lower K-12 Spending State Does Better Than Michigan

Comparison contradicts union’s talking points

… Association wandered off the union's message at a Senate … rank highly on the union’s complaint list and … contradicted his own union's talking point.  Garay … Past MEA Says Union Members Should Have … more

Unions Do Not Benefit All Employees

Friedrichs is a case study in how unions can benefit some at the expense of others

… Court, the core of union-supporters' argument … forced to pay fees to a union because they benefit from union activities. Not paying the union, they say, makes an … more

Union Says Photo IDs not Necessary to Vote — Unless You Vote to Leave Union

UAW fights photo IDs for voting; demands photo ID to opt out of union

… UAW Local 6000, the union that represents state … Yeti. The parent union wrote on its Facebook … to opt out of paying union dues as a condition … complaint against the union, alleging that the photo … more

Union Officials Spin Lawsuit Doom and Disinformation, Members Don’t Buy It

Most union workers support having a choice

Union officials haven’t found … largest public sector unions — the case is an “attack … opposing the “attack,” unions with a combined membership … of support for the union position in the Friedrichs … more

‘Worker's Choice’ or ‘Free Riders’? Union Reform Bill Opts for Former

Freeing unions and workers from forced representation

… Stephen Hall leaves his union in 2018, he hopes that … and that he, not his union, can represent himself … going to leave the union, they need to accept … responsibility of not receiving union services. That’s only … more

MEA Says 1 Percent of Teachers Have Left Union, But Claim is Questionable

Union's estimate is missing some important context

… 99 percent of his union’s membership chose to stay with their union after right-to-work … questionable is that some union members didn't know … against their local unions and the MEA challenging … more

While Helping Out Injured Ex-Wife, Man Forced Into Union

Proposal 4 would ensure that people like Richard Nottage remain unionized public employees

… dues-paying member of a union. "My ex-wife needed … check I noticed it had union dues taken out of it. … suddenly I was in a union." Nottage said … didn't want to be in a union. I couldn't believe … more

Wayne State's 'Wholly Owned Subsidiary' of Big Labor

… "labor researchers and union staff to document cases … large organized labor unions. These ordinances are … for public employee unions trying to defeat privatization , … to help assist local unions in " political education ." … more

We Verify Teachers Union Pay Claims, You Choose Whether to Trust Them

Union president’s compensation storylines often don’t hold water

… Most recently, the union claimed that a 10-year … Michigan public school union contracts. It is also … them. Earlier this year, union officials were claiming … evidence to support union claims of widespread … more

In Great Lakes States, Union Retribution Fizzles

GOP Governors who challenged Big Labor all returned to office

… right-to-work law, thousands of union members from around … the GOP . One union member wondered if Democrats … us.” Garrett said the union would “make sure we … reforms that upset unions in those states. F. … more

Beware the Union Label on Teacher Pay Newspaper Columns

Teacher union president spins and misleads

… section to express his union’s views on the teaching … highest step on the union salary scale, which … would not serve the union’s agenda. The two … more

Roadblocks to Reform?: A Review of Union Contracts in Michigan Schools

… survey of teachers union contracts in use in … more

Union Privileges Cost Veterans

'Official Time' puts the interests of unions above those served by the VA

… employees to perform union functions while they … was devoted to the union’s activities than was … while performing a union function. [6] She … had been performing a union-related function during … more

The Easiest Way to Fire a Teacher

Not paying union dues can lead to quick dismissal

… she didn't pay her union dues. According … legal. Though teachers unions have fought to keep … teachers who do not pay union dues or fees.  The … required to pay the union a "fee" that is the … more

Union Time on the Taxpayer Dime in Michigan

… paid “release time” to union officials. That means … in direct costs for unions, and likely much more. Release … school districts allow union officials to be released … their time to work on union-related issues. For … more

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