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Unions, Left-Leaning Groups Dominate List of Largest Political Donors

Twelve of the top 20 spenders are unions

… business. Turns out, unions are the top spenders … to 2014 have been unions, which overwhelmingly … Employees was No. 2. The union, which represents Detroit … GOP. The parent union for the Michigan Education … more

Unions are the Freeloaders

Forced dues spent on politics, benefits for union staff

… who want out of the union is wrong. The side … financially support a union to keep their jobs has … freeloaders receiving union benefits while not wanting … The MEA, like many unions, spends very little … more

Hospital Union Resorts to Intimidation Tactics Against Workers Who Opt Out

AFSCME local joins other unions bullying members who exercise their rights

… advantage to joining the union. In response, the … Employees Local 1603 union posted his name on a … and opted out of the union. VanDenHeuvel and … pay dues or fees to a union as a condition of employment. "I … more

Non-Christians Given 'Special Consideration' In Union Teacher Contract

Ferndale Public Schools provision could violate state and federal laws

The teachers union contract in Ferndale … American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, said she … from the district EA (union) representative, this … percent of public school union contracts in Michigan … more


Prop 2 Would Protect Union Bosses at the Expense of Qualified Teachers

… fact, nearly all teacher union contracts require that … several districts appear to value union bosses the most. The … good example. Its union contract specifies that the local union president "shall have … more

Union Rally Fizzles

Union organizer: 'All these organizations are the same'

… other things, about 40 union workers and community … said was comprised of unions and faith-based organizations, … more

Union Bullies Workers Exercising Their Rights

List with names of people who opted out of the union distributed to try to intimidate ex-members

Another union is trying to intimidate some … rights and left the union. The International Union of Operating Engineers … who opted out of the union after the state's right-to-work … more

Roadblocks to Reform?: A Review of Union Contracts in Michigan Schools

… survey of teachers union contracts in use in … more

School District, Union Working Together To Try To Ban Charter Schools

Prohibitive language written into union contract that says union, district agree not to authorize or open a charter could violate state law

… agreed with its teachers union to prohibit creating … understanding that extended the union contract into 2014, … 2012. School districts and unions can't stop charter … law to negotiate with unions about "the decision … more

Health Care Workers Having Trouble Finding Union That Plays Fair

Union member: 'Thank God that Michigan is now a right-to-work state'

… Employees International Union . Employees said union officials had been unresponsive … Michigan, the same union that was behind the … orchestrated the forced unionization of home-based … more

Union Teacher Contract Has Illegal Racial Preferences Provision

Mt. Clemens superintendent says removing language would cost district in employee concessions

… says the teachers union contract for her district … aware of issues in the union contract. Specifically, the union contract includes provisions … Mount Clemens teachers union contract expires Aug. … more

Union Rates Not Dropping Faster In RTW States

… observation : The fact is union membership has typically … laws. The fact that unionization is down is true. … impact the rates of unionization. Unionization across the country … more

Union Intimidation List Back Up

Hurley Medical Center officials disavow responsibility for the list being reposted

… opted out of their union has been reposted at … intimidation tactic by the union. An AFSCME executive … reminder to other union members. But the … more to prevent the union from harassing them. "I … more

Law Judge To Hear Unfair Labor Practice Complaints Against MEA

Union limits information and dates available to teachers who want to leave

… can only leave the union during a limited window … Commission to get out of the union. At the hearing … who want to leave the union as part of the state's … members. However, the union only informs members … more
Union Protesters

Union Bosses Outsource Hostility, Hiring Beneficiaries of Entrepreneur’s Charity to Protest Him

… MRCC members, and the union does not claim to represent … standard wages. The union does not provide any … construction workers are non-union, making it unlikely … ever been made to unionize its workforce. He … more

Lawmakers Walk Out on Legislatures, But No One Walks Out on a Union

… show up and vote on union-related legislation … right to walk away from union bargaining tables. Refusing … in good faith with a union subjects offenders to … one walks out on a union. Lawmakers … more

Union Exec Claims Posting Names of Workers Who Opted Out Serves As Membership Reminder for Others

Workers who left the union not buying his answer; say it's an intimidation tactic

… public posting of names of union members who opted out of the union serves as a membership … renewal reminder to other union members. Lawrence … rights and left the union as part of the state's … more

Teachers To Lawmakers: 'MEA Wouldn't Tell Us How To Leave Union'

Educators testified about not being allowed out of the union

LANSING Union officials purposely … they could leave the union, they are now forced … only opt out of the union during the month of … must continue paying union dues. Miriam … more

Teachers Sue MEA To Escape Union

Union demanded bank account information and threatened teacher's credit

… wants to leave her union, the Coopersville Education … right-to-work law, but the union will not let her leave, … against their local unions and the MEA, challenging … August window the union says is the only time … more

Connecticut Now Struggling With Caregiver Unionization Efforts

SEIU loss in Michigan not stopping the union

… but a similar forced unionization plan exists in … Employees International Union when Jennifer Granholm … election to forcibly unionize Michigan home-based … caregivers in Connecticut to unionize, but there are serious … more

The Union ‘Free-Rider Problem’ Myth in Right-to-Work Debate

The union is the one truly taking advantage of the collective bargaining arrangement

… for refusing to pay union dues or agency fees, … still be covered by the union contract. They … is forced to join a union," said House Democratic … up repeatedly by unions and their supporters. When … more

'Super Seniority' For Union Officials, Other Clauses In School Contracts Prohibited By Law

New report shows up to 60 percent of school union contracts have not eliminated forbidden provisions

… president of the teachers union in the Woodhaven-Brownstown … off, according to the union contract, but a 2011 … Association president and the Union chief negotiator shall … kind of clause in the union contract, is part of … more

A Little Graft Can Do A Lot of Damage

The real price tag of Carpenters union corruption

… a big price tag for unionized Michigan carpenters. The … the goings-on between union boss, investment consultants, … illustrates how damaging union corruption can actually … return, the Carpenters union invested $77 million … more

Wayne State President's Union Contract Defense Falls Flat

If eight years is good, why not a 20-year union contract?

… Gilmour says it s the union s way or it s the … unprecedented eight-year union contract that was written … not agree with the union s policies or its politics … Because neither the union, nor the administration … more

Michigan Lost 42,000 Union Members Last Year

BLS report says state faced ninth largest drop in the country

… Michigan lost 42,000 union members from 2011 to … with a loss of 75,000 union members. Overall, the union membership rate in … data is available union membership in the country … more

Detroit Teachers Union Gives Members Freedom MEA Doesn’t

DFT allows union employees to resign whenever they want

… Teachers cannot totally leave the union because their contract … sending a letter to the union at any time during the … payers or leaving the union as part of the state's … paying money to their unions when their current … more

Lawsuit Filed Against MEA Over Dues Policies, 'Fair Representation'

Novi teacher joins others from across the state suing the MEA to try to get out of the union

… getting out of the union and was told a collection … suing to get out of the union. The Mackinac Center … the MEA because the union has a "duty of fair … Foundation. Additionally, the union s " membership application " … more

Some School Districts and Unions Embrace Right-to-Work

Pewamo-Westphalia and Hamilton put worker freedom into union contracts

… a choice to join a union as a condition of their … approved new teachers union contracts before the … to opt out of their union. Hamilton Community … Allegan County. "My union didn t dig their heels … more

Union President Receives 'Outstanding Organizing' Award For Shutting Down School To Protest Right-to-Work Law

Taylor School District local union staged 'sick-out' forcing 7,500 students to miss school

… gave Taylor teachers' union president Linda Moore … boasted that so many union members took Dec. 11 … they belong. For the union to heap praise on these … the Taylor teachers' union has shown a pattern … more

Union Time on Your Dime

… spent by taxpayers for union employees to do union work on government time … million hours working for unions while receiving federally … spent by taxpayers on union stewards is up by nearly … more

Court Rules School Districts Cannot Use Public Resources to Withhold Union Dues

School unions now responsible for collecting dues from their own members

… automatically withdraw union dues from paychecks … Association, said a union president whose teachers … MEA to start a local union. "They will have … last year. "Most union members don't think … more

What Right-to-Work Means

A view from a union contract

… organized labor." And one union in Michigan claimed … join or pay a fee to a union to keep their job. The teachers union contract from the … in accordance with Union procedures." If teachers … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Good For Government Union Workers

...or taxpayers, as Illinois shows what can happen when unions get nearly everything they want

… government employee unions. But members of those unions who think this is in … government employee unions. That worked for the unions in the short term, … more

SEIU Fined Almost $200,000 Over Actions Tied To 2012 Ballot Proposal Campaign

Union suffers another loss related to dues skim, which took more than $34 million from home-based caregivers

… Employees International Union, the labor group behind … have locked a forced unionization scheme into … would end the forced unionization and the dues … from folding so the union could continue to receive … more

SEIU Election Legitimacy Questioned by Some Union Members

Union president's decision to allow mail-in votes to outgoing home-based caregivers upset some members

… Employees International Union election, the same group … Faville keeps her post as union president. However, … Jolliffi, who is the union's secretary-treasurer, are … of them leaving the union. Tens of thousands of … more

Union Touts Liability Insurance As Perk; Costs $4.35 A Year Per Member

Teachers don't have to rely on MEA for coverage

… provides its teachers. The union pays $4.35 a year per … independent teachers union that was created in … MEA and form a local union. Perialas said … to teachers in the union. A teacher's primary … more

Teachers Victorious In Their Quest To Get Out Of The MEA

Union drops its fight against Miriam Chanski and Ray Arthur, but others still locked in

… their freedom from the union. The MEA is no … them get out of their union. The Mackinac Center … intimidated by the union, Michigan Education … had opted out of the union and no longer were paying … more

Taxpayers Pay Twice for Union 'Release Time'

Senate GOP waters down bill, favors select unions

… is extracted to pay union bosses not for their … but for time spent on union business. That s because … councils have signed union labor contracts that … taxpayers to compensate union stewards to do union … more

Teachers' Union Wants Lawsuit Moved Out of Court

Lawyer for Taylor union and district administration want state agency to decide contract extension legitimacy issue

… strategy behind the union's legal defense of the … and its teachers' union (the Taylor Federation … school district and union negotiated two separate … a separate 10-year union security agreement. … more

Hazards of Long-Term Union Security Agreements

Unions push for 'insecurity clauses'

… take effect in March, unions primarily representing … will join with the unions and endorse this ploy. The unions are drafting decade-long union security agreements … more

In Pontiac, MEA Local Raises $12K For School Supplies While Union Health Insurance Arm Sues District for $7.8 Million

Union affiliated MESSA got $7.8M judgment against Pontiac School District

… state's largest teachers' union has secured a legal … $16,400 Per Student; Union Blames Lack Of Funding … Areas Michigan Democrat: Teacher Union Leaders Are 'Disconnected' Coverage … more

University Union Wants Contract Through 2023 To Avoid Right-to-Work Law

Western Michigan University's professors' union trying for 9-year extension

… University's professors' union is trying to get a 9-year … deadline that would give union members the right to … represented by that union into paying dues or … which was verified by union members. It was drafted … more

Right-to-Work States Gain Union Members While Other States Lose Hundreds of Thousands

RTW states added 39,000 members while forced unionism states lost 390,000 members

… increase in the number of union members from 2011 to … increase of 39,000 union members while non-right-to-work … right-to-work states, overall union membership increased … 2,852,000. Michigan saw its union membership drop from … more

Schools Put Unions Ahead of Teachers on Right-to-Work

'Labor accord' more important than employee freedom

… financially support unions. But that s the exactly … interest of teachers unions ahead of teachers … employees. In a forced unionization state like Michigan, nearly all unionized school employees … more

Students Shut Out of School After District, Union Agree to Unrealistic Contract

Despite deficits, Buena Vista union contract included fully paid health care, pay raises

… agreed to a three-year union contract deal that continued … mismanagement the teachers' union contract plays a large … lucrative teacher's union contract its board had … with the teachers' union to establish dates for … more

Union Electrician and Wife: 'The SEIU Never Did Anything For Us'

Milliron family says they don't think the SEIU should be able to lock its forced unionization into the state constitution

… Employees International Union. She's spent her … Ronnie, and knew that the union could provide nothing … when she noticed that union dues were being deducted … been forced into the unionization scheme orchestrated … more

College Admits Cooperating With Unions To Sidestep Right-to-Work Law

Macomb Community College locks workers into unions; re-opens contract that was approved just four months ago

… clearly spells out that unions suggested having their … cooperate with the unions in that effort. This … Jacobs wrote: "Many unions are asking that public … approached by all our unions, acting through the … more

Right-to-Work Gives Teachers a Choice

Unions aren't the only option if employees want protection

… financially support a union as a condition of employment. Probably … teachers about their union is the amount of money … the largest teachers union in the country, took … Democrats while the union pushes all sorts of … more

MEA Says Union Members Should Have Known About Limited Window to Leave

Union officials complain about members who opt out, but still want to represent them; 'sanctity of contracts' claim questioned during Senate testimony

… they can leave the union, an MEA official said … committee Wednesday. However, union members who want to … also serves as the union's director of member … repeatedly referenced the union's website as a comprehensive … more

U.S. Supreme Court Discusses Right-to-Work For All Public Employees

Union 'dues skim' case could mean the end of forced unionization of home-based caregivers, others

… regarding public sector unions. The issue came … in a case related to union " dues skim " issues … mandatory agency fees to unions." In 1977, the … U.S. 209 , that a union shop, which is legal … more

Teacher Speaks Out on Union Bullying

MEA will go after 8,000 teachers not paying dues

… being bullied by the union for attempting to exercise … to pay their forced union dues in cash or give the union credit card or bank … more

Union Tries to Shame Ex-Members

MEA affiliate lists the names of school employees who chose to leave the union

… Education Association union in the Upper Peninsula … employees who left the union as part of the state's … environment. The MEA 17-B/C union newsletter listed the … dues or fees to the union and it also listed … more

School District's Costly Decisions Protect Union Interests

Fruitport school union, board of education, cut deal that pushes more than $240K back on taxpayers

… decisions involving union contracts that cost … approved a teacher union contract that called … 2012-13. If government union school employees paid … critics of government union collective bargaining … more

Unions Rig Proposal 2 Business 'Support' List

Workers trained to coerce, intimidate business owners for their support; ignored some requests

The unions bankrolling and supporting … despite telling the unions "no" and other business … businesses owned by retired union members. If there was no union connection, recruiters … more

Right-to-Work Law Would Help Ensure Government Unions Could Not Elect Their Own Bosses

Public employee unions, politicians, bureaucrats and local officials all fight for the status quo

… financially support unions as a condition of employment. The … issue with government unions is that they can use … prudent board member, the union can use teacher dues … campaign of a more union-friendly candidate. And … more
Indiana union activists

Collective Bargaining Initiative Is About Power, Not Rights

… ability to elect a union in any private or public … who do not want the union and do not like the … employee to support the union financially. Yet … federal courts justify a union bargaining monopoly … more

What a Union Looks Like in a RTW State

Alabama UAW shuns rhetoric, gives honest answers

… a push to begin unionizing workers in right-to-work … words and actions of union officials are interesting … to pay money to the union. On the website … Mercedes-Benz plant, the union writes the following … more

No Teacher Evaluations On Halloween ... And Other Odd Union Contract Provisions

Lie detector tests and classroom temperature also among the specific details protected in government union contracts

… according to the teachers' union contract, with one … County, the teachers' union contract states that … Schools, the teachers' union contract states that … coach. The teachers' union contract states that … more

Michigan Union Invokes Slavery in Argument Against Right-to-Work Law

Teamsters make claim in court filing

A Michigan union invoked the provision … because members of the union had to work against … will on behalf of non-union members. The union then referred to Article … more

MEA Agency Fees Far Exceed Cost of Contract Negotiations

Union spokesman: 'Everything is about money'

… Steve Cook has insulted union members who exercise … by opting out of the union by calling them "freeloaders." But … could resign from the union but they still were … represented by the union in contract negotiations … more

Proposal 2 Power Grab Demands Review of Government Unionism

… employees. When unions were given the privilege … employees. Over time their unions have become arguably … lightly on government union perks and privileges, … response of the government union bosses was the equivalent … more

MEA Testimony: Lower K-12 Spending State Does Better Than Michigan

Comparison contradicts union’s talking points

… Association wandered off the union's message at a Senate … rank highly on the union s complaint list and … contradicted his own union's talking point. Garay … Past MEA Says Union Members Should Have … more

MEA Says 1 Percent of Teachers Have Left Union, But Claim is Questionable

Union's estimate is missing some important context

… 99 percent of his union s membership chose … to stay with their union after right-to-work … questionable is that some union members didn't know … against their local unions and the MEA challenging … more

Breaking Away from the MEA

… their own independent union. According to … president of the new union, Jim Perialas , teachers … easily. Expect top union officials to lobby teachers … cognizant that big unions cannot defy economic … more

While Helping Out Injured Ex-Wife, Man Forced Into Union

Proposal 4 would ensure that people like Richard Nottage remain unionized public employees

… dues-paying member of a union. "My ex-wife needed … check I noticed it had union dues taken out of it. … suddenly I was in a union." Nottage said … didn't want to be in a union. I couldn't believe … more

The Easiest Way to Fire a Teacher

Not paying union dues can lead to quick dismissal

… she didn't pay her union dues. According … legal. Though teachers unions have fought to keep … teachers who do not pay union dues or fees. The … required to pay the union a "fee" that is the … more

Commentary: A Milestone for Michigan — Worker Freedom in the 'Big Labor' State

Unions now will have to be accountable to workers to justify the payment of dues

… financially support their union or not. Right-to-work … simply means that a union no longer can get a … them. Despite claims by unions, collective bargaining … will remain the same. Unions still can negotiate … more

Another School Contract Extended To Lock Teachers Into Union Membership

East China agrees to contract forcing employees to pay money to the union

… districts approving new union contracts just days … dues or fees to the union as a condition of employment … contract last Monday and the union ratified it the same … better concessions because of the union's rush to get the contract … more

Video Report: Teachers Hope Their Win Against Union Emboldens Others

… have chosen not to pay union dues this year. Chanski … against the MEA when the union failed to honor their … right-to-work law. The union claimed the teachers … August as required by union bylaws and because of … more

VW and the UAW vs. Workers, Democracy and Free Speech

… join the Detroit-based union by a vote of 712 to … main problem for the union, aside from the outcome, … find the idea that a union has the ability to stifle … its employees when a union is trying to organize … more

Is Silence Golden?

Michigan Governor Gives Tarnished Answers About Day Care Unionization

… talking about the forced unionization of Michigan s … care workers could be unionized. Granholm insisted … obtained e-mails from a union lawyer that suggest … thousands of people were unionized was an added benefit, … more

MEA Aggressive With Dues Collection Information; Silent On How To Opt Out

Union executive questioned at MERC hearing about unfair labor practice complaints

… to pay dues, but the union didn't see fit to use … right to leave the union. According to … can only leave the union if they say they are … districts from deducting union dues from employee paychecks. … more

The Public Employee Union Problem

… focus exclusively on union vs. non-union workplaces. But private-sector unionization is much different … Act, private-sector unions are allowed to extract … more

County's Rush to Approve New Union Contracts Could Prove Futile

Washtenaw County approved contracts with 15 unions but did not do actuarial analyses

… 10-year contracts with 15 unions to beat a March 27 … right-to-work law. The union contracts allowed Washtenaw … laws regarding the new union contracts. ~~~~~ See … Forcing Teachers To Pay Union School … more

Union President Blames State, School Officials for Problems at Buena Vista, Pontiac Schools

MEA President Cook turns a blind eye to union's role in districts problems

… local school boards and unions. In Pontiac, … local school board and union negotiated a contract … three-year teachers' union contract in 2011 … didn't consider the union's role in the financial … more

School Union Contracts Across The State Retain Clauses Calling For Hiring Based On Race

Ann Arbor, Oak Park, Kalamazoo and others have provisions

… have language in their union contracts that could … place," Gratz said. "Union officials have negotiated … to 60 percent of the union contracts in Michigan's … having a clause in the union contract that gives … more

Big PAC Attack

Union PACs should raise their own money

… that would prohibit unions from using local government … amounts that flow through union PACs are not as huge … those that flow through unions themselves, government union PACs still pack a wallop. According … more

Union Steward Paid $100K By Taxpayers Attends Rally Advocating Against Them

It’s Easy To Attend Rallies When You're Paid

… School District local union drew a parallel to the … Hitler. We must close union offices, confiscate … taxpayers to represent the union full-time. As Michigan … teacher to work for the union. That's the perk of … more

'We'll Be At Your Daughter's Soccer Game!'

Union protest speaker tells governor that union members will 'visit you' everywhere over right-to-work bill

LANSING A speaker at a union protest against right-to-work … group of thousands of union workers. After his promises … speeches. It appears that union protesters would have … to Work vs. Forced Unionization States Michigan … more

University Staff Breaks Away From Michigan Education Association

Grand Valley State University vote means union loses another bargaining unit

… Association and form its own union. According to the … favor of an independent union, known as the Alliance … form an independent union will save members considerable … August and whether the union tried to hide that information … more

Lawsuit Filed Against Teamsters For Extra Fee Imposed On Right-to-Work Employees

Lawyer: Price of union monopoly 'is that they have to represent all workers equally'

… four former Teamsters union workers who say charging … opted out of paying union dues to file a grievance, … first one out of the union. "They really weren't … very active in the union," she said. "And by … more

State Rep: School Districts Willfully Violating Law Should Face 'Criminal Charges'

… Reform? A Review of Union Contracts In Michigan … illegal provisions in union contracts, according … reforms that limited what unions and districts could … known to districts and unions, but they are left … more
Union strike

Wayne State's 'Wholly Owned Subsidiary' of Big Labor

… "labor researchers and union staff to document cases … large organized labor unions. These ordinances are … for public employee unions trying to defeat privatization , … to help assist local unions in " political education ." … more

Attorney: Taylor District Violated Contract Law to Lock In 10-Year Union Agreement

Union 'security clause' forces teachers to pay dues or fees for a decade as a condition of employment

… Schools and its faculty union might have bypassed … went into effect, the union and school district seemed … between the district and union, under which Taylor … be required to pay union dues and fees until … more

Dexter Bus Drivers Dump International Union

School employees form local bargaining unit

A new union was born recently in … Association. The new union is part of a growing … that of local-only unions. What makes many of these new unions special is that they … more

Union Rewards Teachers With Days Off For Giving Money To Union PAC

Superintendent condemns practice; GOP lawyer says it's illegal

… Education Association union says it rewards teachers … contribution if the union was giving its personal … personal days." REA Union President Suzy Clements … are in the teacher's union contract and are allowed … more

Right-to-Work: What Now for Schools?

… financially supporting unions, making it a right-to-work … may no longer sign union contracts that contain union security clauses agreements … to fire or extract union dues from non-union … more

$100K Teachers? For Some Educators, Unions Are Standing In the Way

Plan would cost taxpayers billions while state already has high supply of teachers

… $100,000, but the unions would never allow it. "Good … effective." ~~~~~ See also: Union Recognizes Need For … more

Cutting the Union Cord: A Cautionary Tale

Former Teamster: 'My union failed me'

… 1, but in that time unions could resort to at … probably going to see the union giving up the moon to … extension of their union security clause," said … workers must wait for a union contract to expire before … more

Michigan Company Billed $465,774 For Teamsters Pension After Laying Off Its Last Unionized Trucker

Severely underfunded private-sector union pension plans are hurting companies

… costs to get out of union pension funds, those … his last, part-time unionized trucker, George … bail out the Teamsters union pension fund. "We … employed hundreds of union workers since its founding … more

Michigan Ain't Wisconsin, But Their Teachers Unions Share a Playbook

… pick a fight with unions . Yet when it comes … government employee union collective bargaining … both states, teachers unions run their own health insurance … the insurance with a union label. Both unions relentlessly pressure … more

MEA Charging Members Extra To Cover Retirement Liabilities For Union's Employees

While MEA fights changing state pension system, union has trouble with its own underfunding

… the LM-2 reports the union filed with the U.S. … they are worried the union might retaliate against … opted out of the union. And MEA President Steve … right to leave the union as " free loaders ." One … more

In Defense of Liberty: Unions, Right-to-Work and Majority Rule

… is the message from unions justifying forced dues … financially support unions because those workers … being associated with a union is not voluntary or … job at Ford. The union defense of "we can do … more

Union's Specious Claim in Indiana RTW Case

Trying to use anti-slavery clause to deny worker freedom

… by the International Union of Operating Engineers … helpful. Labor unions in both the federal … bargaining. Thus, the unions wanted control over … nothing to do with the union and wanted to negotiate … more

Teachers Denied Freedom to Vote on Unionization

Only 1 percent of current teachers in state's largest districts voted on becoming unionized

… school district was unionized in 1965. Like … whether they want to be unionized or who should represent … their districts were unionized, according to a … statewide teachers unions in Michigan are the … more

Lawsuit Against Decade-Long Union Dues Clause Suffers Setback

Teacher: 'We'll continue fighting'

… who are opposed to a union contract clause that … agreed to a four-year union contract last year, … then also agreed to a union security clause that … right-to-work law, which gives union members the freedom … more

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