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Utility Appeals Wind Turbine Noise Court Ruling

Ruling could impact wind plants across Michigan

… determination that the Lake Winds Energy Plant near Ludington … impact on many other wind turbine plants across … the landowners at the wind park.” Rick James, … impact of the Lake Winds case. “Consumers’ … more

Utility Asks Court To Slap Down Excessive Wind Turbine Noise Finding

County believes wind plant is too noisy

… County found that Lake Winds Energy Plant was too … finding that the Lake Winds industrial wind plant, a 56-turbine … reasons the Mason County wind turbine noise dispute … more

Court Orders Utility To Address Wind Turbine Noise Problems

Residents near Consumers Energy wind farm complain of health issues

… plan to rid its Lake Winds Energy Plant of excessive … finding that the Lake Winds industrial plant is … the construction of wind turbines in the region. "There … plant." Lake Winds is a 56-turbine facility … more

Court Backs Finding Of Wind Turbine Noise Problem

Lake Winds energy plant in Mason County now has to mitigate noise of its windmills

… in determining that wind turbines at the Lake Winds Industrial Wind Plant near Ludington … county's finding that the wind plant was exceeding … more

Group Opposing Wind Project Accused Of Misleading Public

Advocate of project says photo was misleading

… their concerns about wind turbines at an April … which wants to build wind turbines in Bay County, and wind supporter Peter Sinclair said a photo of wind turbines and buildings … more

Another Michigan Community Moving Toward Wind Farm Restrictions

DTE turbine tower plans for Beaver Township stumble on proposed zoning board recommendation

… to amend a proposed wind farm zoning ordinance … of 2,900, plus anti-wind activists, wind supporters and industry … final say. According to wind project opponent Kevon … more

Michigan Is Not a Windy State

The true cost of wind in Michigan is beginning to become clear

Michigan is not a windy state, but you wouldn’t … Legislature has favored the wind industry, mandating … state must come from wind. These mandates are … energy produced by wind will eventually become … more

Huron County Pushes Stop Button on Wind Development

With more than 300 wind turbines, officials say they've had enough

… Michigan’s ground zero for wind energy are telling wind developers “enough is … Huron County has 328 wind turbines, more than … regulations for industrial wind turbines can be put … more

How Wind Energy Creates More Dependence on Fossil Fuels

'Any informed student of wind energy ... understands that'

… little secret” about wind energy: It relies on … fuels. That’s a message wind energy opponents in … to zero” pertains to wind energy. The following … example: Wind farms are dependent … more

Huron County Looks at Wind Turbine Moratorium

Michigan’s wind capital may push the pause button

There are 328 wind turbines in Huron County, … draft a moratorium on wind energy. John Nugent, … pause button on new wind energy development so … experience the presence of wind turbines up close. We … more

Texas Moves Toward Dumping Wind Mandate

Texas Senate tells wind energy industry the preferential treatment is ending

… which is primarily a wind energy (with a certain … energy) mandate. Wind energy is more efficient … and away the leading wind energy state in the … transmission lines for wind from the western side … more

Township Votes Down Wind Energy Project

Meade voters shot down plan for 48 wind turbines

… prospective Detroit Edison wind energy project. On May … Edison to erect up to 48 wind turbines in the township. … County, which has more wind turbines than all of … moratorium on further wind development while its … more

The Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: Competing Groups Hold Forums

CapCon reporter kicked out of pro-wind energy forum

… listen to its Michigan Wind Energy Forum in Lansing … Tuesday, the American Wind Energy Association changed … manufacturers of industrial wind turbines and related … same meeting venue, wind energy opponents held … more

Bills Would Limit Wind Turbine Lawsuits

Industrial wind turbines are supposed … lawsuits filed over wind turbines. Under the … who operate or own wind turbines would be exempt … the right to harvest wind energy on their property.” In … more

Bill Proposes Adding Wind Industry to 'Right to Farm' Act

House Bill 5886 would let wind turbines avoid zoning and building permits

Wind turbines could be erected … Farm Act to include wind production. If enacted, it would allow wind turbines to be constructed … Bill 5886 would add wind energy production in … more

Energy Company At Odds With County Over Safety of Wind Turbines

'The only way you can build wind power in Michigan is to inflict harmful noise levels on people'

… odds over whether a wind plant located south … living close to the wind plant continue to be … life. Allegations that Lake Winds Energy Plant has significant … determined that the wind plant is not in compliance … more

If Neighbor's Wind Turbine Flings Ice Chunks In Your Yard Is It Trespassing?

Michigan wind farm critic calls allowing the loss of use 'trespass zoning'

… halt the expansion of wind turbine developments … that the industrial wind farms’ towers and spinning … trespass. Martis said that wind farm promoters lobby … of their land if a wind turbine is nearby. “You … more

Ohio Starts Holding Wind Industry Accountable

In-state renewable energy mandate eliminated in the Buckeye State; still exists in Michigan

… ends Ohio’s in-state wind energy mandate and also … signed a measure to keep wind turbines farther away … Bill 310 on June 13. Wind plants in Ohio, unlike … compete with cheaper wind generated electricity … more

Poll: Just 1 in 3 Know Wind Energy Depends on Fossil Fuels

Wind is so undependable that fossil fuels are used as backup more than half the time

… of voters know about wind energy’s dependence … be associated with wind energy. “Based … voters are aware of wind energy’s alleged weaknesses,” … said they knew about wind energy’s dependence … more

Isabella County Closer to Allowing 200 or More Wind Turbines

Zoning changes would open door for wind turbines up to 600 feet tall

… up to 200 industrial wind turbines in rural areas … commission. No wind turbine permit applications … U.S. and Canada, the wind turbine provider has … communities targeted for wind development, a property … more

Commentary: Natural Gas Plants Better Than Wind Turbines

Natural gas is cheaper with few emissions — why is the state pushing wind?

… and renewable energy (wind) is the cure. To … Michigan on industrial wind turbines, including … 900 megawatts (MW) of wind turbines will combine to create a wind plant that will have … more

'Best Article on Wind Farms You Will Ever Read'

… results of European wind energy, should this … think of deploying our wind turbines to make good … not. We all know that windmills are a self-indulgent … more

Township Officials: Cronyism Rife On Lucrative Wind Project Deals

Wind farm developers pay landowners $1,000-$1,500 per month to allow a turbine tower

… one of the largest wind turbine farms in the … townships targeted by wind farm developers. He … questions about the wind proposal. The threats … commissioners who voted on the wind project had signed agreements … more

Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard

First of its kind ruling; similar to Michigan situation

… a local industrial wind plant to be a human … megawatt industrial wind turbines. The board … complaints about the wind plant for more than … radius of the industrial wind plant. Jay … more

It Would Take 600 Wind Turbines to Replace One Closing U.P. Coal Plant

Natural gas the real replacement, but new Michigan wind mandate means more turbine towers coming, too

… renewable energy like wind and solar. There are 883 wind turbines operating in … would take about 600 wind turbines to generate … can produce. But wind turbines only produce … more

Community Group Fighting Third Attempt To Bring Wind Farm To Town

… overturned regulations for wind turbines in referendums … on plans to locate wind turbines there. Now, … Energy wants to locate wind turbines in the township … said: 'We don't want wind turbines here.' But … more

Wind Power 'Success Story' Was a Massive Failure

Wind project still cited years after it failed to materialize

… Joe Biden called a wind turbine facility in … equipment needed to create wind turbine components in … facility produced one wind turbine that triggered … that hasn't stopped wind power advocates around … more

One Lawsuit Settled, But No Truce in Wind Energy Debate

… living near the Lake Winds wind plant south of Ludington … about the problems with wind energy,” Shineldecker … long, supporters of wind energy have been able … more

Energy Policy Director: Wind Energy isn't Cheap and Alone Can't Meet Our Needs

'We left wind a couple hundred years ago'

… misconceptions about wind energy – particularly … continued. “We left wind a couple of hundred … he'd suggested that wind energy was not “green.” “Wind generation is classified … more

Effort In Lansing To Override Voters' Rebuke of Higher-Cost Energy Mandate

Demonstrators to picket upcoming wind forum

… "poor" or "marginal" for wind energy . But that's … during the American Wind Energy Association Wind Forum. At issue … ongoing effort by the wind energy industry to increase … more

Wind Energy Allegations Deserve Hearings

Claims about efficiency, health hazards should be explored

… allegations against wind energy in Michigan. … and the environment, wind energy is a fraud. The … generated by in-state wind energy by 2015, is scheduled … question of whether wind energy in Michigan is … more

Michigan Wind Energy Report Generating Some Sparks

… being described by the wind energy industry, which … coincides with the American Wind Energy Association's Wind Forum at East Lansing. The … generating some sparks. Wind energy advocates claim … more

Michigan Energy Battle May Mean More 500 Foot Wind Turbines in Communities

Activist: Rural townships 'are being sacrificed' but 30 have pushed back

… 500-foot-tall industrial wind turbines. The deal is … environmentalist and wind-industry interests that … increase the number of wind turbines. Current law … sources, including windmills. The proposed deal … more

A Fresh Angle: Taking on 'Big Wind' With Competition

How should Michigan change its energy mandate?

… setback requirement for wind turbines. I can tell you that the wind industry definitely … environmental groups and the wind industry might have … reported the argument that wind energy in Michigan might … more

1,400 Michigan Wind Turbines Needed To Replace The Palisades Nuclear Plant

Michigan also plans to shutter all its coal plants

… electricity. A typical wind turbine in Michigan … would take around 1,400 wind turbines to replace … There are currently 883 wind turbines working in … the Thumb region. Wind energy is intermittent … more

Resident Harmed by Windmills Now on County Planning Commission Which Approved Windmills

Plaintiff in wind turbine noise case appointed in Mason County

… inadequate at Lake Winds wind plant near Ludington, … the construction of wind turbines in the region. … problems associated with wind power.” Lake Winds … more

In Picturesque U.P. Peninsula, It's Birds v. Wind Turbines

And the birds are losing, say environmentalist opponents

A wind energy developer who … erect 400-foot tall wind turbines on a picturesque … already operates 14 wind turbines on the Garden … Bays de Noc. The wind energy promoter is already … more

DTE Declines Participation In Township Wind Farm Debate

State’s largest utility wanted just one consultant to give both sides

… public forum about wind farm development in … increasing the number of wind turbines, according … moratorium on erecting wind turbines and towers. … halted consideration of wind farm proposals so it … more

Wind Farm Developer Responds to Michigan Conflict of Interest Questions

… Commissioners have entered wind turbine lease agreements … zoning changes regarding wind development. Michigan … arrangements on July 10. The wind farm development company … more

Wind Industry Titan Soaks Up Billions in Tax Subsidies

887 turbines here already; NextEra Energy sues Michigan rural townships for more

… municipalities to allow its wind turbine towers to be … erected. The company has wind farm projects in 19 … built more than 8,700 wind turbines in 110 wind farm facilities. Ellington … more

Expert: Consumers Energy Trying To ‘Muddle’ Wind Turbine Noise Solution

… a Northern Michigan wind plant won't work, a … levels at its Lake Winds Energy Plant, located … million, 56-turbine wind plant is in violation … sound levels from the wind turbines. There was … more

Elected Officials Stand to Get Thousands from Wind Deals If Zoning Approved

Isabella County change would mean hundreds of turbines; some board members already have deals

… zoning changes to allow wind farms have apparently … company developing a wind farm. Contracts for placing wind turbines reportedly … that would allow a wind developer to erect 200 … more

Industrial Wind Farms Bring Political Conflict, Recalls and Lawsuit to Township

State’s renewable mandate also bringing hundreds of new turbine towers

… battle over a proposed wind farm of 63 turbines … land use request by wind turbine supplier NextEra … adopt a moratorium on wind farm developments so … community could revise a wind zoning ordinance … more

Proposed Wind Turbines In Michigan County Taller Than 'Mighty Mac'

… 48 feet shorter than wind turbines being proposed … of the 600-foot-tall wind turbines there. Huron … more

DTE Produces Enough Wind Power To Run 24,000 Homes - But Part Of The Day Only

Oh, you wanted electricity 24/7?

… impact of solar and wind energy. But one expert … example, says its Pinnebog wind park in Huron County … when DTE Energy says a wind farm can power 24,000 … electricity just from wind. Given the nature of … more

Awarded Millions, Wind Turbine Company Defaults on State Loan

State gives very little information on companies it subsidizes

… was supposed to make wind turbine towers and bases, … to build commercial wind turbine towers. The … more

Gov't Report: Wind Energy Needs Taxpayer Support To Survive

A 2011 Wind Technologies Report … highlights how dependent wind energy is upon government … federal incentives for wind energy and the ability … incentives." The 2010 wind report by the DOE also … more

Federal Judge: Michigan Renewable Energy Mandate Unconstitutional

Court cases may deflate wind energy in Michigan

… energy sources with wind energy the predominate … not well-suited for wind energy production . If … would virtually kill wind energy in Michigan. … would force Michigan's wind energy industry to compete … more

Michigan's Wind Energy Mandate Costs Each Family Nearly $4,000

Renewable energy law means 24,000 fewer jobs

… effect a mandate for wind energy. The study … mostly talking about is wind energy, right? Yonk: … The majority of it is wind. Second would be solar, … but the bulk of it is wind. Most states set their … more

Wind Subsidies Upon Mandates Upon Subsidies

Ad Infinitum, Ad Absurdum

… “renewable” sources — read wind turbines — will come … before another taxpayer wind subsidy is set to expire. It’s … credit” that gives windmill operators a $22 … hours of low demand wind producers actually pay … more

'Big Oil' and 'Big Wind' Keep Public in the Dark About Wind Dependence on Fossil Fuels

And 'big media' is missing the story

… almost exclusively wind energy) and the fossil … "regular" news media sees wind energy as the underdog … what we will call “Big Wind,” in an underdog role … uninformed thinking. Big Wind is backed by billions … more

Lawsuit Alleges Wind Power A Threat To Health And Safety

'We've moved our beds to the basement ... so I can try to sleep'

… new Consumers Energy wind farm has been making … the $250 million Lake Winds Energy Park wind farm, south of Ludington … to be exposed to the wind farm's operation. Monetary … more

Windmills Tall as Skyscrapers Proposed for Rural Michigan County

… building as many as 60 wind turbines in Shiawassee … higher than the tallest wind turbines currently in … The expansion of wind farms into many Michigan … more

Wasting Money on Windmills

… how Texas has more wind generator capacity than … megawatts, all those windmills contributed just … —they’re usually not very windy. What’s more, the entity … those distant rural wind turbines to where most … more

MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains

Surprised Extension Service staffers at center of conflict between industry and targeted communities

… zoning ordinance for wind energy developments … standards would impede wind farm development. The … the country’s largest wind and solar energy company. … on the website of a wind industry trade group … more

Natural Gas to Wind Energy: You're Nothing Without Me

Energy from windmills is mostly backed up by fossil fuels

Wind energy in Michigan is … coupled with one-third wind. Most people are unaware … comparisons between wind and natural gas by treating … them choose between wind and natural gas. Unfortunately … more

DTE Electricity: Out With Old Coal, In With New Gas

Utility is adding lots of wind capacity, and it mostly needs to be matched by fossil fuel capacity

… natural gas, solar and wind. By the end of 2023, … coal, hydroelectric, wind and solar; an energy … rely on natural gas, wind, and solar to produce … produced by biomass and wind turbines. Unlike … more

Will GOP Control Change the Wind on Wind Energy?

… company is URV USA, a wind turbine castings foundry … out that generating wind energy is too expensive … Information Administration, wind generation costs $141.50 … hour, and offshore wind is $229.60 per megawatt hour. … more

Group Rallies Against Push For Unproven Alternative Energy

Wind energy is 'a scam of Olympic proportions'

… information showing that most wind energy is a farce. Spearheading … Citizens Coalition. "Wind energy is a scam of … capacity value because the wind stops blowing whenever … one-to-three ratio of wind-to-fossil forever. It … more

Prop 3: A Push Backward

… the ballot, include wind power, solar power, … ravaged into fuel. Wind power founders because … the time those giant windmills stand as still … and “unreliable.” The wind lobby boasts about the … more

Wind Turbine Answers Elusive

Experts disagree on how many turbines will blanket the landscape if 25 by 25 amendment passes

… renewable sources such as wind by 2025, would require … state's energy from wind. Most experts think … would have to come from wind. However, advocates … Michigan currently has 292 wind turbines in operation … more

Commentary: Court Decision Could Unplug Green Energy Mandate in Michigan

… is a high-priced wind energy producer. Wind energy in Midwest Independent … Michigan's cheapest wind energy contracts are … artificially constructed wind industry.   These … more

Most of Michigan is 'Poor' or 'Marginal' For Wind Energy

U.S. Department of Energy stats say state not well suited to meet proposed 25 percent renewable energy mandate

The newest wind turbines are nearly … “poor” or “marginal” for wind as a resource at 50 … says Michigan’s best wind opportunities at 50 … Laboratory says annual wind speeds of about 6.5 … more

Ohio One Step Closer To Ending In-State Renewable Energy Mandate

Bill headed to Ohio Gov. Kasich for his expected signature; Michigan mandate still in effect

… electricity produced by wind turbines. Ending Ohio's … to shop for cheaper wind-produced energy from … states that produce more wind, such as Minnesota and … in turn, would force wind energy producers in … more

In-State Renewable Energy Mandate Could Be Eliminated In Ohio

Michigan legislators have not acted to end mandate

… negative impact on Ohio's wind industry.  The legislation … fighting against a wind development in Champaign … to suitability for wind-produced electricity, … has roughly the same wind status as that of Michigan. … more

Analysis: Great Lakes Wind Development Too Risky

… development of off-shore wind energy. On-shore wind energy is expensive and off-shore wind energy even more so. … the economic cost of wind energy. The study predicts … more

Wind Noise Dispute Pits Scientists Against State Officials

… level guidelines for wind turbines in Michigan … decibel level limit for wind turbines. This means wind turbines can operate … to 40 dBA. The Wind and Health Technical … more

Green Energy Mandate Supporter Claims Individuals 'Do Not Have Rights to Quiet'

25/25 ballot proposal would require a lot more windmills, noise

… Act request pertaining to wind turbine noise level … sources — primarily wind — by 2025. It would … require utilities to push wind farms into an increasing … persons are annoyed by wind farms. Probably a significant … more

Renewable Energy Mandate Takes A Hit In Michigan

Influential judge says Michigan law is unconstitutional

… almost a euphemism for wind power. At the heart … a particularly good wind state. That means that in Michigan wind is not as efficient … for ratepayers. So, wind energy produced in Michigan … more

Wind Association Executive To State Bureaucrats: 'Delete These Types of Emails'

State derails scientific panel recommendations regarding windmill noise levels

… noise level limit for wind turbines be lowered. Written … Act pertaining to the wind turbine noise level … to promote solar and wind energy. He was program … disbanded the Technical Wind Group before it wrote … more

Windmills Power Controversy on Great Lakes

… soon? Answer: Wind turbines — an alternative … latest target for 160 wind turbines, according … discuss the impact the wind turbines will have on … shallow to get reliable wind during the summer months. … more

Town Votes Down Windmill Plan, Board Moving Ahead Anyways

Resident: 'They talk about the environment, but it really all comes down to money'

… ordinance that would allow wind turbines to operate … zoning that allows wind turbines. There is no … is an advocate for wind power. "I'm in … leases for putting wind turbines on their land. … more

Energy Laws are Next on the Agenda of State Lawmakers

Understanding this tough issue

… energy" effectively means wind power. There is … about. To many who see wind power as an expensive … percent goal could give wind developers an additional … them into approving wind projects. There are … more

More Windmill-Related Environmental Concerns

'We're picking up 10 (dead) bats for every bird'

… suggest that large wind turbines may be more … ground around large wind turbines. Baerwald … study findings. Wind turbines have long been … more

'Michigan Wind Is Less Costly Than Coal' Claim Blown Away by Federal Stats

… less expensive than wind in its latest study … hour. By comparison, wind comes in at $97 per … percent of capacity while wind operates at 34 percent of capacity. Wind energy requires a backup … more

Interview with Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz

… two-year suspension of the wind energy mandates currently … have to do with the wind power situation in Ohio … utilities they need to have wind farms or how many they … the extent to which wind energy is actually reliant … more

Price of Electricity Up 85 Percent Since 2001

… specifically solar and wind power. more

Michigan’s Big Electric, Gas Monopoly Hikes Rates, Rakes In Billions

… expansion of industrial wind turbine sites in rural … more

Back To The Future With Renewable Energy Puffery

Who benefits if families must pay more to get the same amount of electric power?

… businesses that profit from wind and other renewable … and operating more wind farms and solar power … the fluids, clean the windshield, etc. It sounds … self-serve gas, the window cleaners and tire … more

Hoping Against History: Clinton Calls for Millions of Clean Energy Jobs

There are very few 'clean energy' jobs

… hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass … another 6 percent, wind 4.7 percent and solar … understated because solar, wind and biomass facilities … more

No More Additional Favors for Solar

Property taxes should tax the value of property, including solar panels

… renewable sources like wind and solar by 2021. Assigning … more

Net Metering Decision Raises Hackles of Solar Supporters

'Avoided cost' rate will impact Michigan’s interest in residential solar

… with solar panels, wind, etc., benefits everyone … more

Windmills Power Controversy on Great Lakes

… soon? Answer: Wind turbines — an alternative … latest target for 160 wind turbines, according … shallow to get reliable wind during the summer months. … highly skeptical of the wind potential." Bledsoe … more

Michigan Won't Be Blown Away By Renewable Energy Jobs

… exclusively to build wind turbines . The report … more

Confectionery Job Growth Trumps Green Energy Job Growth in Michigan

A miniature wind turbine is featured … past few years than wind and solar combined. Wind energy accounted for … jobs generated by the wind and solar industry in … more

Michigan’s Renewable Energy Mandate Causing Harm, Probably Unconstitutional

The state cannot feasibly have a 30 percent mandate

Michigan wind energy promoters have … close? Regarding wind turbines, the report … operating Michigan wind plant currently has … typically found in Michigan wind plants. This large … more

Stimulus Giveaways and Higher Electric Bills Pay for ‘Green Energy’ in Michigan

… announced that its newest wind farm had cleared its … the $232 million Lake Winds Energy Park project … period. Critics of wind energy projects say … $72 million that Lake Winds will receive are necessary … more

Renewables Just a Hood Ornament on Fossil Fuel Power System

You can't have renewable energy without fossil fuels backing it up

… sources, including wind and solar, rely on fossil … nominally credited to wind power is actually produced … power, especially from wind and solar, will be expected … minute-to-minute with changes in wind speed, cloud cover, … more

Renewable Energy is Not Cheaper After All

Popular measurement of renewable energy's cost ignores its unpredictable nature

… advocates who claim wind energy is an obvious, … choice. I argued that, if wind is as affordable as … for living next to wind farms means arguments … market carve-outs for wind and solar. With a 15 … more

I Don’t Have Answers to These Questions

There aren't always easy answers to policy questions

… jobs are actually at wind farms in Michigan? Wind energy was pitched as … next big thing, but wind farms probably don’t … more

Former Governor Predicted 17,000 Jobs From 'Green Energy' Mandate, Number of Jobs Has Actually Dropped

Gov. Granholm signed 10 percent mandate in 2008, ballot initiative would increase it to 25 percent

… includes the jobs for wind and solar power construction. … person who is hired by a wind farm company and worked … report  from the American Wind Energy Association estimated the entire wind energy sector directly … more

Opposing Groups Rally At State's 'Good Energy Decisions' Panel

… both for and against wind energy. The college’s … renewable resources such as wind and solar by 2015. The … plummeted as a result of wind turbines placed near … conducted to ensure the wind turbines were compliant.  Speakers … more

Ohio Moves Closer to No More Windmills

Buckeye state also leads in pushback to federal power generation over-reach

… suspension of the government wind energy mandates that … practical purposes means wind turbines in this part … same boat regarding wind energy. Both are considered … have relatively poor wind energy potential. What … more

Rumors of Taxpayer Spending

State job funds are expensive and underwhelming

… There are bills to wind this program down. The … more

Politicians Don’t Guide the Economy, You Do

Economic growth starts with the individual, not the state

… losses as gains. Those wind farms in the Thumb were … from engineering the wind turbines to building … the number of jobs in wind electric power generation … select companies. While wind’s job impact is unknown, … more

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