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Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture

Forfeiture is a big issue in Michigan

… big swipe at civil forfeiture laws across the nation. In … crime.) That’s because forfeiture involves charging the … him up. These forfeiture operations frequently … their interests in forfeiture proceedings. Perversely, … more

Skorup Joins Steve Gruber for Forfeiture Discussion

Bills on forfeiture working through legislature

Civil asset forfeiture — the process of law … Michigan's civil asset forfeiture laws among the worst … process of civil asset forfeiture and how to make the … information on civil asset forfeiture, visit more

How Forfeiture Should Work in Michigan

New Mexico and Nebraska limit forfeiture to criminal cases

… recording studio under its forfeiture laws. It appears to be a case where forfeiture may be justified, but … example to talk about how forfeiture should be used. The … allegations are part of a forfeiture complaint filed in … more

Skorup Discusses Civil Asset Forfeiture on WPHM

Center research and reporting on forfeiture featured by Bill Gilmer.

… practice of civil asset forfeiture, Mackinac Center Policy … more

Reforming Property Forfeiture Laws to Protect Citizens’ Rights

The Framers of the United States Constitution understood that freedom depends upon the vigorous protection of private property rights and that this protection was therefore the most sacred obligation of government. However, despite Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment guarantees, recent years have witnessed a massive expansion of a legal practice known as "asset forfeiture," which allows government to violate the very property rights it is charged with protecting. Hundreds of asset forfeiture laws-many of them intended to stop illegal drug trafficking-give state and federal law enforcement agents the power to seize property even without proof of the owners' guilt in a criminal trial because, in many cases, the government considers the property itself to be the criminal. This study recommends nine reforms that will help guarantee that Michigan citizens enjoy the benefits of private property rights, limited government, and individual liberty, and remain protected from unjustified and arbitrary seizure of their personal possessions. more

Forfeiture: What Next?

Take a look at bonding

… the topic of civil forfeiture in Michigan recently. … to the current civil forfeiture system in Michigan, … among the worst-rated forfeiture laws in the nation, … when it comes to civil forfeiture would be for the state … more

House Judiciary Passes Civil Forfeiture Reform Bills

Good work, but more still to be done

… Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws. Currently, law … Irwin, would limit forfeiture in cases involving … outlawed civil asset forfeiture, and New Mexico recently … more

Mackinac Expert Debates Civil Asset Forfeiture

… issue of civil asset forfeiture to the Birmingham Republican … activist opposed to forfeiture, and Megan Noland, … office. Civil asset forfeiture is the process of law … Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws for many years. … more

Michigan Must Stop Keeping Peoples’ Property Without Conviction

Skorup discusses civil forfeiture on Michigan Radio

… reform Michigan’s civil forfeiture laws, but there’s still … practice of civil asset forfeiture. Under this practice, … why it’s called civil forfeiture. … When assets are … Skorup said civil asset forfeiture should be done away … more

Why Believers in Limited Government Should Support Forfeiture Reform

Skorup co-authors op-ed on MLive

… reform civil asset forfeiture work through the … further by eliminating of forfeiture altogether. Jarrett … the study " Civil Forfeiture ," co-authored an … the benefits of civil forfeiture reform and what the … more