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Only Two Counties Voted for Proposal 2

Many voters in counties near cities or schools under emergency oversight supported Prop 1

… voters' rejection of Proposal 2, a ballot initiative … all but two rejected Proposal 2 on Tuesday. In … more

Everything You Need to Know, Except the Cost

May tax proposal will cost $2 billion

… about the May 5 tax proposal with the headline: … except, what the tax proposal will cost if approved. That s $2 billion, which the article … article does point out $1.2 billion will be generated … more

Proposal 1 Will Cost Average Michigan Household Up to $525 a Year in Extra Taxes

May 5 proposal will hike taxes by $2 billion

… will pay as much as $525 more in taxes in 2016 if Proposal 1 is … about $500 less if Proposal 1 is approved. Taxpayers … more

Michigan’s May Tax Proposal

Proposal 1 would raise taxes $2 billion

… effect if approved. Proposal 1 would increase the … taxes and spending by $2 billion in 2016, of which about $1.3 … Credit. Overall, the proposal will increase state … more

Ballot Proposal Backers Weighing Strategy

$2 billion tax hike vote on May 5

… believe the May 5 ballot proposal has little chance … told, that deal is a $2 billion tax hike , … trying to sell the proposal will be starting out … considerably more than the $1.2 billion to $1.5 billion … more

Prop 2 Means More Arbitrary Teacher Placements

'Last In, First Out' would be reinstated

… placement decisions. If Proposal 2 passes, however, union … will happen often if Proposal 2 is passed is that school … more

Voters Avert Disaster by Rejecting Proposal 2

… to be worried. Proposal 2 s failure indicates … labor-friendly inoculation; Proposal 2 would have empowered … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Simply About Collective Bargaining

… ballot initiative Proposal 2 was merely about establishing … membership. The lawyer for Proposal 2 , Andrew Nickelhoff, said , … more

Proposal 2 Power Grab Demands Review of Government Unionism

… resoundingly defeated Proposal 2 , it is appropriate … initiative tantrum. Proposal 2 would not just have … while in approximately 20 others it is mandatory … more

Unions Rig Proposal 2 Business 'Support' List

Workers trained to coerce, intimidate business owners for their support; ignored some requests

… bankrolling and supporting Proposal 2 have touted the business … recruiting "took kit" that Proposal 2 supporters provide after … more

Media Muddles Magnitude of May Tax Hike Vote

It's $2 billion

… approve a May 5 ballot proposal, according to a Mackinac … projected to generate $1.2 billion of additional … letter-to-the-editor on the proposal from reader Howard … Bouwens letter a 250-word response that … more

Proposal 2 Would Declaw Emergency Managers in Proposal 1

… November ballot, some proposals are bound to impact … best example is how Proposal 2 impacts Proposal … issues pass. Proposal 2, which elevates union … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2

Issues brought to the forefront by the Mackinac Center cited by UAW President as reasons for ballot proposal

… in bringing about Proposal 2 . That's what United … recent interview . Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot was … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Good For Government Union Workers

...or taxpayers, as Illinois shows what can happen when unions get nearly everything they want

… main supporters of Proposal 2 , which would guarantee … happen in this state if Proposal 2 gives those unions … Based on a projected $27 billion cash deficit … more

Proposal 2: More Power for Government Unions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Today: Proposal 2, The 'Collective Bargaining' … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … vote on Proposal 2 would allow government … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

Proposal 2, the Protect Our … taxpayers should Prop 2 pass. Prop 2 gives government unions … more


Prop 2 Would Protect Union Bosses at the Expense of Qualified Teachers

… teacher corps. If Proposal 2 passes, however, it's … more

BREAKING NEWS: 'Protect Working Families' Lists Proposal 2 Business Supporters Without Their Knowledge

… website promoting Proposal 2 , lists 598 small … business supports Proposal 2. The Proposal 2 supporter's … more

NYT: Prop 2 'An Embarrassing Loss for Labor'

… the failure of Proposal 2 is an embarrassing … also pointed out that Proposal 2 received about 600,000 … more

Making Sense of Michigan's Ballot Proposals

Chart explains supporters, opponents and what the six proposals mean for Michigan

… with six statewide proposals that could reshape … most attention is Proposal 2 , which would enshrine … Union more than $32 million since it was … more

Predators Back In the Classroom? It Could Happen

Proposal 2 would overrule state laws mandating certain protections

Supporters of Proposal 2 say an ad claiming the … Association, says Proposal 2 would not change the … more

Prop 2 Supporters Putting Out Questionable Info

The proponents of Proposal 2 have been less than … list and disagree with Proposal 2. One company called … more

Media Resoundingly Rejects Prop 2, Prop 4

Only two weekly newspapers support either of the union-backed plans to alter the state constitution

… Election Day looms, Proposal 2 and Proposal 4 are without any … endorsed Proposal 2 , which would allow … more

Prop 2 May Put FOIA on Ice for Media, Others

… Detroit News on Sept. 27, 2012.) Proposal … unions and the public. Proposal 2 could make discovering … more

Vernuccio Talks Prop 2 on Fox Business

… with the defeat of Proposal 2 last week. Vernuccio … Show on WILS AM1320 in Lansing and wrote … more

Prop 2 Supporters Say States Without Unionized Teachers ‘Among the Worst’ On Standardized Tests — Michigan Scores Lower Than Them All

… group supporting Proposal 2 , the collective bargaining … just one variable like Proposal 2's proponents are … click here .) For 2012, the average ACT … more

Michigan Ballot Proposals

… commentary on the following proposals expected to appear … repealed Prop 2: Election Update! … regarding these ballot proposals as Center analysts … Election Update! "25 x 25" Amendment voted … more

Prop 2 Supporters Misled on Other States

The proponents of Proposal 2 made the rounds claiming … constitutions and therefore Proposal 2 was nothing new or radical. Their … more

Collective Bargaining a 'Right' to Coerce

… stuff. The union-funded Proposal 2 would amend the Michigan … coerce another group. Proposal 2 would label that power … more

July 2, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

Key Senate Road Funding Votes

… years. The bill also proposes a scheme to potentially … per gallon by Jan. 1, 2017, up from 19 cents … road repairs: Passed 27 to 11 To earmark … No House Bill 4612 , Road funding package … more

Prop 2 Would Change at Least 170 Laws

… that proponents of Proposal 2 claim the constitutional … amendment. The lawyer for Proposal 2, Andrew Nickelhoff, … more

Prop 2 Supporters Change Name

… Plenty if you re Proposal 2 . The unions behind the proposal to change the state … Families. We know Prop 2 would apply mostly to … more

Making Sense Of The Complicated Ballot Language For Proposal 1

Personal property tax cut would result in $500 million tax decrease when fully phased in

Proposal 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot … increase. It reads: "2. Require Local Community … who researched the proposal and wrote a policy … jobs in Michigan. 2. Require Local Community … more

Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … reject Public Act 4 of 2011. A "yes" vote keeps … this week explaining proposals 1 through 5.) Proposal … predecessor, Public Act 72 of 1990. Among other … more

Proposal 2 Would Cost Taxpayers $1.6 Billion Per Year, New Analysis Says

'Protect Our Jobs' initiative will be voted on in November

If Proposal 2 were to pass this November, … savings would be due to Proposal 2 superseding Gov. Rick … more

UAW President Bob King Admits Proposal 2 Was About Right-to-Work

… union claims that Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot wasn't about … voters soundly rejected Proposal 2 in November, 58 … more

Love it or Hate it, Voters are Aware of Proposal 1

Poll suggests substantial turnout on May 5

… the battle over the Proposal 1 sale tax increase … turnout in the range of 1.2 to 2.0 million. In … landlines. ~~~~~ See also: Proposal 1 Will Cost Average … more

Double Tax on Some Fuels is Problematic for $2 Billion May 5 Proposal

Mistake in ballot language means fuel for boats, snowmobiles, lawnmowers would cost extra

… Murray). The ballot proposal that goes before … anonymity. Officially dubbed Proposal 2015-1, the ballot … proposal would be a $2 billion tax hike in … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

Proposal 2 would fundamentally … taxpayers should Prop 2 pass. Prop 2 gives government unions … more

Voters Reject Special Interest Power Plays

Proposals 2-6 soundly defeated

… soundly defeated. Proposal 2, which would have enshrined … in a landslide 58%-42%, as did Proposals 3 through 6. F. … more

Michigan Sales Tax Hike Proposal May Provide Schools With Less

What the law says now and what it would be changed to

The tax hike proposal that goes before … Proposal A, and the 2 percent that was added … the language in the proposal not only wouldn t … by Proposal A. The 2 percent portion is constitutionally … more

Michigan Press Association and Mackinac Center Joint Statement on Proposal 2 and the Freedom of Information Act

‘Chilling effects on citizens’ right to know’

… implications that Proposal 2 would have on … Release Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 Contacts: Michael … fired. If Proposal 2 is adopted it will … more

Constitutional Convention Won’t Fix Michigan’s Problems

On Nov. 2, Michigan voters will face Proposal 1, which will ask … the first place. Proposal 1 will be on the … constitutional convention and 72 percent did likewise … more

Constitutional Convention Won’t Fix Michigan’s Problems (Michigan Capitol Confidential)

… Problems" ). Michigan voters on Nov. 2 will face Proposal 1, which will ask … version of the April 2010 Viewpoint on Public … the first place. Proposal 1 will be on the … more

Transit: So Popular it Needs to be Subsidized

Michigan Proposal 1 spends an extra $116 million on mass transit

… voters will trigger a $2 billion net tax increase, … advocates helped kill a 2007 bill that would … riders to cover at least 20 percent of the cost. MLive … more

What Will Cities Do To Solve Their Pension Problems?

Part 2 in a series looking at municipal retiree funds in the state

… country. There is proposed legislation in the … has only put away 32 cents on the dollar … to new employees in 2004. The city now operates … to new employees in 2005 and is paying down … more

UAW Video Shows Political Influence

Proposal 2 on Michigan s Nov. … governor. This radical proposal and a campaign ad … who left the bench in 2008 to become a referee … more

Which Ballot Proposals Are 'Grassroots'?

… international bridge ballot proposals are not a grassroots … Haglund writes that the 2/3 tax limitation and … effort . If you think a proposal on the November ballot … AFSCME. Proposal 2: The 'Protect Our Jobs' … more

Happy Anniversary Proposal A

… Michigan voters approved "Proposal A," a fundamental … current value. 2. Increase … the initial rollback, Proposal A capped property … inflation. The other Proposal A promises have held … more

How the Chicago Teacher Union Strike Affects Michigan

Michigan Ballot Proposal Could Nullify State's No Strike Law

… said. "Unfortunately, [Proposal 2] the union-backed … benchmarks. The 26,000-member Chicago … reforms at risk." Proposal 2 will be on the … out on students in 2006. Paul Kersey, … more

Proposal 1 Would Pay Michigan's Road Debt Hangover

The Proposal 1 road funding initiative … asphalt. Specifically, if voters approve Proposal 1 s $2 billion tax increase … from the measure s $1.2 billion fuel tax will … more

Video Confirms Negative Union Stereotypes

… the union-funded Proposal 2 on Michigan s Nov. 6 ballot. Proposal 2 would give provisions … more

House Committee Sitting on Bill That Would Let Qualified Nurses Write Prescriptions

Proposed law would help deal with potential shortages

… doctors. Senate Bill 2 would allow Advanced … practice. Michigan is one of 21 states that do not … opposed to Senate Bill 2 argue that it would … measure back on Jan. 16, 2013. It was passed narrowly … more

With $2 Billion at Stake, $100 Fines Won't Deter Violations of State Law

… includes an article, " Proposal 1 Straight Talk ." The … means an additional $2 billion in state government … Education Supports Proposal 1 ." ForTheRecord … $100 fine . With $2 billion at stake, a … more

Why Are Some Tea Party Supporters Fighting Proposal 1 In Michigan?

… ins and outs of what Proposal 1 would do in Michigan, … Hohman said. 2. This will lead to future … members. This proposal cuts taxes and pays … explanation of Proposal 1 of 2014: ~~~~~ See … more

All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated

Emergency manager law repealed

… Vernuccio said of the Proposal 2 defeat. The … Release Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 Contacts: Ted … percent in Michigan and Proposal 2 being defeated with … more

Do Teachers Really Need More 'Protection?'

… Association wrote that Proposal 2 goes beyond just … teach (Stoico v. DPS, 2003); allowed a teacher to … (Clark v. Swartz Creek, 2009); and has protected … more

The Cost of the Proposal 1: The May Tax Vote

… taxpayer. The proposal increases sales and … generating a projected $2 billion in its first … between $477 and $525 in 2016 if voters approve Proposal 1. There are … more

County Prevailing Wage Law Could Add Millions To Taxpayer Costs

'Union-scale wages' means Muskegon County jail proposal will be extra pricey

… the price tag for the proposed Muskegon County jail … hook for an extra $2 million for the project. Prevailing … mean they'd pay about $2 million more," said … position to be spending $2 million more than they … more

Here's the Upcoming Political Drama in Michigan

Prevailing wage, the May 5 ballot proposal and energy are all on the table

… Bill Ballenger. If Proposal 1 fails at the ballot … the political menu in 2015. While the new Legislature … organized labor on Proposal 1 that he expected, … be somewhere around 2 million and I think … more

Commentary: Prop 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist

Home-based caregiver proposal would lock SEIU unionization scheme into state constitution

… telling people what Proposal 2 won t do instead … Monette then says that Proposal 4 ensures that will … not mention the $32 million the SEIU has … more

So What Happens if the May 5 $2 Billion Tax Hike Fails?

Pundits give their thoughts

… Approval or rejection of Proposal 1 by Michigan voters … for the balance of 2015. Meanwhile, … political observers about Proposal 1 and other topics. Q. … Proposal 1 the $2 billion sales tax hike … more

May Sales Tax Proposal Explained

… should know how this proposal was developed and … increase fuel taxes by $1.2 billion. The House offered … Former Gov. Granholm proposed increasing taxes to … they compromised on a $2 billion tax increase. … more

Michigan's Voter Approved Ban On Racial Preferences Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court

… statewide ballot as Proposal 2. At the time, it was … Action , dates back to 2006 and the Michigan … basic argument is that Proposal 2 (MCRI) prohibits … more

School District Allows Union, Employees To Exclude Material From FOIA Requests

Legal expert says they are breaking the law

… requests could arise if Proposal 2 passes.The union-backed … Section 7 of that Act (423.507), 'An employer … more

School Districts Value Best Teachers $1 More Than The Worst

District officials said merit pay law is an 'unfunded mandate'

… districts could undo if Proposal 2 passes in November. … became effective Jan. 4, 2010, that said public … "effective" teachers got $2; and a teacher who "meets … made more money in 2011 than a biology teacher … more

State Department of Civil Rights Not In Line With Gov. Snyder's Views

Despite vote of state citizens, department files brief to overturn constitutional amendment

… institutions. It was Proposal 2 on Michigan's 2006 statewide ballot. … it passed by a 58 to 42 percent margin The … more

Union Contract: Teachers Can Be Caught in School Drunk Five Times and On Drugs Three Times Before Being Fired

Students are reported to the police on first offense

… Sector Proposal 2: The 'Collective Bargaining' … Substances" on page 92. That contract expired … Public Act 103 in July 2011. However, the union … more

Commentary: Unions Ducking the Truth With Proposal 2 Ad

Excessive union contracts have bankrupted cities, school districts

… essence tell viewers that Proposal 2 is a harmless plan even … constitution. Proposal 2 supporters don't want … more

Bill Proposes Adding Wind Industry to 'Right to Farm' Act

House Bill 5886 would let wind turbines avoid zoning and building permits

… reckless wind energy proposal I have ever seen, … introduced on Oct. 2 by Rep. Jeff Irwin, … introduced again in 2015, as the Legislature … the Energy Bill of 2008. That law … more

Lower Gas Costs Benefit School Funding in May 5 Ballot Proposal

… increases taxes by some $2 billion overall, of which $1.2 billion would go to … simultaneously impose a 22.7 cent per gallon increase … more

Prop 1 Unpopularity to Voters was Unprecedented

'We can elect Democrats and get that result'

Proposal 1 may go down as the … voters rejected the $2 billion proposal to … unpopular amendment proposed since the current … Legislature was a $2 billion tax hike. Drolet … more

Weekly Roundup - Oct. 2

… a "net neutrality" proposal. ...leave to … questions GlobalWatt's 2009 tax incentive deal. Saginaw News … MEGA application. ABC 12 - GlobalWatt, state … more

Tourism Taxes Approved

State and local tax burden approaching nation’s ten worst

… along with the tax proposal. This committee would … burdens. House Bill 4261, now Public Act 25 of 2007, allows convention … speculates that the proposal could actually depress … more

Nation’s Highest Gas Tax Coming to Michigan?

… Gov. Rick Snyder s proposal to replace the state … that appeared Feb. 2, 2012, in Michigan Capitol … same). The governor s proposal is contained in House … more

Property Tax Protections Assaulted Again by House

Eleven GOP members vote to undermine Proposal A

… result of passage of Proposal A in 1994, school … On March 24, for the second time … election days." Under Proposal A, school districts … Attack ," January/February 2009 Michigan Capitol … more

I'm Just a Bill

A sampling of proposed state laws, as described on

… Twp. The bill proposes to give a subsidy … etc. SENATE BILL 552 Give "rewards" … D-Westland The bill proposes to authorize up to $250 … value would be between 2 cents and 6 cents per … more

Activist's Critique of Prop 3 Study Completely Incorrect

Union of Concerned Scientists analysis of Mackinac Center study wrong on every single point

… Deyette at the pro-Proposal 3 Union of Concerned … the only study on the 25 percent mandate that … Center s study on Proposal 3 s economic impact. In … marginal costs of the 25 percent mandate above … more

Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … funneled more than $32 million from disabled … more

Prop 3 Would Cost Taxpayers Billions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … Unions Today: Proposal 3: '25 X 25' Renewable Energy … more

The Price Tag on the Ballot Proposals

Constitutional changes would cost billions to Michigan taxpayers, citizens

… to judge many of the proposals extend beyond dollars … million. Proposal 2. Voting yes on Proposal 2 would give government … contribute to a union, as Proposal 4 requires) there … more

Per-Pupil Spending About Even

… Oxford Foundation s proposed revision of Michigan s … elementary students [2] spent an average of $7,284 per pupil in 2010-2011, … school options. The proposal has received harsh … more

November 30, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… reform choices: Passed 26 to 12 in the Senate To … extend from October 26, 2012 to January 9, 2013, … more

Poll: Voters Say Small Business Will Suffer Most With Minimum Wage Increase

Michigan residents also say they will tip less

… struggle more under a proposed minimum wage increase than … More than one in four (26 percent) said they … really be hurt by this proposal." Justin Winslow, … more. The remaining 2 percent were undecided. "It … more

Prop 5: Protecting Taxpayers from the Government

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … burdens are 8 percent to 23 percent lower in states … more

Freep Editorial Page Editor Not Going to be Bullied by Prop 2 Supporters

Stephen Henderson says he offered to meet anytime the unions wanted

… thrown under the bus by Proposal 2 backers who disagree … his opinion that Proposal 2 is bad for Michigan … more

$1 Cigarette Tax Hike Helps Smugglers, Not Health Outcomes

Prohibition by price drives consumers to alternatives

… diversion ). The original 2008 study has been … model shows that as of 2013, 25 percent of all the … raising Michigan s $2 per pack tax by 50 percent … more

New Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering Restrictions Anger Local Government Tax Hikers

But 1st Amendment gives rights to people, not governments

… referencing local tax hike ballot proposals during the 60 days … 571 , now Public Act 269 of 2015 after being signed … conference about the proposal, which was part of … more

Gov. Snyder’s 2012 State of the State Address Included Five Proposed Government Expansions, One Limitation

… address included five proposed expansions of government … Release Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 Contact: Michael … of government in his proposal, only to rein in the … more

Union-Supported Ballot Proposal Targets Right-to-Work, Recent Reforms

UAW-backed constitutional amendment would prevent future workplace choice

It was billed as proposal to prevent Michigan … officials. On March 2, United Auto Workers … the anti-right-to-work proposal would attempt to gather … the results of the [2010] election. But we … more

Deadlines Loom for Ballot Drives

… petition drive for proposed initiatives. Unlike … of State for the 2010 ballot . However, … constitution and another for proposed state statutes. … for good drivers by 20 percent and a proposal … more

Gov. Snyder’s 2013 State of the State Address Included Eight Proposed Government Expansions, Two Limitations

… address included eight proposed expansions of government … Release Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 Contact: Ted O'Neil Media … of government in his proposal, only to rein in the … Gov. Rick Snyder s 2013 State of the State … more

Superintendent Praises Proposed School Pay Raise Reform Bill Awaits Snyder Signature or Veto

… contracts. House Bill 4152 has passed the … contract expired Aug. 29, 2009. Under terms of the … contract expired Aug. 25, 2010. There … more

How Local Governments Toe the Line Advocating for Tax Hikes

Rising revenue, but Muskegon County Road Commission wants more

… with this 1.5 mill proposal, it s not much at … property tax hike on Feb. 24. A road commission … with this 1.5 mill proposal looks like a clear … from $15.4 million in 2012 to $17 million in … more

Do Michigan Criminal Penalties Make Sense? No One Knows

The state is considering gathering more data about sentencing and recidivism

… these shortcomings. Proposals passed by the Senate … year, the state gave $2 billion to the Department … criminal justice system in 2013 and 2014 at the request of … more

Projection: Repealing MBT and Surcharge Creates 120,000-plus Jobs

… Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed replacing the tax … Michigan Business Tax 22 percent surcharge , … of the repeal, and 120,900 jobs by 2016. The … more

'Survey of Pain' Says Taxpayers Need to Hurt More

… Pain." Tax hikes are proposed to alleviate the pain, … expecting layoffs in 2011 and 85 percent project … year Michigan enacted Proposal A and significantly … sizes will grow. And 21 percent of districts … more

A Pair of Republicans Help House Dems Dump Right-to-Work

… zones." Within these proposed zones, employers would … bill. On March 2, the Democrat majority … tie-bar a right-to-work proposal to a bill favored … .) The Democrat … more

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