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Rising Economy Increased Michigan Tax Revenue More Than Gas Tax Hike

The projected increase in two of the largest funds for the state of Michigan next year is enough to cover the gas and vehicle registration tax increases. … more

Washington Post Bashes Detroit Charters Citing Study That Praises Detroit Charters

There have been three studies that compared Detroit charters to traditional public schools. All have found that charters significantly outperform district schools. … more

Most Charters Perform 'Significantly Better' Than District Schools on Core Subjects

When critics of school choice say that charter schools aren't much better than traditional Detroit Public Schools, there's something they aren't telling you. … more

Yesterday's Pension Underfunding Means Fewer Raises For Today's Teachers

One public school district could have given each of its teachers a 12.2 percent raise in 2016 if its pension costs had not skyrocketed. … more

Incomes Rise in Right-to-Work Michigan; Officials Project More To Come

When Michigan’s new-right-to-work law was enacted at the end of 2012, critics claimed it would cause incomes to fall and named it "right-to-work-for-less." … more

President of Nation's Largest Teachers Union Got 23 Percent Pay Bump Last Year

The National Education Association’s president, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, received a 9.5 percent pay raise and had a 23 percent boost in total compensation in 2016. … more

Another Charter School Critic Misses the Mark

An article in Bridge Magazine is the latest to question the value of charter schools in Michigan and point the finger at an alleged lack of oversight. … more

New York Times Wrong: Detroit Charter Schools Didn't 'Desert' Kids, the City Did

The New York Times’ problematic reporting on Michigan’s charter schools has raised eyebrows among education reformers.  … more

Teachers Union Said They Were Done Losing Members (They’ve Lost 17K Since)

In 2015, the Michigan Education Association said it was done losing members because of right-to-work. About 17,000 members didn't listen and left since the proclamation. … more

ACLU Joins DeVos Assaults By Ignoring Inconvenient Charter School Truths

The Michigan ACLU has become the latest organization to join teachers unions, the public school establishment and others against Betsy DeVos as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. … more

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Jim Riley got his own fiscal house in order so he could retire. Now he wonders why his city government can’t do the same for their employees, and taxpayers who could end with huge bills from the unfunded retirement liabilities.

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