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In Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh Gets $150,000 Academic Incentive – City's Teachers Get $150

Three percent of U-M Football Coach Jim Harbaugh's salary is based on meeting specified academic bench marks.The city's top public school teachers can get an extra 0.2 percent for a "highly effective" rating. … more

Jennifer Granholm = Job Creator ... Really?

For $20,000 to $30,000, you can hire former Gov. Jennifer Granholm to speak at your event. According to the Keppler Speakers, Granholm will speak about her successful strategies in creating jobs and how she rebuilt the Michigan economy. Except, the state lost 576,900 jobs in her eight years as governor and led the nation in unemployment for 45 consecutive months. … more

$10,000 Plus More a Year, But Take Home Pay is the Same?

A Port Huron Area Schools teacher told a local newspaper during contract negotiations that he was bring home in salary what he was 14 years ago. However, the school's payroll data tells a different story. … more

Despite Media Reports, Michigan's Revenues are Increasing

MLive columnist Susan Demas wrote that the state of Michigan's General Fund revenues are decreasing. They are projected to increase by the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference, just not by as much as previously reported. … more

Point One Finger, Three are Pointing Back at You

Michigan House Democrats say the GOP is to blame for the Michigan Economic Growth Authority program that has given select large corporations billions in taxpayer dollars. But Democratic votes were vital to creating the program in 1995. … more

MEGA Fail: Progress Michigan Bashes Republican Governor for Democratic Governor’s Program

The current budget shortfall is due to select tax credits approved during the Granholm administration which are being honored. … more

MEA Gives Update on Cyberbullying Bill While Still Bullying Ex-Members

The MEA's unions routinely post the names of the former members who opt out of the union in newsletters that get posted online to make their work place as hostile as they can.  … more

A Presidential Flip Flop

Michigan State Board of Education President John Austin flip flopped on his stance on educational adequacy studies.  … more

'Green Energy' Companies Awarded $231 Million Created Just 44 Full-Time Jobs

In 2008, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm was trying to make this state the "green energy" capital of North America. So the state and federal government awarded six "green companies" $231 million. A state report shows in 2013, that investment produced just 44 full-time jobs. … more

Doctors Accepting More Medicaid Patients - for Now

Michigan doctors are accepting more Medicaid patients, but most of the Medicaid benefits in this state occur when local hospitals negotiate a flat per-beneficiary rate with the state. … more

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