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Top 3 Public Schools in Michigan Are Charter Schools

U.S. News & World Report ranked three charter schools as the best high schools in Michigan. Yet, one amendment proposed by Democrats to a bill would have wiped them out if passed. … more

Teachers Union Claims Poverty Is Growing In Michigan — But It’s Not

The Michigan Education Association published a recent article on its website claiming poverty in Michigan is growing. Poverty in Michigan has been on the decline since 2011. … more

Nothing More Certain Than Taxes and School Officials Wanting More of Them

An Ann Arbor Public Schools official said if the state took half of the money the prison system received and gave it to schools, there wouldn't be a crime problem. But the state has done that. … more

Another Michigan School District, Another False Union ‘Teacher Pay Cuts’ Story

A teachers' union claimed its teachers took a 30 percent pay cut. The salary database doesn't back their claim. … more

Dem Candidate For Governor Says: Preserve Failed Detroit Schools, Close Charters

Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer said she won't close the worst public schools in the nation. But she wants to close poor performing charter schools. … more

Detroit School Enrollment Reaches Historic Low

The latest count for enrollment for the reconstituted Detroit public school district shows that it has lost even more students and has perhaps the lowest enrollment in its history. … more

Fighting Fake News With Deceptive Cartoons

The New Yorker says it is fighting fake news. But can it make that claim with misleading graphics? … more

Democrat Told Occupiers 'Too Much Corporate Politics’; Votes for More in 2017

A Democrat said one thing to a reporter but voted differently on corporate welfare. … more

Michigan Treasury Erroneously Sent Out a $14.5 Million Check

The Michigan Department of Treasury erroneously sent a $14.5 million check to a company in 2016. The money was almost certainly part of the $672.8 million in secret corporate welfare checks the state expects to send to favored businesses in the current fiscal year.  … more

Michigan Incomes Up Strong After 4 Years of ‘Right-to-Work-for-Less’

Michigan’s per capita personal income grew faster than that of 40 other states in 2016. Regionally, only Indiana saw incomes rise faster. (Indiana adopted right-to-work a year before Michigan.) … more

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