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Why Politicians Love Film Subsidies

How do you get politicians to approve of spending $500 million on a film subsidy that pledged to create jobs but ends up with fewer jobs than it did before taxpayers coughed up half a billion?  … more

AFT President Takes Salary Cut but Overall Compensation Up

Weingarten’s total compensation is higher than ever at $557,875 in 2014, according to the AFT’s LM-2 report. … more

Teachers Work in the Classroom

Pensions are part of the compensation for teachers and other school employees. Teachers mostly spend their day in the classroom. … more

When an $8 Million Increase Equals a 'Cut'

The Calhoun ISD is projected to receive $8.3 million more state dollars in 2014-15 than in 2011-12, despite fewer students. … more

State Subsidizes Tesla, Then Restricts It

In 2007, the state of Michigan awarded Tesla Motors a $602,000 tax credit. Now it is restricting them. … more

Michigan Revenue Sharing Has Increased Under Gov. Snyder

In FY 2011 payments were $1.091 billion. Payments in the FY 2015 budget are $1.226 billion. … more

Memo to Schauer: Don’t forget to feed the prisoners

Firing an “incompetent contractor” may be proper, but it’s difficult to see how that would generate any significant savings. … more

Union Wants High Quality Teachers but Doesn't Want to Pay Them

Almost every school district in the state has unions which negotiate pay schedules based solely on degree-level and longevity. … more

City Looks to License Cats For Acting Like Cats

Ann Arbor mayor said cats are killing birds and “doing their business” in gardens. … more

Celebrating 40 Years of Amtrak Deficits (Subsidized by You)

Only in the subsidized world of public transit can a company celebrate an anniversary with deals despite years of being in the red.  … more

Two women have hit the trail trying to get term limits passed in the city of Grand Rapids. Their efforts could be a barometer of public sentiment as some Lansing politicians discuss the merits of eliminating term limits for state lawmakers.

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