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Michigan's Drop in Unemployment is Historic

A Detroit Free Press editorial claims unemployment in Michigan has "creeped down at alarmingly slow rates." But a chart says otherwise. … more

MLive Sends Mixed Messages on School Funding

The statewide news service MLive has sent mixed messages in its reporting on Michigan public school funding issues, appearing to cite conflicting data to match the conclusions of different stories or editorials. … more

Can't 'Cut Your Way to Prosperity?' Michigan Spending Up $3.9 Billion Since 2010-11

MLive says the state needs to raise taxes for the roads and Michigan can't cut its way to prosperity. Except the state budget has increased by $3.9 billion since 2010-11. Where's the cutting? … more

How They Sold a $17-Plus Million Spending Hike as a $10 Million Cut

To help pass a special education millage, Kalamazoo Public Schools sent out a letter with a claim it has cut $10 million in the past five years. It's own audited budgets tell a different story. … more

Free Press Columnist Disses 'Michissippians' Like It's 2009; Michigan Outperforms States He Elevates

Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson told readers that 'Michissippians' don't think Michigan can compete with New York, Ohio, North Carolina and Tennessee. But Michigan has had a higher percentage of job growth than those states the past five years. … more

Show Me the Money Then We'll Be Accountable

A Taylor Public Schools teacher is quoted by the teachers union as saying they'll be accountable as soon as schools get more money. … more

With $2 Billion at Stake, $100 Fines Won't Deter Violations of State Law

What's to stop a school district from breaking the law and using its resources to support the passing of Proposal 1 on May 5? There's $2 billion at stake. Would a $100 fine be enough deterrent? … more

State of Michigan Workers Use 4x as Many Sick Days as Private Sector

State of Michigan workers averaged 10.7 days of sick leave on average in 2013-14. That was on top of an average of 18 days of vacation taken. … more

Who You Gonna Believe? A K-12 Superintendent or the State Constitution?

Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Dan Behm may want to talk to one of his high school government teachers on just what the state constitution says about school funding. … more

The Irony of Michigan's Film Incentive Program

Michael Moore made a movie criticizing corporate welfare and received $845,145 in corporate welfare from the Michigan Film Office. Chris-Teena Constas made the movie celebrating corporate welfare and didn’t get any money from the state. … more

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