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Auto Insurance Fix Is 2017’s ‘Lobbyist Full Employment Act’

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association has run an advertisement meant to defeat legislation going through the state House. … more

Public Radio Misses Point of U-M’s Open Records Deceptions

Citizens who care about transparency in government should be even more concerned that officials at U-M misrepresented the contents of public records in a bid to keep their contents hidden. … more

For This City’s Politicians, Keeping A Lid On Spending Called ‘Trying Times’ 

The Lansing State Journal’s editorial board said the city of East Lansing voters should approve a city income tax because of "trying financial times." But the city's overall revenue increased by more than inflation from 2013 to 2016. … more

Lansing’s Political Dictionary: $400 Million Tax Revenue Increase Called ‘Shortfall’

Lobbyists, politicians and some media voices are complaining about an alleged $2 billion “budget squeeze” facing Michigan state government in the next few years. … more

Does ‘True Success’ for Michigan Business Mean Government Handouts?

Does the "true Michigan success story" only come with a $200,000 state handout? … more

Michigan’s Best Teacher Gets Recognition But No Reward

East Kentwood High School's Luke Wilcox was named teacher of the year. His union contract said he will have his salary frozen for three years. … more

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Call For $15 Minimum Wage, But Exempt Themselves

All three Democratic candidates for Michigan governor are using their websites to call for a $15 per hour minimum wage. But they pay their own interns nothing. … more

Ann Arbor Considering City Income Tax, Blames State

For years, municipal officials have used reductions in state revenue sharing as a device to promote local tax increases and lobby for more money from the state. … more

State Payments To City Hold Steady, Mayor Claims They’re ‘Abandoned’

Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell claimed the state has "abandoned" his city in terms of financial support. The facts say otherwise. … more

Puffery And Spin The Norm When Industry Advocates Are Protecting Tax Favors

An advocate for the subsidizing of the forest industry in Michigan claimed it provides 154,000 jobs in Michigan. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says it's 1,833 jobs. … more

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There aren’t many policies that get near unanimous support from economists, but free trade is one of them. Despite this, a central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign, heard from both political parties, was that free trade was somehow harmful to the United States and corrective action was needed. Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case for why President Trump’s assessment of free trade is misguided.

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