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Impending Teacher Shortage? Colleges Still Churning Out Tens of Thousands Who Want Teaching Jobs

Public school officials and teaching activists are warning of an impending teachers shortage based on alleged attacks on the profession. Yet, the state colleges are still producing thousands and thousands of people who want to teach. … more

Right-to-Work-for-More; Income is Growing in Michigan

Personal income is growing faster in Michigan than nationwide. It wasn't supposed to work like this after right-to-work became law, according to the unions. … more

If It Quacks Like an $11 Billion State Taxpayer Liability ...

The state's Treasury Department says an authority that loans billions of dollars to municipalities and school districts, such as Detroit Public Schools, is not a state operation. But the Michigan Finance Authority sure looks like it is. … more

School District Projects Enrollment Increase Despite 15 Years of Decline But Wishes Don't Come True

For at least the past 15 years, Albion Public Schools has had fewer students every year. However, this year, the district must have been feeling lucky when they projected they would add students. It didn't happen. The district was already spending more than it had in reserves. And now it has to resubmit a plan to get out of deficit to the state since they won't have as much money as they wished. … more

Why Won't It Die? Media Keeps Pushing School Funding Cuts Myth

With more lives than Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, the media keeps insisting that public schools have had its state funding cut. Like the movie villain, it's fiction. … more

Critics of Schools of Choice Say It Causes 'Overcrowding' ... But District Lost Over 900 Students

Michigan daily newspapers have been reporting that one of the problems created by schools of choice is overcrowding. But yet another example shows that isn't the case. … more

Doh! At Michigan State University This Pair Would Be Criminals

Michigan State University has banned hammocks from its campus. That would make criminals of people just trying to catch a quick summertime nap. … more

Detroit Teachers Can Soon Protest Without Threat of Losing Their Jobs

When the Detroit teachers' union boss was booted out, some of the workers wanted to protest by not paying the American Federation of Teachers-Detroit union their dues. Soon, they can actually do that without losing their jobs. … more

Spread the Word - Pension Costs are Out of Control in Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools has lost nearly half of its employees in the last five years due to a huge drop in enrollment. Yet, the school district didn't get much relief on pension payments for its employees. The cost of the pensions for their employees has increased from $9,163 per full-time employee in 2008-09 to $15,322 in 2013-14, the latest year for which audited statements are available. … more

Repeat After Us: Detroit Public Schools is NOT Proof Michigan Needs a Better Funding Model

The far left blog Eclectablog says Detroit Public Schools is proof that the state needs a better funding model. The facts show far bigger issues facing Detroit schools - a huge drop in enrollment tied with skyrocketing employee pension costs. … more

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