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Here's How Much More Money Detroit Public Schools Has Received Over the Years

Here's a chart that shows how much more in local, state and federal funding Detroit Public Schools has received above the state average over the years. … more

Thousands of Detroit Parents Vote With Their Feet for School Choice

The actions of thousands of Detroit parents make their preferences clear: They are voting with their feet for the two forms of public school choice available to them. … more

School Districts Receiving More and Spending More

School districts in Michigan are receiving more money. Still, the myth of state cuts persists. … more

Teaching Jobs Still Getting Plenty of Applicants

One teaching job in Michigan received 82 applicants. That's one indication that the profession is still popular. … more

Yes They Are: National Magazine Says Poor Detroit Charter Schools Not Closed

The Atlantic magazine claimed that Detroit's charter schools almost never close because of poor academic performance. The state of Michigan says that's not true. … more

Teaching 'Hard' - Yes, 'Underappreciated' - Maybe, but 'Underpaid' a Stretch

The MEA's new editor for the teachers union magazine says that being a teacher is still a good profession. We agree. … more

The Right Way to Analyze Teacher Salaries in Michigan

An interesting story on the statewide news site MLive took a deeper look at changes in teacher salaries, and how broad averages can be misleading.  … more

Detroit Schools Do Not Have 'Low Pay' or 'Crowded Classes'

How accurate are the reported working conditions and pay of Detroit Public School teachers? … more

Late-night TV Misinforms on Teacher Salaries

Seth Meyers of the NBC talk show Late Night recently chimed in on the Detroit Public Schools controversies. … more

Prof's Theory: Six-Figure DPS Staff 'Thought They Deserved' Kickbacks

A Wayne State University law school professor speculated on the rationales used by 13 Detroit Public School officials accused of taking bribes and kickbacks. … more

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The State of Michigan claims the tens of millions of dollars it spends each year advertising the tourism industry brings in needed tax dollars, but the industry fails to show the data. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy devised a study and found that for every dollar spent, only two cents comes back to the state, and only to a select segment of the tourism industry.

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