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Detroit Schools 'Misplace' $30 Million from Feds for Pensions

Detroit Public Schools is accused of not spending $30 million on pension costs. The district's pension costs per employee have skyrocketed. … more

State of Michigan Employees Averaged 10 Sick Days Last Year

The average state worker had 10.2 days of sick leave and 17.7 annual leave days in 2014-15.  … more

'Level' Playing Field for Detroit Charter Schools?

Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan approved a ban on selling closed Detroit Public School buildings to charters schools in 2014, but now says he wants a level playing field for all schools. … more

The Government Has Likely Turned You Into A Tax Cheat

The deadline to file income taxes is April 18 and government has found a new way to turn Americans into tax cheats. … more

Which Firms To Get $1 Billion from State Taxpayers? None of Your Business

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation made deals with businesses to give them $1 billion in aid from the taxpayers. But the MEDC won't say what businesses received it. … more

MSU Prof Calls Republicans 'Dying White People,' Receives Raises

The MSU professor who went on an anti-Republican rant in 2013 that was captured on video has received two raises since then. … more

Number of State Employees Who Make $100,000+ Up 50 Percent Under Snyder

There were 927 people on the state of Michigan's payroll who made $100,000 or more in 2011. By 2015, the number of six-figure employees had increased by 55 percent to 1,437.  … more

Michigan Senator: Employer Mandates Are For Other People

One Michigan Senator has a lot of beliefs about how private companies should run their businesses that he doesn't want to follow himself. … more

Safe Drinking Water or Subsidize Ads for Resorts?

Concern that the Flint water crisis could hurt the state's corporate welfare advertising program shows misplaced priorities. … more

Michigan Households Paid $9 Each for Batman v. Superman

It's a bomb that taxpayers were forced to subsidize. … more

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City government charged Nancy Wilson with a crime for not getting her historic home painted fast enough. "Their methodology is to beat you into submission and it's not right."

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