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State Subsidizes Tesla, Then Restricts It

In 2007, the state of Michigan awarded Tesla Motors a $602,000 tax credit. Now it is restricting them. … more

Michigan Revenue Sharing Has Increased Under Gov. Snyder

In FY 2011 payments were $1.091 billion. Payments in the FY 2015 budget are $1.226 billion. … more

Memo to Schauer: Don’t forget to feed the prisoners

Firing an “incompetent contractor” may be proper, but it’s difficult to see how that would generate any significant savings. … more

Union Wants High Quality Teachers but Doesn't Want to Pay Them

Almost every school district in the state has unions which negotiate pay schedules based solely on degree-level and longevity. … more

City Looks to License Cats For Acting Like Cats

Ann Arbor mayor said cats are killing birds and “doing their business” in gardens. … more

Celebrating 40 Years of Amtrak Deficits (Subsidized by You)

Only in the subsidized world of public transit can a company celebrate an anniversary with deals despite years of being in the red.  … more


The Superman-Batman movie was handed a film incentive of $35 million in August by the Michigan Film Office, which is among the most lucrative deals in the country.  … more

Detroit Public Schools 'neglecting' its students at $14K per pupil

If DPS is being neglected, it’s not via the checkbook. … more

Dem Lieutenant Governor Candidate: Granholm Years 'Weren't As Bad As We Think'

Michigan led the nation in unemployment for 45 consecutive months from May 2006 to January 2010. The number of people on food stamps in Michigan grew from 580,000 in 2000 to 1.9 million in 2011.  … more

MEA Prez and VP should talk

If the MEA is staying away from insulting its former members, MEA President Steve Cook never got that memo. … more

Mackinac Center for Public Policy Director of Education Policy Audrey Spalding describes her latest study on right-to-work law violations in public school contracts and suggests why districts and unions are ignoring the law.

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