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No Ineffective Teacher Left Behind

Five years ago, the state Legislature told school districts they had to factor in student achievement on state tests as 50 percent of a teacher's evaluation. Now, the Republicans are trying to push off a watered down version to 2018-19. … more

96 Percent of Michigan Schools Getting Richer

Gov. Rick Snyder's budget will increase per-pupil funding for 96 percent of the public schools, while the 4 percent that have reductions will lose on average less than $23 per pupil. … more

What if this had Happened at a Charter School?

A conventional public school superintendent has been accused by the district of watching porn on his computer, drinking on school premises, bribing students to come to class and stealing money. … more

State-Protected Alcohol Cartels Don’t Improve Public Safety

An analysis of alcohol-related deaths and the extent to which alcohol is regulated shows no correlation. … more

How Local Governments Toe the Line Advocating for Tax Hikes

The Muskegon County Road Commission wants voters to approve a $6.7 million millage to fix roads. Did they cross the line by writing, "Repairing roads is costly, but if everyone pitches in to help with this 1.5 mill proposal, it's not much at all." … more

IRS to Tom Brady: Nice Trophy. What's That Worth?

When Tom Brady won the Super Bowl, a tax reform group did the math on how much it cost him in federal taxes. It was $42,000. … more

Politicians Want to Review State Agency that Has 1 in 5 Jobs Track Record

That corporate welfare model politicians are looking at produces only 1 out of every 5 jobs it says it will. … more

In Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh Gets $150,000 Academic Incentive – City's Teachers Get $150

Three percent of U-M Football Coach Jim Harbaugh's salary is based on meeting specified academic bench marks.The city's top public school teachers can get an extra 0.2 percent for a "highly effective" rating. … more

Jennifer Granholm = Job Creator ... Really?

For $20,000 to $30,000, you can hire former Gov. Jennifer Granholm to speak at your event. According to the Keppler Speakers, Granholm will speak about her successful strategies in creating jobs and how she rebuilt the Michigan economy. Except, the state lost 576,900 jobs in her eight years as governor and led the nation in unemployment for 45 consecutive months. … more

$10,000 Plus More a Year, But Take Home Pay is the Same?

A Port Huron Area Schools teacher told a local newspaper during contract negotiations that he was bring home in salary what he was 14 years ago. However, the school's payroll data tells a different story. … more

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Events were held on the same day dealing with wind energy in Michigan by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC).

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