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For the Record

Bill would provide tax breaks for items schools must provide anyway

Although politicians may be a little fuzzy on this, the state is very clear on what school districts must provide, free of cost. … more

Far left blog fails Accounting 101

Math is hard. … more

Just a little bit off

The Oakland Press erroneously reported what teachers earn in the district by about $30,000 a year. … more

Union: Trying to influence legislators is evil — unless it's us

Working with legislators to advance specific policy goals isn’t evil, apparently, as long as you agree with them because AFSCME gave PSN $210,000 in 2013. … more

SEIU: Go on strike against your family members

75 percent of those home-care aid workers the SEIU is urging to strike are taking care of a relative or close friend. … more

'Non-Partisan' group is totally partisan

Group founder: "We are canvassing for Democrats." … more

Pensions, not paper, the real cost problem for schools

"The crisis is real. You see the increased class sizes. You have teachers asking parents for reams of paper." … more

Koch Derangement Syndrome

The far left website Eclectablog may have set an Internet record for highest percentage of words in a headline being “Koch.” … more

Do As I Teach, Not As I Governed

Michigan lost more than half a million jobs (576,900) during Gov. Jennifer Granholm's 8-year tenure. She's teaching a college course on job creation. … more

Who fact checks the fact checkers?

The Truth Squad cites a Senate Fiscal Agency report but don't include $455.5 million in additional state funding which is listed in the report. … more

Northern Michigan University economist Hugo Eyzaguirre discusses how raising the minimum wage will hurt emerging local economies. See more at "Raising the Minimum Wage, Lowering Opportunity."

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