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Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson said she would vote against the state's film subsidies. She followed through and by doing so stood against every other Democrat. … more

Profane, Insulting Math Teacher Flunks Math On School Funding

A Michigan Education Association union teacher told another teacher who he disagreed with to "Go to hell" in a letter posted on a union-backed website. The profane teacher also made claims of the state legislature defunding education. He's wrong. … more

School District's 'Comparatively Low' Administrative Costs Not Really That Low

A school official at Warren Consolidated Schools says it has "comparatively low" administrative costs. But not if you compare it to other school districts in that county. … more

Every Corporate Welfare Incentive Means New Jobs, Except for Most of Them

The state's corporate welfare agency claims that every tax incentive they hand out creates new jobs. Except, most of the jobs never happen. … more

Would Ford Leave Michigan if Not for a Handout from the State?

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation wants to take credit for stopping the Ford Motor Co. from taking every one of its estimated 40,000 jobs in the state and leaving over two tax credits. … more

That's One Mighty Big Bucket of $$$

A public policy expert says eliminating the state's Earned Income Tax Credit and using that money for roads is akin to filling up the Grand Canyon with a bucket. That's a bucket of cash large enough to hold Lake Erie. … more

Report: It Would Take Three Years to Read All the Federal Government's Rules

The government's rules and regulations are in the Code of Federal Regulations, which is 103 million words. A report states it would take 5,727 hours to read it all.  … more

Memo to Reformers: Detroit Public Schools Received 42 Percent More Money Per Pupil State Average

State reformers keeping throwing money at Detroit Public Schools' problems. But that hasn't worked in the past. … more

Michigan's Drop in Unemployment is Historic

A Detroit Free Press editorial claims unemployment in Michigan has "creeped down at alarmingly slow rates." But a chart says otherwise. … more

MLive Sends Mixed Messages on School Funding

The statewide news service MLive has sent mixed messages in its reporting on Michigan public school funding issues, appearing to cite conflicting data to match the conclusions of different stories or editorials. … more

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As cash-strapped government looks to cigarettes for tax revenue, the public responds by more illegally transporting smokes across state borders. Smugglers and thieves target stores and businesses and the benefits to state coiffures and public health are questionable.

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