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Labor's Voices Sound More False Notes On Teacher Pay

Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more

Hard to Find: 'Teachers On Food Stamps'

A persistent theme in the narratives promoted by teacher unions is that their members are so grossly underpaid that many qualify for food stamps. It's a rare occurrence. … more

When Was Flint 'Run Like a Business'?

Overspending every year by millions isn't the blueprint of how to run a business. … more

Hoping Against History: Clinton Calls for Millions of Clean Energy Jobs

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Michigan this week at which she pitched clean energy as a way to build the economy. … more

Post-Bankruptcy Detroit Hasn't A Clue How Much Comp Time It Owes Employees

The City of Detroit's response to fixing its out-of-date payroll system? The check is in the mail. … more

After Billions in Subsidies, Just 918 Michigan Car Battery Jobs

The state was hoping to become a world capital for advanced batteries in 2010. Five years later, there were just 918 battery manufacturing jobs. … more

Children Poisoned by Lead Shouldn't Be Turned Into A Limerick

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s use of Dr. Seuss-like rhymes to entertain delegates at the Democratic National Convention this week took a dark and hyperpartisan turn in a stanza mentioning the Flint water tragedy. … more

Not in a Box, Not With a Fox; GOP Didn't Cut School Funding

During her appearance before the Democratic National Convention, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm tried to channel Dr. Seuss as a way to take political shots at Republicans. … more

Trust Parents or Political Appointees to Choose Best School for Kids?

When it comes to having the best information about what is right for children’s education, there is no substitute for their parents. … more

No Conspiracy Behind Cheap Gas Prices, Just Good Old Supply and Demand

In some places in Michigan last week, unleaded gas was under $2 a gallon. The last time a gallon of gas cost $3 or more in Michigan was in November 2014. … more

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One day, a Detroit grocer didn't get his ice delivery, the next day, he decided to go into the ice making business. Thirty-five years later, U.S. Ice has become a Detroit success stories with plans to expand beyond the city's borders. The secret ingredient: service.

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