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The Mile Act: Working in Detroit

To grow a soccer team in the city, the Detroit City FC turned to private supporters rather than the government. The city's popular semi-pro soccer team used the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, or MILE Act, after it found a bigger stadium that needed serious repair. … more

Do Michigan Schools Need More Money?

Many people believe public schools need more money until they hear how much the schools spend each year per pupil. … more

Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Police Perspective

Ted Nelson is a retired Michigan State Police officer who trained police departments throughout the state on civil asset forfeiture. He believes the practice has been misused and needs to change. … more

Why I'm Leaving the UAW

Terry Bowman has been a UAW worker at Ford Motor Company for 19 years. He explains why he is leaving the union under Michigan's right-to-work law. … more

The Boundaries of Educational Choice: Surveying Michigan's Private School Landscape

Nonpublic schools serve tens of thousands of Michigan elementary and secondary students, yet a clear understanding of the state's diverse private education landscape has been lacking. … more

School Spending and Student Achievement in Michigan

Education Policy Director Ben DeGrow discusses his study and its context to Michigan's Adequacy Report in Education Spending, May 2016. To see study go to http://www.mackinac.org/22332 … more

Can I Catch a Ride?: Regulating Uber and Lyft in Michigan

Ridesharing is a new service made popular by companies like Lyft and Uber. It relies on smartphones to connect those who need a ride to drivers willing to provide one — a riff on the traditional taxi system. Ridesharing has allowed thousands of Michiganders earn extra income as drivers and save money and time as riders. It currently operates in a legal gray area, because ridesharing drivers are not cabbies or chauffeurs. … more

Grand Rapids Homeowner: Your Home is Not Your Castle in This Town

City government charged Nancy Wilson with a crime for not getting her historic home painted fast enough. "Their methodology is to beat you into submission and it's not right." … more

Let them Work: Solutions for Michigan's Overbearing Occupational Licensing Laws

Occupational licensing is now the biggest issue in labor economics, with even more of an effect than unions. On a national basis 25 percent of all Americans need the government’s permission and specific credentials before they can work. That is more than twice as many people who are members of unions—11 percent and declining—and 25 times the number who earn the minimum wage.  … more

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter at MCPP

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy's "Friends of Freedom" event, Midland, Michigan on February 3, 2016. … more

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Some institutions of higher education have cracked down on free speech. Even in Michigan, universities have speech codes that restrict students’ speech, campus groups have prevented speakers from delivering talks and administrators have stopped individuals from handing out certain literature.

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