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Politician Staffs: Your Money, Their Secret

WNEM TV-5 got some surprising answers last year when it asked Michigan lawmakers to fess up to taxpayers about who works for them and how much they are paid. … more

Going Green in Cancun

The recent global environmentalist conference in Cancun, Mexico discussed how to lower global CO2 emissions to fight global warming. But the "solutions" often lead to more problems. … more

Mocked Scientist Gets Last Laugh

Meteorologist Piers Corbyn predicted Europe's winter of discontent. … more

Breaking the Doctors

Rationing, shortages, service mandates and regulations impose impossible burdens on Canadian doctors, and create a slow and backward health care delivery system. … more

Power Plays

Special interests, union protectionism, over-regulation, contradictory government policies: When politicians and bureaucrats make health care decisions rather than doctors and patients, the results aren't pretty. … more

Canadian Wait List Insurance

Canadians have to put up with long waits to see specialists or get diagnostics like MRIs or CT scans. Now, businesses offering insurance products to help them avoid waiting for a critical test are trying to offer options, but they are finding resistance from special interests within Canada. … more

The Granholm-AFSCME Partnership

The governor admits her role in the forced unionization of day care providers. Today's article at www.MichCapCon.com/14235 covers the day care unionization case … more

Tax Compromise

Bloomberg -- Daniel Mitchell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, talks about the tax-cut compromise President Barack Obama forged with Republican leaders and signed into law Dec. 17 … more

State Budgets: Day of Reckoning

CBS - 60 Minutes reports on the precarious financial conditions many states are facing and what they're doing about it.  … more

Jurrians v. Kent ISD

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation is suing 10 Kent County school districts and the Kent County Education Association to remove illegal contract language that states that the school districts will not privatize non-instructional functions. The suit was brought on behalf of five Kent County taxpayers.

Read more about this case at http://www.mackinac.org/14185… more

Where There's Cigarette Taxes, There's Smuggling

In a 2010 update to their 2008 study "Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling" (http://www.mackinac.org/10005), Michael LaFaive and Todd Nesbit show the strong correlation between high cigarette taxes and smuggling, theft and other violent crimes. … more

National Debt Relief Amendment

RestoringFreedom.org is spearheading a drive to put the following amendment into the U.S. Constitution:

"An increase in the federal debt requires approval from a majority of the legislatures of the separate States.”

See today’s related article at www.MichCapCon.com/14190.  … more

It should be about the children, not adults

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talks about reforming public education. … more

Great Moments in Unintended Consequences

Reason TV - All actions have unanticipated side effects, but government acting through regulation or legislation is particularly adept at creating disastrous unintended consequences.  … more

Obama Gets Busted on Mythbusters

Super-fan President Barack Obama makes a guest appearance on a very special episode of Mythbusters this week. But will he still like Jamie and Adam after they bust his first two years in office?

For sources of the video facts, please click here.  … more

The Underfunded Myth

Adjusting for inflation, Michigan school expenditures have nearly quadrupled since 1960. As measured by personal income, Michigan devotes more state and local tax revenue to schools than any other state besides Vermont.

Read more about this and other school funding myths at www.Mackinac.org/SchoolMyths… more

Film Noir

A great deal of fanfare ushered in what was supposed to be a 146-million dollar film studio and school in Allen Park late last summer. Less than a year later, and despite lucrative tax deals from the state, Unity Studios could be in jeopardy -- reportedly over unpaid rent and lax financial reporting by studio executives. … more

Michael & Me

While Michael Moore has railed against crony capitalism, his own film Capitalism: A Love Story was subsidized by Michigan taxpayers. … more

The Economics of High-Speed Rail

Randal O'Toole discusses high-speed rail trains with John Stossel on Fox Business. … more

Milton Friedman - Greed

The late economist discusses "greed" with Phil Donahue in 1978. … more

A Mackinac Center Forum and Tour With Susette Kelo: A Video Summary

“My name is Susette Kelo, and the government stole my home.”

Those chilling words came from famed Connecticut homeowner Susette Kelo at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Issues and Ideas Forum in East Lansing. Kelo’s battle to keep her property from being seized by her city government and turned over to private developers led to a controversial 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision. … more

Gov. Mitch Daniels on Fox News Sunday

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels appeared with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in August to discuss what government should or should not do to improve the economy. Michigan governor-elect Rick Snyder has pointed to Daniels as a state leader he would like to emulate. … more

Oh. Canada?

With Canadians enduring pain for months and years while they wait for surgery, traveling to the U.S. for treatment, entering "lotteries" to get a doctor, and getting "wait list insurance," is Canada really a model for U.S. health reform? … more

Big Labor Versus Lansing Entrepreneur

Meet Pat Gillespie. He and his company want to build two upscale apartment complexes where parking lots now lie along the riverfront in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Find out how Big Labor recently threatened to halt both the cleanup and economic development of the property unless the developer agreed to pay union-scale wages and benefits for all of the construction jobs needed for his project.

Please see the related article at www.MichCapCon.com/14006 … more

The Truth About Net Neutrality

Jim Lakely, co-director of the Heartland Institute's Center on the Digital Economy, discusses the negative consequences of government imposed net neutrality.  … more

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Socialism

The Plymouth Colony was established as a communal society -- an experiment in socialism. No one had an incentive to work, so disease and famine forced the pilgrims to adopt liberty and capitalism. The result? Much for which to be thankful! … more

New Project Rates Teachers

Los Angeles parents may soon be able to research teachers using data that claims to tell just how good a teacher may be.  … more

Hollywood Hates Capitalism

Reason TV - Oliver Stone's uber-villain Gordon Gekko is back in the new film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which (surprise!) features greedy capitalists behaving badly. … more

Corporatism and Medicare

Economist Milton Friedman responds to a statement concerning Medicare and corporatism.  … more

Hanging by a Thread

Institute for Justice - Eyebrow threading is a booming industry in Texas. But state bureaucrats are making it impossible to continue practicing this ancient art. … more

Paul Ryan: ObamaCare vs. Real Reform

During the "Health Care Summit" moderated by President Obama last year, Representative Paul Ryan takes on the numbers of ObamaCare. … more

White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers

The White House has given out 111 waivers for the new health care bill causing some to suggest that there are different standards for different businesses. … more

Debunking White House Pro-Tax Increase Propaganda

This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation mini-documentary debunks White House pro-tax propaganda with a point-by-point rebuttal of a video narrated by Austan Goolsbee of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers. www.freedomandprosperity.org … more

Myth: Corn Ethanol is Great

ABC 20/20's Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity with John Stossel tackles subsidies for corn ethanol. … more

The School Employee Concessions Myth

School employees on the whole have not saved taxpayers money through contract concessions and have remained relatively shielded from Michigan's economic downturn. Michigan's teachers are the nation's highest-paid when compared to state wealth.

Read more about this and other school funding myths. … more

Governor Christie on 'Meet the Press'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was guest on NBC's 'Meet the Press' with David Gregory on Sunday, November 7, 2010. … more

Businessmen, Politicians, and Freedom

Milton Friedman explains the two greatest enemies of free enterprise and freedom in the world. … more

3 Reasons Why Obama's High-Speed Rail Will Go Nowhere Fast

President Barack Obama has pledged $8 billion in tax dollars to build a national network of high-speed rail—trains that can carry passengers at speeds in excess of 150 MPH.

But the Supertrain fantasy was a mistake back in the 1970s, when it gave rise to one of the most expensive—and rotten—TV shows in history. And it's just as much of a wreck in the 21st century for at least three reasons. … more

Rick Santelli and the "Rant of the Year"

The speech that launched the Tea Parties? Last year, Rick Santelli of CNBC summed up the mood of the country. … more

Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

How can Americans create private sector jobs?

The solution to America's jobs problem lies not with budget-busting federally mandated "stimulus" programs.

Instead, what is needed are specific reforms that wouldn't cost taxpayers, would create a broader tax base for cash-strapped cities and states, and would provide opportunity for millions of Americans who worry where their next paycheck is coming from. … more

Attack Ads, Circa 1800

Have this year's negative political ads really "taken dirty to a whole new level, as CNN's Anderson Cooper frets? Is a "return to civility...a relic of a bygone era," as President Barack Obama laments? … more

Governor Christie on Legislative Priorities

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie urges the Legislature to act on reform proposals instead of other minute items. … more

DRIC Documents Produce Calls for Investigation - Michigan politicians outraged

Windsor TV investigation uncovers effort by Michigan government to embellish the truth about the need for taxpayers to build a new bridge over the Detroit River.  … more

Innovation and The American Dream

www.Innovation-Movement.com - The Innovation and the American Dream" video expresses the frustrations that so many Americans are feeling, that the economy is not on track and the American Dream is no longer within reach for many hardworking citizens.

But it does not have to be this way. It's time Washington lawmakers take a page from Americans innovators and entrepreneurs to guide the nation toward a comeback. Americans, with their ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, have the ingredients for success. We only need Washington to support an economy where entrepreneurs are free to compete and pursue their dreams.  … more

John Fund talks to the Mackinac Center

Wall Street Journal columnist and FOX News contributor John Fund talks to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy about the 2010 elections and their implications in Michigan as well as the evolution and impact of Alternative/New Media on the political landscape in Michigan and beyond. … more

The Alternatives: New Media

How New Media Are Transforming the Political Landscape with John Fund, Henry Payne, Frank Beckmann, Ken Braun and Kathy Hoekstra.

A revolution is transforming a media landscape once dominated by the “mainstream media.” Democracy needs good information, but until recently, a media culture sympathetic to big government skewed the news playing field. No more. Talk radio, Fox News, The Drudge Report, state-based think tank reporting and online opinion sites have created a new, freedom-oriented national infrastructure that has fed a starved market, diversified coverage and provided an alternative to the legacy media. In this crucial election year, that new media universe is playing a crucial role. … more

Dingell, Steele debate

U.S. Rep. John Dingell and Republican Rob Steele took swipes at each other over everything from health care to Social Security at a debate at Monroe County Community College.  … more

Instead of budgeting, Congress is....

With all of the attention on the BP oil spill, the European debt crisis and even financial regulatory reform, the fact that Congress hasn't passed (and will likely not pass) a federal budget for fiscal year 2011 is flying under the radar. (H/T Bankrupting America… more

What You Can't Say on Campus

If you think that, like the Macarena, campus speech codes were mocked into obscurity during the 1990s, think again. Approximately 71 percent of American campuses still impose highly restrictive "red light speech codes" on college students, notes Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). … more

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