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A Mackinac Center Forum and Tour With Susette Kelo: A Video Summary

“My name is Susette Kelo, and the government stole my home.”

Those chilling words came from famed Connecticut homeowner Susette Kelo at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Issues and Ideas Forum in East Lansing. Kelo’s battle to keep her property from being seized by her city government and turned over to private developers led to a controversial 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision. … more

Gov. Mitch Daniels on Fox News Sunday

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels appeared with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in August to discuss what government should or should not do to improve the economy. Michigan governor-elect Rick Snyder has pointed to Daniels as a state leader he would like to emulate. … more

Oh. Canada?

With Canadians enduring pain for months and years while they wait for surgery, traveling to the U.S. for treatment, entering "lotteries" to get a doctor, and getting "wait list insurance," is Canada really a model for U.S. health reform? … more

Big Labor Versus Lansing Entrepreneur

Meet Pat Gillespie. He and his company want to build two upscale apartment complexes where parking lots now lie along the riverfront in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Find out how Big Labor recently threatened to halt both the cleanup and economic development of the property unless the developer agreed to pay union-scale wages and benefits for all of the construction jobs needed for his project.

Please see the related article at www.MichCapCon.com/14006 … more

The Truth About Net Neutrality

Jim Lakely, co-director of the Heartland Institute's Center on the Digital Economy, discusses the negative consequences of government imposed net neutrality.  … more

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Socialism

The Plymouth Colony was established as a communal society -- an experiment in socialism. No one had an incentive to work, so disease and famine forced the pilgrims to adopt liberty and capitalism. The result? Much for which to be thankful! … more

New Project Rates Teachers

Los Angeles parents may soon be able to research teachers using data that claims to tell just how good a teacher may be.  … more

Hollywood Hates Capitalism

Reason TV - Oliver Stone's uber-villain Gordon Gekko is back in the new film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which (surprise!) features greedy capitalists behaving badly. … more

Corporatism and Medicare

Economist Milton Friedman responds to a statement concerning Medicare and corporatism.  … more

Hanging by a Thread

Institute for Justice - Eyebrow threading is a booming industry in Texas. But state bureaucrats are making it impossible to continue practicing this ancient art. … more

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