January/February 2009 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles

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Sneak Attack
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Michigan Chamber of Commerce media release

Grapes of Wrath
Click here to comment on and see House Bill 6644

Federal Trade Commission Mail Order Wine Report

Granholm v. Heald Wikipedia entry

Bill analysis of HB 6644

Text of Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision

Michigan Campaign Finance Network: 2006 Finance Guide

Specialty Wine Retailers Association: Wine Without Borders

A Little School — A Big Idea
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The Show Michigan the Money School Checkbook Project

The Green Energy Bubble
Click here to comment on and see House Bill 6611: Electric Car Subsidy

Click here to comment on and see House Bill 5878: Tax Breaks for Ethanol

Other ethanol resources

Children of the Corn: July/August 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential

Corny Energy Plans: Jan/Feb 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential

Ethanol's environmental impact

Sen. Kahn Drives His Ethanol Powered Car to Senate Session

Video: Silly Senator, Corn is for Food

The Biofuels Backlash — Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Bloomberg news on E-85 postal vehicles

Cato Institute on cellulosic ethanol

Wikipedia article on Brazilian sugarcane ethanol

Prof. Mark J. Perry, University of Michigan — Flint

Prof. David Pimentel, Cornell University

Global Food Riots: Deroy Murdock

Michigan Dept. of Agriculture

Using Taxes to Lobby for Taxes
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Michigan is #1 for Economic Development?
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Business Facilities: State of the Year Award

New Lawmaker to Save State from 'Clear and Present Danger'
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Rep. Scott's media release

Michigan Restaurant Association statement on smoking bans

Committee testimony regarding restaurant smoking ban

Presidential Privileges
Click here to comment on and see Senate Resolution 13

Just a Bill
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SB 11: Ban reimbursement of lame duck politician's travel

SB 18: Earmark sales tax money to tourism subsidies

HB 4037: Authorize alternative energy vehicle tax credit

HB 4004: Authorize alternative energy income tax break

HB 4017: Allow non-resident property owner to vote on millages

SB 8: Ban Wal-Mart bank

HB 4016: Authorize carbon dioxide sequestration equipment tax break

HB 4034: Prohibit enforcement of residential loan contract for one year