Kendra Shrode — Mackinac Center Legacy Society

At Mackinac Center events I proudly wear a “LEGACY SOCIETY” ribbon on my name tag.  I am often asked what it signifies and I am pleased to answer that here and to also share the reason I was compelled to join this growing giving society. 

I am fortunate to know many of you personally. Those of you who do not know me should know that for 22 ½ years I have been employed by the Mackinac Center.  Yes, that means I date back almost to the beginning and certainly to the days before we moved into our lovely home at 140 West Main. To say that I have seen changes would be the understatement of the year!

The Legacy Society gives many of us assurance that the important work of the Center will go on after we are no longer able to make monetary contributions.  Kris Palosaari and her advancement team can give you information on the many ways to give thru the Legacy Society. I personally have designated one of my retirement plans to benefit the Mackinac Center. 

In 2003 I became a President’s Council member but felt that was not enough to show my appreciation for the work of the Center. In 2008 I proudly joined the Legacy Society.  It is my fondest wish that the Center will continue to grow in strength and influence while I am still here — and beyond as well. Aside from my family, my faith and my love of country, there has never been a force in my life as important as the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. I share the values the Center promotes and wish to perpetuate them.

I invite each of you to explore the possibilities of the mutually beneficial ways of giving.  While reducing your tax liability you will also assure economic and personal liberty for our children and grandchildren by funding the important work my colleagues accomplish in a wide variety of public policy arenas. A strong Mackinac Center will result in a strong Michigan — the goal of the entire Mackinac team.