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Earmarks For Key Legislators Recall Late ’90s Spending Blowouts

For the past two years, the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre has been a nonprofit recipient of Michigan taxpayer subsidies, courtesy of the state Legislature.  … more

Business Subsidy Programs Grow State’s Bureaucracy, Not Its Economy

State programs to give particular companies taxpayer-funded business subsidies are often described by politicians in terms that make them sound like a deal-closer fund.  … more

Flint Water Whistleblower, Mackinac Center Sue Wayne State Over Records Denials

A water treatment expert who was one of the first individuals to call attention to the issue of elevated lead levels in Flint’s water system is suing Wayne State University for not producing requested documents about one of the university’s professors. … more

Whitmer Education Plan Trips Over Charter Schools

Last week, the campaign of Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer released an official policy document outlining her plans for the state's public schools. … more

State Taxpayers Seeing Payoff From Smaller Prison Population

The Michigan Department of Corrections is slated to close another prison sometime during the middle of next year.  … more

Michigan Lawmakers Consider More Handouts

Legislators are considering whether to give more subsidies to select companies, and the proposals seem to be getting a favorable ear.  … more

Like All Spending, Environmental Spending Needs a Plan and Oversight

Gov. Rick Snyder’s Renew Michigan proposal would impose an annual $79 million tipping fee on the waste management industry, ostensibly to “reduce waste in Michigan landfills,” and take the place of the now-expired Clean Michigan Initiative bond. … more

$8.4 Million Per Year for U-M Diversity Employees

The University of Michigan employs nearly 100 full-time diversity-related administrative staffers, costing almost $8.4 million a year. … more

State Considers Licensing Naturopathic Physicians

Michigan lawmakers are looking to license naturopathic physicians — medical practitioners who aim to solve ailments holistically through self-healing or natural methods.  … more

Brian Calley Talks State Government

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Calley sits down for an interview with Michigan Capitol Confidential. … more