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Tax Cut Deemed Budget Buster, But State Corporate Subsidies Total $623 Million This Year

Billions will keep flowing from Michigan taxpayers to a few corporations until at least 2032 Read more

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Municipal Lobby Ignores State’s Hard Times In Pleading For More

For all the recent growth Michigan still clawing back from an economic ‘lost decade’ Read more


The Good News And Bad News For UAW Members

Their money is being mismanaged but you don’t have to contribute Read more

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Deep-Pocketed Michigan Foundations Fund News Outlets

Big-money foundations are bankrolling media to cover their activism Read more

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Does Michigan Impose Unconstitutional Fees On Criminal Defendants?

State Supreme Court to rule on fees in criminal cases Read more


Just A Reminder Of The Growing State Budget

Tax cuts cost much less than recent budget increases Read more

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State Dems Want Public Education To Do And Spend More

Universal preschool programs could cost taxpayers $826.5 million Read more


Comparing Michigan’s Largest Counties on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Oakland and Wayne counties are worlds apart when it comes to protecting property rights Read more

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Kent County Agency Wants 10 Years To Fill Open Records Law Request

Agency says it will cost $241,000 Read more


Accessing Better Detroit Schools Out of Reach for Some

Transportation scholarships could help level playing field Read more

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