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Bills Reduce Work Restrictions, Give Those With Criminal Records Another Chance

Michigan would take a step toward removing obstacles to people earning a living in many heavily regulated occupations under recently introduced legislation in the state House.  … more

New 5G Internet Faster, Cheaper – And Vulnerable To Local Shakedowns

Whether Michigan residents will benefit from the latest generation of internet and cell phone delivery platforms is, at least in part, in the hands of the state House of Representatives.  … more

Dems Get 99.9 Percent of 2018 Teacher Union Political Cash 

Michigan’s second-largest teachers union has released its candidate endorsements for the August primary elections. … more

Detroit is Becoming Friendlier to Entrepreneurs

In 2013, just prior to filing for bankruptcy, the city of Detroit closed 900 businesses and had a goal of shutting down 20 per week through its “Operation Compliance” program. … more

Students Here Far From ‘All Above Average’ - But Teachers Rated That Way

According to the public school administrators who are responsible for evaluating individual teacher competence, Michigan’s teachers are of high quality, with hardly any exceptions. … more

Detroit’s Tax-Related Debt To Wayne County Down $70 Million Since 2010

The city of Detroit owed Wayne County $20 million in 2017 for obligations related to delinquent property taxes and tax-foreclosed properties. The good news is, that’s down from $90 million in 2010. … more

Neither Inmates Nor Counties Get Out of Jail Free

Fans of the board game Monopoly know that, if you land in jail, it’ll cost you $50 to get out. But it may surprise you to learn that real inmates in Michigan jails may also owe that much – and a lot more.  … more

Bill Schuette Talks State Government

Michigan Capitol Confidential sat down and talked about the state government with gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette. … more

Is One Subsidy Really Any Better?

In energy policy, you’re often asked to choose between a few bad options. If you address one problem, you can end up promoting something that’s at least as bad.  … more

Earmarks For Key Legislators Recall Late ’90s Spending Blowouts

For the past two years, the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre has been a nonprofit recipient of Michigan taxpayer subsidies, courtesy of the state Legislature.  … more