State Corporate Welfare Didn't Work For Greenville

Centerpiece of previous governor’s economic policy, has also been favored by current candidates Read more

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Medicaid Dues Skim May Come To An End, After All

Friends, relatives of disabled individuals among those swept into public sector unions Read more

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Election Night: More Corporate Handouts or More Personal Income Tax Cuts?

As expected, both candidates have different plans for economic growth Read more

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Municipal Governments Blame State For Their Property Tax Hikes

A presumption that state assistance should only go up Read more


A Flip Of A Switch

Not all energy is there when you need it Read more

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94 Hours A Week: Presumed Load For This Financial Manager Of Three Michigan Cities

He’s collecting six-figure salaries from two of those metro-area municipalities Read more


MDE Overreach a Serious Concern

New rules attack cyber school option for families Read more

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‘Goliath’ Unions Complain About ‘David’-Sized Think Tanks’ Worker Outreach Campaign

State-based think tank movement informing public employees they can stop paying union fees now Read more

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Northern Michigan Explains Why It Wanted $4,600 For Names And Salaries Of All Its Employees

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Michigan Union Still Pursuing Dues From Teachers Five Years After Right-To-Work

But under new U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the union may also be messing with their constitutional rights Read more

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