‘You’ve Paid Your Debt To Society — Now Pay $10,000’

State of Michigan charges offenders up to $135 per month for probation and parole Read more


Fuel Tax Funds Will Be Diverted 

Not all revenue raised by the new tax will be prioritized to roads Read more

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Sheriff's Wrist-Slap For Illegal Electioneering Irks Council Member

Deputies were sent to public meetings with ‘VOTE YES’ pro-tax hike messages Read more

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How Michigan Can Fix The Roads Without Tax Hikes

Redirect revenue growth and corporate subsidies to roads, eliminate optional grants and more Read more


Revenue Growth Makes Road Funding Easier

There's enough money to address fiscal priorities Read more

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Food Stamp Abuse Rate Up, But Enrollment Down

From 924,643 enrolled in 2012 to 684,001 last year Read more

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State's Purchasing Manual Includes Unlawful Union Preference

So-called prevailing wage requirement still applies in manual; spokesman says it’s a mistake Read more

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Property Taxes Up $638 Million In 2018

Driven down by Lost Decade and Great Recession, Michigan property tax collections now up six years in a row Read more


More Money for Preschool Not the Answer

Proposal to boost great start funding doesn't add up Read more


Homeowner: Are All Uses Not ‘Permitted’ By Zoning Forbidden? 

That’s what one Michigan city appears to claim Read more

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