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Many Michigan Families Sacrifice for Choice 

The Coston family scrapes together funds to pay the monthly bill to send their children to Calvary Baptist Academy. They love the school's challenging academics and emphasis on faith and character. … more

Typical Household Has Lost $1,134 To 2007 Michigan Income Tax Hike

A personal state income tax hike in 2007 has netted the state as much as $8.3 billion over those 10 years. … more

Detroit Education Scene: A March To School Choice

Detroit resident Christina Gray sends her two children to a charter school in the city, something that would have made her an outlier just six years ago. … more

Michigan’s Most Popular Uber Destination is in the City That Once Banned It

The most popular Uber destination in Michigan in 2017 was the student bar Scorekeepers in Ann Arbor. The app makes it very easy for students to order a car when traveling over a mile from Michigan Stadium on game day. … more

Charter Teachers Get No Pensions, Amendment Would Make Schools Pay Anyway

State Rep. Martin Howrylak sought this week to require that charter schools pay into the underfunded public school pension system, something Democratic politicians and well as teachers union officials have been seeking for years. … more

State Rep. Howrylak Explains Why He Believes Charters Should Pay Into Public School Pension System

State. Rep. Martin Howrylak says the public school employee pension legacy costs should be shared equitably between traditional and charter schools. … more

Bad Forensic Evidence Sends Innocents To Prison

Julie Baumer spent five years in prison after being convicted for child abuse. Later, she was exonerated due to her lawyer's ineffectiveness. … more

Governor Granholm Called to Underfund Pensions 6 Years Before Company Bankruptcy

Jennifer Granholm criticized federal rules governing pensions and called for weakening their funding requirements. … more

More People Moving From Illinois To Michigan Than The Other Way

More people are moving to Michigan from Illinois than vice versa. That's a recent trend and a sign of Michigan's recovery. … more

How to Help Those with a Criminal Record Find Work

In Michigan alone, about 4 million people have some type of criminal record and 50,000 more people are convicted of a felony every year. Another 10,000 are released from prison each year back into our communities. … more