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Teachers Union On Supreme Court Janus Ruling: ‘Women And Minorities Hardest Hit’

Assertion based on mistaken reading of Michigan’s right-to-work law Read more

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No Charge, No Conviction — But 956 People Still Lose Stuff To Cops

Michigan releases 2017 civil asset forfeiture report Read more


How Business Subsidies Cut to the Front of the Line for Michigan Tax Dollars

Politicians focus on higher status than taxpayers Read more

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Michigan Capitol Confidential Removes Story With Wrong Data On Car Repairs

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A Political Fiction that Won’t Go Away

Candidates wrongly claim state education funds have been cut Read more

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Michigan’s Local Wind Farm Opposition May Drive New Developments To Iowa

Utility’s figures also suggest tens of thousands of acres of solar collectors coming here Read more


By Honoring Football Anthem Protests, Union Dishonors Teachers Who Dissent

Example of how NEA’s compulsory dues violated teachers First Amendment rights Read more


Snyder Budget Whacks $10 Million from Business Subsidy Programs

Pure Michigan scores $1 million increase Read more

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Big Michigan Utility Expects No ‘Significant Growth’ Of Electric Cars Here

Consumers Energy sees potential but projects no jump in power demand from EVs Read more


Legislature Approves New Business Subsidies

Big budget bill makes it more difficult to hold lawmakers accountable for spending Read more

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