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Charter Teachers Get No Pensions, Amendment Would Make Schools Pay Anyway

State Rep. Martin Howrylak sought this week to require that charter schools pay into the underfunded public school pension system, something Democratic politicians and well as teachers union officials have been seeking for years. … more

State Rep. Howrylak Explains Why He Believes Charters Should Pay Into Public School Pension System

State. Rep. Martin Howrylak says the public school employee pension legacy costs should be shared equitably between traditional and charter schools. … more

Bad Forensic Evidence Sends Innocents To Prison

Julie Baumer spent five years in prison after being convicted for child abuse. Later, she was exonerated due to her lawyer's ineffectiveness. … more

Governor Granholm Called to Underfund Pensions 6 Years Before Company Bankruptcy

Jennifer Granholm criticized federal rules governing pensions and called for weakening their funding requirements. … more

More People Moving From Illinois To Michigan Than The Other Way

More people are moving to Michigan from Illinois than vice versa. That's a recent trend and a sign of Michigan's recovery. … more

How to Help Those with a Criminal Record Find Work

In Michigan alone, about 4 million people have some type of criminal record and 50,000 more people are convicted of a felony every year. Another 10,000 are released from prison each year back into our communities. … more

Half-A-Billion Dollars More This Year

Budget analysts project that revenue flowing into Michigan’s largest spending accounts will increase in the current fiscal year. … more

2017 Was Good For Michigan

Michigan businesses and residents continue to produce more and employ more people, and the economic well-being of residents increased in 2017. … more

Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law Drives Up Costs

I recently installed a new roof on my house. Before doing so, I did what any responsible homeowner does — I got bids from different companies and made a decision by balancing quality and costs and using market competition to my advantage. … more

DTE Produces Enough Wind Power To Run 24,000 Homes - But Part Of The Day Only

DTE Electric Company, Michigan’s largest electric utility, uses a simple rhetorical device to explain the impact of solar and wind energy. But one expert says it misleads people by making renewable energy appear more useful than it is in reducing the need for electricity from conventional fuel sources. … more